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Circular 05/2015/tt-Bxd: Regulations On Construction Quality Management And Maintenance To Individual Housing

Original Language Title: Thông tư 05/2015/TT-BXD: Quy định về quản lý chất lượng xây dựng và bảo trì nhà ở riêng lẻ

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Number: 05 /2015/TT-BXD
Hanoi, October 30, 2015


Quality Management Regulations l Private housing construction and maintenance.


Construction of Building Law 50/20. 1 4/QH 1 Three.

House Law at 65/20. 1 4/QH 1 Three.

Base of Decree Stain. 62/20 1 3/ND-CP on 25th Ah! 6 n What? 20 1 3 of the Government rules the functions, duties, powers, and organizational structure of the Ministry of Construction;

Base of Protocol 46 /2015/ND-CP 12th Ah! 5 years 20 1 5 of C Pup It's over control. Why? quality and maintenance of construction work;

Base of Decree Stain. 59 /2015/NĐ-CP 18th 18th Ah! 3 of 2015 of Ch I'm It's over control. l Construction investment project;

At the suggestion of the Bureau of Gi Ah! Define the State of the l Construction work.

Secretary of the Department of Construction for Private Management l the quality of building and maintenance of their own homes l Here.

What? 1. The tuning range and subject apply

1. The adjustment range:

This information provides for the management of individual housing and construction quality.

2. Subject applies:

This information applies to organizations, households, individuals with regard to the building and maintenance of individual housing on the territory of Vietnam.

What? 2. Explain the word

In this Information, the words below are understood as follows:

1. Private House l Here. (later abbreviated as housing) is the work built on the land campus in the household use of the household, personally by the rule of law.

2. Adjacent Park is the construction housing construction site built, shared or without the general structure of the structure (hoses, columns, walls, floors, roofs) with the housing built.

3. Public What? - l Sir. is that buildings near the site of housing construction can be subsiduated, deformed or otherwise damaged by the construction of housing.

4. Homeowner. is the organization, the individual who owns the capital to perform an investment in building housing.

What? 3. Basic Principles in Building Quality Management and Home maintenance. in

1. Survey, design, housing construction construction must be consistent with the approved construction planning, construction permit (if any) and other requirements stipulated at paragraph 3 Article 79 The Number Building Code (s). 50 /2014/QH13.

2. Host, organizations, individuals with regard to building quality management and housing maintenance are responsible for the work content that is done by law enforcement and according to the signed contract content (if any).

What? 4. Home Building Survey

Depending on the scale of the housing, the construction of the construction is done in accordance with the following regulations:

1. For housing below 7 floors, homeowners are self-made or individually hired, the organization has enough regulatory capacity to carry out the construction survey. In the absence of a construction survey, the landlord may apply one of the following methods: direct examination through the manual tunnel to determine the thickness, quality of the soil layers and determine the soil layer expected to place the foundation; refer to the survey figures. The building geology of the adjacent, adjacent buildings; references the geologic geologic number where the housing construction is located, the organization has the authority to provide.

2. For housing from 7 floors or more, the construction of the construction must be held by the survey to have sufficient capacity conditions under the implementation regulation.

What? 5. Home construction design

1. For housing with a total construction floor area less than 250m 2 or less than three floors or less than 12m, the owner is self-designed.

2. For housing below 7 floors, except for the specified case at Clause 1 This, the design must be held, the individual has sufficient capacity to follow the implementation regulation.

3. For housing from seven floors or more, the design must be held, the individual has sufficient capacity conditions under the implementation regulation and must be determined by regulation at Point B 1 Article 26 Decree No. 1. 59 /2015/NĐ-CP June 18, 2015 by the Government on the management of the construction investment project.

What? 6. Construction competition in

1. Manager in construction construction

a) For housing with a total construction floor area of more than 250m 2 or less than three floors or less than 12m, the host is self-organized and is responsible for the safety of construction and the effects of building housing to adjacent buildings.

b) For the housing below 7 floors, except for the specified case at this point, the construction of construction is organized, and the individual has the construction of construction work on a similar scale. During construction construction, if there is an unusual indication, the landlord must consult the design to timely disposal;

c) For housing from 7 floors or more, construction of construction must be held to have sufficient construction of construction by the implementation process. The landlord must prepare the file to complete the prescribed work at the Appendix accompanied by this message and inform the state governing body to have jurisdiction to be checked before taking the work into use.

2. Encourage to oversee the construction of housing construction with the following primary content:

a) A test of the enforcement of the law, the safety of the housing and the adjacent buildings;

b) Check out the material quality, build structure, device prior to the construction of construction;

c) Check out the trunk system, the scaffold.

d) Check out the safety of the labor safety, sanitation of the environment in the process of execution.

Fuck! i Seven. House maintenance

1. The owner or manager, using the housing maintenance at the prescribed housing maintenance; periodically, the organization periodically controls the main force structures (roofs, columns, beams, floors, force walls), muscle systems, drainage systems, water safety systems, safety checks. the elevator (if any); there is a processing solution, corrects even the damage that affects the use and safety of the housing.

2. When the housing discovery has a dangerous sign, does not guarantee the safety of the use, the owner or the manager, using the need to report directly to the local government, the organization checks the quality of the work (if necessary); the implementation of the measures. Emergency or cessation of use, movement of people and property to ensure safety if housing is at risk of collapse.

What? 8. G i Disputes and disputes. l Violation.

1. Before the construction of construction, the landlord is in contact with the owners or managers, using the adjacent, adjacent work to examine the status quo and record the defects of the adjacent, neighboring (if available) work. The owner or manager, using the adjacent, adjacent work, is responsible for coordinating with the landlord to check, record the status quo as the base of the dispute resolution (if any).

2. During construction construction, if the adjacent, adjacent structure shows signs of subsiduation, cracking, permeability, leaks or at risk of collapse due to the effects of housing construction, the landlord must coordinate with the owner or the manager, using the seamless work. By the way, neighbor to examine, determine the cause and unify the remedied measure. In the absence of ununified parties, the dispute is resolved by the rule of law.

3. The administrative violations in the housing construction operation are processed under the provisions of the laws of construction and other legislation that are relevant.

What? 9. Brew The people of the provincial population are in the management of the censer. And maintain housing.

1. Deliver, devolve state management responsibility for the quality and maintenance of housing for the Department of Construction and the District People ' s Commission.

2. Guide, check out the implementation of the law-scale text on the construction and maintenance of the housing on the site; the processing of the misdeeds discovered during the inspection by regulation.

What? 10. Regulation of transition

1. For the housing that has had a construction permit or has already begun construction before this date of the Smart Day is in effect, the management of the quality of construction and housing maintenance is done according to the Digital Information 10 /2014/TT-BXD July 11, 2014 by the Ministry of Construction provides some content on the management of individual housing construction quality.

2. For the remaining cases, the management of the quality of construction and maintenance of the housing is in accordance with the provisions of this Information.

What? 11. Don't I Well, c

1. This message has the enforcement effect since January 1, 2016 and replaces the Digital Information Digital. 10 /2014/TT-BXD July 11, 2014 by the Ministry of Construction provides some content on the management of individual housing construction quality.

2. In the course of the execution if there is an entanging, the organization suggests, the individual has the relevant opinion of the reflection on the Ministry of Construction for consideration, the ./.



Mr. Quang Xiong



(The Board is attached to the 5. /20. 1 5/TT-BXD 30 th Ah! - 10 n What? m 2015 of the Ministry of Construction)

1) Build permits.

2) Contract for the construction of the contractor owner with the survey contractors, design, construction, construction of construction construction (if available).

3) Report results of the survey.

4) Construction competition design profile.

5) Report results of the results of the examination and the resulting appraisal of the construction of the construction construction project.

6) The rendering is completed (in the case of construction construction is wrong differently than the construction of construction construction).

7) Report results of the experiment, the test (if any).

8) The document of agreement, approval, confirmation of the organization, the state agency has jurisdiction (if any) of fire safety, fire extinguiking; safety of elevator operation.



Mr. Quang Xiong