Circular 43/2015/tt-Byt: Regulation About The Mission And Organization Of The Form Mission Hospital's Social Work

Original Language Title: Thông tư 43/2015/TT-BYT: Quy định về nhiệm vụ và hình thức tổ chức thực hiện nhiệm vụ công tác xã hội của bệnh viện

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Number: 43 /2015/TT-BYT
Hanoi, November 26, 2015


The provision of the mission and the form of organizational implementation of the hospital ' s social work mission


Base of Decree Stain. 63 /2012/NĐ-CP the date 31 August 2012 Oh! Ch Yin: Functional, mission, rule. Yes. And muscle. The organization brew a Ministry of Medicine What? ()

Base Decision Base 32 /2010/QĐ-TTg March 25, 2010 Ch Yin: Ph. brew Review the ph project. Ace. Job job x Oh, Time to go All right 2010-2020;

Follow Fuck. The UN General Assembly. - Qu Stop. Discovery, ch. No! hospital .

Tr - The Ministry of Health issued the Prescribed Duties and forms socket Job Execution Execution social Oh! The hospital.

What? 1. The scope of the Yeah.

This information provides for the social work of the hospital and the organizational form of the social work of the hospital.

What? 2. The hospital ' s social work mission

1. Support, counseling address issues of social work for sick people and people of the disease in the course of the examination, healing (later known as the disease person), including:

a) Pick up, guide, provide information, introduce the disease to the disease, cure the disease of the hospital for the sick person from the time the patient enters the medical clinic or the clinic;

b) The organization asks for sick people and people to five capture information about the health situation, the difficult circumstances of the disease, identify the degree and have the treatment of psychological, social, and organizational support;

c) Emergency support of social work activities for patients who are victims of violence, domestic violence, gender violence, accidents, disasters to ensure safety for the sick: support for psychological, social, legal advice, forensic counseling, medical examiner, medical examiner, and others. god and other appropriate services;

d) Support, advising the sick person on rights, legitimate interests and the obligations of the sick, programs, social policies on health insurance, social subsidies in the examination, healing; and the health care.

) Providing information, counseling to the sick person who has only intended to transfer the basis of the disease, cure or export; Support the procedure of the hospital and introduce people to support sites in the community (if any);

e) Coordinated, instructs organizations, volunteers to have the need to implement, support the social work of the hospital;

2. Information, media and disseminism, law education:

a) Perform the spokesperson and provide information to the press;

b) Building the health education plan for the sick and the organization to implement the plan after being approved;

c) Building content, documentation for introduction, promotion of images, services and activities of the hospital to the sick and community through the organization of activities, programs, events, conferences, seminars:

d) Updated and widespread organization of policies, laws of the State are involved in the medical examination, healing, hospital operation for medical staff, sick people and sick people;

The organization performs a code of conduct, the hospital's mailbox.

e) Organizing cultural, cultural, fitness, fitness activities tailored to health workers and sick people.

3. Operate reception:

Performing charitable and advocacy activities, receiving funding for funding, material to assist the sick with difficult circumstances.

4. Medical personnel support:

a) Provide information about the person who is sick to the medical staff in the case needed to support the treatment work;

b) The athlete, who shares with the medical staff when he is entangled with the sick during treatment.

5. Training, fostering:

a) Participation in the practice of practicing social work for students, students of vocational training facilities;

b) Fostering, training knowledge of social work for health workers and hospital staff; co-ordination training, fostering basic knowledge of health for persons working on social work.

6. The organization of the team of collaborators as a social worker of the hospital.

7. Organization of charitable activities, social work of hospitals in the community (if available).

What? 3. The organizational form performs the social work mission Oh. An Oh! hospital

The base of the hospital bed, the conditions of manpower, funding, and the scope of professional activity. The director of the hospital decided to establish or report a competent authority to establish one of the organizational forms of the following hospital's social work mission:

1. Social Work Room of the hospital;

2. The Social Work Organization of the Faculty of Disease or Nursing or the General Planning Office of the hospital.

What? 4. The organizational structure of the Social Work Chamber

1. Social Work Room is a unit of the hospital, with the Chief of the Department, the Deputy Chief of the Department and the staff.

2. The Social Work Room with the Human Rights Foundation (which is due to be in charge of Truin) is located in the medical clinic of the hospital. In addition to the Human Rights Support Group, the Social Work Room also has other essential business departments.

3. The workforce of the Social Work department consists of officials, social workers, social media, medical, medical, or other social sciences trained, fostering knowledge of social work.

What? 5. M Oh! Ph relations. Yes. in the social work of the hospital

1. Room, Society of Social Work is responsible for coordinating with faculties, rooms, units in the hospital that perform the assignment.

2. Each department, the hospital ' s room assigned a medical staff to participate as a social worker associate in the hospital.

3. The faculties, rooms, other units are responsible for introducing the person to the social work room or the recommendation of the Social Work Room to send staff to help, advise the sick, while providing full timely information on the health of the patient. In the room, the Social Work Foundation supports, counseling the sick.

What? 6. Physical facilities and equipment

1. Room, Society of Social Work is located in a convenient location, easy to contact with the patient in the hospital and equipped with enough equipment required to perform the task.

2. The patient support organization must be deployed at the heart of the Faculty of Disease, in the position of people more easily recognizable and easy to contact.

What? 7. Effect of execution

It has been effective since 1 January 2016.

Go. If not 8.

1. Bureau of Management, cure:

a) The Scout. guidance and test of social work at hospitals within the country;

b) The organization summages, exacting social work operations in hospitals to timely modification, complements the appropriate regulations.

2. Department of provincial health, central city:

Direction, guide, and social work test in hospital-controlled hospitals.

3. Hospital:

a) The director of the hospital is responsible for organizing this information:

b) Board, the daily operational plan of the hospital on social work and implementation.

4. Agency, organization, individuals with regard to the responsibility for doing this.

In the course of execution, if there is difficulty, entangrium, recommended individuals, the organization reflects on the Ministry of Health (Bureau of Management, healing) for review, solution.



Nguyen Thi