Circular 138/2015/ttlt-Blđbxh-Btc-Bqp: Guide The Implementation Of Decision No 49/2015/qd-Ttg Dated 14 October 2015 Of The Prime Minister About A Number Of Modes, For A Population Policy.

Original Language Title: Thông tư liên tịch 138/2015/TTLT-BQP-BLĐBXH-BTC: Hướng dẫn thực hiện Quyết định số 49/2015/QĐ-TTg ngày 14 tháng 10 năm 2015 của Thủ tướng Chính phủ về một số chế độ, chính sách đối với dân công ...

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Number: 138 /2015/TTLT-BQP-BLBXH-BTC
Hanoi, December 16, 2015


Execution Guide Q Number. 49 /2015/QĐ-TTg October 14, 2015

of I General. - The government is on a number of modes, policy towards the railway workers.

Resistance to war Pl Ahab. M Come on, let's go. I the country and international duty.


Base Decision Base 49 /2015/QĐ-TTg October 14, 2015 by Prime Minister Ch I'm It ' s about some of these modes. I'm The books. Stain. i with the fire people engaged in anti-French, anti-American resistance, T-protection war. socket national and international duty (later abbreviated as Decision s Decision). Stain. 49 /2015/QĐ-TTg);

Base of Protocol 35 /2013/ND-CP April 22, 2013 by the Government stipulated the functions, duties, powers, and organizational structure of the Ministry of Defense;

Base of Decree Stain. 106 /2012/NĐ-CP December 20, 2012 the Government regulates the functions, duties, powers, and organizational structure of the Ministry of Labor-Trade and Social Affairs;

Base of Protocol 215 /2013/ND-CP December 23, 2013 of the Government rules the functions, duties, powers and the t-t. socket function of the Ministry of Finance I'm Well,

Minister Qu Stain. c room, Minister of Labor-Trade i And Society, Minister of Finance. I'm Issued a notification of decision-making Stain. 49 /2015/QĐ-TTg.

What? 1. Ph Yes. Micro-tuning

This information instructs the implementation of a one-time, medical insurance, funerary allowance, and a "Certificate of Certification" grant for the arduit to engage in anti-French resistance, anti-American war, and international duty.

What? 2. Subject and conditions applicable

1. Subject

The fire people engaged in resistance to the anti-French, anti-American resistance, to protect the Fatherland and for international duty.

2. Conditions applicable

The person who is either elected by the Executive Committee or the People 's Committee or the People' s Committee, the agency with the authority to mobilize, manage the focus, be assigned to serve combat duty for Army units or serve the battlefields, including: Transport of Arms. Armed, ammunition, food, food, transportation of the wounded, the hospital; the motor tunnel, the building of the crater, the traffic, the communications, the communication, the pitfalls, the trenches, the construction, the ground, the defenses, the defenses, in the time and the place. according to the stipulation at Point a, b, c paragraph 2 Article 2 Decision No. 2 49 /2015/QĐ-TTg.

What? 3. The Subject does not apply

Execute on regulation at Article 3 Decision No. 3 49 /2015/QĐ-TTg.

What? 4. Yeah. Mode of intensity

1. Time to enjoy a one-time allowance is the actual time directly involved in the public fire, from the date granted to the authority of mobiles, centralized management, carrying out tasks until the completion date of the mission, returning to the local area.

2. The event of an object that has time to focus on the fire people in different waves, or has a disruption, is put together to enjoy the regime.

What? 5. Assistant mode once

1. The qualified object in accordance with this Article 2 of this Information is entitled to a one-time subsidy according to the actual time milestones directly involved in the railway operator, namely the following:

a) Under the age of 1 years, the level of the subsidy is equal to 2,000,000;

b) Enough 01 years to less than 02 years, the grant level is 2,700,000 bronze;

c) From almost every 2 years or more, the allowance is equal to 3,500,000.

2. The person who has died was one of the following relatives of the person from the ceiling: Wife or husband; father, birth mother; son, adopted son, or foster care worker was entitled to the level of the allowance given to the extent of the corresponding consistency.

Example: Nguyễn Văn A joined the fire population in November 1953, completing the local mission in May 1954. How to enjoy a one-time allowance for Mr. Nguyen Van A as follows:

The time of the attack on the fire from November 1953 to May 1954 was 7 months; the first level was 2,000,000.

Example 2: Mrs. Wu B joined the first line fire from August 1965, completing the January 1966 local mission; the second wave of the two-line civil service in the Southwest border district from May 1975, completed her return to the local area in October. 1975. How to enjoy a one-time allowance for Mrs. Wu B as follows:

1: From August 1965 to January 1966 was 06 months;

2: From May 1975 to October 1975 was 6 months.

The total time of 2 waves is: 06 + 06 months = 12 months; the first-level allowance of 2,700,000.

Example 3: Yang Wen C joined the fire population at the Arrondissement of the Arrondissement, Lạng Sơn since July 1980, completing the local mission in September 1982. How to enjoy a one-time grant to Mr. Yang Wen C as follows:

The time for the fire from July 1980 to September 1982 was 02 years 3 months; the first level was 3,500,000.

Example: In the case, Mr. Nguyen Van A stated in the first instance, but Mr. A died. According to the regulations, Mr. A ' s relatives enjoyed a one-time allowance of 2,000,000.

What? 6. Health Insurance Mode

1. The subject is eligible under the guidelines at Article 2 of this Privacy if not to enjoy the health insurance regime, which is entitled to the same health insurance regimen stipulated at Point 3 Article 12 Health Insurance Act (revised, added in 2014).

2. The object case that has enough conditions to enjoy different health insurance regimes is only granted a medical insurance card and is selected for the highest level of the regime.

What? 7. Burial Allowance

1. The subject is eligible to enjoy a one-time instruction in this Article 2 guidelines, when the ceiling, the burial person is entitled to a proper burial level by law on social insurance.

2. The object case had died before 1 January 2016 that the burial anxiety was not entitled to a proper burial.

3. Cases of the object from the ceiling since 1 January 2016 onwards without a decision to enjoy a given authority ' s once-granted grant, when the decision to enjoy a one-time allowance, the burial anxiety is entitled to a reasonable annual resupply. Oh,

What? 8. Level Certificate in Civil War Naked. the line

Subject enough to enjoy a one-time instruction in this Article 2 guidelines, there has been a decision of the competent grant, when receiving a one-time grant issued by the Certificate of Public Participation. The certificate was issued by the Ministry of Defence under Decision 4969 /QĐ-BQP on November 20, 2015 by the Secretary of Defense.

What? 9. Source k i Execution fee

1. The cost of the cost of a one-time allowance for the objects that guide at Article 5 of this Information is secured by the Central budget. The Ministry of Finance issued a proposal by the Ministry of Defense, which transfers units, the locality to pay.

2. The cost of purchasing the health insurance card and the implementation of a refunerary grant in accordance with the guidelines at Article 6, Article 7 This is due to a guaranteed local budget.

3. The guaranteed budget for the review work, which pays the allowable one-time grant at Article 5 of this Notice by 4% of the total cost of the object paid to the objects warraned by the Central budget.

The cost content guarantees for the review work, the payout includes: Propaganda, policy dissemination; training, business fostering; review, case appraisal; test, negligence, summation; printing documents, patterns, certificates of public participation Line; stationing; small repairs are served with management, censorship, and pay. The current level of implementation of the state.

What? 10. Profile, sequence execution of one-time allowance

1. The profile of the object for the regime, including:


-To the arromen who live to form a number 1A with this message;

-For the object from the ceiling, the object of the object is to form the number 1B attached to this message.

b) The railway civil service (if any)

The main copy or copy of the Committee on the Social People's Committee, one of the papers representing the railway civil society, consists of: A cadet background or an official party background, prior to the number of decisions. 49 /2015/QĐ-TTg There ' s a performance in effect, which can show time to join the fireman; list of mobiles to the local line of fire; the policy of the public policy, the social insurance, has the time to take part in the public fire. Route.

2. Process self resolution

a) Subject enough to enjoy a one-time instruction in this direction in this Article 2 of this Smart or the subject's body (for the object who has since died) immediately and directly file 1 file in accordance with this Article 1 Article to the Social People's Committee. where the passport registration is permanent;

b) Once, during the five-day period of work, since the adoption of the prescribed dosages, the Social Committee completed the review, setting up 02 sets of records for each object; the editorial board of the Social Policy Council, the second denominated, as the denominate. 3A, accompanied by a list of objects entitled to the degree in order of 3B number, report to the Military Command of the District. Cases of unknown subjects, duration of the duration of the regime or complaint of complaint, denounce the verification, clarified, if sufficient conditions are reported;

c) A district-level military command during a 10-day period of employment since receiving sufficient records by the People's Committee of the People's Committee (in each phase), completing the sweep, the passport, aggregation, report of the District Command to the opinion; complete. The file, which makes a proposal for a sample of 3A, sends the provincial military command or the Political Bureau/the Department of the Capital of Hanoi, accompanied by a once-on-on-a-class action record (each object 2) and the list of objects that enjoy the degree of 3B;

d) Provincial Military Command, Political Bureau/Ministry of Government of Hanoi, received records issued by the Military Command Board; in the 10-day period of work, since receiving enough prescribed records (in accordance with each) completion of the review, aggregation, report the Provincial Command for the opinion; complete the profile, make the proposed work under the Model 3A pattern, submit the authority with the following regulations:

-The provincial military command report, recommended the Military District Command (through the Policy Room), to decide to enjoy a one-time grant, accompanied by each object 1 of the records and the list of subjects to enjoy the degree 3B; store each school. The 01 sets of records and the list of objects that are entitled to the degree.

-The Political Bureau/the Secretary of the Capital of Hanoi, in question, recommended that the Ministry of the Capital of Hanoi decide to enjoy the grant.

In time of no more than 10 working days, since receiving enough of the prescribed dosages (in each phase), the Military District Command and the Hanoi Ministry of Capital Command completed the appraisal, which decided to enjoy a one-time allowance regime, after having an opinion. the appraisal of the Policy Bureau/Political Bureau;

e) After being granted a pension funding, during the 10-day period of work, the district-level military command organization organized the one-time allowance for timely, public, tight, accurate, accurate, accurate, and accurate, and accurate, public engagement. The line with the cost of the allowance is once; the implementation of the prescribed case archive.

What? 11. Records, the order to implement the health insurance card

The profile, the self-implementation of a health insurance card for the eligible subject to a one-time instruction set in accordance with this Article 2, is done similarly in accordance with the law on health insurance against the person with the revolution.

What? 12. Records, self-refundable execution.

1. The profile of the object of the object for a charge for burial allowance, including:

a) The copy of the decision to enjoy the one-time allowance of the object from ceiling;

b) The death certificate.

2. Cremation of a reburial allowance

a) For the object of the object

File a guidate in accordance with this Article 1 Article to the Social People's Committee where to register for permanent residence.

b) Social People ' s Committee

During the 5-day period of work, since receiving enough filing by the subject of the subject's body, examination, completion of the 02 set of files, making the offer under the number of 5A and the list recommended for a $5B license to the Bureau of Labor-Commerce. I'm sorry, soldier and society.

c) The Chamber of Labor-Trade and Social Affairs

During the 10-day period of work, since the adoption of the prescribed dosages by the Social People's Committee, the test, the appraisal, the 5C-based proposal, the 5B-based list, accompanied by 1 of the object's records, sent the Department of Labor. -Trade and Social.

d) Labor Department-Trade and Provincial Socialists

In the 10-day period of work, since taking enough of the prescribed dosages prescribed by the Chamber of Labor and Social Affairs, checking, aggregation, filing, and decision-making, transfer decisions and funding to the Chamber of Labor- Merchants and Socialists rank the district to pay for the identity of the object.

After receiving funding from the Department of Labor and Social Services, for a 10-day period of work, the Chamber of Labor and Social Services directly paid the subject.

What? 13. Local responsibility and authorities in the organization undertake a number of regimes, policy towards the railway civil rights line of the country.

1. For the Social People ' s Committee

a) The establishment of the Council of Social Policy chaired by the Chairperson (or Vice President) Committee of the People's Committee as chairman of the Council, Head of the Council of Labor, Trade and Social Affairs as Permanent and Member of the Committee: Representative Party (or branch to where there is no) the party), the People's Council, the Fatherland Front, the Security Council, the Veterans Affairs Committee, the Veterans Affairs Council, the Senior Council, the Board of the People's Federation of Fire (if any), helped the People's Committee to guide the organization.

b) Identilocate the lines of civil attacks of the commune during periods, the number of people who go to the number of people who train the lines of each wave, report the General District People's Committee (via the District Military Command Board) as a censor in the commune;

c) The propaganda, common on the regimes, policies for the people and those who join the fire population;

d) Command of the Social Policy Council to take on the case, aggregate; organization of the democratic, public, transparent, coherent, coherent, accurate review of the following regulations:

When the review of the review conference was reported by the Social Policy Council, invited to represent the District Board of the District, convene the Mayor, the Secretary of State, the Veterans Affairs, the Veterans Affairs Board, the Veterans Affairs Board. The line (if any) and a number of representative representatives in charge of the deputies, the authorities, the local military authority of the time of the resistance, the war to protect the Fatherland; the object delegate has enjoyed the numerical decision. 47 /2002/QĐ-TTg April 11, 2002, Decision No. 142 /2008/QĐ-TTg October 27, 2008, Decision No. 62 /2011/QĐ-TTg November 9, 2011, the Prime Minister of the Government is in attendance;

In collaboration with the Military District Military Command, the organization pays the regime and gives the Certificate of Public Protection to the object; public assurance, tight, precise, timely;

e) For the case of an ecological object and has time to join local local train workers, currently registering for another local permanent residence, there is a request to confirm the case, the Social Policy Council (with the above component) the review organization, If you qualify, the People ' s Committee confirmed and recommended local authorities where the subject is registering for a permanent passport, which offers a degree of regulation.

2. For the District People ' s Committee

a) The establishment of a district-level Committee issued by the President (or Vice President) the district-level committee of the district is the Head, Military, Labour-Trade and Social Authority as Permanent and members include: Representative Party Representative, Council of People, Front of the Fatherland Front to the same level; disciplines: Public Security, Internal Affairs, Finance, Veterans Affairs Committee, Veterans Affairs Council, Senior Counsel, Board of Youth, Board of Fire Citizens (if available); establishment of the Advisory Group (including: Representative Committee of the Committee of the Time, Representative of the Board Military commander, Home Office, Chamber of Labor-Trade and Social Affairs, Veterans Affairs, Archives ...; Organization of the Consultalists is a military body commander. the district level);

b) Increase propagation, dissembling, and policy to the people and to the object of local fire. The training organization for district-level authorities and government leaders, cadres, members join the Social Policy Council;

c) On the basis of the filing and report of the Social Policy Council, directed the Advisory Group to identify the arrondissement of the railway, the number of persons travelling in the district; report the District Command to conclude and inform the Council of State Policy. It ' s a censor facility;

d) Host examination of the execution and settlement of the entanged, locally born.

3. For the Provincial People ' s Commission

a) The establishment of the Direcing Board chaired by the Chairperson (or Vice President) the Provincial People's Committee is the Head, military body, Labour-Trade and Social Services as permanent and its members include: Representative Representative, Council of People, Fatherland Front, Public Affairs, Homeland Security The Ministry of Veterans Affairs, the Veterans Affairs Society, the Senior Council of Veterans Affairs, the Board of Ministers of the Age of Fire (if any); invited the representative to the rank of commissioner, the government, and the head of the military authority of the times;

b) Directs local and local authorities and authorities are concerned about the regime, the policy towards the people and the object being the local fire population. The training organization for the provincial authorities and the administration of the government, the functional bodies of the district level; the implementation of the organization implementation of the regime, the prescribed policy on the strict assurance, democracy, public, accurate, convenient, and convenient. It ' s not going to be a negative, negative.

c) Command of the Provincial Military Command, the Political Bureau of the Department of the Hanoi Capital of the Capital, and the list of subjects enjoyed a one-time grant to the Department of Labor-Trade and Social Prefuse, implementing the health insurance regime and the assistant tomorrow. cremation for subjects by regulation; transfer of the public participation certificate by the Military District Command or the Department of the Department of the Capital of the Capital for each object of the Military Command Board to give to the object along with the cost of the order. One-time allowance;

d) Command of the Department of Labor-Trade and Social Affairs based on the decision and list of subjects enjoyed a once-issued grant issued by the Department of Military Command or the Political Bureau of the Hanoi Capital of the Capital, guidelines and implementation of the health insurance regime, to provide a funerary grant for subjects by law on health insurance, social insurance;

He checks the execution and addresses the local community.

4. For the Command of the Military District and the Dutch Capital Command

a) The establishment of the Board of Directs led by a comrade Chief of the Command, Head of the Political Agency, Head of the Permanent Office, and its members: Policy Agency, Finance, Military, Declaration, Office, and related agencies;

b) Directs, instructs the organs, units of propaganda, disseminness of the regime, policy; organization training for leadership and professional cadres of the Board of Directs and agencies, units of the rights; implementing the implementation of the regulatory regime for the subjects. on the table;

c) Overall, the Defense Ministry report (through the Political Bureau/Political Bureau) decided and the list of the subject of a one-degree grant (each of the 5 copies) to sum up, offering the Finance Ministry to guarantee funding;

d) The filing of the case of the regime for the regime (each object 1); moved to the Provincial Military Command or the Political Bureau of the Hanoi Metropolitan Command decided, accompanied by a list of subjects that enjoyed a one-time grant to hand over to the Department of Labor- The merchant and commune of the province;

The decision base and the subject list are granted a once-granted, sign of a public attack certificate for each subject, transferred to the Ministry of Military Command or the Political Bureau of Hanoi.

e) Directs, make the return of the papers (the main) to the object (if any).

g) the maintenance of the examination, addressing the problems that arise in the agency, the local authority, the verification organization, the conclusion, or with the direction text, the unit proposal, the conclusion of the declaration of man, the forgery of the paper to enjoy the degree.

5. For Defense Ministry authorities

a) Political Bureau/Political Bureau

-Coordination, propaganda direction, regime proliferation, policy; organizational guidance;

-Organizational appraisal of the grant regime once upon the recommendation of the Military District Command and Command of Hanoi;

-The total cost of paying the one-time allowance of the Military District, the Hanoi Capital Command recommended, reported the Chief Political Bureau chief, recommended the Ministry of Finance for funding; co-ordination of the Finance/Ministry of Defense allocation of funds to the units to implement;

-Save the decision and list of one-to-a-time allowance for the Military Region, the Minister of the Capital of Hanoi reports; at the same time, the implementation of the number of object lists enjoyed a once-posted grant on the Main Sector Electronic Information Portal. Army books;

-Host, deal with the problem, arise.

b) Department of Finance/Ministry of Defense

The Office of the Prime Minister of the Defense of the Defense of the Budget, granting funds to the Military District, the Department of Capital of the Capital of Hanoi does pay for the object; management, directing the funds to conduct the funding under the current regulation; coordination, inspection, settlement, resolution. I got caught up in an organization.

What? 14. Well, Hi. Don't n

1. Ministry of Defense

a) On the basis of the organizing committee to implement the regime, policy on the subjects engaged in resistance, the war to protect the Fatherland and to do international duty, the organization of all, the addition of the Defense Ministry Directs Board; focus groups, the radical organization and the organization. Take the Prime Minister, the Prime Minister's decisions, the decisions of the Prime Minister, and the documents that guide the execution; identify and replenoried the leaders, the solutions, the programs, the plans, the institutions, the institutions, the democracy, the fair, the fair, public;

b) Coordinated with the ministries, the relevant related sector, guidance, examination of the agencies, units, the local implementation of the modes, policy towards the prescribed linear civil attack at Decision No. 1. 49 /2015/QĐ-TTg and guide to this privacy; the Political Bureau of the Political Bureau signs the Finance Ministry, which guarantees the cost of payments once to the subjects;

c) Direcing the agencies, units of the organization to organize the review, the appraisal, the decision-making; the need to pay the grant regime once tight, timely; the decision bar under the current regulation;

d) Coordination of the test work, resolve the entanging, arise in the organizational process.

2. Ministry of Labor-Trade and Social

a) Direcing the Labour-Trade and Social Affairs section of the Directs and Policy Council in the localities;

b) The master guide, instructs the local government to implement the health insurance regime, refunds the burial fee for the specified subjects.

3. The Treasury Department

a) The base offers the funding level of the Ministry of Defence, which guarantees the cost of carrying out the one-time allowance regime and the guarantee funding for the review work, the regulatory payment of the State Budget Law; the decision appraisal under the current regulations;

b) The Chair in coordination with periodic examination agencies, which breaks out the use of the business execution of the regime, policy toward the subjects by the rule of law.

What? 15. i Action.

1. This message has been in effect since 1 February 2016.

2. The modes, guidelines policy at this WMTs are implemented since 1 January 2016.

In the process of implementing the organization if there is an entangrium, the agencies, units, localities reflect on the contact (through the Ministry of Defense) for consideration, resolve.


KT. MINISTER OF LABOR-Trade and Social Affairs





General Nguyen Cheng