Circulars 71/2015/tt-Btnmt: Technical Regulations Set To Capture Images In Remote Sensing

Original Language Title: Thông tư 71/2015/TT-BTNMT: Quy định kỹ thuật đặt chụp ảnh viễn thám

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Number: 71 /2015/TT-BTNMT
Hanoi, December 24, 2015


Scouting for remote sensing.


Base of Protocol 21 /2013/NĐ-CP March 04, 2013 by the Government rules the function, mandate, rule. Okay. The limit and structure of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment;

Decision base. number 30 /2014/QD-TTg April 26, 2014 by the Prime Minister on the Management, operation and exploitation of the first Earth observation satellite of Vietnam VNREDSat-1;

Base Decision Base 81 /2010/QĐ-TTg December 13, 2010 by the Prime Minister of the Government rules on the income, processing, exploitation and use of microdata data. Yes. n Ah! Country; Decision No. 76 /2014/QĐ-TTg December 24, 2014 Prime Minister of Government correction socket i, b socket Add a Stain. Q. U y What? Define Stain. 8 1 /20. 1 0/QĐ-TTg December 13, 2010 by Prime Minister regulation of income, l ... favour store, process, exploit, and use microdata. Yes. n Ah! Country;

At the suggestion of the Bureau's Chief of the Far East. Ah! The country, the head of the Department of Science and Technology and the French Affairs Minister What? Oh,

Minister of the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment of the Prescribed Information for microimaging Yes. Detective.

Chapter I


What? 1. Ph Yes. Micro-tuning

This information provides for the content and techniques of the booking of a detective.

What? 2. Subject applies

This information applies to agencies, organizations, individuals whose activities are related to the booking of a probe.

What? 3. Explain words

In this Information, the words below are understood as follows:

1. Get a visual. is the identification requirement of the photo shoot, build order and track the process of execution of a single-image probe.

2. I've got a photo of the detective. (later known as the Photo Side) is the agency, the organization that functions as a probe and is licensed to allow it.

3. Client are agencies, organizations, or individuals with a need for a photo of a vision.

4. The order to set an image. is an agreement to take a photo of the probe between the customer and the screenshot.

5. She. Quickly (English: Quicklook) is a small-size photo, drawn from the real image.

6. Search image size size Stain. Minority is the smallest area and the smallest length allowed by the site of the site to be photographed on the field and given its own regulations for each type of detective.

Chapter II


What? 4. Identilocate request for remote sensing data

1. The base at the request for the customer ' s remote vision data, the booking party must standardive the content of the information that serves a detective, including:

a) The location, the scope of the photo booking area is based on one of the following cases:

-The polygon with the coordinates of the polygon peaks. The edges of the polygon are not cut each other, the minimum number of peaks are 3 and maximum is 99;

-rectangular shape with the upper left and bottom right corner;

-Circle with a center coordinate and radius (accuracy to seconds or kilometers). Coordinates may be geographic coordinates (precision to seconds) or map coordinates (accuracy to km);

-Landmarks, places.

-According to route objects, shorelines (rivers, seas);

On the basis of the above information, the screenshot must build a diagram to determine the exact location, the scope of the site to place the image.

b) The time and frequency of photography

-Time to date, month, year or year;

-The frequency of the scan once or again.

c) The image specifications

-Name of the type of image data (a sensor or satellite);

-Image capture mode;

-The angle of the image.

-The intensity of the image.

-Prussia channel;

-Ground resolution;

-The number of bits to represent the pixel value of the pixel.

d) The purpose of using a spy image.

) the cloud coverage of regulation levels at the Digital Information 10 /2015/TT-BTNMT 25 March 2015 by the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment for the Production of Optical Regulation on the production of high resolution optical vision and ultra-high resolution to provide use to the user.

e) The coordinate system: the National coordinate system VN-2000 or the other coordinate system according to the customer's needs.

2. For emergency requirements, just identify the area of the photo booking based on information about the coordinates or the location, the scope of the area and the time required to place a probe.

What? 5. Build a photo order photo shoot

The screenshot must perform the following paragras:

1. Classification, arrangement of image capture requirements by priority level.

2. Analysis, assess the suitcase of the customer's application needs with the type of remote sensing and the corresponding parameters required. Based on the results of analysis, evaluation, along with the customer choosing and ordering the type of remote sensing images with the most appropriate parameters.

3. The calculation determines the size of the photo booking areas. If the size of the booking area is less than the minimum photo size, then must be unified with the customer to correct, ensuring that all of the booking areas have the required size.

4. Evaluation of the feasibility of the ability of the customer to set the image of the customer and classify in three levels: high, medium and low.

5. Estimates of the area, the number of photos or strips required, the time needed to complete the whole or each part of the photo order request.

6. The adjustment requires a photograph of the image to the case if the customer wishes to change the feasibility, area, number of images or time of the estimated execution.

What? 6.

1. The party sets a photo of the set of photo booking requests, including the request for a new photo shoot and the pending photo orders. If there is a requirement area to place a photograph of the location, the required priority is required for the execution time or specifications.

2. The party sets the order to send the order to the satellite operating agency.

What? 7. Identification and formalize single-order content

On a single-order basis that has been built on this Article 5 of this Smart, the party booking coordination with the satellite operator conduct the validation and formalize the contents of the order, including the following steps:

1. Analysis, evaluate the feasibility of the order in terms of levels such as in paragraph 4 Article 5 This message on the basis of analysis, balance between the following factors:

a) The time, the area and the technical parameters of the request to place the photograph;

b) The orders, requesting to set other photos are and will be carried out by the satellite operator;

c) The existing imaging and resource capacity of the satellite;

d) Statistics data on the weather conditions of the area that required photographic images in previous years;

Information for the weather at the site of the National Hydrometeorological Meteorological Center.

2. Calculate the correct definition of the area, the number of images or the sequence required and the time, the time the execution of the categories of the photograph requirements.

3. The order adjustment is set to the image if the customer wants to change the feasibility, area, number of images or the estimated execution time.

4. The official photo of the official photo confirms the order content and the time of competition with the satellite and customer operating agency.

What? 8. Follow the execution of a single spy photo order

During the course of the order, the booking party must regularly conduct the following work:

1. Check out the quality of the images taken through the snapshot. If the image quality has not yet been reached, it must be notified to the satellite operator to conduct the capture. The contents of the required audit items are carried out by regulation at Article 9 of this.

2. Follow the weather information in the public sector. If the weather forecast in the area is well-taken (the sky in, less cloudy), the screenshot will actively require the satellite operator to speed up the probe. If the weather forecast is not favorable, the photo party will recommend the satellite operator to stop taking pictures of the probe.

What? 9. Check out the probe quality

1. The side of the probe must regularly check, assess the quality of the probe captured during the course of the order carrying out the order in accordance with the standards, specifications, and the existing regulations of the State. The audit contents include:

a) The location of the detective image has to coincide with the location of the booking site in the order;

b) The cloud cover of the probe has to be lower or by the required cloud cover;

c) The scapedic image has to ensure the quality of the image in the process of recording and processing the signal. The signal was not faulty or disconnected, he had a uniform contrast, not to be dazzled, not too dark, without specs or black streaks due to the system's faults.

2. The detective image case has not reached the request, the detective booking a photo of the probe will require the satellite operator to conduct a photo shoot again.

Chapter III


What? 10. Hi. Don't I Well, c

This announcement came into effect on 15 February 2016.

What? 11. Organization to execute

1. Ministry, peer agency, government agency; Provincial People's Committee, Central City, and organizations, individuals who are involved in responsible for this practice.

2. The National Bureau of Exploration, the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment has a responsibility to guide, examine the implementation of this Information.

3. The Department of Natural Resources and Environment of the Provinces is responsible for the Provincial People's Committee, the Central City of the Central Committee to implement this Information in the Local.

4. In the course of execution, if there is an entangrium, recommend agencies, organizations, individuals that reflect in time about the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment for consideration, decision ./.



Nguyen Thi Lai