Circular 53/2015/tt-Byt: Regulating The Conditions Of Infrastructure, Equipment, Means Of Inspection For The Judicial Authorities Established In The Field Of Forensic Medicine, Forensic Psychiatry

Original Language Title: Thông tư 53/2015/TT-BYT: Quy định điều kiện cơ sở vật chất, trang thiết bị, phương tiện giám định cho tổ chức giám định tư pháp công lập trong lĩnh vực pháp y, pháp y tâm thần

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Number: 53 /2015/TT-BYT
Hanoi, 28 December 2015


Guide to function, mission, authority, and organizational structure

of the Central Forensiy Center, the city of Central America g


Base of Decree Stain. 63 /2012/NĐ-CP August 31, 2012 by Ch I'm Government Planning, Mission, Okay. Limit and structure socket function of the Ministry of Health;

Base of Decree Stain. 85 /2013/NĐ-CP July 29, 2013 by the Government Regulatory Regulatory and Regulatory Law of the Law of Justice;

On the recommendation of the Chief of the Organisation of Public Affairs-the Ministry of Health;

The Minister of Health issued the Functional Guidance, mandate, authority and organizational structure of the Provincial Forensy Center, to ph. Stain. It's the Central Committee.

Chapter I


What? 1. The adjustment range

This information instructs the functions, duties, powers, and organizational structures of the Centre for the French Medical Center, the Central City of the Central Committee (abbreviated as the Provincial Medical Center).

What? 2. Legal Position

The provincial medical center is the established public health care unit of the Department of Health, which has a legal status, based, whose own account is opened in the Treasury and the Bank as a law.

Chapter II


What? 3. Function

The provincial medical center has the function of organizing the medical examiner on the province; scientific research and training, fostering training in the field of forensic medicine.

What? 4. Mission

1. The medical examiner ' s execution on the province of the province includes:

a) Monitoring and remonitoring of body damage due to injury and other causes;

b) Monitoring the body of the body to serve the proceedings, the sex judge;

c) Monitoring and remonitoring of the body, the monitoring of the remains. Participation in the monitoring of death cases caused by disaster disasters in and out of the country by the direction of the Ministry of Health and authority has jurisdiction;

d) Monitoring and remonitoring on the profile;

) Other regulatory cases under the rule of law and the referendum of the body to conduct proceedings;

e) The statutory medical bishop is required by law.

2. Participate in the statutory activities of the law:

a) Participation in the execution of the death sentence;

b) Define the brain death for the donation, take, tissue grafting, and body parts according to the rule of law.

3. Research and involvement in the application of scientific advances, engineering in forensic engineering.

4. Participate in training, training in specialization, forensic engineering. It is the practice base of the facilities training facilities on the site and of the Central Committee on the field of forensic monitoring.

5. Perform the medical service in accordance with the need to be eligible and be authorized by the state authority to follow the provisions of the law.

6. Do the management of the officer, the worker and the financial manager, the property of the unit according to the rule of law.

7. Practice of information processing, statistical reporting, Health Department reports, the Department of Justice and the National Forensy Institute for forensic monitoring activities, which proposes effective elevated measures of activity in the field of forensic medicine on the province.

8. Administration and organization implementing projects, projects, national health programs, and international cooperation on the field of forensic medicine in the province when granted jurisdiction, approval.

9. Do other duties carried out by the Provincial People ' s Commission, the Department of Health and State agencies with the authority to deliver.

What? 5. Limit

1. Be entitled to coordinate, support for professional expertise and use equipment with medical facilities across the province to carry out forensic work on the provisions of the law.

2. Be entitled to the expert, the examiner according to the incident and uses specialized conclusions during the execution of the forensic examiner;

3. Be entitled to the request of the referendum, who requires the examiner to provide the information, the necessary documentation in the process of carrying out the forensic examiner.

4. Being refused to implement the medical examiner if there is not sufficient conditions required for the execution of the monitoring;

5. Received a cost-of-judicial response when receiving a referendum, requiring medical examiner; in time, full of the cost of the forensic examiner in return of the medical examiner's results.

What? 6. The relationship of the Provincial Forensy Center with the agencies

1. Under the direction of direction, comprehensive management, direct to the organization, operation and resources of the Provincial Health Department, the Central City of Central.

2. Under the direction of direction, inspection, inspection, guidance on specialization, the forensic profession of the Ministry of Health and the National Institute of Medicine.

3. endure the state administration of the Department of Justice on judicial monitoring in the guidance, direction, and examination of the compliance of laws of judicial jurisdiction.

Chapter III


What? 7. Central Leadership

1. The provincial medical center has the Director and no more than 02 Deputy Director. Director, Deputy Director in charge of the subject matter is the forensic examiner.

2. Director of the Provincial Medical Center is responsible to the Director of the Department of Health, before the law on the entire operation of the Centre; Deputy Director of the Provincial Medical Center is responsible to the Director of Central and before the law on the assignment assigned. Yeah.

3. The appointment, dismissal of the Director, Deputy Director of the Provincial Health Center implemented by the regulation of the law and hierarchy of public administration, officials of the Provincial People's Committee.

What? 8. Funculties and specialist faculties

1. The rooms:

a) The Chamber of Organizations-Executive-Administration;

b) The Chamber of Planning-Finance.

2. The specialist faculties

a) the Faculty of Law;

b) Department of Disease Anatomy;

c) The Diagnostic Imaging-Diagnostic.

Based on the local reality situation, the Director of the Center may recommend the Director of the Department of Health to consider the Provincial People ' s Committee to establish additional faculties, other rooms such as DNA Test Sciences, Department of Legal or Faculties, other necessary rooms when possible. the need and sufficient conditions under the rule of law.

3. Function, the duty of the rooms, the department of the Central Forensy Center provided by the Director of the Center under the appendix guidelines attached to this message.

What? 9. Position of employment and number of people working

The career title, the number of persons working as a career by the provincial office of the Provincial Medical Center, is defined on the basis of the employment position or the project to adjust the location of the Centre to be questioned by the State Agency. Jurisdiction, approval by law.

Chapter IV


What? 10. The effect of execution

This announcement came into effect on 5 January 2016.

What? 11.

1. The Organization of Public Health-the Ministry of Health leads in coordination with the Department of Management, curing the disease and the National Institute of ForenMedicine, which examines the implementation of this Information.

2. The Department of Health of the Provinces, the Central Central City is responsible:

a) The base of regulations at this Smart Guide guidelines the Provincial Health Centre to build the functions, duties, powers, organizational structure of the Central Committee of the Provincial People's Committee, the Central Committee of the Central Committee.

b) Construction of the General Plan development of the approved Provincial Medical Center with approval as the basis for the investment of equipment, facilities, ensuring good implementation of forensic work on the provincial site that meets the needs of the facilities. The judge, the judge.

3. The provincial French Centre and the agencies, organizations, individuals who are involved have a responsibility to enforce this information.

In the course of implementation if there is a matter of birth or difficulty, entangrium, the provinces, the Central City of Central City reflects the timely text of the Ministry of Health (through the Organisation of Public Affairs), which is resolved under the ./.



Nguyen Write


Functional guidance, the duty of the rooms, the department

of I Vibration. Pl The city of God, the city of the city, I " g

() Issued with s 42. /2015/TT-BYT dates 16 I Ah! - 11 in 2015 by the Minister of Health)

1. Organis-Administrative Group-Administration

a) Lead the Centre for Director of the Centre in the management of cadres, civil officials, officials and labourers; monetary policy regimes, commendation, discipline and internal political protection of the Centre by law;

b) The organization implementing implementation of the administrative administrative duties, storage of service to the operation of the Centre;

c) Management of the granting of equipment, supplies, chemicals, environmental solvents. Asset management, prescribed equipment;

d) Participate in the organization of training, professional fostering training, business of the Center;

The tip of the organization of the preliminary, summup, training, and propaganda activities that propagate the activities of the medical profession;

g) execute the statistical mode, report by regulation;

h) Perform other tasks provided by the Director of the Center for Regulation.

2. K Room What? -Financial.

a) Building a month's plan, the quarter, the five directors approved for the implementation of the implementation, simultaneously organizing the plan, to sum up the implementation of the plan;

b) Building the budget bill, the plan to use the annual budget; manage the collection, spend the plan and follow the law;

c) Colleconation and analysis of the number of specialized metrics; storage of the regulatory records and implementation of the statistical mode, the prescribed report;

d) in charge of aggregation, reporting, financial accounting, filing of accounting document filing under the rule of law;

In collaboration with the faculty, the planning office, the deployment of the scientific research work of the Center;

g) The organization, the cost of fees, fees, and other receivable expenses, the laws of the law;

h) A training organization advanced to improve professional capacity, business, engineering for the officers as forensic work;

i) perform other tasks led by the Director of Central Affairs.

3. Faculty of Supervision

a) The organization performs forensic monitoring of body damage, which determines the cause of death, remains, the mechanism that forms the injuries, the charge of injury, sex, age, and the monitoring on the profile etc.;

b) Perform other regulations in accordance with the rule of law;

c) Participation in the execution of the death sentence;

d) to examine the health of marriage;

Determined to kill the brain for the donation, to take, and to join the body and body of the body according to the rule of law;

g) Research and research application of scientific advances in the field of forensic medicine;

There are other tasks done by the Director of the Center.

4. Faculty of Anatomy

a) A test of the pathology tissue, the cytoplasm to determine the morphology and extent of the damage;

b) Perform the scientific study of the field of forensic anatomy;

c) Perform other tasks led by the Director of Central Affairs.

5. Department of Test and Diagnostic Diagnosis

a) perform the clinical trials that serve the examiner;

b) Perform the diagnostic imaging techniques for the monitoring;

c) Study application of scientific advances in the field of forensic medicine;

d) perform other tasks provided by the Director of the Center.