United States-Uruguay. Amateur Radio Stations. Messages Or Other International Communications. Authorization. Agreement. Approval.

Original Language Title: Eeuu-Uruguay. Estaciones Radioaficionados. Mensajes U Otras Comunicaciones Internacionales. Autorizacion. Acuerdo. Aprobacion.-

Read the untranslated law here: https://parlamento.gub.uy/documentosyleyes/leyes/ley/13492

Law N ° 13.492 amateur radio stations approved the agreement with the United States of AMERICA on authorization to transmit messages or other international communications.

The Senate and the Chamber of representatives of the Republic East of the Uruguay, gathered at General Assembly, Decree: article 1.
Approve the agreement between the Uruguay and the United States of America, formalized by means of a change of notes date of September 12, 1961, according to which amateur radio stations are authorized to convey messages or other international communications from third parties or with destination to third parties.

Article 2 °.
Communicate, etc.

Hall of sessions of the Senate, in Montevideo, to September 7, 1966.

MARTIN R. ECHEGOYEN, President. José Pastor Salvanach, Secretary.

Montevideo, September 13, 1966.

Met, acknowledge receipt, communicate, publish and inserted into the national registry of laws and decrees.

By the Council: HEBER General Paul C. moratorium. LUIS VIDAL ZAGLIO. Modesto Burgos Morales, Secretary.