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The Glass Industry. 12.953 And 13.221 Laws. Provisions. Modification.

Original Language Title: Industria Del Vidrio. Leyes 12.953 Y 13.221. Disposiciones. Modificacion.

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Legislative Power/ Eastern Republic of Uruguay

ACT N ° 13,575



The Senate and the House of Representatives of the Eastern Republic of Uruguay, meeting in General Assembly,


Article 1 °.
Modify Articles 2 °, 5 ° -with the text given by article 1 ° of Law No. 13,221, of December 19, 1963-8 °, 10 and 15, of the law N ° 12.953, dated 23 November 1961, which will be written as follows:

" Article 2 ° The Board of Directors of the Retirement Fund and Pensions of Industry and Commerce, will apply the provisions of this law, in respect of compensation for unemployment and work bag, after the opinion of the Advisory Committee. /> To these effects, create the Advisory Commission of the Services of Compensation for Unemployment and Work Exchange, which will be integrated as follows: a delegate of the Board of Directors of the Retirement and Pensions of Industry and Trade, which will preside over it; two workers ' delegates, and two representatives of the employers. The Commission shall have the following tasks and powers:

A) Advise the Board of Directors in all matters relating to the application of the payment of compensation and the development of the Work Exchange, and to suggest any changes it deems appropriate.
B) Monitor the fulfilment of the obligations of the companies and the affiliates, being able, by decision adopted with no less than three votes, to apply fines to the companies up to 1,000.00 pesos (one thousand pesos), to sanction the members in fault, with suspensions of up to three months, and report to the Board on the operation of the offices of the Stock Exchange.
C) To request the Board of Directors, the removal of those officials from the Office of the Services of Compensation for Unemployment and the Exchange of Work-which in its judgment it considers necessary-and will be heard, precept, in case of removal. or transfer of any of the officials concerned to its service. "

" Article 5 ° The unemployed workers in the glass industry, Group 35, which, as of January 1966, have provided services in the companies of the ex-Group 11-A, will be entitled to 15 days of their usual remuneration or to the one who According to its category, it corresponds to the collective agreements in force at the time of receipt of the unemployment benefit. If the worker is married and the spouse does not receive compensation or wages or if he or she is unable or ascending, he/she shall receive a supplement of 20% (20%) of the amount of compensation to be paid.
the total number of hours worked during the month, in the establishments covered by this law, half the amount of wages earned in the service of third parties and the emoluments that the worker receives for passivity, accident or sickness.
Workers with administrative or managerial duties, are also covered by the provisions laid down in this Article, provided that they are in breach of non-administrative tasks.
Workers shall be entitled to a supplementary annual remuneration equivalent to a twelfth of
benefit provided for in the preceding paragraph shall apply from the year 1963, in accordance with the provisions of law N ° 13.221, dated December 19, 1963. "

" Article 8 ° These benefits will be met with the following resources:

A) The result of a 1/2% (half per cent) tax applicable on the sale of glass articles, mirrors, glass windows and the like, of domestic production. In the case of articles which have been produced, in whole or in part, by automatic machines, the tax shall be 1 1/2% (one and a half per cent).
B) The production of a 3% tax (3%) applicable to the import of foreign-made glass articles not being manufactured in the country.
C) The production of a 20% (20%) tax on CIF import values for foreign-produced glass articles that may be manufactured in the country.
D) The result of a tax of 1 1/2% (one and a half percent) applicable to the sale of carved, decorated, labelled or mechanically decorated glass articles, when these processes are carried out outside the glass factories with foundry plants.
E) Employers 'and workers' contributions from the glass, established by article 26 of Law No. 12.570, of 23 October 1958, as of the enactment of this law.
F) The produced of the fines and that of the legacies and donations. "

" Article 10 The violations of this law and its regulations, committed by the workers, shall be punishable in the manner provided for by law N ° 10.562, of 12 December 1944.
committed by the employers, when they are in violation of article 15 of this law, will be penalized with a sum equal to twice the salary or monthly salary in force of each worker, taking away from the provisions of the present law.
The recidivism in the infringement will double the fines.
infringements committed by the employers, when they consist in omission of the submission of plans, forms or reports that the regulations have, or which according to them are required, or when they consist of false affidavit, will be punished with fines of $500.00 (five hundred pesos) up to $5,000.00 (five thousand pesos). "

" Article 15 The Retirement and Pensions Fund for Industry and Commerce shall organise a work bag in which all workers within the meaning of Article 5 of this Law must be registered.
From 1 January 1966, the workers included, will have a single deadline to register, thirty days, from the date of their cessation.
The companies belonging to Group 35, will not be able to take any staff, that is not provided by the work bag, unless which mediates express written authorization of the same. "

Article 2 °.
Commune, etc.

Chamber of Sessions of the Chamber of Senators, in Montevideo, on October 13, 1966.

                        MARTIN R. ECHEGOYEN
                          Luis N. Abdullah,

    Ministry of Public Instruction and Social Welfare.
      Ministry of Industries and Labour.
       Ministry of Finance.

Montevideo, 1 ° November 1966.

Having expired the deadline set by article 144 of the Constitution of the Republic, please acknowledge receipt, communicate, post and insert into the National Register of Laws and Decrees.

        For the Council:

                                              JUAN E. PIVEL DEVOTEE
                                              FRANCISCO M. UBILLOS
                                                       DART ORTIZ
                                            Modesto Burgos Morales

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