Disease Insurance Of Transport. Promoted Actions Against Companies Transport By Chasita (Honorary Commitee). Suspension (Until 30 April 1969).

Original Language Title: Seguro De Enfermedad Del Transporte. Acciones Promovidas Contra Empresas Transporte Por Chasita (Comision Honoraria Administradora). Suspension (Hasta 30 Abril 1969).

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13.729 transport sickness insurance law are suspended until 30 April 1969 all actions that the Honorary Commission administrator (CHASITA), any promoted against transport companies based in the departments of the INTERIOR, in respect of contributions OWED to the resource pool.

The Senate and the Chamber of representatives of the Republic East of the Uruguay, gathered at General Assembly, Decree: article 1.
Suspendense on April 30, 1969 until all the actions that the Commission honorary administrator for the insurance of disease transport (CHASITA) has promoted or have a right to promote against transport companies based in the departments of the interior, covered by the provisions of the law number 13.488, 18 August 1966, by concept of contributions owed to the Fund's resources until 31 October 1968.

Article 2 °.
Shall be considered debtors of surcharges in accordance with the cited law, those companies that have regularly received benefits from the Commission honorary administrator of insurance of disease of the transport (CHASITA) from 17 November 1960 and until October 31, 1968, and contribution.
Those who have not received such services are exempt from any obligation in this regard, prior to 31 October 1968.
To the indebted companies that request it, the Commission honorary administrator for the insurance of disease transport (CHASITA), agree the facilities for payment of surcharges, which may be up to in 60 monthly installments.
The obligation of making effective contributions laying down the law N ° 13.488 patterns without exception to all companies is restored from the 31 October 1968.

Article 3 °.
Undertakings included in the law N ° 13.488, must come to the particular affiliate, within the period of 30 days from the publication of this law and to effect the payment of the contributions from on November 1, 1968.
Those who thus made it eligible to obtain the certificates referred to in article 25 of the law N ° 13.488.

Article 4 °.
The Executive Branch, within ninety days of the publication of this law, shall transmit to the General Assembly the following information: a) companies, employers and workers members in Montevideo and the interior;
(b) services installed, the same features and places of operation;
(c) cost of the same concept of expenses, employees, etc.

Article 5 °.
Communicate, etc.

Room of sessions of the House of representatives, in Montevideo, on December 18, 1968.

LUIS kidney PERRETT, President. G. moratorium Collazo, Secretary.


Montevideo, December 19, 1968.

Met, acknowledge receipt, communicate, publish and inserted into the national registry of laws and decrees.