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Sudy S.a. Workers. Forty Days. Loan. Central Council Family Allowances. Authorization.

Original Language Title: Sudy S.a. Trabajadores. Cuarenta Jornales. Prestamo. Consejo Central Asignaciones Familiares. Autorizacion.-

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Legislative Power/ Eastern Republic of Uruguay

Law No. 14,045



The Senate and the House of Representatives of the Eastern Republic of Uruguay, meeting in General Assembly,


Article 1 °.
Authorize the Central Council of Family Assignments to agree on a loan of up to forty employees of SUDY S. A.
. all effective workers who are listed as incorporated in the company's plans to 1o. of September 1971.

Article 2 °.
The Ministry of Economy and Finance will submit to the Central Council of Family Appropriations the sum of $13:000,000 (thirteen million pesos) for the purpose of making the loan effective Article 1 °.
The sum indicated shall be as delivery on account of the Ministry of Economy and Finance; debit the Central Council of Family Assignments, for the purpose of lmpost to the assets corresponding to the Financial Year 1967.

Article 3 °.
The Central Council of Family Assignments under no circumstances, not yet in advance, may make the loan referred to in Article 1o effective. without prior to the Ministry of Economy and Finance effectively giving you the amount indicated in Article 2o.

This loan will be made effective within ten days of delivery to the Central Council by the Ministry of Economy and Finance of the amount indicated.

Article 4 °.
This loan will be made through the Family Allowance Box No. 24 and will have a solidarity among the workers who use this benefit. Solidarity responsibility will be effective in proportion to the amounts of the respective loans

Article 5 °.
The loan will be reintegrated by each worker on the basis of a monthly monthly wage: this refund will be made in the Family Allowance Box No. 24, immediately of the first collection of wages or wages.

If the amounts corresponding to the loan referred to in this law are not discharged, the provisions in force for the State's debts shall apply.

Article 6 °.
Without prejudice to the solidarity nature of the loan granted, workers who, after using it and before reintegrating it fully engage in retirement or change jobs, will remain responsible. of the due and the amortization fees that correspond to them will be retained by the Social Security Bank or by its new employer and discharged to the Family Allowance Box 24.

Article 7 °.
Companies that did not see retained jornals will be passively of the procedure established by law No. 10.644, dated September 4, 1945 and their amending No. 11.618, of 20 October 1950, without prejudice to the surcharge referred to in Article 20 of the Law of late cited and its concordant and fine equivalent to the amount not poured to be applied by the Central Council of Family Assignments

Article 8 °.
Commune, etc.

Chamber of Sessions of the Chamber of Senators, in Montevideo, on October 15, 1971.

                         ALBERTO B. ABDULLAH
                       José Pastor Salvanach

    Ministry of Labour and Social Security.
       Ministry of Economy and Finance.

Montevideo, October 27, 1971.

Comply, acknowledge receipt, communicate, post and insert into the National Register of Laws and Decrees.

                                                     PACHECO ARECO
                                                     JORGE SAPELLI
                                                 CARLOS M. FLEITAS

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Montevideo, April 1998. Legislative Power.