Torres García. Birth. Centenary. Commemoration. Montevideo High School. Denomination.

Original Language Title: Torres Garcia. Nacimiento. Centenario. Conmemoracion. Liceo Montevideo. Denominacion.

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Law 14.232 TORRES García was declares Memorial civic day of the centenary of his birth and is designated by its name to a high school in the city of MONTEVIDEO.

The State Council has approved the following draft of law article 1.
Declared civic commemoration on July 28, 1974. by met at that date the anniversary of the birth of Joaquín Torres García.

Article 2 °.
Designated with the name "Joaquín Torres García" the Lyceum of secondary school N ° 20, located in Punta Gorda, city of Montevideo.
In that establishment will be displayed the portrait of the Uruguayan master and incorporated decorative elements related to the school of constructive universalism.

Article 3 °.
The General postal address will issue a set of commemorative postal values.

Article 4 °.
Communicate, etc.

Hall of sessions of the Council of State, in Montevideo, to July 17, 1974.

ALBERTO DEMICHELI President Manuel María of the flag Secretary, Ministry of education and culture.
Ministry of industry and energy.

Montevideo, July 23, l9i4.

Met, acknowledge receipt, communicate, publish and inserted into the national registry of laws and decrees.