Rodriguez-Lopez, Juan. Remains. State Minister Honours. Tributense.-

Original Language Title: Rodriguez Lopez, Juan. Restos. Honores Ministro Estado. Tributense.-

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Law 14.393 Dr. JUAN RODRIGUEZ LOPEZ are available pay Minister of State honors to the remains.

YEAR of the ORIENTALIDAD the State Council has approved the following draft of law article 1.
Pay tribute to the remains de el Señor Consejero de Estado doctor Juan Rodríguez Lopez, honours laid down in article 570 of the military code for Ministers of State.

Article 2 °.
The funeral expenses will be paid by the National Treasury.

Article 3 °.
Communicate, etc.

Hall of sessions of the Council of State, in Montevideo, July 2, 1975.

ALBERTO DEMICHELI President Nelson Simonetti Manuel Maria of the flag Secretary Ministry of education and culture.
Ministry of national defence.
Ministry of economy and finance.

Montevideo, July 3, 1975.

Met, acknowledge receipt, communicate, publish and inserted into the national registry of laws and decrees.