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Real Estate Been (Soriano) Transfer Quartermaster Soriano.

Original Language Title: Inmuebles Estado (Soriano) Transferencia Intendencia Soriano.

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Legislative Power/ Eastern Republic of Uruguay
Published D.O. 11 Jan/012-NAº 28389

Act NAº 18,879

REAL ESTATE Nos. 10,737, 10,738 AND 2,548 PLACES IN THE FIRST


The Senate and the CA of Representatives of the Eastern Republic of Uruguay, meeting in General Assembly,


ArtAculo 1Aº.-Transfer the right of property to free title, from the estate of the State to the Intrend of Soriano, about the real estate in the 1st. Cadastral section of the department of Soriano, which comprises three field fractions with all the improvements and constructions that access it, namely:

I) The real estate is registered with the number 10,737 and 10,738 before both part of the registration number NAº 2,547, which the The plane of mensura signed by the agricultural engineer Carlos A. Magano Ferro, on August 10, 2000, registered in the Office Delegate of the Soriano Catastro with the NAº 8,329, on September 28, 2000, are described as follows:

a) Non-movable pattern NAº 10,737, signal ± 1, consisting of a The surface of 8 hA ¡ s 1,815 m2 (eight hectares a thousand eight hundred and fifteen square metres) and it is detached asA: to the northeast a straight line of 213.29 m. (two hundred and thirteen meters with twenty-nine centAmeters) in front of National Route No. 21 and another slightly curved line of 126.37 m. (one hundred and twenty-seven meters with thirty-seven centAmeters), measured up to half the flow of the Daca Creek, which run both from northwest to southeast, also in front of the National Route NAº 21; south 207.25 m. (two hundred and seven metres with twenty-five centmeters) with the Daca stream; southwest, 326.58 m. (three hundred and twenty-seven meters with fifty-eight centAmeters) up to half of the stream of the Daca Creek, bordering with the numbers of 9,872 and 2,560, existing by means of this last step of the serfdom of passage; and the northwest of 186.44 m. (one hundred and eighty-six meters with forty-four centAmeters) bordering on the registration number NAº 2,438, with a pass of 7.4 m. (seven meters with forty centAmeters) wide by means of the above.

b) Non-movable pattern NAº 10.738, seen as fraccion2, consisting of a 1 hA. 6.570 m2 (one hectare, six thousand five hundred and seventy square meters) and it is detached asA: to the west facing National Route NAº 21 with an extension of 187.53 m. (a hundred and eighty-seven metres with fifty-three centAmeters) up to half the flow of the Daca stream; to the northeast 2 (two) straight lines measuring the first 200,76 m. (two hundred metres with seventy-six centAmeters) and the second 88.7 m. (eighty-eight meters with seventy centAmeters) up to half of the channel, which run both from northwest to southeast to the Departmental Road and to the south 162.18 m. (one hundred and sixty-two meters with eighteen centmeters) with the Daca stream.

II) Inmovable furniture with the NAº 2,548, which according to the plan of mensura subscribed by the agricultural engineer Carlos A. Magano Ferro, On September 30, 2003, registered in the Delegation of Soriano Catastro with the NAº 8.690, on November 4, 2003, consists of a surface of 4 h s. 9,715 m2 (four hectares, nine thousand seven hundred and fifteen square meters), and it is located in the southwest of the department, with a departmental road of 176.95 m. (one hundred and seventy-six metres with ninety-five centAmeters) up to half the river bed Daca; northwest 240,35 m. (two hundred and forty meters with thirty-five centAmeters) bordering with part of the pattern NAº 3,238; to the northeast 268.05 m. (two hundred and sixty-eight meters with five centAmeters) up to half the flow of the creek Dacà ¡ lingiving with part of the pattern NAº 3,238 and the southeast 236.12 m. (two hundred and thirty-six meters with twelve centAmeters), bordering the Daca Creek.

ArtAculo 2Aº.-The law will operate as a title and mode of the domain transfer, sufficient for its registration in the Land Registry, Real Estate, a testimony of the present disposiciation, the one that could be supplemented by a notarial certificate containing the relevant data for the correct registration seat.

ArtAculo 3Aº.-Also, this law will serve all the fiscal exit effects of the aforementioned goods.

Meeting Room of the CA of Senators, in Montevideo, on December 27, 2011.

Hugo RodrAguez Filippini,


Montevideo, December 29, 2011.

Cúmplase, achosese recibo, comunAquese, publáquese e insáltese en el Registro Nacional de Leias y Decretos, la Ley por la que se transen a tAclulo gratuito, del patrimonio del Estado al de la Intendencia de Soriano, los emenos empadronados with the numbers 10,737, 10,738, and 2,548 located in the First Catastral Secciament of that department.



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