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Board Transparency And Ethics Publishes (Jutep). Decentralized Service. Creation.

Original Language Title: Junta Transparencia Y Etica Publica (Jutep). Servicio Descentralizado. Creacion.

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Legislative Power/ Eastern Republic of Uruguay
Published D.O. 4 set/015-NAº 29286

NAº 19.340 Act



The Senate and the CA of Representatives of the Eastern Republic of Uruguay, meeting in General Assembly,




ArtAculoA 1Aº.A (Creation).-Crate the Board of Transparency and A%tica Public (JUTEP) as a decentralized service, which will be related to the Executive Branch through the Ministry of Education and Culture and will have Technical independence in the exercise of its functions.

The body that is created replaces the implementing unit 022 "Board of Transparency and Public Health" of the IncisA 11 "Ministry of Education and Culture" and will have the tasks, attributions and organization that this law determines.

JUTEP is a legal person and will be domiciled in Montevideo, and can establish dependencies in the rest of the country.

ArtAculoA 2Aº.A (Main Commits).-The Board of Transparency and A%tica Public (JUTEP) will have the following tasks:

1) Advising at national level on the offenses predicted by the Law No 17,060, of 23 December 1998, against the Public Administration (Chapter IV, excluding Chapter IV and V of the Criminal Code) and against the economic and public finances (Title IX of the Criminal Code), which is impute some or some of the public officials listed in the Articles 10 and 11 of the Law No 17,060, dated 23 December 1998 and required.

2) Advising the judicial bodies with criminal jurisdiction, issuing opinions within the framework of their matter, when the Power Judicial or the Ministry of the Public. The performance of the JUTEP in the performance of its tasks shall be regulated by the provisions of Section V, Chapter III, Title VI, Book I of the General Code of the Process, as applicable.

3) Get and systematize all the documentary evidence that exists to be necessary for the clarification of the complaints made on commission of offences included in the text of the Law No 17,060, of 23 December 1998, as soon as the competent judicial authority or the Ministry of Public Health provides it.

A JUTEP will have sixty days for compliance with the indicated task, and may ask the judge, for a single time, to The term, which will be granted whenever there is enough to do so, for a maximum of thirty days. If the deadline is expired or the request is made, the JUTEP will refer to the only one that legally corresponds to receiving the collected background. These will be accompanied by an explanatory report on the correlation of the same with the reported facts.

4) Promote regulations, training and dissemination programs that strengthen the transparency of public management.

5) You will also have the tasks provided for in the Chapters III and IV of the Law No 17,060, of 23 December 1998, for which it may be directed, through the intervener judicial authority or the representative of the Ministry of the Public, to any public participation, in order to request the documents and other elements necessary for the clarification by the judge of the reported facts.

6) Receive, manage, and preserve the sworn statements that you are dealing with to the items 10 and below of the Law No 17,060, dated 23 December 1998.

7) Exercise the top control function in accordance with Article III numeral A 9 of the Inter-American Convention against the Corruption in order to prevent, detect, punish and eradicate corrupt practices.

8) Relating to international and foreign bodies with reference to the subject matter of their competence.

ArtAculoA 3Aº.A (Accessories Tasks).-For the performance of its functions the Board of Transparency and Public Health (JUTEP) will have the following tasks:

1) Collect, when deemed appropriate, information about the conditions of regularity and impartiality with which you are prepare, formalize and execute the public contracts of goods, works and services.

2) Determine, at the request of the data subject, whether the data subject should present the affidavit of goods and income to which the Chapter V of Law No. 17,060 of 23 December 1998.

3) Propose the rule modifications on the subjects in your competition.

4) Develop and make public an annual report that will be elevated to the Executive, Legislative and Judicial Powers.


ArtAculoA 4Aº. -A The Board of Transparency and A%tica Public (JUTEP) will count, when required, with the legal advice of the Attorney General of the Court and Attorney General of the Nación.



ArtAculoA 5Aº.A (Organization and operation).-The direction and administration of the Board of Transparency and A%tica Public (JUTEP) will be exercised by a Board composed of three members: a President, a Vice President and a Vocal, who will be appointed by the President of the Republic, acting with the Council of Ministers, with the coming of the CA of Senators always granted by three fifths of votes of the total of components, among persons of recognized professional and moral experience and solvency.

The President of the Republic, in agreement with the Council of Ministers, may remove by resolution founded the members of the JUTEP with coming from the CA of Senators granted by the same majority required for their design. If the CA of Senators were not expiated in the term of sixty days, the Executive Branch could make the dismissal effective.

ArtAculoA 6Aº.A (Directory attributions).-They are Directory attributions:

1) Manage the wealth of the Transparency and A%tic Public (JUTEP) Board.

2) Exercise the top administrative, technical, and inspection direction and control of all services in your office.

3) Fiscaling and monitoring compliance with the tasks and enforcing the provisions relating to them, as well as dictating the rules and regulations that are necessary.

4) Approving the JUTEP General Regulation.

5) Projecting and elevating the Executive Branch to its effects, the JUTEP Official Statute.

6) Designate, promote, move, and remove officials from their dependency, and can make the hiring that they are necessary and to exercise disciplinary authority over all personnel, all in accordance with current regulations.

7) Projecting the JUTEP budget and raising it to the Executive Branch, for the purposes of the artAculoA 220 of the Constitution of the Republic.

8) Approving the JUTEP's annual memory and balance.

9) Acquire, tax, and alienate all kinds of goods.

10) Directly lease the properties that are required for your dependencies.

11) Concerting loans or undertakings with international agencies, institutions or foreign governments, subject to the provided in the fourth quarter of Article 185 of the Constitution of the Republic.

12) Delegate your privileges, by way of resolution, to other bodies of the JUTEP itself, as well as to address the issues that were delegate object.

13) Designate JUTEP delegates or representatives to international organizations, congresses, meetings, or conferences.

14) Resolve the issues that the Board Presidency or any of its members submit to their query or decision.

15) In general perform all appropriate acts and perform the material operations inherent in your general powers of administration, according to the JUTEP's tasks.

ArtAculoA 7Aº.A (Presidency).-The President or Vice President, if any, corresponds to:

1) Represent the Public Transparency and Transparency Board (JUTEP).

2) Convening and presiding over Directory sessions.

3) Run and enforce the Directory resolutions.

4) Adopt the urgent measures when they are necessary, giving the account to the Directory in the first session and taking the resolve.

5) Sign with the member of the Directory or with the official who designates the Directory, all acts and contracts in which you intervene the JUTEP.

6) Projecting the rules to be approved by the Directory, without prejudice to the initiative that may also be exercised by the Directors.

7) Firing and publishing within one hundred and twenty of the following runs at the end of the exercise and prior approval of the Directory, the annual balance sheet, in accordance with and refer it to the Executive Branch.

ArtAculoA 8Aº.A (Quolorrum in the Directory).-For sessioning and to resolve the Directory requires a two-member quasrum, unless the General Regulation has the unanimity of votes of its members for resolve.

ArtAculoA 9Aº.A (Temporary Vacancy).-In the event of the President's absence or inability or if the position becomes vacant, his duties shall be temporarily exercised by the Vice-President.

ArtAculoA 10.A (Directors ' Responsibility).-Members of the Board are responsible for resolutions voted on in violation of the , laws or regulations. The Directory will refer to the Ministry of Education and Culture testimony to the minutes of their deliberations and copies of their resolutions.

Directors who are exempt from this responsibility are:

1) Being present, they would have given in minutes their dissent with the resolution adopted and the foundation that motivated it.

2) A status missing from the session where the resolution was adopted, provided that they record their dissent in the first opportunity where possible.

ArtAculoA 11.A (Remuneration).-The remuneration of the Directors of the Board of Transparency and A%tica Public (JUTEP) shall be the same as the members of the present law perceive at the time of the approval of this law. implementing unit 022 "Transparency and A% Public Health Board" of the Incisoa 11 "Ministry of Education and Culture".

Are included in the current charge reservation fee.



ArtAculoA 12.A (Heritage).-The Heritage of the Board of Transparency and A%tica Public (JUTEP) will be integrated as follows:

1) The assets and liabilities of any nature of the executing unit 022 "Transparency and A%tica Board" of the 11 "Ministry of Education and Culture", which are transferred in full to the decentralized service created by this law. The Executive Branch shall determine the real estate included in this transfer and the public records shall be recorded with the sole presentation of the notarial testimony of that resolution.

2) The donations or legacies you receive.

3) The asset transfers that are made to you by the Central Government, the Departmental Governments, and any another body of the State.

ArtAculoA 13.A (Resources).-The resources of the Transparency and A% Public Health Board (JUTEP) will be integrated as follows:

1) The budget allocations that are set by the laws.

2) The donations or legacies you receive.

ArtAculoA 14.A (Officials).-Officials belonging to the implementing unit 022 "Board of Transparency and Public Health" of the IncisA 11 "Ministry of Education and Culture" will be incorporated into the created body in the article 1Aº of this law by the mechanism of the redistribution provided for in the articles 15 and following of the Law No 18,719of 27 December 2010, as appropriate.

Such officials shall retain their rights, duties and obligations, in particular as regards the current remuneration rules in force.

Officials who currently serve as a member of the commission or in the commission of services in the implementing unit 022 "Board of Transparency and Public Health" of the 11 "Ministry of Education and Culture" will have a deadline of sixty days to choose to join the new service provided the body that is created requires it or return to its home office. Those who choose to join the new body created by this law will keep the total of their salaries and the age of age in the public administration.

The General Content of the Nacto will make effective budget reallocations effective in order to fully comply with the provisions of this law.

ArtAculoA 15.A (Pases in commission).-AutorAzase a la Junta de Transparencia y A%tica PAºblica (JUTEP) to arrange for resolution founded, up to three countries in commission, in accordance with the provisions of the article 32 of the Act No. 15,851of 24 December 1986, amending and agreeing.



ArtAculoA 16.A (Budget).-Until the first budget for the decentralized service created by this law is sanctioned, it will govern the date of its promulgation to the implementing unit 022 " Junta 11 "Ministry of Education and Culture" of the Incisoa 11 "Ministry of Education and Culture", including all budget credits, whatever their nature.

ArtAculoA 17.A (Directory).-The first Directory of the Decentralized Service created by this law will be composed of the current members and on the same charges for those who were appointed in due time. the implementing unit 022 "Board of Transparency and A%tica Public" of the Incisoa 11 "Ministry of Education and Culture".

The members of the first Board of Directors of the Transparency and A%tica Public Service (JUTEP) Decentralized Service, will continue in their positions until the date foreseen at the time of their design to integrate the old JUTEP.

ArtAculoA 18.A (Remisiation).-All other regulations that currently regulate the tasks, attributions and internal organization of the implementing unit 022 "Board of Transparency and A%tica Public" of the IncisoA 11 " Ministry of Education and Culture " shall be of application to the body created by this law in the compatible with its nature of decentralized service.

A A A A A Sala de Sessions de la CA ¡ mara de Reps, en Montevideo, a 18 de august de 2015.

Virginia Ortiz,


Montevideo, August 28, 2015.

Cúmplase, achosese recibo, comunaquese, publáquese e inséltese en el Registro Nacional de Leitos y Decretos, la Ley por la que se crea la Junta de Transparencia y A%tica PAºblica (JUTEP), como servicio decentralized.



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