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On The Ratification Of The United Nations Convention Against Transnational Organized Crime And Protocol (Protocol On Prevention And Termination Of Trafficking In Persons, Especially Women And Children, And Punishment For It And The Protocol Of The

Original Language Title: Про ратифікацію Конвенції Організації Об'єднаних Націй проти транснаціональної організованої злочинності та протоколів, що її доповнюють (Протоколу про попередження і припинення торгівлі людьми, особливо жінками і дітьми, і покарання за неї і Протоколу пр

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Ratification of the Convention of the United Nations
Nations against Transnational Organized
crime and the protocols
(Protocol on Prevention and termination of trade
people, especially women and children, and punishment
for her and the Protocol against the Illicit
Migrants on land, sea and floods)
(Information of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (VR), 2004, N 19, pp. 263)

I. The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine has a:
1. United Nations Convention against Torture
Transnational Organized Crime 995_789 ) (Next-
Convention), signed on behalf of Ukraine in m. Palermo on December 12
2000 (added *), to ratify with such reservations and
Article 13, paragraph 6:
Convention (s) 995_789 ) apply only if the conditions are
adherence to constitutional principles and fundamental principles
Ukraine's legal system;
Under article 2, paragraph (b):
In Ukrainian criminal law, the notion is "serious"
The crime "meets the notion of" severe "and" particularly grave crime ".
With this severe crime, it is a crime that provides this kind of
penalty, as a prison sentence of at least five and not more
Ten Years (Part Four of Article 12 of the Criminal Code)
Ukraine ( 2341-14 ), and especially the serious crime-for which
have a kind of punishment as a prison sentence
over ten years or life imprisonment (part of the fifth
Article 12 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine);
Article 16, paragraph 5 (a):
Ukraine declares that the Convention ( 995_789 ) is legal
The basis for the issuance of extradition
request from the issuance of the member state of this Convention, with which
No extradition treaty;
Article 18, paragraph 13:
Central authorities in Ukraine who rely on
the authority under paragraph 13 of Article 18 of the Convention ( 995_789 ),
is the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine (regarding judicial decisions) and the General
Prosecutor's Office of Ukraine (procedural actions during investigation)
Criminal cases);
Article 18, paragraph 14:
Requests for legal assistance and documents added,
should be sent to Ukraine together with a witnessed translation of
Ukrainian, Russian, English or French if they are
Not composed of these languages;
Article 26, paragraph 3:
The provisions of paragraph 3 shall not be extended to the organizer or
The head of the criminal organization on their release from
criminal liability. According to the Constitution of Ukraine
(Part of the second article 255 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine)
( 2341-14 ) Persons assigned to criminal responsibility
regardless of the conditions predicted by Article 26 of the Convention ( 995_789 ).
2. Protocol on prevention and termination of trafficking in persons,
especially women and children, and the punishment for her, which complement
United Nations Convention against Transnational
Organized crime ( 995_791 ), signed on behalf of
Ukraine in. New York, 15 November 2001
3. Protocol against illegal import of migrants by land, sea and sea
complementing the United Nations Convention against the
Transnational Organized Crime 995_790 ),
Signed on behalf of Ukraine in New York, 15 November
In 2001, to ratify it (*).
II. This Act takes effect from the day of its publication.

President of Ukraine
Um ... Kiev, 4 February 2004
N 1433-IV
* To be added to the original.