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On Amendments To The Law Of Ukraine "on The Quality And Safety Of Foodstuff And Food Raw Material"

Original Language Title: Про внесення змін до Закону України "Про якість та безпеку харчових продуктів та продовольчої сировини"

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On Amendments to the Law of Ukraine " On Quality and
food and food
(Information of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (VR), 2005, N 50, pp. 533)

Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Oh, I am. :
Amend the Law of Ukraine "On Quality and Safety"
food and food raw materials " ( 771 /97-VR )
(Information of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, 1998, N 19, pp. 98),
Having taught it in such an editorial:
" With A C O U R A, A
About safety and quality of food

This Act governs the relations between the executive authorities,
producers, sellers (suppliers) and food users
products and defines the legal order of ensuring safety and
the quality of food produced, are in circulation,
imported, exported.
R O and L I
Article 1. Terms and definitions
In this Act, the terms below are used in such a
Agro-food market-specially equipped and withdrawn
the place used to provide services to create
the proper conditions for the sale of agricultural products, which
Defined by this Act;
accredited laboratory-a laboratory accredited to the
according to the relevant legislation of Ukraine or international
Accreditation procedures;
risk analysis-a process consisting of three
interconnected components: risk assessment, management and
(control) risk and risk reporting;
Arbitration research-laboratory studies, which
is conducted on request of the person who disputes the results of the previous
Laboratory research;
aromatics-aromatic substances, aromatic drugs,
The technological fragrances, coptic aromas, and their mixtures;
Aromatic drug is a product that is not aromatic
matter, concentrated or unconcentrated, which has aromatic
properties and which are obtained by means of
physical processes (including distillation and extrapolation)
solved) or by enzymatic or microbiology
processes from plant materials or animal origin, which
taken in raw form or after recycling for consumption purposes
a person using traditional cooking methods
food (including dehydrate, drying, and water)
The aromatic substance is a certain chemical that provides aroma.
through the exercise of relevant physical processes (including
The distillation and the extracting of the solvent) or by
Enzymatic or microbiological processes in plant materials
or animal origin that are taken in a raw form or after
recycling in human consumption using traditional
Ways to prepare food products (including
Deforestation, drying and fermentation);
by chemical synthesis or allocation of chemical methods,
why this flavor behind the chemical properties is identical
A natural substance contained in this matter of plant or
animal origin, as stated in paragraph 9 of this
by chemical synthesis, but this fragrance by chemical synthesis.
properties are not an identical natural substance contained in the
the substance of plant or animal origin, as stated in
paragraph 9 of this article;
Food safety-the state of the food product
is the result of production and circulation activities that are carried out
with the implementation of requirements set by sanitary measures and/or
technical regulations, and ensure confidence that the
The food product does not harm human health (consumer), if
He is consumed by the appointment;
safe food product is a food product that is not
creates harmful effects on human health directly or
Mediated by the conditions of its production and circulation
of sanitation requirements and consumption (use) for
Inspector of Veterinary Medicine
(hereinafter-veterinary inspector)-doctor of veterinary medicine
who works at the State Department of Veterinary Medicine
(further-Department) and its territorial bodies, regional
Veterinary and Public Administration
the border and transport, other government agencies of the Veterinary
Medical, which have the powers of a state inspector
veterinary medicine for the office, or doctors of the veterinary
medicine which is authorized by the Department or in the case of a foreign
the country is its respective state veterinary authority
Inspection of animals and food
of the veterinary service, with the purpose of protecting a person ' s health t/or
animal health and, if necessary for an international or
domestic trade, exercise their certification according to
the requirements of relevant international organizations and legislation
Veterinary documents-an international veterinary certificate,
Veterinary certificate, veterinary card and help issued by the
Public inspectors of Veterinary Medicine or Commissioners
Physicians of veterinary medicine confirming
Veterinary and sanitary state of food, subcontrol
Veterinary service.
State Veterinary and Drug Examination
required laboratory and special studies conducted by
Veterinary medicine specialists of public institutions of veterinary medicine
medicine, concerning the determination of safety and quality of food
of products, controlled veterinary services, further processing
or other uses, analysis of production technology and
the technology equipment to be observed by the manufacturer and
supplier to ensure the safety of the food product;
Veterinary State-Confirmation of the Veterinary
Inspector of the veterinary and sanitary requirements on the capacity of the
(facilities), under-control veterinary services;
Veterinary and sanitary requirements-any measures aimed at
protecting the life and health of animals, as well as on the protection of human health
from common to animal diseases (zoonoses), including all
the relevant laws, orders, regulations, rules of rules, requirements and
procedures, including anti-episotic measures, security criteria
end product, processing and production methods, procedures
testing, inspection, certification and adoption, quarantine
measures, provisions on relevant statistical methods, procedures and
selection of samples and methods of risk assessment related to production
and food of food, veterinary service;
manufacturer-physical or legal entity (its branches, department,
other divisions, offices)
Economic activities for the production of food, food and
additives, aromas, dietary additives, auxiliary materials
for recycling and aids and materials for production with
The purpose of entering them in circulation, as well as circulation;
manufacturing-economic activity related to
production of sanitation facilities, including all stages
technology process, including fabrication, preparation,
mixing and related procedures, processing, filling,
packaging, recycling, recovery and other changes to the state of the object;
Conclusion of State sanitary-epidemiological examination
Food safety-a document of established form, in
based on the results of risk analysis and verification
(advanced control) provided by the manufacturer or supplier
a sample of food product, aids and materials for
production and circulation of food products, its production
technology and technology equipment used in
its production is determined by the list of sanitary measures and
technical regulations to be observed by the manufacturer and
supplier to ensure the safety of the food product;
expert conclusion (veterinary)-a document issued by
the state laboratory of veterinary medicine, which certify
suitability or inactivity to human consumption
of products, controlled veterinary services, or further
processing or other use, as well as about the analysis of the production
technology to adhere to the manufacturer and supplier for
Ensuring the safety of the food product;
relevant international organizations-World Organization
Healthcare (WHO), Commission on Code Alimentarius, World Health Organization
Animal Health Organization (MEB) and other international
organizations, which are developed by recommendations, instructions and
standards related to the protection of health and life of people from
Food risks;
the date "Live to" (end term consumption)-term, after
the end of which, for any established storage conditions,
A food product is likely not to have quality metrics,
usually expected by consumers, and is not considered suitable for
State-based sanitary and epidemiological examination
Food safety-professional activity
The failure of organs, institutions and institutions of the State
The sanitary-epidemiological service in order to prevent, reduce
and eliminating possible harmful effects on human health
the food product and which is the risk assessment defined by
of relevant sanitary measures and/or technical regulations on
production and/or commissioning in the circulation of food and conduct
checks (advanced control) to match these events and
the regulations provided by the manufacturer or supplier of the sample
food, aids and materials for
production and circulation of food, as well as new production facilities
Technology and technology equipment;
State control-State administration of the executive board
the power carried out throughout the process of production of the ta/or
application of sanitation facilities to ensure compliance
Related measures and technical regulations by individuals,
That the production and/or circulation of such facilities is carried out;
State monitoring of the remains of veterinary drugs,
contaminants in unprocessed food products
the origin and feed-the execution of programs provided by the Sanitary
The code of terrestrial animals MEB;
state of law-the activities of the executive authorities, which
undertaken periodically in order to ensure compliance
Related measures and technical regulations by individuals,
carrying out the production and/or circulation of objects of sanitary activities
And technical regulations;
dietary supplement-vitamins, vitamins and minerals
The herbal supplements are separately and/or combined in the form of pills,
tablets, powders that are accepted by oral together with food or
are added to food within physiological norms, for additional
compared to the usual eating of these substances; dietary
additives also contain or include different substances or mixtures.
substances, including protein, carbohydrates, amino acids, edible
oil and extracts of plant and animal materials deemed to be
required or useful for nutrition and general health
Human rights
support material for recycling-any material, beyond
Except for the materials of food and inventory that are not
consume in their own food, and used during
production or processing of a food product or its constituent
to achieve a specific production goal, the result is
presence of residues or formation of derivatives of the end
helper tools and materials for production and circulation-
materials or substances, including equipment and inventory, units
packaging (containers) that are in contact with food and
They can therefore affect their safety;
Operational permit-permission issued
Chief public sanitary doctor and/or relevant chief
by the State Inspector of Veterinary Medicine of the power operator
(object) on the basis of verification of compliance with these capacities
(objects) of sanitary measures and technical regulations, and
allows the power operator (object) to exercise the host system
Under the Act;
The label is any stock, the inscription, the fair that contains the pictures
whether labels are written, printed, given by
The trafarete, refined or crushed and attached to the unit
packaging (container) with food products;
undated food food
the product is considered unsuitable for human consumption
("gifted") If:
contains a poisonous or harmful substance that makes it
dangerous for human health (except for substances that are not
added substances if such substances are present at levels that are
are not considered harmful to human health);
contains added poisonous or harmful substances (except for
Pesticides in agricultural raw materials, as well as food
additives, bartenders or medicines for animals that
allowed and not exceeding the set maximum limits of residuals
or the level of inclusion);
Does not meet mandatory minimum quality specifications;
prepared, inflated or in any other way
manufactured or is in circulation in such a way or for such
conditions that can cause its pollution and the danger to
Human health;
fully or partially derived from a sick animal or animal,
what has been oblivion in any other way than on the scotomiers, which
is under supervision;
is in container or packaging which is partly or
fully consists of poisonous or harmful substances (substances),
What can make a food product dangerous to human health;
A purposeful of irradiation, except for use
radiation technology for acceptable technical goals and
in accordance with established international safety requirements
The use and application of radiation ionizing technology;
contains a food supplement that is not approved for use
in Ukraine, or a food supplement that is not allowed for use
in a certain food product, or food supplement, which is approved
for use in some food, but has been included in
the extent greater than the level of inclusion set by the sanitary
measures or technical regulations or, if not,-
the level of inclusions set by the relevant international
contains pesticides or veterinary drugs or their remains,
which are not allowed in the food product or the remains of pesticides or
The veterinary drugs in the food products exceed
the maximum limits of the residue set by sanitary measures, or,
if the latter are absent,-the maximum limits of the residue set
Relevant international organizations;
if any useful ingredient has been partially or completely
excluded from the food product if any substance was
partially or completely replaced in food products if:
damage or uneasiness the food product was hidden.
in any way or to increase volume or weight, or for
reducing its quality or properties, or unreasonable
(unfounded) makes him more attractive or so he has.
Greater value;
otherwise does not meet the relevant sanitary measures or
Technical regulations;
pollution-deposit or presence (fall or
contamination) pollutants in the food product or in
The items on which the food product is contacted;
pollution is any biological substance, in which it is
including organisms, microorganisms and their parts, or chemical
The substance, the side of the home or other substance that puts under
The threat of safety and the suitability of the food product;
The interests of trade partners-states and other entities
international law, which are participants of multilateral and
the bilateral agreements that are also Ukraine that govern
application of sanitary measures as well as members of the relevant
International organizations whose member is Ukraine;
the following rules are a collection of sub-laws in the sphere of safety
and quality of food;
identification-the procedure for confirmation of compliance
organoleptic, biological, physical and chemical parameters and
properties specific to a given type of food product, the
parameters and properties that are noted in the etiquette of this
Food and the procedure for confirmation
the commonly recognized name of the given product, the trademark
(a)/or commercial naming;
A coprotic flavoring is a copopal extract that
used in traditional food digging processes.
Meat-all edible parts of the animal;
maximum limit on residuals (maximum allowed level)
residues) are the maximum permissible content in food or
animal feeds of a specific substance, including pesticides, veterinary
drugs, feed additives, remains of auxiliary material for
recycling and other chemical or biological substance that is deliberately made
applies and/or is required by the technology of cultivation,
storage, transport, production of food and
remains of which, including derivatives of this substance, such as products
conversions, metabolism, reactions that have toxicological
values and are dangerous to people in the event of exceeding their
the maximum allowable content in food that is
Consumed by people;
maximum level-maximum content (concentration)
pollutant in food products or animal feed,
which are valid for such a product;
international veterinary (sanitary) certificate-
the certificate, the form and content of which meets the recommendations
Relevant international organizations and issued by the State Doctor
Veterinary medicine in the country of exports according to instructions
The relevant international organizations and the state of health
animals and/or requirements for the health of the person to
To conform to the food being exported;
international standards, instructions and recommendations-standards,
instructions and recommendations developed and adopted by the Commission on
The Code of Alimentarius, WHO, MEB and other international
organizations, which are developed by recommendations, instructions and
standards related to the protection of health and life of people from
Food risks;
Minimum quality specifications-quality characteristics,
installed in the form of organoleptic, chemical, biological and
the physical characteristics of the food product
to match a certain food product in order to be considered
suitable for human consumption during his term
The proper practice of production-the practice of food production
products and aids and materials for production and
food products that are necessary to produce safe food
and qualitative products in compliance with technical regulations,
With sanitary measures and other requirements defined in this Act;
the proper level of health protection is the level of protection that
is considered sufficient for the development of sanitary protection measures
the health and life of people from adverse effects on which
are developing these sanitary measures, i.e. an acceptable level of risk
From the onset of adverse effects;
dangerous factor (in food products)-any
chemical, physical, biological factor, substance, material or
a product that affects or under certain conditions or levels of concentration can
To have a negative impact on human health;
dangerous food product is a food product that is not
Meet the requirements set out by the Act;
invalid international veterinary (sanitary) certificate-
the certificate which is indiscriminate, contains incomplete or
The unworthy information, whose actions are over, has a
unheard corrections or sweep, contains contradictory or
incompatible information compiled in a language that is not compatible with
Official certificates of certificates issued on food,
of which imports are prohibited, or otherwise do not meet the requirements
Food and food;
raw food product of animal origin-meat,
fish, molluscs and crustaceans, including fresh, chilled or
frozen, and eggs, milk, honey and their products that were
produced by changing their primary state without adding food
additives, fragrances or other food products;
Improperly labeled food product-food product
is considered improperly labeled if:
The label is fake or misleading;
The food product is sold under the name of another product;
Information on the label is provided by the non-state language;
The food product is packed, filled in containers or
Prepared in such a way that it is misleading;
Food label does not match mandatory
The requirements of this Act concerning the etiquette of the food product;
The label contains words, phrases or data that is difficult
read or understand the normal consumer under normal conditions
The use, display and sale of a commodity;
The food product has been subjected to allowed radioactive processing
in any form to save and ensure safety
food product, and information about the name and address of the manufacturer,
which made radioactive processing unmarked on the label
according to the requirements of etiquette defined in this Act, for
The exception of an unpackaged product that has no labels and information
To whom the circulation should be accompanied, to be held in
the accompanying document that certify that unfared food
The product was subjected to radioactive processing;
new food product-food product including
ingredients of such a food product that has not yet been released
consumer market of Ukraine, because this food product:
has a new or purposeful modified original molecular weight
contains or consists of genetically modified organisms;
manufactured with, but does not contain genetically modified
The organism;
contains or highlighted from microorganisms, fungi and
contains or highlighted from plants and food ingredients
products dedicated to animals, except for food,
including the ingredients of these food received abroad
traditional methods of breeding animals and have a history
Safe food consumption;
produced by applying the production process that the
previously not used and which can lead to significant changes in
Composition and structure of food products or ingredients of these
food products and affect their nutritional value, sharing
substances or the level of dangerous factors;
Sanitation facilities-food, including
food products for special dietary intake,
functional food, as well as food additives,
aromatics, dietary supplements and auxiliary materials for
Recycling, aids and materials for production and circulation;
transport (transport) or storage and
any actions related to the transition of property ownership or possession,
including sale, exchange or gift;
equipment and inventory-equipment, machines, kitchen
Appliances, kitchen appliances, dining rooms, tools and other
The means of which the surfaces directly contact the food
the product during its production and circulation;
Mandatory security settings-scientifically grounded and
approved by the setting of the parameters
(sanitary regulations), including the maximum margin of residue (further-
MMZ), maximum levels (next to MR), permissible board doses (continued)
DDD), the levels of inclusions whose malnutrition in the food can be
To lead to harmful effects on human health;
unit of packing unit (container)-any packaging, including
wrapping, regardless of material and shape, which is partly or
fully cover the food product, for its supply as a separate
units (container may contain multiple packages);
power operator-a manufacturer that makes predictions
this Act of Activity, using power (objects),
which belong to him on the rights of property or use;
risk assessment-the scientifically justified process that
consists of the identification of danger, the characteristics of the danger,
Impact assessment, risk characteristics;
Party-any defined amount of food product from
the same name and properties produced by the same
Conditions on one and the same power (object);
Pesticides are toxic substances, their compounds or mixtures of substances
chemical or biological origin, designed to be destroyed,
regulation and cessation of rodent development, weeds, wood or
Chargon vegetation, the ridicule of fish species and the harmful
organisms, whose actions are affected by plants, animals, humans, and
is sorry to the material values and people who consume
food products if residual levels of pesticides in such areas
products exceed MMZ. Besides pesticides, include also
substances designed to regulate plant growth, defolliants,
desiccers, sewer or containment means
The prophecies, as well as substances applied to or after
Harvesting with the purpose of protecting goods from tracing during the period
storage and transport, except for fertilizers, nutrients
substances for plants and animals and veterinary drugs;
risk message-mutual exchange of information about risk
between specialists from risk assessment, by persons exercising
risk management, by interested trade partners and
Other relevant parties;
Nutritional value-all basic natural components of food
product including carbohydrates, proteins, fat, vitamins, minerals and vegetables.
suitability mark, which is applied according to
the provisions of this Act for confirmation of suitability
raw food product of animal origin for children
Human consumption;
power (objects)-area, structures or complex
building, premises, buildings, equipment and other means, including
vehicles used in production or circulation.
Sanitation facilities;
acceptable certificate-international sanitary or
a veterinary certificate that is not invalid or falsified;
Nutrient or nutrient
product-food product or food product that is
suitable for human consumption, i.e. safe and appropriate
A minimum quality specification according to its assignment;
Border State Inspector of Veterinary Medicine
(next-border veterinary inspector)-Veterinary
The Inspector of the appropriate qualification, which is authorized
Department to inspect import, transit and export goods
Food, veterinary and veterinary services, as well as
allow input or removal of products depending on their
human consumption and to issue international
Veterinary certificates;
border inspection posts-power (objects), which
located on the pass through the state border of Ukraine,
including items on motorways, railway stations,
airports, sea and river ports, where
the relevant state control (inspection) of the imported and
exported goods with goods moved through the
State border of Ukraine;
border sanitary inspector-official person of state
The sanitary-epidemiological service of appropriate qualifications, which
Authorized to the Main State sanitary Doctor of Ukraine
check import, export and transit cargo with facilities
Sanitary measures, except for food, subcontrol
a veterinary service, and to allow input or removal
Products based on their suitability for human consumption;
The referrals (arbitration) are authorized to comply.
Chief public office doctor of Ukraine and/or Main
by the State Veterinary Inspector of Ukraine Laboratory,
is involved as a "third party" in the decision of the controversial
For the results of laboratory research;
risk-the possibility of occurrence and probability scales
from the negative impact of the facilities of sanitary activities during the
A period of time;
{\f29 level } {\f29 levels
the substance that can be used in food products or
Add to it;
Extradition solution-any substance for
the solution of a food product or any component thereof, in
including for any pollutants contained in the body.
nutritional product or on its surface, which is used when
in the process of extrapolating during the processing of food
products or components of these food products and which must
to be removed because it may lead to unintentional, but with
technical point of view of the inevitable occurrence of residuals or derivatives
extended control-a process of safety checks and
minimum indicators for the quality of the object of sanitary measures
The basis of his laboratory study
Veterinary or sanitary services according to their competence;
Vegetable products (food products)-
Mushrooms, berries, vegetables, fruits and other food vegetable products
The origin of human consumption;
Food safety sanitary event
(hereinafter-the sanitary event) is the application of any laws,
stations, other regulations, requirements and procedures for the
protection of life and health of people from risk arising from
food, pollutants, toxins, or
of the pathogenic organisms in food, subcontrol
sanitary service, and food, subcontrol
Veterinary service whose execution is mandatory. Sanitary
measures include, in particular, the mandatory security settings
end product; methods of recycling and production; procedures
expertise, inspection, certification and adoption; position
concerning the relevant statistical methods; sampling procedures
and risk assessment methods; packaging and etiquette requirements,
which directly relate to the safety of food products;
Sanitary inspector-official person of state
An epidemiological service that has a special medical degree
education, and authorized to exercise the State
Sanitary-Epidemiological Care
Human consumption certificate-one-time
a document of strict reporting issued by the results
of public control or extended control, respectively
a state-owned sanitary doctor or chief public veterinary officer
The inspector according to the competence and certifying the suitability
Food for human consumption by purpose;
Agricultural products-agricultural food
products of animal and plant origin, designed to
human consumption in raw or recycled state as ingredients
For food;
standard-document approved by the central authority
Executive Committee on Technical Regulation and
policy set for general and systematic
using the rules, instructions or characteristics of the products,
related processes or services that are adhed to
Mandatory. Standard does not contain food safety requirements
of products established by sanitary measures, and may include or
to be entirely dedicated to requirements for the designation, packing,
labeling and etiquette of the product or process, and the requirements of
The terminology used by the process, product or service;
suitability strings-time span defined by the manufacturer
the food product, during which, in case of appropriate
storage conditions, transport, food storage
meet mandatory security parameters and minimal
Quality Specifications;
Technical regulations-regulatory and legal action
the central authority of the executive branch
Regulation and Consumer Policy
product characteristics or related processes and methods
production, including the relevant administrative provisions,
The execution of which is mandatory. Technical regulation does not contain
requirements for the safety of food installed in the
sanitary measures, and may include or be entirely dedicated to
terminology, marking, packing, labeling and
Etiquette of product, process or method of production;
a technology fragrance-a product obtained with proof
the proper production practice by heating (to the temperature,
which is not exceeding 180 (hail.) C, not longer than 15 minutes) mixture
ingredients that do n' t necessarily have flavored
properties and at least one of which should contain nitrogen, a
Another is to be a renewable sugar;
the laboratory is accredited by the laboratory, which
The relevant public authority is given the right to test
(measure parameters, analyze) according to special
methods and procedures of food products, food additives, dietary supplements
additives, auxiliary materials for recycling, aids, and
materials for production and circulation with the purpose of conducting an extended
Control (checks);
risk management-the process of choosing alternative solutions to
Based on the results of the risk assessment and in case of need of
implementation of relevant controls (control), including
Regulatory measures;
falsified (international sanitary or veterinary)
certificate-a certificate that is not approved prior to use or
issued with a violation of the form set by the official body
certification of the country ' s exporter, or issued not authorized to
this by individuals, organizations, other entities, or contains
False or untrusted information;
functional food product is a food product that
contains as a component of medicines and/or offered for
Prevention or mitigation of human disease;
The food supplement is any substance that is usually not
considered a food product or a complex but added to
to a food product with a technological purpose in the production process,
and as a result becomes an integral part of the product (term not
includes pollutants, pesticides or substances added to the
food products to improve their nutritional properties);
food product (food)-any substance or product
(raw, including agricultural products, raw,
Half-level or processed), intended for consumption
A man The food product includes a drink, chewing gum, and
any other substance, including water that is intentionally included
food product during production, preparation or processing;
food products for special dietary intake
(usage)-food products that are specially redesigned or
designed to meet specific dietary needs that exist
through a specific physical or physiological state of a person or/or
a specific disease or disorder, and which are implemented as such,
including children ' s food, food for athletes and
of the elderly. The composition of such foods must be significant
A measure of the composition of ordinary products of this kind,
if the usual food products exist, but ca n' t be
Drug users;
HACCP (Risk Analysis and Control Analysis) in
critical points) is a system for identification, evaluation, analysis and analysis.
risk control, which are essential to food safety
the quality of the food product-the degree of perfection of properties
and characteristic traits of food that are able to satisfy
needs (requirements) and the wishes of those who consume or use
This food product;
international sanitary certificate-certificate, form and content
Related to the recommendations of relevant international organizations
and is issued by the authorized body of the country of origin and will ascerate
the suitability of a food product for human consumption other than
The veterinary service;
Muscle processing, ribowork, riboprocessing, milk processing
enterprises-the power of any form of property carrying out
The recycling of meat, raw of goods milk, living, chilled, or
ice cream, other seafood with intent to obtain
Ready meals;
Wholesale storage of unprocessed food
Animal products (refrigerators, refrigerators,
specialized gourmet)-the power of any form of property,
Carrying out the storage of raw materials and ready food for
The purpose of the Committee is to implement them;
official (authorized) doctor of veterinary medicine-
specialist veterinary medicine appointed by the Department of Ta/or
His territorial authorities to fulfill his official
the protection of life and health of animals and
Protecting the health of people from common diseases
(zoonoses), inspection of sub-control goods (goods) and
the issuance of the necessary joint veterinary documents.
Article 2. Safety and Quality of Food Legislation
Safety and Quality of Food Safety
consists of this Act and other acts of legislation that
are issued according to him.
Special legislation in Ukraine with respect to individual categories
The food must comply with the provisions of this Act.
The action of this Act does not apply to tobacco and tobacco products and
special food requirements related to the presence of
they are genetically modified organisms or their components, which are
the subject of regulation of special legislation, as well as on
Food produced for personal consumption.
R O and L II
Article 3. Public safety and quality
Food and food
The state provides safety and quality of food from
the purpose of protecting the lives and health of the population from harmful factors,
which may be present in food, by:
setting the mandatory safety settings for food
setting minimum specifications for food quality
Products in technical regulations;
Establishing sanitary measures and veterinary and sanitation
requirements for power (objects) and persons employed in the process
production, sales (supply), storage (exposure)
ensure the safety of new food products for
Human consumption before the beginning of their circulation in Ukraine;
setting up standards for food products with the purpose of their
providing availability in food for special care
dietary intake, functional foods, and
The dietary supplements of the stated special characteristics and their
safety for human consumption, including individuals who have
Special dietary needs;
awareness and raising awareness of producers, sellers
(suppliers) and consumers regarding food safety
Products and proper manufacturing practices;
to establish knowledge and care requirements
Staff, vendors (suppliers);
setting the health status of the responsible
Staff, vendors (suppliers);
participation in the work of relevant international organizations, which
establish sanitary measures and food standards on the
Regional and world levels;
Exercise of public control on the facilities (facilities), where
manufactured and recycled products that make up significant
the risk to the health and life of people;
Performing public oversight of the purpose of verifying execution
producers and sellers (suppliers)
The measures of the Act;
detecting violations of this Act and the exercise of the necessary
measures to engage in the responsibility of persons who are not
Perform the provisions of this Act
Article 4. Public authorities providing development,
Adoption of the agenda
on safety and quality of food
1. To the system of government bodies that within their competence
provide the development, approval and implementation of the sanitary
measures, as well as state control and care for their execution
Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine;
The central body of the executive authority on health care;
State Health and Health Service of Ukraine
Sanitary Service);
State Service of Veterinary Medicine of Ukraine (continued)
Veterinary Service);
Central Authority of the Executive Power on Agrarian
The Central Executive Body for Technical
Regulation and consumer policy.
2. Central Executive Body in the Security Council
The health is a body that approves the proper level of protection
people ' s health, mandatory safety parameters and minimal
Specification of Food Quality, Code of Rules and
the practice of producing food products and coordinating activities
Executive Authorities on Safety and Quality of Food
Article 5. Food and power (objects),
Subsecurity and Veterinary Service
1. Sanitary Service performs state care (state)
(a) sanitary-type perspective) by all the objects of the sanitary
Action. The Sanitary Service exercises state control in designated areas.
by the sanitary legislation of the cases for such food products
on power (objects) from their production and/or circulation (further-
Food and security services):
1) all food products for a special diet
(2) All functional food products;
(3) all food other than defined in part two
in this article.
2. Veterinary Service exercises state control and control.
State care for such food products (hereinafter-food)
(1) Unprocessed foods of animal origin in
Facilities (facilities) from their production;
2) all plant products, agricultural products and
Raw animal products sold by
In agro-food markets.
3. The Veterinary Service exercises state control over the
production and ready products for muscle processing,
The fish recycled, riborecycled, milk-processing enterprises, which
Use unprocessed food products
as raw materials and enterprises of the wholesale storage of unprocessed
Animal foods.
Article 6. Power of the Sanitary Service
Sanitary Service:
1) participates in the work of the National Commission of Ukraine
The Codex Alimensius of the questions belonging to her competence,
including the development and revision of sanitary activities;
2) sets the sanitary (hygienic) requirements for power
(objects) from production and circulation of food, food
additives, aromatiators, dietary supplements, aids and
materials for production and circulation, auxiliary materials for
3) approve mandatory food safety parameters
Products and other sanitation facilities;
(4) Implement and provides state care for the execution of
sanitary measures in the part of compliance with the requirements of the sanitary
legislation on the objects of sanitary measures that govern
protection of life and human health, and leads state monitoring
5) advise and conduct training of producers and sellers
(vendors) regarding HACCP systems or similar systems
Ensuring the safety of food products,
Under-control services;
(6) supervise state supervision of the introduction of NASSR systems
and similar systems of quality and safety, which
used by manufacturers of food, subcontrol
Sanitary service, food additives, fragrances, dietary supplements
additives and auxiliary materials for recycling and sellers
Food products, food additives,
aromatiators, dietary supplements and auxiliary materials for the
7) hold state control and/or state supervision.
facilities (facilities) for the production of food products,
Under-control sanitary services, food additives,
aromatiators, dietary supplements and auxiliary materials for the
8) hold state control and/or state supervision.
all the facilities (facilities) with food, food and
additives, aromatifiers, dietary supplements and aids
Materials for recycling;
9) issues a suitability certificate for human consumption on
query of the stakeholders on the basis of the extended results
Food control;