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On Amendments To The Law Of Ukraine "on Television And Radio"

Original Language Title: Про внесення змін до Закону України "Про телебачення і радіомовлення"

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On Amendments to the Law of Ukraine " On
television and radio broadcast "
(Information of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (VR), 2006, N 18, pp. 155)
{With changes under the Act
N 222-VIII ( 222-19 ) 02.03.2015, OVR, 2015, No. 23, pp. 158}

Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Oh, I am. :
To the Law of Ukraine "On television and radio broadcasting"
( 3759-12 ) (Information of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, 1994, N 10,
Oh, 43; 1995, N 13, pp. 85; 1996, N 5, pp. 18; 1997,
N 15, st. 115; 1998, N 2, pp. 6, N 34, st. 233, N 49, st. 302;
1999, N 41, pp. 373; 2000, N 27, pp. 213, N 32, st. 257)
changes by teaching it in this edition:
" With A K N To R A Yi N
About Television and Radio

This Act according to the Constitution of Ukraine 254k/96-PL ) and
Law of Ukraine "On Information" (PDF) 2657-12 ) regulates relationships
in the sphere of television and radio broadcasting in the territory
Ukraine, defines legal, economic, social, organizational
the conditions of their functioning, aiming at the realization of freedom of speech,
rights of citizens to obtain full, credible and operational
Information on the open and free discussion of public matters.
R O and L I
Article 1. Term Definition
1. The following terms are used for the purposes of this Act:
audiovisual information-any signals perceived by
The visual and auditory receptors of the person and are identified as
events, facts, phenomena, processes, information about persons,
as well as comments on them transmitted by
images and sounds;
audiovisual work-part of a TV radio program that is
The object of copyright, has a definite duration, the copyright name
and their own concept, consists of episodes or surviving authorship
works combined by the creative idea and the depicted or the
the sound tools and which is the result of collaborative activities
Authors, artists and producers;
audio visual (electronic) media-
an organization that provides for mass-taking consumers
audiovisual information transmitted in the form of electric signals
and accepted by household electronic devices;
multi-channel telecom network (eatered or cable)-
public use telecommunications network, intended for
transmission of radio programs, as well as providing other
telecommunications and multimedia services capable of providing
simultaneous broadcast of more than one television program and can
integrate with other telecom networks of general
home distribution network-telecommunications network,
is designed to hide the broadcasting programs into separate premises
(apartments) of a house that is one of the internal communications of the house
and is not part of multi-channel telenetworks;
the own product of the telecom organization-programs and transfers,
their parts which are completely or partly created by a/or
-Financial teleconference.
The owner of a television radio organization is a physical or legal entity,
which was owned by a teleconference or a share of
its foundation by establishing or otherwise
Public broadcasters are radio organizations that
According to the law, there are non-profit organizations created from
To meet the information needs of the territorial communities;
Public broadcasters are radio organizations that are
State-owned enterprises and established by the State authorities;
Air time is a span of time, during which to
Broadcasting licenses broadcast
(Broadcast) Programs and Transfers;
the television channel is a certain frequency band, intended for
the needs of television and defined in the Plan of Use
Radio frequency resource of Ukraine;
broadcasting channel-the aggregate of the technical means of speech
(cable, optical, radio communications) assigned to the
distribution of body-ta/or radio programs into the territory
determined by the parameters of these tools that provide the broadcast
In the real time of the same radio program;
multi-channel network broadcast channel-part of the resource
multi-channel network that provides a broadcast in real
The time of one television program;
Utilities-established by local authorities
self-government with the participation of the territorial community in the established
The law of the broadcasting organization, at least half of the shares or
Particles of the statutory fund of which are in communal property;
Competitive guarantee-established by the National Council of Ukraine
Television and Radio Money
Confirms the intentions and obligations of the participant of the contest
The license to speech is a document of the state model, which
Issued by the National Council of Ukraine on Television and
broadcast and certify the right of the licensee according to the
Speech licenses, use speech channels,
Broadcast networks, multi-channel network channels;
Software Provider License-Public Document Document
A specimen issued by the National Council of Ukraine on
television and radio broadcasting and certifying the right of the licensee to provide
software services using multi-channel resource resource
Television networks;
license requirements-qualification, organizational, technical,
technology, financial and economic, special requirements for
Broadcasters which are intended to obtain a license to
licensed (owner of the license)-legal or physical person who
The National Council of Ukraine on Television and Radio
Issued the appropriate license;
The licensing of speech-issuance, continuation, redesign,
{\f29 annulment of speech licenses, } {\f29 to
speech, issuing duplicates to speech, conduct
license cases and licensing registers, control of the cost
licenses of licensing conditions and license terms, issuing orders
to eliminate violations of licensing conditions and conditions of the license, as well as
Order for the removal of violations of legislation in the field
Speech licensing
logo (branded, trademark)-any combination
values (words, letters, digits, images, etc.)
a combination of colors) that are suitable for cutting applications or
One television programmes from another;
broadcasting (broadcast)-creation (bundle)
T/or package) and distribution of applications, software packages,
Communications with the use of technical telecommunications tools for
public acceptance by household bodies-and
radio receivers in the open way or for the subscriber fee
Contractual services;
The speaker (television or radio) is a master ' s subject, which
creates (package ta/or packages) television or radio programs
and spread and distribute them in an open or coded way
with the help of technical means through broadcast and retransmission
To take them to consumers;
speech network-an aggregate of defined speech licenses
broadcasting channels, telenetworks, radio frequencies, satellites,
used by the speaker for the distribution of television or radio programs
And transfers;
national audiovisual product-programs, movies,
audiovisual works produced by physical or legal entities
multi-channel network operator-entity subject
(legal or physical entity) to which maintenance and
technical exploitation of multi-channel network according to
requirements of the Law of Ukraine "On Telecommunications" 1280-15 ), no right
Provision of software (information) services;
software package-a list of radio programs that the provider
software offers subscribers on contractual services as a ...
A holistic information service;
transmission (teleradio)-a diversion completed
programs (TV radio program), which has an appropriate name, volume
broadcast, copyright, can be used regardless of
other parts of the program and is viewed as a holistic information
software service provider-the host entity, which
based on the license issued by the National Council of Ukraine on
television and radio broadcast, on contractual supplies, provides
the callers are able to view software packages using the
Transfer of these applications to multichannel telenetworks;
A conducive network is connected to a single
technological process of construction and technical facilities, intended for
the broadcast of one or more radio programs in an artificial private
Environments (wires);
program (TV radio program)-a combination of the only creative
the concept of transmission (s) that has a constant
name and broadcast by the radio organization by a certain grid
software-shaping software packages and
providing subscribers to the ability of their views on the contracting
-The courts.
the software concept of speech-mandatory application to
Speech licenses that are determined by the main changes
the characteristics of the speech according to the requirements of this Act
direct broadcast-an immediate broadcast of a body-or
Radio transmission without prior recording and mounting;
rebroadcast-reception and simultaneous transfer, regardless of
Used technical tools, full and non-variables
TV radio programs or essential parts of such programs that
Broadcast by the speaker;
TV broadcast schedule-open information
Radio organizations which are not distributed by copyright,
about the broadcast sequence and the teleradio transmission sequence
For a specific time-of-time period;
a speech grid-a document containing a list, a sequence,
name, the release time of television or radio programs, television or television.
radio broadcasts and reflects the main directions of the software concept
To the specific period;
the collective reception system-the complex equipment that
provides within one house the possibility of a reception body-or
Radio programs by means of household receivers without
limit the possibility of selecting programs, without the right to the next
Distribution of these programs and receiving a subscription fee;
social television broadcasting-transfer or program
educational, educational, educational and reference character, transmission for
Blind, deaf, people with a weakened ear, as well as programs and
Transfer from environmental education issues;
subject of information activity-legal entities that
In the field of television and
radio broadcasting (television organizations, software service providers)
Public Television and Radio Broadcasting of Ukraine-
The legal form of non-commercial television and
Radio broadcasting, which is defined by the Law of Ukraine
"On the Joint Television and Radio Broadcasting System of Ukraine"
( 485 /97-PL );
Sponsorship-participation of physical or legal person in direct
or mediated funding of programs to promote
the popularization of their name, trademark, trademark
or imitating this person;
(Independent producer)-entity
The establishment (manufacture)
films, commercials, individual bodies-and/or radio broadcasts or programs;
The broadcast of the channel is legally decorated or hidden
The progress of a specified channel-to-speech license (time)
to be subject to another legal or physical person, including not
license (software)
systematic retransmission of programs and transfers of others
Radio organizations;
television production of audiovisual programs and transmissions
or package (packets) acquired by audiovisual programs
and distribution and distribution, regardless of technical means
TV radio is registered in the
legislative order of the legal entity on the basis of the issued
National Council of Ukraine on Television and Radio Broadcasting
speech licenses creates or sets and/or packages
radio program and/or transmission and distributes them by
Technical means of speech;
TV radio journalist-full-time or freelance
A TV radio worker who collects professionally, receives,
Creates and prepares information for distribution;
TV radio worker-full-time or freelance worker
A TV radio organization that is in the nature of its professional
operations and in accordance with the official
Creation and distribution of TV and radio programmes and programmes;
technical broadcasting-the aggregate of radio
tools and technical devices by which programs and
Transmission to consumers;
broadcast (teleradio)-initial transfer, which
is carried out by ground transmitters, by means of a cable
television or satellites of any type in a coded or
the open form of television or radio programs accepted
license terms-defined speech licenses and applications
to the license of organizational, technological and content
the characteristics of the speech as well as the technical and technical,
Financial, investment commitments to the licensee;
Universal software service-mandatory
Software package views
Radio broadcasters, which according to the license
ground-based broadcasting on the territory of the relevant
multi-channel network, except for use cases
Subscribers of individual receiving devices or systems.
Article 2. Scope of the Act
1. The action of this Act applies to the relationship between entities
activities in television and radio broadcasting regardless of
their form of property, the purpose of creation, the kind of statutory activity,
as well as the distribution of TV and radio distribution,
Calculated by the mass-taking of consumers.
2. About organizations that are outside the country and
Act in accordance with the legislation of other states, this Act
apply exclusively in part order regulation
distribution of their programs and transmissions in Ukraine, if
another is not predicted by international agreements, consent to
The duty of which is provided by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.
3. The action of this Act does not apply to relations governing
The establishment and activities of technological networks and conducive
private-type networks and special purpose networks
They're on the mass of their transmissions.
Article 3. Television and Radio Broadcasting
1. The legislation of Ukraine on television and radio broadcasting
consist of the Constitution of Ukraine ( 254k/96-PL ), Law of Ukraine
"About Information" ( 2657-12 ), this Act, Laws of Ukraine " On
System of Broadcasting Television and Radio Broadcasting of Ukraine "
( 485 /97-PL ), " On the National Council of Ukraine on Television
and Broadcasting " ( 538 /97-VR ), "About Telecommunications" 1280-15 ),
"Radio Frequency Resource of Ukraine" (PDF). 1770-14 ), international
contracts, consent to the duty provided by the Verkhovna Rada
Article 4. Basic Principles of Public Policy in the Sphere
television and radio broadcast
1. The State conducts policy protectionism on
The distribution of programs and the transmissions of domestic production.
2. The state creates conditions to provide means
Television broadcasting and information needs
Ukraine, as well as the needs of ethnic Ukrainians living abroad
3. The State supports the unification of the subjects of information technology
on television and radio broadcasting
(broadcasters and software services providers) in
A self-help organization.
4. The State does not fix direct reception of television and
radio programs and broadcasts from other countries that are broadcast in the language
a national minority or similar to the regional language.
5. The State establishes the effective restrictions on monopolization
TV radio organizations industrial, political and other
groups or individuals, and guarantees protection
Radio organizations from financial and political pressure from the
Financial and governmental bodies and bodies
local government.
6. The State guarantees the implementation of the rights to information, to the free
and open discussion of public important problems with
Television and radio broadcast.
7. State of all possible legal means not allowed in
Information and other television programmes
The purpose of the war,
Violence and cruelty, the dissolution of racial, national and
religious enmity or positive their representation (interpretation), a
also provide ideological and political pluralism in the sphere
audiovisual media.
8. The State Legislature defines the authorities who undertake the
registration and regulatory functions in the field of broadcasting and not
allows creation of new or endowed existing government bodies
Identical or dubbing powers with respect to audiovisual
9. Dual licensing of the same species is not permitted.
on television and radio broadcasting.
Article 5. Guarantees for freedom of the telecom
1. The Centre for Information Activities of the Television
2. The Broadcasting Organization is independent in determining the content
Programs and programs.
3. Not motivated by the legislation of Ukraine
public authority or organs of local government, public
or religious associations, their officials, or workers, and
The owners of the professional activities of the broadcasters are not
Article 6. Inappropriate abuse of freedom of activity
Radio organizations
1. Teleradio organizations in information units are required
provide information about officially published in any way
the position of all represented in the authorities of the political forces.
2. The use of the telemarys is not permitted for:
distribution of information that constitutes a state secret, or
Other information protected by law;
Calls for forcible change of constitutional order of Ukraine;
calls for dissolving war, aggressive actions or their
An unreasonable display of violence;
propaganda of exceptionalism, suitability or inadequacy of persons
with signs of their religious beliefs, ideology, belonging to
to a nation or race, a physical or a major state,
Social background;
broadcasts of programs or their video media that can cause
Harm to the physical, mental or moral development of children and
Teenagers, if they have to watch them;
distribution and advertising of pornographic materials and
propaganda of drugs, psychotropic substances with
Any purpose of their application;
spreading information that violates legal rights and interests
Physical and legal persons, in respect of the dignity and dignity of the person;
the exercise of other actions followed by the criminal
3. Reborate usage in applications and transfers to
television and radio hidden inserts that affect the world
subconscious of a person and/or exert a harmful effect on the state of their
4. Each individual application or transfer has
contain the name of the author or authors, name and address of the program manufacturer.
5. Responsibility for the content of programs and transmissions
a television radio organization or author (authors) of the program and/or transmission.
6. In cases stipulated by the legislation of Ukraine,
the responsibility for the content of individual transmissions may carry other individuals.
Article 7. Public administration and regulation
Radio broadcast
1. The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine defines state policy on the
television and radio broadcasting, the legislative basis of its implementation,
guarantee of the social and legal protection of workers of this sphere.
2. The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine provides the implementation of the State
policies on television and broadcasting, coordinating activities
ministries and other central bodies
In this area.
3. The only organ of state regulation in the field
television and broadcast regardless of the way of distribution
Radio programs and broadcasts are the National Council of Ukraine on
television and radio broadcasting (further-National Council)-
a special constitutional, ever-acting extraordinary state
4. Legal principles of formation and activity, status,
competence, powers, functions of the National Council and order of their
Implementation of the Law of Ukraine " On the National Council
Ukraine on Television and Radio Broadcasting " (PDF) 538 /97-VR ).
5. State regulation of national television
space is done according to the National Development Plan
A teleradio information space that develops and approves
The National Council according to the stated laws of Ukraine,
jobs and priorities.
6. Powers of other governmental bodies and organs
Local television and radio broadcasting
are determined by the legislation of Ukraine on television and
Radio broadcast.
Article 8. Protection of economic competition in the field
Radio broadcast
1. The norms of this Act, as well as the legal acts issued on
its execution, cannot be treated as a restriction of the requirements of the Law
Ukraine "On Protection of Economic Competition" 2210-14 ). In particular,
no physical or legal person has the right to control in
any way through the impact on forming managerial and/or
The supervisory bodies of radio organizations are more than 35 percent
the total of the relevant territorial
The broadcasting market is nationwide,
regional or local.
2. Control of compliance with information
Legislation on the Protection of Economic Competition and
Failure to prevent them from unscrupulous competition shall be carried out in accordance with
The Committee of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine.
3. A single master entity can have only one license
on ground-to-ground broadcasting in each territorial segment
TV radio information market is nationwide (all over)
territory of Ukraine), regional (to separate region, area),
local (on a separate settlement or group of settlements,
Also known as the compact territorial formation may be considered.
4. Revolving the application of the demping tariffs on advertising
and provision of services.
5. Other restrictions on economic competition in the field
Broadcast broadcasting are established by anti-monopoly legislation
Article 9. Protection of interests of the state and national
Radio production
1. In the overall broadcasting of each radio organization
not less than 50 percent should become national audiovisual
a product or musical works by Ukrainian authors or artists.
2. At the issuance of the issuance of the broadcasting license
National Council is driven by the necessity of providing information
needs of citizens, protect the interests of the state, national broadcasters,
Development of the national base of television and radio broadcasting. Based on
The National Council ' s priorities are defined in competitive terms.
the relevant requirements for the programmatic concept of speech.
Article 10. Use of languages in information activities
Radio organizations
1. Television radio broadcasts in the state language.
2. Speech to certain regions can also be carried out in language
The national minorities, which are compact reside in the given territory.
3. If the language of the original (or duplication) of the film and/or the other
programs (transmissions) are not Ukrainian, such films and/or programs
(transmissions) are broadcast according to the sound duplication of their state
4. For nationwide broadcasting the proportion of airtime,
when broadcasting in Ukrainian, it must be at least
75% of total pre-volume broadcasting.
5. Speech to foreign audience is conducted in Ukrainian and
a foreign language.
6. Language (language) languages and programmes of radio organizations
(s) are defined by the terms of the licence.
7. To ensure the activities of multi-channel telenetworks these
Norms are applied in part of the relay programs and gears
the subjects of the master who obtained the license of the National Council.
R O and L II
Article 11. Structure of national television and
Radio broadcasting
1. Structure of national television and radio broadcasting
Ukraine is: state and municipal radio organizations,
System of Broadcasting Television and Radio Ukraine, private,
regardless of the way to distribute programs, public and others
Radio organizations based in accordance with the requirements of the legislation
Article 12. Establishment of telecom organizations and their requirements
Constituent and statutory instruments
1. The right to establish television and radio organizations
In Ukraine, management in Ukraine belongs to the legal persons of Ukraine and
Citizens of Ukraine, not limited in civilian capacity.
2. In Ukraine, the establishment of the network of radio organizations is prohibited:
bodies of state authorities and local authorities
self-government if decisions on their creation or position of
It does not involve the authority to establish a radio organization;
Legal entities whose statutory documents do not include
The possibility of creating broadcasters;
foreign legal and physical persons and individuals without a consent
political parties, trade unionists, and religious
Organizations and entities that they founded;
Citizens who are in charge of the court
Imprisonment or Supreme Court of Justice.
3. Part of foreign physical and/or legal entities in the
The statutory fund of television organizations is governed by the Lord
Code of Ukraine 436-15 ).
4. Establish and/or statutory documents of the subject
The host who has a speech licence or claims
obtain such a license, should predict the creation of the
bodies of his office of the special supervisory body
(editorial board, etc.), half of which is appointed
The founders or owners of the telecom organization, and half
is chosen by the creative team of the radio organization.
5. Non-compliance with this requirement article is a basis for
Malnutrition of the relevant teleradio organization to the competition
Speech licenses, failure to publish and renew their licenses
Article 13. Public broadcasters
1. Order of the establishment of public broadcasters, order
the appointment of their executives, the formation of guidelines and supervisory boards
bodies are determined by the laws of Ukraine.
2. State television organizations can be created by bodies
Government authorities, in accordance with their functions and functions. State
Radio organizations are state enterprises.
3. In its activities, state broadcasters are managed
Constitution of Ukraine 254k/96-PL ), by laws of Ukraine and
Implement the basic tasks defined by this Act.
4. The main tasks of state broadcasters are:
(a) Online informing of TV viewers and radio listeners
socio-political and other events in Ukraine and abroad, about
emergency events and situations that pose a threat to life or
The health of the population, the publication of official reports,
Clarification of the decisions of the authorities and local authorities
(b) The establishment and distribution of economic, publicistic,
cultural and educational, medical-hygienic, artistic, educational,
entertainment, sports programs, as well as programs for children and
to facilitate strengthening international ties of Ukraine, growth of
its authority in the world.
5. Financing of state broadcasters at the expense of
The budget of the State Budget of Ukraine is only implemented
government orders in order and forms defined by the legislation
6. Organization and legal status of regional
Broadcasters can only be changed to public status.
Radio companies.
Article 14. National Television Company of Ukraine and National
-Radio company
1. National Television Company of Ukraine (NTU) and National
The radio company of Ukraine (NRCC) is state enterprises.
2. In the National Television Company of Ukraine and the National
The radio companies of Ukraine act public councils, to each of which
17 of them.
The personal composition of the public councils of the NTU and the LDC
is approved by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine: 9 persons-by post
parliamentary factions in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, 4 persons for
To the President of Ukraine and 4 persons by post
general public associations of citizens operating in the field of production
And the distribution of radio programs.
The status of public councils of NESC and the LDC is determined by the statutes
These radio organizations.
3. The leaders of the National Television Company of Ukraine and
National radio companies of Ukraine are appointed to the post and
Dismissed from the post of the President of Ukraine for the post of
For Ukraine. The appointment of the Executive Director of the NTC (NICU)
and contribute to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Public Council of the NTC (NRSC).
Proposal to be fired from the position of Chief of NTU (NRU) of
an appropriate justification for preparing and entering the Supreme Council
Ukrainian Public Council (NESC).
4. National Television Company of Ukraine and National
The radio company of Ukraine has its own statutes which are approved
Law of Ukraine
5. National broadcaster of Ukraine and the National
The radio company of Ukraine is registered in the relevant territorial
organs of government, have their seals and are subjects of the host and
information activities.
6. Organization-legal status of the National Television Company
Ukraine and the National Radio Company of Ukraine can be changed
It was only on the status of the Broadcasting Television and Radio Broadcasting.
Article 15. Broadcasting Broadcasting Corporation
1. Order of creation, status, activities, order of formation
Governing and Supervisory Authorities of the United States
Radio broadcasting of Ukraine is defined by the Law of Ukraine " On
"Public Television and Radio Broadcasting of Ukraine" (PDF). 485 /97-PL ).
Article 16. Municipal television organizations
1. Comunonals are created
Territorial communities.
2. Decision to establish and fund communal services
The radio organization is accepted by the respective body of the local
Article 17. Private broadcasters
1. Private broadcasters are created by physical and/or
legal entities in the order defined by this Act, Civil and
Code of Ukraine 435-15 ) and the Lord's Code of Ukraine
( 436-15 ).
Article 18. Public broadcasters
1. Public broadcasters are created by physical
and/or legal entities to meet the information needs
of territorial communities in the order defined by this Act,
Civil Code of Ukraine 435-15 ), by the Lord's Code
Ukraine ( 436-15 ) and the Law of Ukraine "On the Union of Citizens"
( 2460-12 ).
2. Public broadcasters do not have the right to engage
business activities and only undertake non-commercial
Economic activity.
3. Public broadcasters have the status of non-profit
Article 19. Financing of telecom organizations
1. Sources of funding of broadcasters are budgetary
State order appropriations, subscription fee,
funds obtained from the production and broadcast of advertising, creating
TV radio programs on order, other provided by legislation
and statutory documents of commercial activities, loans,
investment, contributions from founders, sponsors, charities
2. Reborate any direct budget withdrawals
Radio organizations of state authorities. Payment Allowed
through the budget funds of information services provided
authorities and agencies in accordance with the
Legislation of Ukraine.
3. Reborate any line or mediated
Funding for political parties,
Professional unions, religious organizations.
4. Foreign investment as a source of funding
Radio organizations are allowed in the order set up
legislation of Ukraine and part of the third article 12 of this Act.
5. Public television and radio financing
Ukraine is carried out in accordance with the Law of Ukraine " On
"Public Television and Radio Broadcasting of Ukraine" (PDF). 485 /97-PL ).
Article 20. Logistical and logistical database
1. Technical and technical database of radio organizations
provides TV radio and program production and guidance
to consumers, may include any technical
Broadcasting and distribution facilities certified in Ukraine in the
in order of order.
2. Technical speech tools created (purchased, built)
by state capital investment, can be provided in
Use of private television organizations based on
relevant speech licenses in order provided for
Legislation of Ukraine.
3. Technical broadcasting may be owned by the
Radio organizations and used to make their own
R O and L III
Article 21. National Development Plan
Radio Information Space
1. Plan for the Development of National Broadcasting
space (further-the development plan) is a normative legal document,
which is developed by the National Council and approved by its decision
See the requirements of this Act. Based on the Development Plan
The National Council accepts the decision to create and develop
broadcasting channels, speech networks and telenetworks that predict
Use of the radio frequency resource of Ukraine, define the competitive
conditions and announces the contests for the receiving of a speech license,
determine the terms of the speech licenses that are licensed for
A registration principle.
2. The development plan consists of two parts:
(a) The use of the radio frequency resource for
Television and radio;
(b) Basic requirements for content-filling and
ratio of speech formats in each of the territorial
segments of the teleradio information space.
3. Development plan and any changes to it
The decision of the National Council in the order defined by the Law of Ukraine
" On the National Council of Ukraine on Television and
radio broadcast " ( 538 /97-VR ).
4. The development plan is revised not less than once per year
of the National Council report.
5. Method of developing the development plan and changes to it
is defined by the National Council.
6. Development plan and change to it officially promulgated
National Council for the Month of the Day of the
the solution.
Article 22. Create and develop broadcast channels, networks
broadcasting and telenetworks
1. Broadcasting, broadcast networks and networks that
Predicting the use of the radio frequency resource of Ukraine,
are created and/or territorially changed by decision
National Council according to the Plan of Use of Radio Frequency
the resource of Ukraine and the Development Plan.
2. Based on the decision to create a broadcast channel, network
Broadcast or multi-channel network that provides
using the radio frequency resource of Ukraine, the National Council
refers to radio frequency planning bodies with post about
developing conclusions on electromagnetic compatibility
Radio broadcasts in the order defined by the Law
"Radio Frequency Resource of Ukraine" (PDF). 1770-14 ), and after
providing these findings announces the relevant contest (contests) on
License (license) to broadcast.
3. Technical development of a broadcast channel or broadcast network
Supervisede teleconference, which received the license to broadcast,
or defined by their host entities according to the requirements
Telecommunications and Radio Frequency Legislation
4. Modalities of technical development of multi-channel telenetworks
is provided by a multi-channel network operator according to
Requirements for telecommunication and radio frequency resource requirements.
5. The National Council promotes maximum territorial
covering channels, broadcast networks and telenetworks of each
The territorial categories. Channel Extensions, Speech Networks, and
television networks within the terms defined by the National Broadcasting Service
For the sake of the
in accordance with the Development Plan.
6. Changing the territorial category of the channel, the broadcasting network,
The network needs to re-license it again.
channel, on this network or on the respective channels of multi-channel
the network according to the requirements of this Act.
7. Transition from analog to digital speech is carried out
See the Development Plan.
8. National Council promotes digital broadcasting
and appropriate technology reequipment of the operating channels and
speech networks. Changes to speech license conditions during transition from
analog to digital speech in a part of the changes of the technology
parameters, speech kind (transition to multichannel speech)
and changes to the software concept of speech are carried out by definition of
In this case, the Law of the Law of the Law of the Order.
9. In case of a licensee for two months from the moment
channel readiness or network before digital broadcasting implementation is not
submitted to the National Council for a suitable redesign statement
licenses, the National Council announces the competition to obtain a license
Multi-channel speech. In this case, the license is
remains the right to speech on one channel of a new digital
multi-channel network.
10. Method of using the radio frequency resource for
Radio broadcasting, providing electromagnetic compatibility,
hosting and operation of radio broadcasting tools
It is defined by the Law of Ukraine "On the Radio Frequency Resource of Ukraine"
( 1770-14 ).
11. Development funds for the electromagnetic field
The compatibility of the broadcasting tools needed for
of the development and development of channels
speech, speech networks and multichannel telenetworks,
are foreseen in the State Budget of Ukraine by a separate row in the
The National Council.
12. Number of channels, speech networks and TV networks that
Predicting the use of the radio frequency resource of Ukraine on
each territorial category, given also broadcasting
using digital technology, defined by the National
13. Development of findings on capabilities and conditions of use
Radio stations in Ukraine
is carried out by the law defined by the radio frequency bodies
planning only by default of the National Council.
Article 23. Speech Licensing
1. The level of broadcasting is made exclusively by the National
the Council, in accordance with the order and requirements established by the Act and
Law of Ukraine " On National Council of Ukraine on Television
and Broadcasting " ( 538 /97-VR ).
2. Litinizing the broadcasting of foreign broadcasters
3. Depending on the organizational and technological features
The distribution of programs by the National Council issues licenses such as
Speech types:
4. Depending on the distribution of applications,
the territorial category of broadcasting and the territorial category of the channel
Broadcast or multichannel network:
National broadcasting-not less than two
One third of the population of Ukraine;
regional broadcasting-broadcasting to region (area, multiple)
Other than half of the regions of Ukraine;
local broadcasting-broadcasting on one or more adjacent
settlements that cover more than half of the territory
overseas broadcasting-broadcasting to the area outside
State border of Ukraine.
5. Digital broadcasting using radio frequency resource
Ukraine is licensed as multi-channel broadcasting.
6. The issuance of speech licenses is made at competitive
in the results of open contests) or without contests
(on a statement of principle) in cases provided by this Act.
7. In competition, the issuance of licenses for:
multi-channel speech using radio frequency
8. The issuance of licenses is issued without competition:
Satellite Broadcasting;
Conduct speech;
Broadcast channel broadcast channel
television network in the case of Article 22 of the
of this Act.
9. Speech at broadcasting, issued by the National Council, is the only
and a sufficient document that provides the licensee of the right to the
license terms, use channels
On presence of the possession of radio-electronic devices
(a) The law of the United States of America.
Article 24. Statement on the issuance of (continued) license
1. A legal entity (subject of master) that is intended to
get (continue) speech license, delivers to the National
for a statement of issuing (continued) license for established
2. The statement must contain the following:
(a) Information about the founder (s) and the owner
(owners) of the broadcasting organization (for legal persons-the name,
legal address, bank reps, and for physical persons-
last name, name, father, date of birth, nationality,
(...) (...)
The joint stock company is a complete list of shareholders who own
Shares of shares more than 5 per cent;
(b) Information on personnel management and oversight services
bodies of radio organizations: head of organization, warehouse board
directors, the composition of the supervisory board, etc. (for each person-
last name, name, father, date of birth, nationality,
(b) the name of the organization, its legal address,
reps, contact phones and other weekend data (logo,
Positional, emblem, etc.);
(g) The type of speech according to the requirements of Article 23 of this Act
(g) The intended distribution area for programs, respectively
The Act of the Law of the
(d) the order of review of the statement;
licenses or post-legalized earnings according to the requirements of the articles
22 and 25 of this Act and the decision of the National Council;
(e) Characteristics of the broadcast channel, speech networks
multi-channel network:
for ground air and network broadcasting-frequency
(frequency), location and power of the transmitter
(transmitters), the area of a confident receiving signal;
for satellite broadcasting-information about parameters
Satellite broadcasting and coverage area;
to broadcast on multi-channel broadcasters and
multi-channel speech-telecommunications operator
Maintenance and operation of network network, location
Main station of multi-channel network, maximum number
channels (resource) of multi-channel network, location
(reception) Multi-channel network;