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On Amending The Law Of Ukraine "on Securities And Stock Market On The Order Of Actions Of The Issuer And Investors

Original Language Title: Про внесення змін до Закону України "Про цінні папери та фондовий ринок" щодо порядку дій емітента та інвесторів

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On Amendments to the Law of Ukraine
"On Securities and Stock Market"
on the order of the emitten actions and investors
(Information of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (VR), 2009, N 49, pp. 733)

Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Oh, I am. :
I. Contribute to the Law of Ukraine " On Securities and Stock
market " ( 3480-15 ) (Information of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, 2006)
N 31, st. 268; 2008, N 50-51, pp. 384; 2009, N 17, pp. 236)
Such changes:
1. Part of third article 3 to be supplemented by paragraphs to the second and third paragraphs
such content:
" Emirates securities of one issue can exist only in the future.
One form.
Non-emission securities may exist solely in the
documentary form ".
2. In Article 6:
Part of the first complement:
" and the legislation on the institutions in common
Investment ";
the paragraph of the other such content:
" The action is indivisible. Order of implementation of co-owners
shares are defined by the Civil Code of Ukraine (shares) 435-15 )
and the law governing the question of creation, activity and termination
part of the third complement of the paragraph by the other such content:
"Shares exist exclusively in non-documentary form";
Part of the fifth posting in this edition:
" 5. The Joint Stock Company only accommodates the names of the shares. In
the case of the existence of shares in the documentary form of the
A stock certificate (shares) is issued.
Certifications (shares) note the kind of security that is
the naming of the joint-stock company, series and certificate number,
international identification number of securities, type and class
shares, nominal value of the stock, the number of shares owned by
the owner for such a certificate, the name (naming) of the owner,
the signature of the chief of the emitent or other authorized person,
the seal of the emitant (authorized person).
The State Securities and Stock Market Commission can:
Add additional reps to the (stock) certificate. "
3. Abzatz first part of the second article 28 replace two
paragraphs such as:
" 2. Private (closed) placement of securities
securities by their direct offer in advance
A certain number of people who have no more than 100.
Private (open) placement of public joint stock
society-placing shares by their direct offer
The shareholders of such a society and the predetermined circle of persons,
the number of which is not above 100. "
In this regard, the second is the sixteenth to be considered
In accordance with the paragraphs of the third to seventeenth.
4. Part 5 of Article 32 and part of this article 33
Complement the paragraph with another such content:
" For 60 days since the completion of the securities allocation,
specified in the prospectus of the emission of such securities, the body
The emitant authorized to make the decision, must
approve the results of the securities placement. "
5. Part of the first article 35, to be published in this edition:
" 1. Emitten shares to give the State Securities and Exchange Commission
stock market in 15-day rows from day registration (alteration)
(a) Report of the Committee on the Status of
open (public) placement of shares, as well as other documents,
defined by the State Commission on Securities and Stock,
what is necessary to register the report.
Emitten Securities (other than shares) delivers the State Commission on
securities and stock market in 15-day lines from the day
approval of the results of the securities (excluding shares)
the emitant body authorized to make such a decision, the report of
the results of the securities (excluding shares), as well as others
Documents defined by the State Securities and Exchange Commission
the stock market needed to register the report.
State Securities and Stock Market Commission
sets the disclosure requirements contained in the report.
on the results of the open (public) placement of securities. "
6. Article 36 should be supplemented by a part of the seventh such content:
" 7. In case of recognition of emission invalid or non-approval in the
established by the Securities of the Securities Act
the papers of the emitten body authorized to make such a decision, or
non-approving (non-approvals) in established laws of line
changes to the statute related to the increase in statutory capital
Joint stock market with regard to the results of placement
shares, the securities emitent is required to return to investors
money (property, property rights), which came as a fee for posted
securities, and investors are required to return the emitentiary
securities (certificates), in the case of (their)
receive, in strings defined by the prospectus of the emission, but not greater
six months, in the order established by the State Commission on
Securities and Stock Market.
For the breakdown of the lines predicted by the paragraph first of this
parts, emittens and investors pay a dub of double.
"Accounting for the National Bank of Ukraine".
II. Final Position
1. This Act takes effect from the day of its publication, except
of the sixth and seventh paragraph 2 of the section I
take effect on 29 October 2010.
2. For one year from the day of entry into force by this Act
Shareholders are required to ensure the existence of their own
The stake in one is chosen by such societies as a form of existence.

President of Ukraine
Um ... Kiev, 11 June 2009
N 1522-VI