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On Amendments To The Law Of Ukraine "On Topography-Geodetic And Cartographic Activities"

Original Language Title: Про внесення змін до Закону України "Про топографо-геодезичну і картографічну діяльність"

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On Amendments to the Law of Ukraine
"About topography-geodetic and cartographic activities"
(Information of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (VR), 2010, N 18, pp. 136)

Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Oh, I am. :
I. Introduce to the Law of Ukraine " On topography-geodetic and
cartographic activities " 353-14 ) (Information from the Verkhovna Rada)
Ukraine, 1999, N 5-6, pp. 46; 2006, N 22, pp. 184, st. 199)
Such changes:
1. Article 1 of the Board of Editors:
" Article 1. Defining basic terms
In this Act, the terms below are used in such a
The geodetic network is a collection of geodetic points;
geodetic point-device and (or) construction to mark
on the terrain of the Earth ' s surface with known coordinates and
Geospatial data-a data set about the geospatial object.
The state geodetic network is a network of geodetic points
provides the distribution of coordinates to the territory of the state and is the original
to create other geodesic networks;
the remote sensing of the Earth-the process of getting data about
surface of Earth by aerial photography or by observation and
Measurements from outer space;
Cadastral shooting-a set of works aimed at studying
required topographic elements of the area
Geodetic network (including land boundaries with their
names, quantitative and qualitative indicators) and
their tablet to create plans (cards) that serve as the basis for
The cadaers;
cartographic monitoring-system of continuous
earth-surface observation of cartographic study
State of locality
The cartography of Ukraine is a collection of geodetic,
Topographic, cartographic, hydrographic, aerodynamic
materials and data, including in digital form obtained from the
Geodetic and cartographic
Activities which are located and stored in the territory of Ukraine;
Topography-geodesic and cartographic activity-scientific,
production and management, aimed at identifying
shape parameters, Earth ' s gravitational field, coordinates of points
earth surface and their changes in time, creation and use
State geodetic and gravimetric networks of Ukraine, networks
Continuously operating satellite surveillance stations,
topographical, thematic maps (plans), creation and updates
A mapping base for government cadavers, banks (bases)
Geospatial data and geoinformation systems;
Topography-geodetic and cartographic work-process
creating geodesic, topographic and cartographic materials,
Data, topography-geodetic and cartographic products;
Geodetic and cartographic results
Activities-geodesic, topographical, cartographic materials,
products, information, etc. "
2. The text of Article 3 is set out in this edition:
" The task of legislation on topography-geodetic and
Cartographic activity is the regulation of relations in the sphere
Geodetic and cartographic activity
the needs of the state and the citizens of the results of the topography-geodetic and
"Cartographic Activity".
3. Abzac second article 4 supplements with the words "and exclusive"
"Economic Zone of Ukraine".
4. In Article 6 words " as a specially authorized body in this
5. Part of the first article 7:
(1) Paragraph of the fourth set in this edition:
" defines the order of revenue, accounting, storage
materials of the State Cartographic Geodetic Fund of Ukraine, their
Use and Disposal ";
2) after the paragraph of the fourth supplemented by two new paragraphs
such content:
" decides on the use in the territory of Ukraine
Geodetic coordinate systems, altitudes and gravimetric measurements,
a large range of state topographic maps and plans;
determines the order of state accounting, registration and
Examination of topography-geodesic and cartographic works
and their results. "
In this regard, the fifth is the seventh.
The paragraphs of the seventh and seventh.
6. In Article 8:
(1) Paragraph 2, the second paragraph, in this edition:
"Organization of topography-geodetic and cartographic works";
2) after the paragraph of the fifth complement to four new paragraphs
such content:
" developing and executing state targeted programs in the field
Topography-geodetic and cartographic activities;
creating, developing and ensuring
National infrastructure for geospatial data, systems
Standardization of geodesy and cartography;
Definition of sustainable geographical objects in the territory of Ukraine;
Conducting State Examination of Programme Programs
Geodetic and cartographic activities, projects
The topography of geodesic and cartographic works and their results. "
Because of this paragraph, the sixth is to be considered to be the 13th.
According to the paragraphs of the tenth to seventeenth;
(3) The paragraph of the tenth is set out in this edition:
" approval of normative technical documents on matters
geodesia, cartography, geoinformation systems. "
7. Part of the first article 9, to be published in this edition:
" The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine organizes the execution
Topography-geodesic and cartographic works within the territory
state and mapping of foreign territory in the interest of
Ensuring the defense and security of Ukraine,
control of the quality of geodesic and cartographic works,
the results of which are used by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. "
Article 11 is set out in this edition:
" Article 11. Geodesic and cartographic works
public destination
All-state topography-geodesic and cartographic
Works by:
to study and determine the parameters of the Earth's
The gravity field for this purpose;
creating and updating state topographic maps and plans
in graphic, digital, photographic and other forms, precision and
the contents of which provide solutions to the public, the defensive,
research and other tasks, the publication of these maps and plans;
creation, development and support in the working state of state
Geodetic and high-altitude geodetic networks, including
gravimetric fundamental and first class, densities and
the accuracy of which are creating state topographic maps
and plans, solving public, defensive,
Research and other tasks;
creating and updating cadastral maps (plans), providing them,
as well as the necessary topography-geodesic information to users
for the conduct of the State Registration System of the Land and the Other
Real estate, data bank;
Definition of sustainable geographical objects in the territory of Ukraine;
the remote sensing of Earth by air and ground
Means, as well as remote sensing data
Earth from space to use in geodetic and geodetic
cartographic activities, geodynamic research on the basis
Results of geodetic measurements;
and State and Regional
Mapping of geodetic foundations;
Creation and development of national infrastructure
geospatial data and the Standardization System in the field of geodesy and
Creating geoinformation systems;
design, assembly and publication of general geographic,
International, Political and Administrative, Scientific and
maps and atlas of interdepartmental importance, educational cartographic
geodesic, cartographic and hydrographic
providing delimitation, demarcation and verification of public
The Ukrainian border
mapping, including creating topographic maps
Antarctica, the continental shelf, the World Ocean and overseas
Implementation of research and development
works in geodesy, cartography, remote sensing
Earth and other planets, metrology and normative enforcing
Topography-geodesic and cartographic works;
Organization of production of geodesic and
"Cartography technique".
9. Part of the first article 12 after the words "on the basis" complement
words " established by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of order of construction
State geodetic network and public order
Topographical and thematic mapping. "
10. Article 13 is set out in this edition:
" Article 13. Geodesic and cartographic works
special purpose
To the topography of geodesic and cartographic works of special
Assigned to:
Geodetic and cartographic work
providing cadastral activities-creation, development and
support in the workplace geodesic networks of special
assigning, creating and updating a map base
state cadastre, creating local coordinate systems, order
of which is established by a specially authorized central
Executive authority on topography-geodetic and
Cartographic activities;
Geodetic and cartographic work
ensuring urban activities-creating geodetic and
cartographic materials and data for the planning of the territory,
design, construction and reconstruction of capital facilities
Construction, engineering and transport infrastructure,
As well as the necessary for this engineering search;
creating geographic information systems
(thematic) appointments;
creation of thematic maps, plans and atlas of special
assigning in graphical, digital and other forms, publications such as
cards, plans and athletes;
geodesic, topographic, aerobic and other special
Work during other searches and special works;
performing research and development work
in the directions listed in this article. "
11. Article 16:
Part of the first word "Normative technical documents" and
"set" to be replaced by the words " Normative-technical
the "and" documentation ";
in part two of the word "Normative technical documents"
Approved "replace the words" by the words "Normative and technical documentation"
Approved ";
Part three of the word "Normative technical documents" and
"mandatory" to replace according to the words " Normative and technical
the documentation "and the" duty ".
12. Part of third article 17 to exclude.
Article 19 was set out in this edition:
" Article 19. Geodetic Foundation of Ukraine
Geodetic Foundation of Ukraine makes up State
Geodetic map of Ukraine, regional and agency
Cartography-surveying funds.
State Cartographic Geodesy Foundation of Ukraine and Regional
Cartography-geodesic funds include materials and data that
have a public, interword value and are in
unauthorised by a specially authorized central executive body
Government on the issues of topograph geodetic and cartographic activities,
What makes the functions of providing public services in the sphere of
Topography-geodetic and cartographic activities.
Cartography-surveying funds of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine
are in his rejection.
Departmental maps of geodesic funds include:
materials and data having special (known) value and
are found in the rejection of the relevant authorities.
State cartography of the geodetic fund of Ukraine is formed
Specially authorized by the central authority of the executive branch
Issues related to topography and geodetic and cartographic activities,
Ministry of Defence of Ukraine and other executive bodies
for materials of geodetic and cartographic topography
Legal and physical persons are required to transfer without pay
State Cartographic Geodesy Foundation of Ukraine one copy of copies
created by geodesic, topographical, cartographic,
Hydrographic, aerobic materials with requirements
Copyright law.
Geodesic, topographic, cartographic, aerodynamic,
hydrographic and gravimetric materials and data created in
Result of geodesic and cartographic activity in the
the expense of state and local budgets, as well as similar
materials belonging to the territory of Ukraine created at the expense of
budget funds of the former USSR, belong to state property,
The Government of the Republic of Ukraine
The law is under way
Topography-geodesic and cartographic materials created in the
the expense of public and local budgets, not subject to
included in the assets of organizations and enterprises that
Order of creation, entry and storage of materials
The State Cartography of the Geodetic Foundation of Ukraine and its
the use is determined by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.
Access to materials that are known as information
the state secret, carried out in accordance with the Law of Ukraine " On
state secret " ( 3855-12 ).
14. Article 21 after part of the first supplement
such content:
" The funds to perform nationwide topograph geodesic and
The cartographic works defined by this Act are foreseen in
The draft law on the State budget of Ukraine for the appropriate year,
"Considering financial opportunities".
Due to this part two and third are considered respectively
Third and fourth.
15. In Article 22:
1) in part the first word "with permission" and "units"
Replace with the words "by agreement with" and "units";
2) in the paragraph of the third part of the fourth word " without permission
Chief Directorate of Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre at
Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and its territorial units "
(3) Part of the fifth posting in this edition:
" The subjects of business activities that perform
Geodetic work topography and use of State
The geodetic network of Ukraine, as well as the set of imaging geodesic
networks as a source geodetic framework, have the right to access
Treaty-based geodetic points based on the holder of the contract
the land area, or by the pursuit of the landuser and
the owner of the building on which they are placed, and served in
Order of order specially authorized to the central
Executive Body on Topgrafo-geodesic and
map information about the status of the items
were used ";
4) after part of the sixth complement the new part of this
" The geodesic points of the State Geodetic Network of Ukraine are
State property. The geodetic account is done specifically.
authorized by the central authority of the executive branch on the
Topography-geodetic and cartographic activities ".
In this regard, this part is considered to be part of the eighth.
16. Articles 23 and 24 are outlined in such an editorial:
" Article 23. Task of State Geodetic Surveyors
State geodetic care aimed at providing
Observance of legal and physical persons:
the requirements of this Act, the normative and technical documentation,
standards for topography-geodetic and
Cartographic works;
Requirements for the metrology of the geodetic topography
And cartographic activities;
installed order of accounting, storage, use and
Topography-geodetic and cartographic
Licensing conditions for the failure of economic activity during the
Performing topography-geodetic and cartographic works;
The mode of guarding geodetic points.
Article 24. Implementation of State Geodetic Supervision
State geodetic view of geodesic and geodesic
The cartographic activity is carried out by a specially authorized
the Central Authority of the Executive
Topography-geodetic and cartographic activities.
Implementation of State Geodetic Supervision
is set by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. "
17. In article 25, the words " organ of the state geodetic
supervision "to replace the words" specially authorized by the central
Executive authority on topography-geodetic and
"Cartographic Activity".
18. Paragraph of the third part of the second article 26 words
"Technical and technical documents" and "them" to be replaced by
"normative and technical documentation" and "its".
19. Text of the Act (art. 353-14 ) The words "Main control"
geodesia, cartography and cadastre at the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine "
and "normative technical documents" in all differences to replace
According to the words " specially authorized by the central authority
Executive Power on Topgrafo-geodesic and Cartographic
"and" normative technical documentation " in the
Mark, the words " field of topography-geodetic and cartographic
"To replace the words" in the field of topography-geodetic and
"Cartographic Activity".
II. Final Position
1. This Act will take effect from the day of its publication.
2. Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine for six months from the day
to take effect by the Act to ensure the organization of return
to state ownership, which is administered by the Cabinet of Ministers
Ukraine, geodetic, topographic, cartographic,
Aerial photography, hydrographic and gravimetric materials,
created by the topography-geodesic and cartographic
activities through funds of state and local budgets, and
Also similar materials belonging to the territory of Ukraine,
created by the budget funds of the former USSR, in that
including those who were alienated during the privatization of objects
State or communal property.

President of Ukraine V. YASUKOVIC
Um ... Kiev, 11 February 2010
N 1872-VI