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On Amending The Law Of Ukraine "about Scientific And Scientific-Technical Activity"

Original Language Title: Про внесення змін до Закону України "Про наукову і науково-технічну діяльність"

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On Amendments to the Law of Ukraine
"On scientific and scientific and technical activities"
(Information of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (VR), 2012, N 15, pp. 101)

Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Oh, I am. :
1. To bring to the Law of Ukraine " On scientific and scientific and technical
activity " ( 1977-12 ) (Information of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine,
1999, N 2-3, pp. 20; 2000, N 28, pp. 223; 2003, N 24,
Oh, 158; 2004, N 14, pp. 198; 2008, NN 5-8, pp. 78)
(1) In Article 1:
The seventh and seventh paragraphs of the seventh session are as follows:
" Applied Scientific Research-Research,
aims to obtain new knowledge that can be used
for practical purposes ";
supplementing the paragraphs by the sixteenth to the eighteenth
" scientific and technical (experimental) development-
scientific and technical activities aimed at creating new
materials, products, processes, devices, technologies, systems and
providing new services or on a substantial improvement of those already
are produced (provided) or entered into action;
Scientific (scientific) products-scientific and (or)
The scientific and applied result for the implementation;
grant-financial or other resources provided at the abyss and
An irrevocable basis by legal, physical individuals and international
Organizations to conduct specific fundamental and (or)
of applied scientific research on the directions and on the conditions,
(a) (b)
(2) In Article 34:
complementing the new part of the first such content:
" Financial and Scientific and Technological Research
Activities carried out on the budget of the State Budget
Ukraine, own or involved funds of enterprises, institutions and
organizations, the funds of domestic and foreign orders of work,
Grants, other sources not prohibited by law. "
In this regard, the first is the eighth, respectively.
The second is nine;
Part of the fifth posting in this edition:
" Budget funding of scientific and scientific and technical
activities are carried out by financing the main activity
Public scientific institutions, scientific research
institutions III-IV levels of accreditation, financing of individual scientific
and scientific and technical programs, projects and grant grants ";
part of the eighth complement of paragraphs five to seventh such
"supporting basic scientific research for grants"
State Foundation for Fundamental Research and Other Public
foundations created with the aim of supporting scientific and scientific and technical
development of scientific institutions of public policy in the relevant
areas, conducting scientific expertise of projects
Regulations, government programs;
Development of the material and technical base of scientific and
Scientific and technical activities ";
Add part to the tenth of this content:
" Order of formation and execution order
of fundamental scientific research, applied scientific
research and execution of scientific and technical (experimental)
Development of the State Budget of Ukraine
is set by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. "
2. This Act will take effect from the day, next in the day

President of Ukraine V. YASUKOVIC
Um ... Kiev, 8 September 2011
N 3714-VI