On Amending The Law Of Ukraine "on Securities And Stock Market" To Issue Bonds Of International Financial Organizations

Original Language Title: Про внесення змін до Закону України "Про цінні папери та фондовий ринок" щодо емісії облігацій міжнародних фінансових організацій

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Read the untranslated law here: http://zakon3.rada.gov.ua/laws/show/400-18

The LAW of UKRAINE on amendments to the law of Ukraine "on securities and stock market" to issue bonds of international financial organizations (Supreme Council (BD), 2014, no. 14, article 256) of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine resolves: 1. To contribute to the law of Ukraine "on securities and stock market" (Supreme Council of Ukraine, 2006, no. 31, article 268 of the following amendments) are as follows: 1) the second paragraph of part two article 2 put in this edition "Issuer-legal entity, Autonomous Republic of Crimea or the City Council, as well as the State in the person of authorized her public authorities or an international financial organization that placed on behalf of emissive securities and assume the obligations under them before their owners";

2) in article 3 of the second paragraph after the twelfth Supplement new paragraph the following text: "the bonds of international financial organizations."

In connection with this paragraph, the thirteenth fourteenth paragraph count;

item 2 part five complement clause "e" of this content: "e) bonds of international financial organizations;

3) supplement article 10-1 of the following contents: "article 10-1. Bonds of international financial organizations 1. International finance organization is an international organization, on the conditions defined by its constituent Act and/or according to the International Treaty of Ukraine carries out the issue of bonds on the territory of Ukraine.

The international financial organizations can carry out in the manner prescribed by the National Commission on securities and stock market, an issue of interest or discount bonds solely by public posting on Ukrainian stock exchanges that are the results of the competition were incorporated to the National Commission on securities and stock market Commission approved her list.

Issuance of bonds of international financial organizations serviced in depositary system of Ukraine.

2. the central body of the Executive power, which ensures the formation of the State financial policy, in consultation with the National Bank of Ukraine gives permission for the implementation of the international financial organization to issue bonds. The decision regarding the provision of the said agreement or based the refusal in this provision shall be made in the prescribed manner within five working days from the date of receipt of the relevant appeal from international financial organizations.

3. funds received by international financial organizations, which are Ukraine, from the placement of bonds, are used to implement such organizations operations in accordance with the constituent acts of such organizations and/or international treaties of Ukraine in accordance with the Constitution of Ukraine and the law of Ukraine "on international treaties of Ukraine".

If Ukraine is not a member of international financial organizations and/or with the Organization signed the International Treaty of Ukraine, the funds received by the organization from the placement of bonds used in agreement with the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine in the defined him.

Features of the issuance and circulation of bonds of international financial organizations, including the list of documents submitted for registration of issue of such bonds, and the requirements for their design, as well as the timing of registration of and report on the results of placement of securities are determined by the National Commission on securities and stock market.

4. Bond international financial organization has the nominal value specified in the national currency.

Accommodation, sale and redemption of these bonds are made in national currency.

5. disclosure requirements of international financial organizations as the bond issuers, in particular, the content and timing of submitting them to the regular and special information, established the National Commission for securities and stock market, unless otherwise provided by international agreements of Ukraine.

6. the provisions of part five article 30, second paragraph of article 33, articles 39, 40 and 41 of this Act do not apply to international financial organizations and the bonds of international financial organizations. "

2. this law shall enter into force 60 days from the date of its publication.

President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych Kiev July 4, 2013 # 400-VII