On Amendments And Additions To The Law Of The Ukrainian Ssr "on Entrepreneurship"

Original Language Title: Про внесення змін і доповнень до Закону Української РСР "Про підприємництво"

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Read the untranslated law here: http://zakon3.rada.gov.ua/laws/show/2697-12

With a k o n u r as th h s on amendments and additions to the law of the Ukrainian SSR "on entrepreneurship" (Supreme Council of Ukraine (BD), 1992, N 51, 680) (Introduced in BP N 2698-XII (2698-12) from 15.10.92, VVR, 1992, N 51, 681) (amended in accordance with the Code N 436-IV (435-15) of 16.01.2003, VVR , 2003, N 18 N, 19-20, 21-22 N, 144-comes into effect from 01.01.2004) of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine n o s t a n o in l I is: to contribute to the law of the Ukrainian SSR "on entrepreneurship" (698-12) (Supreme Council of USSR, 1991, N 14, art. 168) the following changes and additions: I article 4:1. First part of lay in the following wording: "the activity of producing and selling of narcotics, military weapons and ammunition, explosives may be carried out only by State enterprises, and conducting Lombard operations-as well as complete societies."
2. In the second paragraph: the third lay in the following wording: "manufacture, repair and sale of sports, hunting firearms and ammunition, as well as bladed weapons";
in the sixth paragraph, after the word "making" add the word "alcohol";
the supplement of the paragraphs of the following contents: "domestic and international passenger and cargo air, River, sea, rail and road transport;
Agency and chartering marine merchant fleet;
production of securities, banknotes, and the marks of the postal payment;
brokering of privatization transactions;
the provision of services for the protection of State, collective and private property;
installation, repair and preventative maintenance of means of the security alarm system;
the extraction, production and use of radioactive substances and ionizing radiation sources, processing and burial of radioactive waste;
extraction of precious metals and precious stones, the manufacture and sale of products from their use;
collection, recycling of solid and liquid waste industries, containing precious metals and precious stones, and scrap;
performance of agriculture and aerofotozjomok;
design, construction and operation of nuclear power facilities, as well as the provision of services for their maintenance;
audit activity;
insurance activity;
manufacturing and sale of veterinary medicines and preparations;
construction and maintenance of national data transmission networks and documentary;
construction and maintenance of satellite communication stations;
international and intercity mail transportation;
processing mail correspondence;
giving and receiving money transfers;
the use of radio frequencies;
production and repair of means of measurements and control;
execution of topographic-geodetic, cartographic and cadastral surveys;
implementation of engineering survey and design works for objects of power, communication, defence, as well as for gas pipelines, gas pipelines, bridges, tunnels, power plants, airports, sea ports, which are carried out in areas that are exposed to the action area, as well as karstoutvorennû, pìdtoplennû, prosadkam the second type, improvements, obvalam and landslides a problem. "
3. In part 5, the word "arbitration", replace the words "Arbitration Court".
(Section II stops from 01.01.2004 based on Code N 436-IV (435-15) of 16.01.2003)

(Section III stops from 01.01.2004 based on Code N 436-IV (435-15) of 16.01.2003) President of Ukraine l. KRAVCHUK, Kyiv, 15 October 1992 N 2697-XII