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On Amendments And Additions To The Law Of Ukraine "about Peasant (Private) Farm"

Original Language Title: Про внесення змін і доповнень до Закону України "Про селянське (фермерське) господарство"

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(Law lost validity on the basis of the Law
N 973-IV ( 973-15 ) 19.06.2003, IWR, 2003, N 45, pp. 363)
On amendments and additions to the Law of Ukraine
"About the peasantry (farming)"

(Information of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (VR), 1993, N 32, pp. 341)
(Entered by the Resolution of VR)
N 3315-XII 3315-12 ) from 24.06.93, VR, 1993, N 32, pp. 342)

Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Oh, I am. :
Make changes and additions to the Law of Ukraine " About Peasants '
(farmer) 2009-12 ) (Information from the Verkhovna Rada)
Ukraine, 1992, N 14, pp. 186, N 48, pp. 653)
Peasant (farming)
This Act defines economic, social and legal foundations
creation and activities of peasant (farmers) farms in
Ukraine. The law guarantees the right of citizens of Ukraine to voluntary
the creation of these farms, the autonomy of their host,
equality with other forms of farming in agro-industrial
Complex, and working in peasant (farmers)-
In other areas of the country. The law aims to create conditions for the development of peasant groups
(farmers) farms, manufactured in them
agricultural products, ensuring rational
the use and preservation of transmitted and given lands,
social and legal protection of these farms.
R O and L I
Article 1. Peasant (Farmer) Legislation
The economy
1. Relations related to creation and activities
Peasant (farmers) farms, regulated by this Act,
"Property" laws 697-12 ), "On priority"
the rural development of the village and agroindustrial complex in
public service " ( 400-12 ), "About Entrepreneurship"
( 698-12 ), "On the collective agricultural enterprise"
( 2114-12 ), land legislation, other legislatures
Acts of Ukraine. 2. This Act does not apply to agricultural
the activities of citizens who lead personal care,
engage in individual and collective gardening and
Article 2. The concept of peasant (farmer)
1. peasant (farm) economy is a form of
The Entrepreneurship of Ukraine who discovered the desire to produce
commodity agricultural products, pursue its recycling and
implementation. 2. Members of the peasant (farm) estate may
be married, their parents, children who have reached the age of 16, and
other relatives who have teamed up to work in this household.
Members of the peasant (farm) household cannot be
persons, including relatives who work in it for employment
by the treaty (contract, agreement). Peasant (farmer)
A household can be created by a single person. The head of the peasant (farmer) is his
a founder or a person who is his successor. 3. When creating one of the family members of the peasant family
(farmer) other family members and relatives on their own
make decisions about participation in its activities. 4. Interests of peasant (farming) before the
enterprises, institutions and organizations, separate citizens
represents the head of the farm 5. The name of the head of the village (farm)
issued by the State Act on the right of private property to
Land Act, State Act on the right to permanent use of land. From
It is a contract for temporary use of land,
I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Other documents consist
According to the legislation of Ukraine 6. Head of peasant (farm) farms can
Instruct to perform your duties and use head rights
One of the members. 7. Head and members of peasant (farm) management
can constantly work in other businesses, institutions and
Organizations. 8. The peasant (farm) household has its own name,
Seal and stamp.
Article 3. Place of peasant (farmer)
in the People's Complex
1. Agriculture (farmers) in the system
The People ' s Farm Complex is an equal form of conduct
the farms alongside state, collective, rent and others
Businesses and organizations, and the social societies. 2. Production-economic relations of the peasant (farmers)
the farms with state, collective, rent and others
Organizations and organizations,
Individual citizens are built on the basis of treaties. Calculated
Operations are failing both in cash and cash. 3. The State guarantees the compliance and protection of mayors and others
rights and legitimate interests of the peasant (farming),
creates preferential conditions for credit, taxation,
Insurance, logistics for the period
The three-year establishment of a peasant (farm). Intervention in the household or other activities of the peasant
(a farm) by state or other organs, and
No official officials are allowed. Damages, subdivided
Peasant (farmer) has been wrongly interfered with
His activities are subject to regret. Spores
Damages are decided by the court, the arbitration court, or
A third court. This provision does not limit the implied law of law.
State bodies for the exercise of control of activities
Farmers ' farms. 4. The peasant (farm) household has the right to be
a founder or member of associations, consortia, corporations,
shareholding societies, other associations, cooperatives, joint
enterprises for production, processing and implementation
Agricultural products that serve agro-industrial
complex as well as non-Agricultural enterprises and
organizations, including involving foreign partners, the brothers
participate in the creation or be a member of commercial banks.
R O and L II
Article 4. The right to create a peasant (farmer)
Farms and conditions of land
for its
1. The right to create a peasant (farm)
has every divisive citizen of Ukraine who has reached an 18-year-old
age, found such a desire, has documents confirming it
ability to engage in agriculture, and has passed competitive
A selection. First right to create a peasant (farmer)
The economy is given to citizens living in rural
areas and have the necessary qualifications or experience in
Agriculture. Competitive selection to create peasant farmers
Economy conducts district (city) competition commission, warehouse
which forms the district administration (executive body)
local government) and approves the head of district, city, in
the administrative subordinate of which is the area, the Council of the People
The President The Commission consists of district, city,
in the administrative submission of which is the area, the Council of the People's
The Department of Agriculture and the Department of Land
resources of local government administration, farmers ' association,
Rural Council of People's Deputies
it is intended to take a land area to create
Peasant (farmers), and others
Public and public organizations.
2. Land areas of citizens of Ukraine to conduct
Peasant (farmers) are transferred to private
property and are provided in use, including on conditions
Lease it. Transfer of land to private property and to provide them
For the use of land and land, as well as land;
removed (expunged) in the specified order. Land plots are transferred to private property.
Citizens for the conduct of peasant (farming) in
the boundaries of the average land particle calculated in the order,
Article 6 of the Land Code of Ukraine 561-12 ). Transfer of citizens to private land ownership
Area for the conduct of a peasant (farm)
be given once, about which the Council of People's Deputies, who
Transfer to land, mark on passport or
the document that replaces it. Fees are transferred to private property of citizens for
Conduct of the peasant (farmer) land area
The size of which is larger than the average land. Permanent use of land is provided to citizens for
The conduct of the peasant (farmers) of land,
are in state ownership. Temporary Use
land area is provided, in particular with the lands of the west, as well as
may be provided with forest and water funds. Land owners transferred to them by the Council of People
MEPs, not right for six years since the right to be granted
property to sell or otherwise feel appropriate to them
a land area except for the transition of its inheritance or the Council of the People's
on the same conditions on which it was handed over to them. In case
The presence of important court reasons for the owner ' s statement may reduce
Specified term. Eroded and dephliatively dangerous land can be provided.
Peasant (farmers), without changing their target
to comply with the requirements of the
3. Land plots are allocated, usually the only array from
located on it by water sources and forest lands, according to
features closer to existing roads, electro-and
radio telephone networks, gazos and water systems and others
The types of engineering infrastructure. Land of forest and water fountains
Peasant (farmers), cannot be transferred to
private property ownership, except for small (up to 5
hectares) of forests and small (up to 3 hectares) of water areas
And bolts.
Article 5. Order to provide land for conduct
Peasant (farmer)
1. Citizens who have found a desire to lead a peasant
(farmer) farming (including those who move from another
property), for the possession of land in property or
The use of, including rent, is served in the district, city,
in the administrative submission of which is the area, the Council of the People's
For the location of the land statement,
signed by the chairman of the created peasant (farmer)
Security. The statement reads: the desired size and location
sites, the number of members of the peasant (farm) household,
documented their experience of working in agriculture
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the presence of qualifications or special training,
congruent about the size of land and prospects
(...) (...)
2. Application of a citizen to transfer the land area to
the property or the provision of use in the consent of the rural,
The village of People's Deputies is considered to be
district (city) competition commission and district, urban, in
the administrative subordinate of which is the district, the Council of the People's
In the case of competitive selection and consent
The relevant Council orders the Ukrainian State Fund
Support for peasant (farmers) households
Land order organization
is developed in first order. The land area project agrees with the owner
land or landuser (except for cases of rejection)
land of land) by district
(urban) land order, conservation and sanitation
and the body of architecture. Decisions on transfer and giving land to citizens
for the conduct of peasant (farm) household
For the sake of the People's Deputies, they take the next session.
3. In case of failure of district, city, administrative
subordination of which is the area, the Council of People's Deputies in the transfer of
or given land for the conduct of the peasant
This issue is settled by the court. The court ' s decision to meet the lawsuit is the basis for
taking place in the location (on the terrain), the issuance of the document that
will make the ownership or use of the land as well as for
The agreement is on the lease.
4. Transfer and delivery of land
property or use only after removal
(expat). Retracting of land area (area)
I don't know if I want to do this.
Article 6. Land area
For the conduct of a peasant (farm) economy,
to be transferred to private property or to be used
land area whose size should not exceed 50 hectares
ralli and 100 hectares of all land, in localities with
The troudened areas that are defined by the Cabinet
Ministers of Ukraine, 100 hectares of ralli. Specific dimensions of land of citizens who lead
Peasant (farm) economy, within the rules stipulated by the
part of the first of this article, defining district, urban, in
Administrative divisions of which are the area, the Council of the People's
MPs are differentiated, with respect to regional
features, specialization and capabilities of an effective
The use of land provided. To create rational according to the size of the peasant
(farmer) masters of citizens of Ukraine who lead the
The economy may further rent land for the
Production goals. Size of land provided for rent,
is due to the lease agreement. The Land of the Citizens Who Lead the Peasant (Farming)
No, no, no, no.
Article 7. Special provision for land to members
Collective agricultural enterprises,
Agricultural cooperatives,
Agricultural Joint Company Societies,
who have found a desire to lead a peasant (farm)
The economy
Members of collective agricultural enterprises,
agricultural cooperatives, agricultural
The shareholders who wished to lead the peasant (farmers)
They have the right to unimpeded them. For
the decision of the district, the city, in administrative submission
which is the area, the Council of People's Deputies they are given free to
private property of land within the middle land area
The particles that are removed from the lands of the
cooperatives, joint-stock societies, and, in addition, be transferred to
private fee for the fee and are provided in the use of land
Land area. Size of land transferred to private
property of a member of a collective agricultural enterprise,
Agricultural cooperatives, agricultural
The joint stock market is defined at the average land
particles that are calculated in the order provided by Article 6
The Land Code of Ukraine. Cadastral assessment of land that is removed must be
To be, usually at the middle of the household. In case
Provision of land for the conduct of a peasant (farmer)
with the estimate below from the average cadastre
The hosts are set by the benefits according to Article 10 of this
The law.
Article 8. Assistance in peasant farmers
1. For the garment and doing of a peasant (farmer)
Agricultural collective farming
agricultural cooperative, agricultural joint-stock
society allocates the member of this venture that comes out of
It's a good one, it's kind of money or natural. In the case of failure to highlight a member of the collective
agricultural enterprise, agricultural
Cooperative, Agricultural Joint Society
The right to him is the question of the court. Judgement of the Court
The satisfaction of the suit is the basis for the allocation of the paw.
2. During the establishment of a peasant (farmer)
The estate in the untimely territory where there is no object
production and non-production destination, the state delivers it
Assistance at the expense of public centralized capital
Deposits, local budgets. Part of government centralized capital deposits
is directed towards the construction of sub-roads to the peasant
(farming) farms, electro and radio telephone networks, Gazprom
and water systems, and in the troupe
localities-also on the construction of housing and economic
buildings. Land mesmeration is carried out by the state programme for
investment account for construction
production facilities in agro-industrial
Complex. How to use these capital investments
The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine is established. At the expense of local budgets of the peasant (farmers)
to assist in the construction of facilities
production and non-production facilities, housing
I'm sorry about the land Funds of the Ukrainian State Fund for the Support of Peasants ' Fund
(farmers) farms are directed to develop projects
Retract of land, reimbursement of part of expenses,
concerning the use of bank loans,
and on other purposes stipulated by the statute of the Fund.
3. Reselenians who create peasant (farmers)
The economy in the troudoner settlements, which lists them
is defined in the set order, provided by a one-time cash
assistance at the expense of the state (at interregional junctions),
Republican (Republic of Crimea) and local budgets (under
resettlement within the Republic of Crimea, area) in the amount of
is set by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, the Council
Ministers of the Republic of Crimea, regional state administration.
Article 9. Registration of peasant (farm)
1. After the administration of the State Act on the right of private
property on land, the State Act on the right to permanent
using the land or contract of the provisional agenda
use of land, including on loan terms, peasant and
(farming) the economy is subject to a 30-day term of state
for the registration of the Council of People ' s Deputies, which transferred to the property or
Land use. For the public registration of a peasant (farmer)
Meeting of the Secretary-General
a statement, a statute, if necessary for a created organizational
form of entrepreneurship, a list of persons who have found a desire to
his (with the name of the name, the name and his father), and
The document is about to be paid for the state registration. State registration is the charge of which the
is set up by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.
2. After the resettlement of the land area on the basis of
(a) The right to private
property on land, the State Act on the right to permanent
using or entering a contract on temporary use
land, including on the terms of rent, and public registration
Peasant (farming) acquires the status of a legal
persons, receives a seal with its name and address, opens
calculated and other accounts in the bank ' s institutions and enters into
relations with businesses, institutions and organizations,
are recognized by state bodies and local authorities
self-government as an independent commodity manufacturer when planning
Economic and Social Development of the Region.
3. Rural, village, City Council of People's Deputies
To a special post office book on the warehouse of the farm,
Transferred to the property and ownership of the household
Land area.
Article 10. Payment of peasant (farmers) farms
To land
1. From peasant (farmers) farms for land
is handled annually in the form of land tax or rent
pay, which is determined depending on the quality and location of the
the land of land, based on the cadastral assessment of land. Size
The rent is set on the consent of the parties in the lease agreement. Order of taxation and average rates of land tax and
The limit dimensions of rent over land are set by the Supreme Court
Council of Ukraine.
2. New peasant (farm) farms
are exempt from pay for land for three years from time to time
transfer of land to their property or to provide a
Use. Other tracks set up in the current form are distributed.
Legislation. Supreme Council of the Republic of Crimea, regional, Kiev and
National Council of People's Deputies of Sevastopol
district and city councils may set benefits to pay for
land: partial release for a specific term, reorder of payment,
A reduction in the rate of land tax.
Article 11. Duties of the peasant (farm)
as owner of land and land-user
Peasant (farming) farming is obliged to: 1) to ensure the use of land for targeted purpose
And according to the conditions of its provision; 2) effectively use land according to the project
The intramaster's land, to raise her birth,
apply environmental technology to manufacturing, do not allow
Deterioration of the environmental situation in the territory as a result of its
Economic activities; (3) To undertake the land conservation measures;
Under article 84 of the Land Code of Ukraine; 4) timely to contribute to land tax or rent for
Land; 5) do not violate the rights of other land owners and
Land-users, including tenants; 6) keep geodesic signs, anti-erosion structures, networks
Irrigation and drainage systems; 7) follow the regime of sanitary zones and territories especially
Protected; (8) To follow the rules of good neighborliness: allow owners and users of land to pass
(passing) to public roads as well as for construction
Or repair of boundary signs and structures; do not obstruct the conduct of work for public needs, but
also to construct the necessary communications to adjacent land
Area Take measures to prevent the possibility of a stack of rain and
of the water, the penetration of toxic chemicals and mineral fertilizers
Land area.
Article 12. The right of citizens who lead a peasant (farm)
the construction of residential, manufacturing,
cultural and household and other buildings and facilities
Citizens who lead a peasant (farm) household,
have the right to drive residential, production, cultural and other
buildings and structures on their property and ownership
Land area by weather with rural, village, urban areas.
Council of People's Deputies. Lease on a rented land
the areas of production and non-production destinations, including
Housing, tenants, is also a tenant.

Article 13. The right of citizens who lead a peasant (farm)
Farming in the area of
temporary use, including on conditions
Tenants, other persons
A citizen who leads a peasant (farm) household on the
the land of land granted to him in permanent use
the case of loss of employment or achievement of retirement age
By the decision of the Council of People's Deputies, which provided this land area,
provide it in temporary use of one of the family members who
He is a member of the community of agriculture. In the absence of such persons, the citizen may transfer to
temporary use of land area to other family members who are not
lead together with a peasant (farm) farm, but
have the necessary qualifications, work experience in rural
Management and desire to lead a peasant (farm) household,
as well as other persons involved in this
(...) (...) In case of temporary loss of performance or presence of others
The respected causes of a citizen can provide a land area in
temporary use based on the agreement specified in the
parts of the first and second of this article, and in case of conscription
military service, admission to the educational institution-the term before
Five years. In the inheritance of the land of minors
admitted granting it to the lease under the control of the local council
People's deputies on the period before reaching the heir of the age.

Article 14. The right of citizens who lead a peasant (farm)
In the amount of
In case of sale of property of a peasant (farm)
and the transfer of land used in the use of
including on loan, other citizen, enterprise or
Committee on the Council of the People's Deputies of the
(farming) farming is entitled to the entitlement of the full
compensation of all costs for the cultivation and harvesting of crop, as well as
Cost for improving land quality by land
the area according to the increase in the cadastral assessment.
Article 15. Law of the peasant (farmer)
Use of natural resources
Peasant (farm) household has the right to use
for the needs of farming are common useful fossils (sand,
clay, gravel, peat, etc.), forest lands, water facilities and freshwater
The groundwater that is on the land area, as well as other useful
properties of land according to the legislation of Ukraine.
R O and L III
Article 16. Property of persons who lead the peasant
Property of persons who lead peasant (farm)
The economy may be land, residential houses, apartments, items.
personal use, household items,
productive and working cattle, poultry, bjolyfamily, crops and landings
Agricultural crops and land planting,
production facilities, produced by products and revenues from its
implementation, vehicles, funds, shares, other securities, and
also other property of the consumer and production destination for
Peasant (farmers) and the occupiers '
Industrialists. The property of these individuals belongs to them on the right of common
property if the other is not envisaged by the agreement between them. The property of the peasant (farm) is under
The defence of the state is equal with other forms of ownership. Passage through the lands of the peasant (farmer),
Travel on tractors, automotive and air transport,
moving on boats, bathing and fishing in water bodies
the farms, the placement on these lands of tents and living in them,
the breeding of fire and other similar actions are allowed only by the agreement
the owner of the farm and provided the preservation of natural components
in an environmentally sound manner.
Article 17. Possession, use and order of the mine
1. Votes, use and dispose of the mine
is carried out by members of the peasant (farm) s
Mutual agreement.
2. The peasant (farm) household has the right to sell and
transfer to businesses, institutions, organizations and citizens,
Exchange, lease, grant to temporary use
He's got a property on the property right now.
3. Agriculture (farmers) has the right to acquire,
the brothers in temporary use, including on loan terms,
property in businesses, institutions and organizations, other peasant countries
"Farmers and Citizens".
4. Main relations of the peasant (farm)
Civil law is governed. Mayan disputes between members of the peasant (farmer)
They are decided by the courts
Article 18. Responsibility of the peasant (farmer)
For breach of contractual obligations, credit and
tax discipline, sanitary and veterinary rules, requirements
concerning the quality of products and other rules of exercise
Rural (farm)
the responsibility provided by the legislation of Ukraine. In case of systematic non-inclusion of land tax in
the terms established by the legislation of Ukraine, as well as the lease
Pay in terms defined by the loan agreement, ownership and
The use of the land area or its part is stopped.
Article 19. Inheritance of the land and property of the peasant
Inheritance of the land and property of the peasant (farmer)
The economy is carried out in accordance with land and civil
legislation of Ukraine.
R O and L IV
Article 20. Peasant's Business Activity
1. The peasant (farm) economy acts under conditions
Self-reliance. All household expenditures are covered by
Their income. 2. The peasant (farm) economy self-defined
the direction of its activity, the specialty, organises the production
Agricultural products, its recycling in a set
of order and implementation, by its own court, picking partners with
economic ties in all areas of activity, including
Foreign. It can come together with agricultural production.
engage in any other kind of activity, not banned
Legislation of Ukraine. 3. The peasant (farm) household has the right to join
Contractual relationships with any businesses, institutions and
organizations, with individual citizens, to choose
partners, including foreign, to make treaties. Disputes that arise during the execution of treaties are resolved
a court or an arbitration court.
Article 21. Logistics and logistics
1. Agriculture (farmers)
He has technical resources, production and consumption.
controlled and centralized distributed by the state and which
dedicated target assignments for peasant (farmers)
Resources based on the resources provided for rural
In the system of public service organizations,
on the conditions established for agricultural enterprises, and
also in any businesses and organizations, on exchanges, in
population, etc. 2. Peasant (Farming) farms can take technical
the means in a long-term lease and a rental. 3. Repair and maintenance of the proper peasants '
machinery and equipment, freight and
cars, agrochemical, zootechnical and veterinary
services are carried out by agro-service and other
enterprises and organizations for prices, securities, tariffs,
established for collective and state agricultural products
enterprises, as well as collective and state
Agricultural enterprises, other organizations and
are citizens at prices according to an agreement.
Article 22. Implementation Order of Peasant Products
1. The peasant (farm) household has the right to own
Capable of producing it, it may be voluntary
Establishments to be taught with businesses, institutions and organizations that
Carrying out the process of processing and processing of agricultural products,
talk to the sale of their products, and implement it on
your own discretion by any other consumers and on the market. 2. Products that are sold to public enterprises and
organizations, according to the agreed treaties, is paid for
fixed, adjustable (starting), contractual (free)
prices and on conditions stipulated for collective and public health
Agricultural business. Prices for the remaining products
Farming is self-intensive. 3. Agriculture (farmers)
Respect the regulations concerning the quality of products,
environmental and other requirements. 4. Exposition of peasant (farmers)
the management of products for exports, as well as calculations with
foreign partners are carried out in accordance with the legislation
Article 23. Work in a peasant (farmer)
1. In case of production needs of a peasant (farmer)
The economy has the right to attract other citizens
For the employment contract (contract, agreement). 2. Labour relations in rural (farming)
The owners are defined and regulated by the members of the
persons involved in the employment contract (contract,
In the case of the Law of Ukraine. Labour disputes in a peasant (farm) host.
are decided by the court. 3. With individuals involved in the work in the peasant
(a farmer), a labour treaty
(contract, agreement) in writing in which the term is defined
contract, terms of work and household (duration of working day, holidays)
days, annual paid leave, forms of payment of labor and its
Size, feeding, etc.). Employment contract (contract, agreement)
are subject to registration in the local Council of People's Deputies,
Transfer of land to property or to use,
If peasant (farm) economy is the main place of work
Those people. Issuance of employment books to members of the peasant (farmer)
and the citizens who work in it for the labour force
by the treaty (contract, agreement), and their conduct to be failed
the household in common grounds, and labor records record.
are confirmed by the local government executive. 4. The size of the pay and the duration of the annual leave of persons,
who work in a peasant (farm) household abroad
The employment contract (contract, agreement) should not be smaller
of a minimum wage and a minimum wage
by the current annual leave legislation.
Payment of the labor of the specified workers is independent of the final
Results of the work of the peasant (farmer).
These individuals are entitled to the consent of members of the peasant (farmer)
Participate in the income distribution of the economy
Conditions provided by a separate agreement. 5. The head of the peasant (farmer) is carrying
responsible for creating safe working conditions for members
and the citizens who have entered the labour treaty
(contract, agreement), compliance with safety requirements, production
Hygiene and sanitation, fire safety.
Article 24. The accounts and reporting of the peasant (farmer)
Peasant (farm) household is accounting for accounting
the results of his work for the host year and delivers
Statistical reporting bodies. For the submission of inappropriate reporting the head of the peasant
(farming) is responsible for the
R O and L V
Article 25. Calculations and Credit
1. The peasant (farm) household has the right to open
on your choice in any bank institution, calculated and other
accounts, including currency, freely orders
the costas that are on these accounts using them as
in cash basis and cash in accordance with the legislation.
2. Write-off of the account's account
(farming), apart from payments to the budget, can
to fail only by its consent, or by the decision of the court, or on
Based on executive writing and in other defined legislations
In cases. Payments to the budget are made in order and terms.
are established by the legislation of Ukraine.
3. The peasant (farm) household has the right to receive in
Banks, businesses and cooperatives have long-term and
Short-term loan-based short-term loan
a contract that defines terms of credit. Peasant (farming) farming is receiving credit under
bail of property, sponsorship (warranty) and other types of provision
A commitment. There are commodities based on bail,
manufactured products, major production funds, as well as other property
the plaintiff in the order established by the legislation of Ukraine. Land ownership may be subject to object
Bail only on the obligations of the credit institution. To support the peasant (farm) farms and
creating stable conditions in case of bank lending
Supported funds of the Ukrainian National Support Fund
Peasant (farmers), who are annually in the
The draft state budget of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine provides
the relevant financial resources.
4. The peasant (farm)
responsible for compliance with credit contracts and calculated
Discipline. In case of untimely return of received loans
A bank institution without an appeal to the court, the arbitration court may
Use the right to implement the forced property.
Article 26. Insurance for peasant property (farm)
Insurance for peasant property (farm)
are carried out on voluntary basis according to the legislation
Article 27. Taxation of the profits of the peasant (farmer)
1. Taxation of the profits of the peasant (farmers)
Employment in the order established by the law
For agricultural enterprises. 2. New peasant (farm) farms
free from taxation for three years, and in the troupe
Settlements are five years old.
Article 28. Public social insurance and retirement
Supporting members of the peasant (farmer)
1. Members of the peasant (farm) household, starting with
The 16-year-old, and the individuals who work in it for the labour force
contract (contract, agreement) are subject to the state social
(c) Suffering and retirement from employees
Agriculture. 2. The peasant (farm) economy is registered as
a taxpayer for public social insurance in organs
Pension Fund of Ukraine and the Social Insurance Fund of Ukraine
by its location, in the prescribed order of the paying
contributions to public social insurance for all kinds of earnings per
members of the peasant (farm) staff and persons who
work in it for the employment contract (contract, agreement). 3. Time of work in peasant (farmer)
members of the farm and the persons who work in it for the labour force
the contract (contract, agreement) is counted to the general and
a continuous stage of work based on records in the labor book and
documents confirming the payment of contributions to social
Insurance. 4. Members of the peasant (farm) and persons who
which work in it by labour contract (contract, agreement),
The assigned pensions are paid in full size without regard
of the salary (income). 5. Rural (farm) economy according to the incumbent
the legislation carries material responsibility for harm,
to the people who work in him, who work in him for the labour force.
to the treaty (contract, agreement), or other damage
The health that is related to the execution of their work duties.
R O and L VI
Article 29. Grounds for cessation of peasant activities
Activities of the peasant (farmer)
Discontinued in the case of: 1) decision of members of the peasant (farm) household
Termination of his activities; 2) cessation of land ownership, rights of use
land area in cases provided by articles 27 and 28.
Land Code of Ukraine 561-12 ); (3) Recognition of a peasant (farmer)
Non-paying (bankrupt); 4) if no member of the peasant is left
(a farmer ' s) house or heir who wishes to continue
Article 30. Order to discontinue the peasantry
1. The decision to end the activities of the peasant
(farming) is accepted by district, urban,
the administrative subject of which is the area, the Council of the People's
In the case of his bankruptcy, an arbitration court. Disputes over the cessation of peasant activities (farmers)
They are decided by the courts 2. Attachment (ransom) for public and public needs
Land in peasant farming may fail
for its consent after the allocation to it by the respective Council of the People's
State of the Union of Representatives of the Equal Land, Construction on a New
the locations of enterprises, institutions and organizations for which
has been given to land, residential, manufacturing and other buildings
instead of removed and redress in full of damages,
including the costs of improving the quality of the land as well as the unearned
Revenue. The debate on these issues is resolved by the court. 3. Mino of the peasant (farmer)
stops operations, used primarily for
calculations on the pay of employed persons, the execution of commitments
before the budget, the bank and other creditors. Other property
remain in the joint compatible ownership of members of the peasant
(farming) or distributed between them.
arrangements. In the absence of consent, the dispute is resolved by the court. 4. In case of termination of the activities of the peasant (farmers)
Prior to the end of the term
Farming pays to the budget for the entire period of its
the amount of tax, calculated in the amount set for
Peasant (farm), other than cases,
Under paragraph 3, 4 of Article 29 of this Act, and the removal of
(buyout) land for public or public needs.
R O and L VII
Article 31. Training and retraining of personnel
Peasant (farmers)
Training, retraining and enhanced training
for peasant (farmers) farms are carried out
Ministry of Agriculture and Food of Ukraine,
Ministry of Education of Ukraine through a network of vocational and technical and
professional schools, higher educational institutions and research institutes
Institutions at the expense of state, republican (Republic)
Crimea and local budgets, Ukrainian State Foundation
support for peasant (farm) farms and own funds
Farmers ' farms.
Article 32. Scientific offering of peasant women
Conducting research and preparation of recommendations on
the organization of production in peasant (farmers) farms,
development of scientific and technological progress, implementation of compact
based on the latest resource-based technology
are provided by a network of research institutions at the expense of
State Budget, the Ukrainian State Support Fund
Peasant (farmers) farms and their own funds
R O and L VIII
Article 33. Responsibility for violation of the provisions of this
Law on creation and functioning
Peasant (farmer)
For violating the provisions of this Act on the creation of a peasant
(Farm) and its functioning
and citizens are drawn to civil, administrative or
"Criminal liability under the legislation of Ukraine".

President of Ukraine
Um ... Kiev, 22 June 1993
N 3312-XII