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The Formation Of The Local Authorities And Governments

Original Language Title: Про формування місцевих органів влади і самоврядування

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(Law lost validity on the basis of the Law
N 280 /97-VR from 21.05.97, VCE, 1997, N 24, pp. 170)
On the formation of local bodies
Administration and self-government

(Information of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (VR), 1994, N 22, pp. 144)
(Entered by the Resolution of VR)
N 3918-XII 3918-12 ) from 03.02.94, BBB, 1994, N 22, pp. 145)
(In the edition of the Law)
N 64 /94-PL from 28.06.94, VR, 1994, N 26, st. 217)

Article 1. Local government agencies in Ukraine are:
rural, village, district, urban, district in cities and regional
For God. They are endowed with their own competence, within which
By myself Heads of rural, village, district, urban, district in
cities and regional councils and led by their executive committees in
the order and within the limits defined by the law shall be delegated to them by the
the powers of the state executive.
Article 2. They consist of deputies who are elected
For four years. The quantitative composition of the Council is determined by the Soviets according to
Law of Ukraine " On election of deputies and heads of rural, village,
regional, urban, district in cities, regional councils " 3996-12 ).
Article 3. Head of village, village, city, district and
A regional council is chosen directly by the population. Head of the Council for
The office is headed by an executive committee of the respective Council. The Deputy Chairman of the Council is elected by the Council of Representatives of the
For the sake of her head and for the office to join the compound.
Council executive committee, in case of absence of the Chairman of the Council
His authority. The quantitative composition of the executive committee shall determine the Council for
Plenary session. Executive Board of Executive Committee
is proposed by the Chairman of the corresponding Council and approved by the Council. To
the executive committee is unable to enter the deputies appropriate
For God.
Article 4. Heads of rural, village, district, urban,
districts in cities and regional councils and led by them
Committees are accountable and controlled by the respective councils. On Questions
to have delegated authority to the executive branch of the State
they are subordinate to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, as well as the head and
the executive committee of the Higher Level Council.
Article 5. Duties of rural, village, district,
city, district in the city, regional council, as well as the Verkhovna Rada
Republic of Crimea may be suspended if necessary.
Yes, -violated the Constitution of Ukraine ( 888-09 ) and laws of Ukraine and
Does not make any decision to match them; adopted a decision aimed at violation of the territorial
integrity of Ukraine, the self-imposed change of its state-territorial
Set up; cannot hold a plenary session for two months.
I don't know if I can play my own organs Decisions of the Council to be contrary to legislation or
The law of procedure is as follows: -regional, district, urban (cities of Republican and
districts), district in the cities of the Council-the Supreme
The Council of Ukraine; -urban (district submission), townhouses and towns
The rural council is the local Council of the highest level. Decision on the early termination of the Council and
The appointment of the new elections of the Council is adopted by the Verkhovna Rada
Article 6. In case of violation of the head of the local council,
The Executive Committee of the Constitution and the laws of Ukraine, other acts
legislative and executive power of the power of the Chairman of the Council, its
The executive committee may be terminated preset by decision
Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine for the post of President of Ukraine, Cabinet
The ministers of Ukraine, the corresponding Council or the Council of the Higher Level. Powers of the head of village, village, district, city,
district in the city, the regional council ceases to be suspended elsewhere
The cases stipulated by the legislation of Ukraine.
Article 7. Local authorities and self-government of the Republic
Crimea is formed and acting on the basis of the Constitution of Ukraine ( 888-09 ),
and other laws of Ukraine, the Constitution and the laws of the Republic
Crimea, which should conform to the Constitution and laws of Ukraine.
Article 8. After the election of deputies, the heads of rural, village,
district, urban, district in cities and regional councils and formation
The executive committees of the Council lose the validity of the Law of Ukraine " On
Representative of the President of Ukraine " 2167-12 ), and the authority
regional, Kiev and Sevastopol urban, district, district
in the cities of Kiev and Sevastopol local government administrations,
submitted by this Act shall be passed to the heads and the executive
The committees are relevant. In the case where the Council is not elected by the law,
number of deputies or not elected Chairman of the Council, the Board of
The convening, its chairman, the executive committee, the local state
the administration is carrying out its authority to elect a new
of the Council, Chairman of the Council and the formation of the Executive Body of the Council
A new convocation.
Article 9. This Act will take effect from the day of its official
publish. Provisions of the Law of Ukraine " On Local Council of People
and local and regional governments " 533-12 ),
other legislative acts that regulate the activities of local
bodies of power and self-government, acting in part that is not contradictory
of this Act.
President of Ukraine
Um ... Kiev, 3 February 1994
N 3917-XII