On Amendments And Additions To The Law Of Ukraine "on State Budget Of Ukraine For 1994"

Original Language Title: Про внесення змін і доповнень до Закону України "Про Державний бюджет України на 1994 рік"

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Read the untranslated law here: http://zakon3.rada.gov.ua/laws/show/272/94-%D0%B2%D1%80

With a k o n u r as th h s on amendments and additions to the law of Ukraine "on State budget of Ukraine for 1994" (Supreme Council of Ukraine (BD), 1994, N 50, item 439), the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine about with t and o in l I have: I. To the law of Ukraine "on State budget of Ukraine for 1994 (4022-12) (Supreme Council of Ukraine, 1994, N 20, 120) the following changes and additions: 1. Articles 1, 2, 3, put in the following wording: article 1. To approve the State budget of Ukraine for 1994, taking into account the results of its execution for 10 months in 1994 and changes in indicators of Plan economic and social development of Ukraine for 1994 (3852-12), income in the amount of 534.4 350 844 million.
rubles, expenditures-468 103 556.3 million. USD. and limit the size of the budget deficit-21.9 117 259 million. roubles. National Bank of Ukraine to give a loan to cover the budget deficit in the amount of USD 21.9 117 259 million. roubles.
Article 2. Set the income of the State budget of Ukraine for 1994 on the main types of income in such amount (million USD)

Income tax dobavlenu income tax cost 90 917 424 companies and organizations 48 0000 0000 excise 11 292 507 30 percent revenue funds payments for land 546 729 income tax on citizens 14 157 198 State duty 823 207 proceeds from economic activity-9 190 238 including: income from the sale of foreign currency on the export operations carried out by State contract 5 800 834 imported duty on goods imported the subjects of entrepreneurial activity and other income 3 389 404 deduction for explorations 3 600 0000 fee for special use of the fresh water resources of 98 123 80 percent of revenues from the privatization of property of State enterprises 1 600 142 Mobilization of funds for the financing of the structural adjustment of the economy (25 percent depreciation) 1 117 551 receipt of funds from the sale of military property 23 510 Contributions of enterprises and economic authority to neither organization to fund for the implementation of measures to eliminate the consequences of the Chernobyl disaster and social protection the population exceeded Revenues from charges 23 905 796 current income over expenditure National Bank-tion 3 200 0000 Contribution to the budget of amounts exceeding the actual fund consumption over an estimated 428 358 receipt of funds from the State Committee for material reserves 15 0000 0000 fee for special use of subsoil with natural minerals 169 972 revenues from the implementation of additional measures to mobilize revenue 3 759 300 Receipt of dividends (profit) from business entities created with the participation of the State enterprises and organizations of 357 858 nepodatkovì fees and other income 13 320 0000 Proceeds to the Pension Fund of 100 0000 0000 Article 3. Set in the State budget of Ukraine for 1994 specified allocations for the implementation of the following measures: (million USD)

Social protection of the population-together 23 360 370 of them: preferential loans to individual rural builders 95 000 compensation of additional costs associated with the liberalization of prices for housing, whether carried out contractors for residential construction cooperatives and indie vìdual′nih developers, as well as the cost of building materials for rural developers 366 840 15 479 120 social security including:-pensions to servicemen and officers and seamen of the Interior 7 800 0000-transfers to the Pension Fund for the payment of pensions to servicemen privates provision, and petty composition of conscription and their families 2 417 0000-transfer to the Fund of social protection of invalids 3 400 0000-maintenance of orphanages and other institutions of social welfare 1 862 120 financing of activities related to the implementation of the State regulation of prices 7 419 410 including: gas 7 0000 0000 7 600 solid fuels reduction cost of housing youth residential complexes of 280 000 housing and communal services (centralized costs , Republican) 11 310 service urban road transport 120 500 Financing socio-cultural institutions and institutions together 33 909 713.8 including: education culture health 17 482 0000 6 600 0000 8 382 676 physical culture and youth activities 37.8 945 of them: creation of material and technical basis for the preparation of the athletes to the XVII winter (1994) and the XXVI summer (1996) Olympics 72 786 departmental institutions of socio-cultural sphere of 500 000 7 016 632 Science Funding State capital investments in development
industries and structural economy 17 176 0000 of them on the development of the agroindustrial complex of the national economy 7 500 0000-155 130 171.6:-budgetary loans 9 0000 0000 of them on the capital investments 6 384 400-financing of exploration works 3 600 0000-financing of exploration works on hardened Milspec electronics and gold 1 0000 0000-financing measures for the conversion of defence enterprises and creating new kinds of civilian products 5 0000 0000-1 100 0000 National funding funding space program of the national research program and use of resources of the Azov-Black Sea basin and other areas of the world ocean 800 000-creating capacity for the processing of scrap and wastes of precious metals 613 805-land protiepìzootičnì activities, operation and maintenance of irrigation systems, a network of veterinary and other costs of the system of agriculture 1 923 536-land reform-25 250 a partial reimbursement of the cost of breeding cattle 900 000-reimbursement of expenses by paying for the allowances for elite seeds of 1 0000 0000-reclamation and radically improve land 116 845-forestry conservation and protection of forests 1 250 0000-financial aid and partial payment of interest of granted loans: entrepreneurs 120 000 peasant (farm) subsidies 300 000 collective agricultural enterprises 24 400-providing loans of blanking and processing enterprises and organizations for the procurement of agricultural products for public contract 79 0000 0000 from the specified amount shall be returned in 1994 to the State budget of Ukraine 17 0000 0000-15 0000 0000 State reserves-compensation difference in prices on coal River 29 0000 0000-financing the participation of Deržkomnaftogazu in the development of the West-Siberian oil-gas complex of 1 500 0000-financing in accordance with the Presidential Decree "on urgent measures for financial and credit provision States these food resources in 1994-1995 and the resolution of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine" on the face of recessionary conditions in the agricultural sector "4 0000 0000-financing the construction of the naftopere-valočnogo complex in Odessa 718 200-operating expenditure
Chernobyl NPP 280 362-other 5 050 73.6 financing of housing and šlâhovogo-together 1 331 620 including: overhauling housing 76 420-improvement of cities and settlements of urban type 2 200-repair and maintenance of routes 1 253 0000 Restoration of architectural monuments of 120 000 environment 1 688 0000 activities associated with the return of Crimean-Tatar, German, and other deporto-planned peoples 1 356 699 of them capital investments 1 016 699 Funding defense-21 976 000 including: Ministry of defence 19 0000 0000 of them on the building housing the National Guard 1 0000 0000 700 000 2 100 0000 troops and Border troops headquarters of civil defense 176 000 Financing housing for Army-voslužbovcìv with funds from the sale of military property 833 112 Funding measures for the Elimination of strategic arms 1 0000 0000 law enforcement, customs authorities, tax service-17 151 500 including Security Service: 1 912 300 bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs 8 836 0000 institutions and enterprises of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to implement punishment 1 958 0000 main administration of governmental communications 501 000 additional costs associated with real-zacìêû State programs to combat crime public Management 1 500 0000 85 000 customs 659 200 local State Tax Inspectorate 1 700 0000 Hold legislative , the Executive and the judiciary-4 236 827 including: legislative power 720 260.6 Executive 410.6 593 2 923 judicial Prosecutor 155.8 482 500 Funding measures specified in the national program for improving safety, hygiene and working environment 42 212 acquisition of equipment for the production of securities and documents of strict accounting for 83 500 Compensation funds for the completion of the construction of objects of social-cultural purposes in the village were financing the construction of 1 500 0000 energy facilities of nuclear power plants 1 920 0000 Building capacity in manufacturing
its own currency to Foreign Economic activity and 319 002-14 0000 0000 including: costs associated with institutions abroad, and payment of contributions to the inter-national organizations of 14 0000 0000 funding for construction of buildings for embassies and offices 930 787 Other expenses 4 300 0000 of them: elections 3 020 0000 reserve fund the Cabinet of Ministers 3 500 0000 Actions related to the liquidation of the consequences of the Chernobyl disaster and social protection of population 23 905 796 Expenses on maintenance of the external debt to the pension fund Costs 8 500 0000 100 0000 0000 5 0000 0000 National Bank debt Financing measures, provided by the State program for combating substance abuse and their illegal circulation of 150 043 costs on redemption of the State targeted loan without interest-1990, a State of inner winning loans in 1982. Government Treasury obligations of the former USSR and certificates of the savings bank of the USSR 2 000 000.
2. in article 4 the words "budget of the Republic of Crimea" to exclude;
the second part of the article add the following contents: "that in 1994, the budget of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea are credited in full all of the taxes, duties and compulsory payments that are received on the territory of Autonomous Republic of Crimea. To finance state spending to the State budget of Ukraine for the budget of Autonomous Republic of Crimea transferred funds in the amount of 5 481 855.3 million. rubles. "
3. Articles 5 and 6 are deleted.
4. Article 14 to lay out in the following wording: "stop on the 1994 action legislative acts of Ukraine and normative acts of the President of Ukraine and the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of the provision from the budget loans and benefits to bank loans, with the exception of the service credits provided by March 1, 1994, as well as providing favorable long-term State loans to individual developers and members of the residential construction (residential) cooperatives need in accordance with current legislation, the improvement of living conditions."
5. Article 16 lay in the following wording: "an institution that banks perform orders of enterprises, institutions and organizations in the following priority: a) payments to immediate needs, which include salaries, assistance in case of temporary disability, pregnancy and childbirth, the birth of a child, at burial;
b) payment orders on contributions to the budget the amounts of taxes, duties and other compulsory payments and contributions to Government trust funds, as well as the disposal of the State tax inspection about bezspìrne collection is not made within the time limit of payments and the amounts of financial sanctions on them;
in) other payments, including bezspìrnim collection and bezakceptnim writings of funds should be carried out in order of calendar order.
6. Article 22 exclude.
II. Instruct the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine held in 1994, mutual settlements between the State budget of Ukraine and the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, budgets of regions, cities of Kyiv and Sevastopol in accordance with changes arising from this Act.

The President of Ukraine l. Kuchma Kiev, December 2, 1994 N 272/94-VR