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On Amendments And Additions To Certain Legislative Acts Of Ukraine In Connection With The Adoption Of The Law Of Ukraine "on The Fight Against Corruption"

Original Language Title: Про внесення змін і доповнень до деяких законодавчих актів України у зв'язку з прийняттям Закону України "Про боротьбу з корупцією"

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About making changes and additions to some legislatures
Acts of Ukraine in relation to the adoption of the Law of Ukraine
"The Fight Against Corruption".
(Information of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (VR), 1995, N 34, pp. 268)
{Be in Action by VR
N 359 /95-VR from 05.10.95, OCE, 1995, N 34, pp. 269
{With changes under the Act
N 2453-VI ( 2453-17 ) from 07.07.2010, VR, 2010, N 41-42,
N 43, N 44-45, pp. 529
N 4651-VI ( 4651-17 ) from 13.04.2012, VR, 2013, N 9-10,
N 11-12, N 13, pp. 88
By law
N 1697-VII 1697-18 ) from 14.10.2014, VR, 2015, N 2-3, pp. 12}

In relation to the adoption of the Law of Ukraine " On combating
corruption " ( 356 /95-VR ) Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine
Oh, I am. :
Make changes and additions to such legislation
{Section I lost validity on the basis of Code N 4651-VI
( 4651-17 ) From 13.04.2012}
II. In the Code of Ukraine on administrative offences
( 80731-10 , 80732-10 ) (Information of the Supreme Council of the Ukrainian SSR, 1984,
Appendix to N 51, pp. 1122):
1. In Article 15: complementing part of the first after word "customs rules" by the words
" committing corruption actions and other offences related to children.
corruption, non-legal use of state property, non-life
The Court of Justice,
Representation of an organ of knowledge, investigation or protest, post or submission
The prosecutor, the evasion of the legal requirements of the prosecutor "; exclude from the last sentence of the first word "penalty".
2. To address Chapter 15 of the Code of Article 184-1 of this content:
" Article 184-1. Non-legal use of state property
Using the official in personal or other
Non-official use of public funds provided to her in the office
The use of premises, transport or communication equipment, techniques or
other state property, if caused by the state of harm to the amount that
not exceeding five untaxable minimum income of citizens, Pulling a fine of two and a half before
the five untaxable minimum income ministries. "
3. Article 185-6 of the Board of Editors:
" Article 185-6. The dissent of the individual was held by the Court of Justice or
a separate decision by the judge, the representation of an organ
Knowledge, investigation, or protest,
Representation of the
Leaving the official without consideration by a separate court
or a separate decision of a judge or non-life of action to remove
the violations of the law, and the untimely response
to a separate court decision or a separate ruling of the judge- pull the penalty from 0.5 to one
The non-taxable minimum income of the citizens. Leaving the official without considering the submission of an organ
knowledge or investigation of the removal of causes and conditions that contributed
committing a crime, or protest, painting or presenting the prosecutor, a
so untimely response to the submission, protest or caption is Pulling a fine from 0.5 to one.
an untax minimum of income citizens ".
4. Articles 221 after the words and numbers "Article 181" complement
"Article 184-1".

{Section III lost the validity of the Act N 1697-VII
( 1697-18 ) From 14.10.2014}

IV. Part of the second article 5 of the Law of Ukraine " On pension
Providing military and private personnel
of the Internal Affairs Bodies " ( 2262-12 ) (Information from the Verkhovna Rada)
For the sake of Ukraine, 1992, N 29, pp. 399) in this edition: "On the grounds established by the Law of Ukraine" On pension
ensuring ", also appointed pensions to the servicemen and
to the Chief of the Interior of the Interior,
military or special ranks, as well as freed from service in
Conviction for intentional crime committed by the use of
of their official position, or by committing a corruption act, and
members of their families. "
V. Part of the sixteenth article 32 of the Law of Ukraine " On the Status of
of the People's Deputy of Ukraine " 2790-12 ) (Information from the Verkhovna Rada)
Ukraine, 1993, N 3, pp. 17; 1994, N 34, pp. 315) Replace
the sixteenth and seventeenth, teaching them in such a
& Revision: " In reaching the retirement age of a former MP
is assigned to the pension, which is 80 per cent of the monthly salary,
installed at the time for a working People ' s MP
Ukraine. This position does not apply to the MP, the authority
which was initially suspended due to the conviction for intentional
crime committed using his own position, or
Committing a corruption act. The former MP holds medical care,
providing buttons for the treatment installed at the time for
The People's Deputies of Ukraine ". In this regard, it is part of the seventeenth to be considered part of

{Section VI lost the validity of the Act N 2453-VI
( 2453-17 ) 07.07.2010}

VII. In the Law of Ukraine "On State Service" (PDF) 3723-12 )
(Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, 1993, N 52, pp. 490):
1. Part of the second article 5 to exclude.
2. Part of the first article 16, to be published in this edition:
" A state clerk has no right to commit actions predicted.
articles 1 and 5 of the Law of Ukraine "On Fighting Corruption"
( 356 /95-VR ).
3. Article 37 complement the following five:
" State clerk, fired from public service in
Conviction for intentional crime committed by the use of
of their official position, or by committing a corruption act,
Deprived of the right to receive a pension provided by this
That's right. In this case, a pension of the civil servant
is appointed at the general basis ". In this regard, parts of the fifth and sixth are considered respectively
parts of sixth and seventh.

President of Ukraine
Um ... Kyiv, 5 October 1995
N 358 /95-VR