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On Amending The Law Of Ukraine "on The Application Of Amnesty In Ukraine" To Complete The Rehabilitation Of Political Prisoners

Original Language Title: Про внесення змін до Закону України "Про застосування амністії в Україні" щодо повної реабілітації політичних в'язнів

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On Amendments to the Law of Ukraine "On the application of amnesty in Ukraine" on full rehabilitation of political prisoners

(Information Of The Verkhovna Rada (VR), 2014, No. 14, pp. 257)

In order to prevent political repression and cases of application of criminal justice to fight political opponents of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Orders:

I. Amend Law of Ukraine "On the application of amnesty in Ukraine" (Information of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, 2011, No. 51, p. 580; 2013, No. 21, pp. (208) Such changes:

1. In Article 1:

In part one of the first words of "certain category" to exclude;

complementing part of the fourth such content:

"The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine is right to adopt a law on amnesty for a particular category of persons and to specifically the specified person (individual amnesty)."

2. Part of the second article 2 should be supplemented with the words "other than the cases of individual amnesty".

3. In the part of the first article 4:

"and" to be supplemented with the words "other than the cases of individual amnesty";

In addition to the words "other than the cases of individual amnesty";

"g" in addition to the words "other than the cases of individual amnesty";

"is" in addition to the words "in addition to the cases of individual amnesty".

Article 7 should read "aside from individual amnesty".

5. Article 8 complement the third such content:

"The lines of dismissal of persons under the law on individual amnesty are set in such a law."

II. Final Position

1. Apply full individual amnesty to:

Zaporizhia Vitali Nikolaevich, 21.06.1977

Vladimir Nikolaevich Shpari, 05.10.1983

Bevza Sergiy Vasilovych, 10.02.1983

Mosiichika Igor Volodymyrovych, 05.05.1972, born

Andrei Yevgenović, 05.08.1979,

Michael Igor Volodymyrovych, born in 1988,

Vitaly Vasilovych, born 31.01.1980,

Applied by Vitaly Leonidowicz, 15.02.1966 births

Pavlicenko Dmitri Alexandrovich, born 1712.1963,

" Pavlichenko Sergiy Dmitrievich, 07.10.1992 Birth,

Boyka Anton Anatolievich, 14.11.1988 births

Chasova Anton Volodymyrovych, 13.07.1987, born

World's Dmitri Konstantinovych, born 03.12.1989,

Radolov Alexander Sergeevich, born on 14.01.1980,

Władysław Nikolaevich, born, 30.11.1980,

Rustama Agađumovych, born 04.11.1985,

Yarmolenko Sergiy Vasilovych, 30.01.1979,

Bondarenko Andrey Yevgenovich, 13.05.1972 Birth,

Popovich Anatoliy Nikolayevich, born 12.03.1987,

Gunnenka Igor Anatolievich, born 17.06.1993,

Danilov Dmitry Alexandrovitch, 10.06.1993, born

Written by Mikhail Igorovych, born 19.09.1990,

Nikonenko Vladimir Vvirovich, 24.03.1988, born

Smalia Victor Nikolaevich, born 25.08.1976,

One-born Oleg Anatolievich, 26.12.1974 of birth,

Krachchun Yevgeny Viktorovych, 28.07.1981, born

Nalivayka Andriy Vitaliyevich, 26.11.1991, born

Tonguluk Dmitri Volodymyrovych, born 04.03.1993,

Babentsova Kiril Aleksandrovich, born 18.12.1991,

Tiki Bogdan Victor, born 1989

Lazarenko Alexander Volodymyrovych, born 1991

Kubliya Mikhail Vasilovych, 06.11.1991 the year of birth,

Aksanyuka Sergiy Nikolaevich, born 17.06.1990,

Dmitry Volodymyrovych, born 04.12.1982,

Sobolevsky Anatoliy Igorovych, 14.10.1981 birth,

Dōmina Sergei Sergeevich, born in 1977,

Haritova Anton Viktorovich, born 1985, born

Fedorchenko Yevgeny Valeriyevich, born in 1986,

President of the United States of America

Alexandrova Sergey Sergeyevich, born 09.06.1983

Alexander of Macedon, born 12.06.1987

Timofei Valeriović, born 16.05.1988.

2. Release of persons identified Section II, paragraph 1 of this Act, immediately since the Act has been taken into force.

3. This Act will take effect from the day of its publication.

President of Ukraine,
Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada


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February 27, 2014
No. 792-VII