On Introducing Changes And Additions Into The Law Of Turkmenistan "on The Organs Of Internal Affairs Of Turkmenistan»

Original Language Title: О внесении изменений и дополнений в Закон Туркменистана «Об органах внутренних дел Туркменистана»

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Read the untranslated law here: http://minjust.gov.tm/ru/mmerkezi/doc_view.php?doc_id=15110

On introducing changes and additions into the law of Turkmenistan "on the organs of Internal Affairs of Turkmenistan * translated from the official language of Turkmenistan.
I. the following changes and additions in the law of Turkmenistan "on the organs of Internal Affairs of Turkmenistan, adopted May 21, 2011 year (statements of the Mejlis of Turkmenistan, 2011, no. 2, p. 39): 1. First part of article 3 shall be amended as follows: "1. the main tasks of the organs of internal affairs are: 1) the protection of life, health, honour, dignity, rights, freedoms and lawful interests of a person and citizen, ensuring their personal and property safety;
2) ensuring law and order;
3) the protection of public order and public security;
4) protection of property, public and State interests from criminal and other unlawful encroachments;
5) implementation of the State policy to counter the illicit traffic in narcotic drugs and intoxicants;
6) suppression, identification, disclosure, the Elimination of administrative offences and other offences, conduct questioning and checks, criminal investigations and the implementation of proceedings on administrative offences within the limits of their powers;
7) warning and prevention of harmful effects of the proliferation and use of narcotic drugs and intoxicants;
8) the establishment of a unified information centre data on persons involved in illicit trafficking in narcotic drugs and intoxicants;
9) tracing of perpetrators of crimes, fugitives from organs conducting proceedings, fugitives from the serving of criminal sentences and other measures under criminal law and administrative penalties, as well as missing persons and other persons in cases stipulated by the legislation of Turkmenistan;
10) monitoring compliance with traffic regulations, road safety and promotion of traffic rules;
11) Organization of activities for the prevention and elimination of fires, monitoring fire, fire safety and conducting the rescue in fires;
12) organization within the limits of their powers of execution of criminal punishment, other measures of criminal law and administrative penalties;
13) provision under the conditions and in the manner prescribed by the laws of Turkmenistan, facilitating the citizens, voluntary associations, enterprises, institutions and organizations in the realization of their rights and the performance of their duties;
14) comply with the passport system, established by the legislation of Turkmenistan, monitoring their compliance with citizens and officials;
15) protection of sensitive government installations, institutions, security and safety services for the carriage of special cargoes, as well as participation in the implementation of the regime for a State of emergency and martial law;
16) cooperation with State bodies and public associations, other law enforcement and military authorities of Turkmenistan to combat illicit trafficking in narcotic drugs and intoxicants;
17) maintain a high level of service, military and patriotic preparation and discipline personnel of internal affairs bodies;
18) ensuring supervision aimed at institutionalization of decrees of courts;
19) the registration of civilian weapons and permission to use them;
20) implementation within their terms of cooperation with international organizations and relevant law enforcement agencies of foreign States in combating international crime and other issues.
2. In article 15: paragraph 13 shall be amended as follows: "13) report in the prescribed manner to the health of persons in respect of whom there are adequate grounds for believing that they are suffering from alcoholism, substance abuse, addiction or dependence on psychoactive substances and sick contagious venereal diseases or HIV-infected persons registered as a prophylactic, deviating from voluntary treatment, as well as promote their drive in relevant health care institutions";
After paragraph 13 supplement paragraphs reading: "14) take preventive measures against the illicit proliferation and use of and trafficking in narcotic drugs and intoxicants, together with other State authorities and public associations in Turkmenistan to work to promote the harmful effects of narcotic drugs and intoxicants;
15) to analyze the State of the crime associated with illegal trafficking of drugs and intoxicants in the country and submit monthly and annual reports to the President of Turkmenistan;
16) to ensure the fulfilment of international obligations of Turkmenistan in the field of control of narcotic drugs and therefore be reports and prepare other information ";
paragraphs 14-34-17 points respectively take 37.
3. In article 16: after paragraph 6 of part one supplement paragraphs read as follows: "7) to carry out the control purchase and controlled delivery of drugs;

8) create mobile posts at checkpoints of the State border of Turkmenistan and examine persons, baggage, goods and vehicles crossing the State border of Turkmenistan, to detect drugs and intoxicants;
9) carried out in accordance with the list of narcotic drugs monitoring compliance with rules on import and the proper storage and use of products containing with drugs, as well as the precursor chemicals used to manufacture drugs; "
paragraphs 7-28 count respectively paragraphs 10-31.
II. The present law shall enter into force on the day of its official publication.
     Turkmen President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov mountains. Ashgabat, March 26, 2016 year no. 379-V.