On The Establishment Of The Jubilee Medal Of Turkmenistan Türkmenistanyň Garaşsyzlygynyň Ýyllygyna 25 "»

Original Language Title: Об учреждении юбилейной медали Туркменистана «Türkmenistanyň Garaşsyzlygynyň 25 ýyllygyna»

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Read the untranslated law here: http://minjust.gov.tm/ru/mmerkezi/doc_view.php?doc_id=15124

On the establishment of the Medal "25 Garaşsyzlygynyň Türkmenistanyň ýyllygyna» * in conjunction with a remarkable 25-anniversary of independence of Turkmenistan with a view to rewarding citizens who have achieved during the years of independence the great labour achievements in the political, economic and cultural spheres of life of the country: article 1. To establish the Jubilee Medal of Turkmenistan Garaşsyzlygynyň Türkmenistanyň ýyllygyna 25.
Article 2. Approve the Statute on the Jubilee Medal "25 Garaşsyzlygynyň Türkmenistanyň ýyllygyna (attached).
Article 3. Approve the description of the Medal "25 Garaşsyzlygynyň Türkmenistanyň ýyllygyna (attached).
     Turkmen President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov mountains. Ashgabat, June 18, 2016 year no. 410-V.
_ * translated from the official language of Turkmenistan.
POSITION on Medal of Turkmenistan Garaşsyzlygynyň Türkmenistanyň ýyllygyna 25 ' 1. Jubilee Medal "Garaşsyzlygynyň Türkmenistanyň ýyllygyna 25" established for rewarding individuals for the years of independence of Turkmenistan have made honest work great merit in the development of the country and society.
2. Jubilee Medal "25 Garaşsyzlygynyň Türkmenistanyň ýyllygyna" awarded:-for long-term honest work for the consolidation of the independence and sovereignty of Turkmenistan, fruitful and effective Government, social activities, as well as for his great personal contribution to strengthening the international prestige of his motherland everywhere in the world;
-for excellence and high achievements in the successful implementation of programmes to strengthen the economic power, the development of science, education, culture, arts, health of independent neutral Turkmenistan, as well as the development of other areas of the country;
the great personal contribution to the strengthening of the defense capability of independent Turkmenistan, citizens ' security, the rule of law and the rule of law;
-for great contribution in educating the younger generation in the spirit of love and devotion to the motherland, courage, integrity, high spirituality.
3. Jubilee Medal "25 Garaşsyzlygynyň Türkmenistanyň ýyllygyna» is awarded to citizens of independent Turkmenistan.
Jubilee Medal "Garaşsyzlygynyň Türkmenistanyň ýyllygyna 25" by the President of Turkmenistan may be awarded to foreign citizens.
4. persons awarded this award shall be awarded Medal of Turkmenistan Garaşsyzlygynyň Türkmenistanyň ýyllygyna 25 "and the award certificate.
Jubilee Medal DESCRIPTION of Turkmenistan Garaşsyzlygynyň Türkmenistanyň ýyllygyna "25 anniversary Medal" 25 Garaşsyzlygynyň Türkmenistanyň ýyllygyna "consists of three overlapping vos′miugol′nikov, every corner is located above an octagonal stars encrusted one zirconia stone green and seven white zirconia stones. The corners of the star, located in the Middle, gilded, they fill the gaps between the corners situated above an octagonal star. The lower angles of the Octagon are framed by green enamel, the space between them is bordered by two ornaments angular form, it is covered with enamel on the outside, white on the inner side of the green.
In the Centre of the upper octagonal star are two terms a total diameter of 31 mm. In the inner circle with a diameter of 22 mm, covered with gold leaf, are pictures of maps of Turkmenistan, covered with green enamel, in the center of the circle-the monument of independence of Turkmenistan, ozarënnogo rays of the Sun, which is located on the left side of the Roman numeral "XXV" symbolizing the anniversary of independence of Turkmenistan, and on the right is an image of the monument "Arkadag", erected in honour of the President of Turkmenistan. In the bottom of the circle are two olive branches, symbolising the neutrality of Turkmenistan.
In the upper part of the outer ring with a diameter of 4.5 mm, covered with green enamel, placed gold-plated inscription "GARAŞSYZ" on the bottom part-the inscription "TÜRKMENISTAN, space between them on each side of the encrusted with five stones cirkonievymi white.
Overall diameter medal-44 mm.
Jubilee Medal is connected with spring ring block in flag form, covered with green enamel, with the width of 30 mm and 20 mm height. On kolodke depicts five national carpet gëlej Crescent and five stars.
The Medal and the pad is made of gilded silver 925 fineness.