Period: 21 Legislative Year: 1 Warning: You Are Viewing Act, The Parliamentary General Assembly Has Already Adopted. If It Does Not Include The Changes Made Later. Between The Republic Of Northern Cyprus

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Period: 21 Yunder: 1

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Law No. 4430


Accepted Date: 30.7.1999

MADDE 1. -"The Republic of Turkey and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, signed in Ankara on 8 January 1998, have the right to approve the" Human-related Supplemental Agreement ".

MADDE 2. - This will take effect on the release date of the Channel.

MADDE 3. - The Council of Ministers executes the provisions of this Law.










1 December 1988 2, 6, 8, 9, 11, 14, 16, and 23 of the current Social Security Security large.

Article 2

This information is applied to the right of social security legislation.

1. From Turkey,

a) Social Insurances (including Tarim, Analgetics, Accidents, Disability, Disability, and Death) of Social Insurances,

b) State civil servants and The legislation, (Health, and Death)mevzuat

c) Esnaf and Artists and Artisans and Artisans, and the legislation on their own name and Account, including the United States and Artists and Artists, covering their service. Near and Death)

d) 506 Number of Social Insurances Legislation governing the temporary 20 nci,

2. From the maintenance of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus;

a) 16/76 Kish Social Insurers Act,

b) 30/1996 The Law on Calculus of Services of Social Security Institutions (This is the law) The provisions of the statements are ignored in the notification of service times to the Akut Parties)

3. This information applies to all legislation that will either complete or complete the written legislation on this item or reissue it.

Article 6

Resigning in the Authorized Articles of the Parties They can also bring exceptions to the general rule of the 5th Amendment. In the same way, the Exceptional Parties may allow the exception to be applied in the case of the exception.

The exception to the 5th article provisions is the exception.

1. No one in the country's service in one of the central countries ' service, in the interim, was sent to the country by the other, temporarily, to the country, and by the time it was sent to the country, it was set for twenty-four months by the time it arrived. As well as playing in the country, it is implemented by the Âkit Party legislation.

If the expiration period is set to twenty-four months, the company is requesting, in advance, with the execution of the company or the company. The Proxy Party of the other in the case of applying the 5th Amendment provision to this If it does, it will continue to implement the Âkit Party legislation.

2. A shipping policy in one of the central countries ' countries is being held in the country where the office is located in the country where the office is located temporarily, if it is temporarily sent to the country of Europe, which is temporarily open to the country. application.

3. If the country was temporarily sent to the country in the country where it was temporarily sent to the country, it would be in the country, as well as in the country, the centre said, as the country was temporarily sent to the country. applies the legislation.

Article 8

1. If a citizen, Government or Amme service, is sent by the Institution to the country, and to the country of the other, it is subject to the Akit Party legislation.

2. Regardless of the citizens 'situation, the legislation of the represented State is implemented in the embassy, representative or consulates of Turkey or the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, and the officers involved in the officers' service in the area.

3. However, workers at the embassy, representatives or consulates, or civil servants in the area, said that if they were citizens, they would have the right to opt out of the legislation, as long as they were stolen, as they were. They have. This preference can be used only once in the People's Editing.

Article 9

Is current.

Article 11

1. Family members residing in Turkey for the invention of a particular job by the people of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, or the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, who are in residence with the Turkish Republic of Turkey, are a resident of the Turkish Republic, and a residence in the Turkish Republic. While family members were working in the country, where they were found to be temporary workers, the country's Social Security Institution account, where their situation was immediately (urgent) required treatment, were provided to the hospital by the patients ' or analanc.

2. According to one of the parties ' legislation, family members who are currently residing in the insured are registered to the tourist destination, when they were found in the country's country of need for touristic purpose, and they were found to have been registered immediately. The Social Security Institutions of Turkey or the Turkish Republic of Turkey benefit from the Social Security Institutions ' account, including the assistance of the hospital or the hospitable.

3. Family members who have been insured by the legislation of one of the People Parties are taking advantage of the sick or analtic insurance benefits of Turkey or the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Social Security Institutions. They will continue to take advantage of these benefits if the convenience store is transferred to the land of the Party. However, it is required to obtain the permission of the Authorized Institution before it can be specified as the corresponding replacement. The request for a permit is to be redcharged if there is a report that a physician of this Institution may not transfer the health of the concerned state to the country.

4. The extent of the health of the above, especially from the extent of the health of the establishment and the construction of the new residence, in particular the scope of the health of the United States and from the establishment of the new residence, this Institution Based on the provisions of the legislation. However, the duration of the help is the time stipulate in the legislation of the Authorized Party.

5. The number 1, 2, and 3 of this material is mentioned in the bahsolan; the prosthetic, tools and tools, and important health assistance, in absolute urgency, allow the Authorized Institution to provide the permit.

6. öngörülen

The health of this article is the new residence or temporary location of the attention of this part of the country's office, which is foreseen by the Institution of the country in which they are envisioned in the fringes of this article. are based on the legislation that is current in the hometown.

-The payment of money benefits (daily allowance) will be paid to the Institution where the interest is registered.

7. The cost of the help of the aid in the cases stipulated in the 1, 2, and 3rd feats of this Article is made available to the Institution. Costs for the following benefits are paid by the Institution, where the interest has been registered, or the de facto amount of the current country's Social Security Institution, which will be identified by the Provisional Regulation.

Article 14

1. One of the individual or income of the individual in accordance with the legislation in the country is the right to the family and the family, according to the legislation in which the country is residing in the country. If they receive this right, the assistance will be provided in accordance with the institution of the country of residence and the legislation of this Institution.

2. In the event that only one of the individual or income of the individual is subject to the legislation, if the country is residing in the country, it is necessary to ensure that Licensee's family members are entitled to the right of the family. The help of the Program is to be identified by the Institution located in the location of the Entitled Institution's Authorized Institution.

These help are not eligible and are identified according to the legislation that pays the month. The scope of the help is determined according to the country's legislation, which is the residence of anyone who is receiving duration and duration of the ifa.

3. Each of the other parties, including the individual or revenue of the individual, and the family members of the family members who reside in the other, according to the legislation, are in the country of the family of the family. In their temporary residence, the Authorized Authority of the country, which is currently residing in the first place, will benefit from the health benefits of the country, when emergency assistance requires immediate assistance.

4. The costs of the right to the right of the health specified in the 2nd and 3rd fans are paid through the actual costs of the country's Social Security Institution, which will be determined by the Authorized Social Security Institution, with the actual charges for the Social Security Institution.

Article 16

1. According to the legislation of one of the Parties, no one who is eligible for assistance will benefit from the health and money benefits if it is transferred to the country of the Authorized Social Security Institution by the Authorized Social Security Institution in the treatment of treatment. If there is no medical leave, the transport will be transferred to the transport. For reasons that are not obtained, the result can be issued even later.

2. The assistance of one of the Ackit Parties will continue to be done by persons who are eligible for work accidents and occupational diseases, including temporary replacements in the country of Accent Party.

3. The prosthetic and other important health care aid is done in non-urgent people, but by taking the advance notice of the Authorized Social Security Institution.

4. The health benefits are sold by this Institution, such as an insurance policy to the Social Security Institution at the residence, to anyone who is eligible for help. Those who have made a commitment to the Social Security Institution for the sake of service and the health facilities are under the same obligation.

Article 23. -According to the legislation of one of the Parties, in the event that the premium pay times that pass by the other In the Client are entitled to be entitled, the Company's Institution will only be based on the legislation that will be applied by the Corporation.

Temporary Article-The date based on the release of rights brought with this statement is based on the date of the date. However, the following will not be paid for during the past and separate times prior to the effective date of this statement.

This Additional Means will be effective immediately following the date of the date of the approval documentation.

This Attachment The statement was held in Turkish on 8 January 1998 in Turkish, and was signed in Turkish.


TURKISH REPUBLIC OF NORTH CYPRUS TURKISH REPUBLIC NAME GOVERNMENT Prof. Dr. Nami ÇAçaçan Ali Özkan ALTINIÇIK Çaluma and Social Security Minister Çaluma and the Minister of Çalarçe Çaçiçe Minister of Business