Period: 21 Legislative Year: 1 Warning: You Are Viewing Act, The Parliamentary General Assembly Has Already Adopted. If It Does Not Include The Changes Made Later. Government Of The Republic Of Turkey Between The Government Of The Republic Of Latvia

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Period: 21 Yunder: 1

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Kanun # 4439


Accepted Date: 5.8.1999

MADDE 1. - "Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Turkey and the Government of the Republic of Latvia," signed in Ankara on 15 September 1995, is appropriate.

MADDE2. - This will take effect on the release date of the Channel.

MADDE 3. - The Council of Ministers executes the provisions of this Law.








The Government of the Republic of Republic of Latvia, which will be known as "The Government of the Republic of the Republic of Latvia," is expected to be a 7-year-old The International Civil Airfield, which was signed in February 1944, was signed in February. As a part of its promise to make an understanding to set up air flights between their countries and beyond;




1.  For example, the term "

a)" "Glossary" has been accepted in accordance with the International Civil Airticus Proposition, which was signed in February of 7 December 1944, and in accordance with Article 90 of the Glossary. According to Article 90 and 94 of the same Glossary, the meanings of the words made in the Words or Attachments and agreed upon by the Turkish Republic will make sense.

b) The "aviation authorities" of the Republic of Turkey are considered by the Ministry of Ularext. or, rather than any of the duties that were performed by the Ministry of Urinaction authorized to bring in any part or organ; from the Minister of Latvia, the Ministry of Physiki Planning, Engineering, Traffic and Ecology, or authorized to perform any of the duties executed by this office refers to any other person or body.

c) The term "Thai airline reports" refers to the transfer of entitlements and authorized airlines in accordance with Article 3 of this statement.

d) The term "Country" refers to the meaning specified in the 2nd clause of the Glossary.

e) "Air Seferees", "International Air Trip", "Airlift" and "Technical Israeli" refer to the meanings set forth in clause 96 of the Glossary.

f) "Capacity" means the term "Capacity". str;

-The volume of aircraft that can be used for the passenger, load, and mail that fly on or off a cliff line.

-A particular time frame for a specific air service. for these flights, either on a particular line or on a part of this line, with the capacity used.

g) The term "charge rate" is to be used for passenger, baggage, or load (excluding mail), including additional facilities or additional facilities to be used or otherwise. For tickets sold for tickets or tickets that are sold to be determined, they will be paid for, or similar actions to be charged for the tickets sold. The rate schedule also includes the conditions for applying payment fees or for payment of fees.

2.  Generates an unallocated part of the Attachment (s).



1.  Each of the Azoys identifies the rights specified in this Means, with the purpose of arranging for international air flights on the lines specified in this Supplement. These flights and lines will be called "mutabank flights" and "specified lines" in this way. When you process a table that is removed by each of the individual carriers, they will have the above rights.

a) To fly without the country of Digit,Âkit

b) Technical landing in the country;

c) To leave the international passenger, baggage, and mail traffic, and to take part in the points specified in this section for that line in the country of the word.

2.  No provision in the 1st part of this Article is to receive passengers, loads and mail to the airline companies, to receive a fee or rent from a point in the country of the other, and reduce it to a point of view within the same country. anlaþýlamaz



1. Each of the Azoys will have the right to notify the other in the article, if it is an airline carrier or execution, with the intention of operating the mutabank flights on the specified lines.

2.  Under the provisions of a transfer notice, the Dianer In Party shall, subject to the provisions of the 3 and 4 fives of this Article, will not delay the required authorization of the transferred airline.

3.  The aviation authorities of one of the parties will be able to carry out the actions imposed by the other Party on international air flights, as well as the laws and regulations imposed by these authorities in a reasonable way. In the event of a traitor, he may want to persuade them.

4.  Each of the following is a matter of 2 of these items in which the main ownership of an airline and actual control of an airline has not been deemed to be in the hands of the group or its citizens. They may refuse to recognize the authorization entitlements that are mentioned in the fund, or they may be required to use the rights of this airline to use the rights specified in the 2nd clause.

5.  After an airline authorization was transferred and authorized to be authorized, there was a capacity to locate a non-mutabank capacity, and the provisions of the 10th and 13th articles were determined by the charges and the clearance of the fly tariffs. can start processing at any date with registration.



CANCEL AND SUSPEND 1.  Each of us has the right to withdraw or stop the use of the rights set forth in article 2 of the above, or to withdraw the authorization of the execution of the rights specified in the 2 clause of the Program. will have the right to put down the following necessary records:

a) that the main ownership or actual control of that airline is in the hands of the Party or its citizens, who have appointed the airline to air the airline no opinion, or

b) This is the airline push Failure to comply with the laws and regulations of the Recognized Party, or

c) does not work in accordance with the state's }

2 ".  If the right to immediately return or stop the use of the rights granted or to prevent further violations of the laws and regulations set forth in the 1st section of this Article, such a right is not available. the other will be used by the other.



1.  One of the countries that has entered the country of an international air navigation aircraft, has entered the country, has been in its country and has left its country during its exit, and the law and legislation, both of which are on the other side of the aircraft, without the awareness of the nationality of the aircraft. It will be applied by these planes as they enter the country, stay in their country, and leave their country.

2.  One of the passengers, crew, cargo and post offices on board the plane, customs entry in the country, or customs, immigration, passports and control of the country, that passenger, crew, cargo and postal service, Or, they will be followed by entering the territory of that side, out of its territory, and in its territory.

3.  Usage charges, such as fees and service charges, such as fees and other fees, such as fees and other fees that each airport, facilities, and services provided with technical and other convenienced services, will be used for the use of the services and services of the communications facilitaships. will not be higher than those who have been transferred to other international air flights.



1.  The planes and the mutate hardware, tributances and licences and (including food, drink and tobacco) on the aircraft, which are being pushed through international flights by each of the carriers, are the equipment on the plane, and the other in the aircraft, the other in the aircraft. For his country, he would be left on a plane to remain on the plane again or to be used in a flight over the country's country, to keep all customs duties, examination fees, and other taxes and taxes.

2.  Except for the charges that will be included in the charges, except for the charges and taxes;

a) In the country of one of the countries, this party is in the process of not taking the amounts identified by the competent authorities, and the leavance of the airline to be used on the international flight of the transfer of the other, andhavayolu

b) the country of one of the Power Parties, the airline that is designated by the other The maintenance and repair of aircraft used in international flights of the operation The replacement parts that are inserted are provided to the aircraft on the international flights by the other, even if

c) is to be used in a part of the country's plane to be used by the other. stream and licks.

The materials mentioned in the above (a), (b), and (c) are to be kept under customs supervision and control.





The materials and excise materials contained in the aircraft, such as the mutate hardware on the aircraft of each of the designated airlines, are in the other country's country, but the customs of that country It can be repainted with the permission of the authorities. In such a case, they may be held in the custody of the authorities until they are brought back to the country or disposed of in customs regulations.



Passenger, baggage and freight that does not leave the airport section of one of the countries designated for transit and transit, air piracy and control are subject to control. to ensure that the trafficking measures are being implemented, with the record, very much They will not be subjected to more than a simple, simple control. Direct transit baggage and loads will be kept from customs and other taxes.



1.  Each transfer airline will have the right to have its own tickets sold in the country of the other in the country, with their agent vassing, at its discretion or discretion. These airlines will have the right to sell tickets to everyone, and everyone will be able to purchase tickets freely from those people.

2.  Each transfer airline will have the right to turn the waste expenses from passenger, freight and mail through official courtship, and transfer it to his country. If the payment agreement between the Parties does not include appropriate provisions in this regard, the transfer mentioned above will be issued with conversant pursuant to the national laws and related quarters legislation.



1.  Both Azoys and their respective countries will have a fair and direct access to their countries to process the non-mutabank flights.

2.  In the event of the execution of the Mutabank, each of the individual airlines has been appointed by the other to not have a negative impact on the specified lines or other flights to the right of a part of the They will consider the outputs of their application.

3.  The mutabank flights of the Achite Parties will be related to the needs of the people on the specified lines, and will be relevant to the country's country, which is based on or from the country of the company that is transferring airline flights. It will be essential to sell a capacity to meet the current and reasonably expected load needs of traffic to a reasonable load factor.

4.  Both Sats and the appointed airlines will be able to understand the capacity and capacity of these flights on the lines indicated by the mutabank. The capacity and capacity will both be approved by the airline's approval by the two Sat. This capacity will be set up from time to time, subject to the approval of the traffic authorities for both of the Azoves.

5.  In order to meet an unexpected passenger request, the transfer of the transferred airline's claims to the cause of such temporary rise along with the provisions of this material are understood to be the result of such temporary increases. Each such capacity will be reported without delay to the Australian authorities.

6.  If the transfer of one of the Convenience Parties operates at points in third countries on the specified line, an additional capacity in capacity to be determined in accordance with the above 3 and 4 fives Applicable to the airport authorities.

7.  In general, the airline was transferred to the airport at least thirty (30) days before the scheduled entry of the site, with the flying tariffs of flying flights, and at least thirty (30) days before the scheduled entry of the site. The transfer of the authorities to the civil aviation authorities will be presented by the company's transfer of the company. Any other information that may be in these tariffs or execution will be presented to the approval of the aviation authorities. In instances, the time specified above may be reconcilable with the identified authorities.


Each of the Interested parties are designated to bring technical and commercial personnel to their country to make sure that these types of flights are to be real and to bring technical and commercial personnel to their country. The personnel mentioned above will be subject to the country and subject to the country's compliance with the country.



1. In accordance with its current rights and obligations according to international law, the Aşit Parties are responsible for the obligation of the civil aviation trust to protect against each other in order to protect against legal interference. They'll make sure they're all over it. In accordance with the international law, the General Parties to the general nature of their current rights and obligations, especially those of the April 14, 1963 Planes, The Islamic Tokyo Promise, The 16 December 1970 Planes. The Hague Glossary of Hague-based Alleged Criminals will act in accordance with the provisions of the Montreal Glossary of the United States for the Prevention of Charged Criminals, dated September 23, 1971.

2.  The World Parties, to prevent the takeover of civilian aircraft by law, are the safety of these aircraft, its passengers and crew, as well as the safety of the airport and air navigation facilities, as well as the safety of civilian airmen. They will be required to provide each other with any necessary help in order to clear any threat.

3.  They will act in accordance with the entity's security provisions, which are considered in addition to the International Civil Airfield Agreement, in part by the Internationalistic Civil Airticus Act. The parties act in accordance with the provisions of the aircraft companies in their own facility or in the central central countries or in the country of aircraft carriers and airports in which they are continuously involved in the country. They will want them.

4.  Each of the parties involved in compliance with the country's third party, which is the third party in the country where the aircraft carriers are in their country or in the country during the time of the remaining in this country. .

5.  Each of the Convenience Parties has to rely on the safety of its passengers, passengers, crew, hand luggage, general baggage, cargo and aircraft leasing, before loading and unloading, and in order to control them in order to control the aircraft. will have an effective implementation of them. Each of the Asylum Parties will consider any request to be made possible by the other in order to clear a threat.

6.  The event of a civil-aircraft takeover, or the occurrence of a threat to the aircraft or aircraft, aircraft passengers and crew, airports or air navigation facilities, could be caused by the incident. In turn, they will benefit each other by facilitating the use of appropriate measures aimed at reporting and ending such an event or threat in a fast and secure manner.

7.  In the event that the provisions of this Article are implemented in the implementation of provisions of the airport security, the company claims that each of us is in the process of requesting that each of us be in charge of the aviation authorities of the World. will be found.



1.  All factors such as fee schedules, cost of execution, a reasonable profit, and tariffs for other airlines to be made available to the country or country of a Profitable Company will be determined by the airline's airline push-offs. to be determined at reasonable levels.

2.  In the 1st of the article, and in the tariffs of the 1st of this article, the airline's transfer, if possible, is the airline's designated airline after all, if possible, complete or part of the line, and the carrier. They will use procedures for making the use of tariffs on the international Air Transport Unit (IATA), as it is possible to understand and to make such a deal available.

3.  At least sixty (60) days prior to the proposed date of the proposed entry, the rate tariffs will be submitted to the airport authorities for the approval of the airline. In special cases, this time can be reduced by the reconciliation of the authorities.

4.  This confirmation is clear. If none of the other aviation authorities report no objections within thirty (30) days of the date of the submission to the fee tariffs which are presented according to the provisions of the 3rd section of the article, the fee tariffs are to be issued to be issued. If the presentation of the presentation according to 3rd fikra provisions is disallowed, the aviation authorities may decide to be less than thirty (30) days of the objection.

5.  An understanding of this Article on a rate of fee does not allow an understanding, or if the aviation authorities have an objection to a tariff that has been agreed upon by one of the other officials, according to the provisions of the 2nd fikra. In the event, the two Azos will try to identify the airline authorities for the cost of the fee.

6.  According to the provisions of the 3rd section of this Article, the authorities of the United States are not able to understand the terms of any fee, according to the provisions of the 3rd fikra, or the provisions of the 5th fikra, the 19th amendment of this Article.

7. A fee tariff that is determined according to the provisions of this clause will remain in effect until the new one is identified. However, a fee tariff shall not be more than twelve (12) months of guarantees from the date of the end, according to these fikra provisions.



The aviation authorities of each party are the airline's authorities, the first in which the airline is appointed. In order to review the capacity, which may be considered reasonably necessary, they will place the circuit or other statistical information that is reasonably necessary to review the capacity that is currently being treated. This information will include all of the traffic and information needed to determine the traffic and the location of those traffic and determine the location of the traffic.



Within the time of a close understanding, the aviation authorities of the United States have been working with each other to avoid the implementation and compliance of the provisions and provisions of the United States. They will be found. These invasions will be started within thirty (30) days following the request of one of the Fuel Parties.



1. If one of the following is found to be a desire to make any material available, it may request that it be made to the other site. Such an incursion, which may be done by negotiation or writing by the aviation authorities, will start within 60 days of the date of demand. This process will only take effect when a diplomatic note is confirmed by the diplomatic note.

2.  The meanings to be made in the meanings can be made available by the Akitite authorities in the presence of the air authorities in their own way.



This Means and Attachments will be made to suit any multi-party commitment that may be the one for each party.



Each of the Parties, this is to be Understood It can always inform the other in order to end it; this report will also be delivered to the International Civil Airstorm. In this case, if the termination of the final issuance is not returned by the decision, the meaning will expire after twelve (12) months after the date of the other In the Opposite Side of the Violation. If no confirmation is received by the other Teskit, ihbarname will be counted after fourteen (14) days from the date of the International Civil Remittion notice.



1.  If there is a problem with the interpretation or implementation of these meanings and attachments within the World Parties, the Akitans will try to deal with them through negotiation before they are met.

2.  If they do not reach an agreement by negotiation, the Party Parties are arbitrators or arbitrators each of the Reach Parties to which they are unable to contact the resolution or request that each of the Reach Parties shall be appointed to the decision to make a decision. So they may be able to remain mutable in the submission of a three-team umpire's delegation, which is based on a third arbitrator appointed by the two selected arbitrators. Each party will appoint an arbitrator within 60 (60) days from the date of diplomatic route, each of which requests the arbitration from the other, and the third umpire shall be assigned within a period of 60 days after that. If either Party fails to appoint an arbitrator within the given period or if the third arbitrator cannot be appointed within the specified period of time, then either of the Parties shall be entitled to the right of the situation in accordance with the situation of the International Civil Airman. He might want to appoint the judges. In this case, the third umpire will address the nationality of a third state and will be reappointed by the arbitrator delegation.

3.  The Parties shall undertake to comply with any decision that will be given according to the 2nd of the article.

4.  If any of the carriers and the airline (s) appointed by the Eucite Party do not comply with the decision of the 2nd section of this Article, it is not possible to comply with the rights of the other in which Licensee has given it to the defective One. Or, it can remove, suspend, or cancel the details.

5.  Each of us will be able to meet the referee's expense, each of which has been appointed. The remaining expenses of the arbitrator's Delegation will be shared by the Reward Parties.



The substances are only a reward and convenience The purpose and scope of the purpose and scope of the purpose and scope of it.



These meanings and attachments, He will be registered in the International Civil Airfield.



After the bankruptcy of the Constitutional provisions of each of the Parties, the diplomatic notes in this mealgam will be effective at the time they were due. temsilciler

Resignees who have signed up to the above and are authorized by their government are signatories.

In Ankara, 1995, the Onseth of September. is organized in English as English.


John Dr. Andris GUTMANİS President of the Republic of Latvia to the Republic of the Republic of Latvia, Minister of Transport of the Republic of Turkey



The ways in which the transfer of the Republic of Turkey will travel in both directions:

The Points-Riga in Turkey.


The designated airline of the Latvian Republic Lines in both directions:

Latvia's Points-Istanbul.

Each of the Parties, beyond the country, beyond the country of the country or territory of the two countries It may also require additional points to be added. This request is submitted to the approval of the civil aviation authorities by the Diyer.