The Turkish Grand National Assembly Warning: You Are Viewing The Law, Parliamentary General Assembly Accepted. If It Does Not Contain Any Changes That Are Made Later. Terrorism And Counter Terrorism Arising Damages Compensation Of Triumph K

Original Language Title: TÜRKİYE BÜYÜK MİLLET MECLİSİ Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. TERÖR VE TERÖRLE MÜCADELEDEN DOĞAN ZARARLARIN KARŞILANMASI HAKKINDA K

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Kanun No. 5442


Accepted Date: 28.12.2005      


ARTICLE 1.- 17/7/2004, and 5233 counts of Terrorism and Terrorism Harmful Damages The fourth item of the Law on the Right is added to the next one to arrive after the second receipt.

Officer for each meeting (500) for each meeting of the Commission and its members, including no more than six months per month the sum of the amount that will be multiplicity is paid by the amount that will be found by the amount of the month. These payments are not tax and non-disruptive, except for the stamp tax.

ARTICLE 2.- The "one" clause of the 52nd (c) and (d) points of the number 5233 is "one" at the same time, " and "Send by the Minister" is to draw from the text of the article.

MADDE 3.- 5233 is the number 6 of the Code, which is currently installed in the province.

Article 6.-Effective from the death of the damages or reps of authorized representatives The necessary actions in the next day, in a period of time, when the incident occurred, or the damage that was caused by the damage caused by the incident in a year, are expected. After these times, no hits will be accepted. The amount of time taken from hospital admissions to hospital admissions is not considered in the calculation of the time period from the hospital admission to the hospital in the injury and injury.

governorates, vacancies, representatives of the Republic of Turkey, foreign ministers. , and public institutions and installations are sent to their respective governships.

The Commission has stolen from the date of its execution, with damages for each person who has been harmed. They have to complete it. In mandatory state, this time can be extended by the governor for three more months.

The Commission may ask for any information and assistance from the relevant public institutions and organizations regarding the issue. may also be able to task as an expert in public institutions and organizations. The Commission can play or receive additional information from the required experts.

The chairman and members of the commission; blood and loss of their own, including their own, and to the third degree (including this degree) They cannot add to the commission meetings related to the damage of their deputies, their guardian, or the loss of the people they are registered with.

The secretarial services of theKomisyonunCommission are executed by provincial special administration.

To public officials who are authorized by the Commission (500), to file a report (500), The commission is paid by the decision not to exceed the amount found by the officer for each number of cases (1000) per share file. These payments are not tax and non-disruptive, except for the stamp tax.

6245, of commissioners, who have contributed to the operation at the site of the civil service, to determineZararlarýndamages. The tuition is paid according to the Law of Tuition. The amount of tuition that will be paid to the Commissioner of the Commission is based on the amount of tuition paid to the State officer, who received a Grade 1 salary. These payments are not tax and non-disruptive, except for the stamp tax.

Commission members cannot be designated as an expert.

The expenses of the commission are made from the Ministry and/or provincial special administration budget.

The case in the case of the case is the case according to the general provisions until the relevance of the nihalal outcome is concerned. stops opening times.

ARTICLE 4.- The "twenty-day" clause in the second case of the 12th Amendment of the Code 5233 is "thirty days". The phrase "one example of one example is sent to the Ministry" and "sent to the Minister."


ARTICLE 5.- To come after the first phase of the 13th Act of the Code 5233 is "payable" The phrase "within three months" was added; the "twentieth Turkish Liras" in the second phase is "Ellibin New Turkish Lirarez".

MADDE 6.- 5233 is the first time that the 14th Amendment of the Code is located in the first form of the Law.

Fees are controlled by the Ministry and the governor.

INVALIDATE ARTICLE 1.- About the relevant governor and regionals within a year from the date of release of this Law in the case of counterterrorism in the case of the actions or dates covered by the 1st, 3rd and 4th clauses of the Anti-Terrorism Act, which were to be used in the case of the date of 19/7/1987 and the date of the current date of this Law was entered in the context of the date of the fight against terrorism. with real people who are damaged due to the activities carried out The provisions of this Law are also applicable to the civil damages of private legal entities.

MADDE 2.- From 19/7/1987 until the date that this Law has been entered, while its tasks are in place. Compensation was received from the public officials or their beneficiary in the fight against terrorism or the fight against terrorism, but the criteria for the compensation of the received compensation was made from the publication date of this Law. to the relevant governor or vacillator in a year If there is a difference between compensation for the people in the calculation and the compensation that they should receive according to this Law, the amount that is missing is paid with the legal interest. If the amount of compensation paid is too much, no return is requested.

ARTICLE 7.- This is effective on the release date of the Law.

TICAD 8.- The Council of Ministers executes the provisions of this Law.




























(S. Number: 1000)