The Turkish Grand National Assembly Warning: You Are Viewing The Law, Parliamentary General Assembly Accepted. If It Does Not Contain Any Changes That Are Made Later. Das Agency, Coordination And Duties

Original Language Title: TÜRKİYE BÜYÜK MİLLET MECLİSİ Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. KALKINMA AJANSLARININ KURULUŞU, KOORDİNASYONU VE GÖREVLERİ HAKKINDA

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Kanun No. 5449


Accepted Date: 25.1.2006      


Purpose and Scope, Tantas, Installed, General Coordination

Purpose and scope

ARTICLE 1- The purpose of this Law is to help the public sector, private sector, and civil society. Improve regional development in line with the policies and policies envisioned in national wake-up and programs, by improving the onsite and effective use of resources and mobilizing local potential. Differences between regions, regions, and intra-region development to reduce the installation, duties, and authorizations of the agencies to the coordination of the installation, duties, and authorizations.


MADDE 2- In the implementation of this Law;

a) Region: Level 2 of the EK 1 list of the United States in the list of EK 1,

b) Agency: Kalkunma agency,

c) Installation decision: Council of Ministers decision on the installation of Kalkunma agencies,

refers to.


ARTICLE 3- The agencies are based on the State Planning Contact, based on the regions. It is established by the Council of Ministers upon its proposal. The city where the agency center is located is indicated in the installation ordinance.

The Council of Ministers is authorized to rearrange the zones specified in the EK 1 list and to remove the installed Agency.

Agencies are legal entities and are subject to special law provisions in all entities that are regulated by this Law.

General coordination

MADDE 4- State Planning is responsible for coordination of the agents at the national level.

Government Planning;

a) reduce inter-region and intra-region development measures; plan, programming, and It guides and consults the agencies, monitors and monitors the implementation of the plan and programs.

b) provide a way to measure performance of programs conducted with corporate performance of agents. By specifying the guidelines, they do or do so.

c) Internal and current funds for regional development and use of them with the allocation of funds to agencies and essences.

d) Agencies support the interagency and support joint project production.

e) the central level of relevant institutions and services in order to effectively and efficiently deliver the services of the Agencies They are business and coordination with the installation.

f) Approves agents of the year-to-play programs.

g) From the board of directors, selected and proposed to the agency's general secretary,  approvals.

h) plan and programs, help and transfer of personnel, qualifications and employment, budget and accounting Based on the use of standards, activity reports, monitoring, dec and control, and the work of public institutions and installations related to the execution of the support offices of the yacht and the services of the support offices.


Task and Entites

Agency task and authorizations

MADDE 5- The agent's task and entitlements are:

a) Technical support for the plans of local governments to be used.

b) support the implementation of the zone plan and programs, and support the projects; supported by this scope to monitor the implementation process of activities and projects, to inform them of the Undersecretary of State Planning.

c) Capacity, local and local capacity of the region, in accordance with region plan and programs to contribute to its development and to support projects in this scope.

d) Regional plan and programmes conducted by public sector, private sector and civil society. It is important to monitor other projects that are important to them.

to reallocation regional development goals; public sector, private sector and civil society To improve the installation of the installation.

f) resources allocated to the agency within the framework of the second phase of the 4th Article (c), region plan and to use or use them in accordance with their programs.

to identify resources and capabilities, improve economic and social development, and improve competitiveness. Support efforts to make, do, and install efforts to further increase, to support efforts to build, and to support.

h) National and international levels of the region's business and yacht facilities are related to related installations to make or do it.

i) permit and license to enter the duties and authority of the authorities, public institutions, and organizations in the region. One-to-one monitoring and coordination of the business and actions of the other in order to result in the time specified in the relevant legislation.

ilgilij) About issues such as management, production, recognition, marketing, technology, financing, organisation and power of labor, related Support new people with small and medium-sized businesses by installing them in a business unit.

k) To introduce and contribute to project development in the region of activities of Turkey-based bilateral or multilateral international programs.

l) The agency's activities, financial structure, and agency related to the internet is widely available. To build a website.

Information collection

MADDE 6- The Agency is authorized to request from institutions and installs of information required by the scope of the tasks. They are required to provide information that is requested from them at the time of this information.


TeþkilâtýAgency Business

Business at

MADDE 7- The agent is as follows:

a) The shield is installed.

b) The board of directors.

c) General secretary.

d) Yatrism support offices.

Shield installed

MADDE 8- Towards a regional development, public institutions and installations in the region, private sector, civil You will be installed to improve the business of community installations, universities and local governments, and to direct the agency.

The maximum number of members of the board, including the balanced representation of the provinces, is the one that counts the number of members.

To send a representative to the board of trustees, public institutions and organizations, and private sector and civil society installations The number of representatives they will send is determined by the mandate of the task period and the set up of the set of other considerations.

TheKalkýnmaShield Board selects a President and a Vice President from among its own members in the first meeting that it is capable of. The head of the President and the Acting Chief's office is two years old.

President and Acting President of the United States Department of State and Representative Director of the Board of the United States of Turkey and the Acting President of the United States tasks ends, and the first meeting will be the President and the Acting Chair again.

A minimum of two meetings at the invitation of the Board of the Board of the Board of the Board of the Board of the Board of the Board of.. At the same time, the Board will convene a meeting of the Board at the request of a full member of the board.

The Board of Awake is meeting with more than half of the member full count, and the multiplication of the multiplicity. If a meeting is not available, a new meeting date is set by the new meeting, and no quorum is searched for the meeting.

Task and authorities of the Board of Missions

MADDE 9- The task and authorizations of the Kalkimma board are:

a) Special cutting and/or civil society installations on the board of directors in areas that are from single provinces To select representatives and two-fold backups.

b) The agency's annual activity and internal audit reports are to be seen, deported, and advised to the board.

c) Management to address, identify, potential, and prioritize the region's problems and solutions To give advice to the board.

d) Report the results of the meeting to the Undersecretary of State Planning and a result of the meeting to publish a statement.


MADDE 10- The board of directors is the agency's decision.

The board of directors, single-province regions, governor, metropolitan municipality, city general assembly, industry The chamber has three representatives from the chamber of commerce, private sector and/or civil society, and other than one in more than one province; provincial governors in more than one province, metropolitan municipality or non-metropolitan areas. Provincial central municipality in provinces, provincial general assembly They are the people, and they are part of the business of commerce and industry, with the record of being a part of each and every single year. However, in the provinces of more than one province, the Board of Directors and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey will be determined by the Board of Directors, if trade and industry chambers are to be established separately.

TheyönetimAgency represents the board of directors. He's the chairman of the board. In the first meeting of the board, the members of the board select a representative from among the members.

The board of directors in more than one province is identified as the first year in which the agency has been identified as the first It is carried out by the governor for a period of time, by the governors of the region, according to the alphabetical order of the provinces during the subsequent years.

The task duration of the board members selected by the board of the single-primary regions is two years old. if any of their membership is terminated before they complete their task periods, the remaining durations are completed by the backup members. Members whose task ends can be selected again. The member of the board does not allow members to continue their duties in the institutions and organizations they represent.

Board members information about the agency's privacy concerns and the implementation of this Code The slits in the areas of the play cannot be used, even if they are separated from their tasks, and cannot use them in the interest of themselves or their people.

Board members, themselves, and up to the second degree, are concerned with blood and anxiety. They do not contribute to a meeting and a vote on any of the topics that are associated with, or are associated with, the trade.

TheYönetimBoard of Directors convenes at least one time each month with a phase of the member tamper at the invitation of the party. Management of the board of directors will be able to see the chief executive at the time of the meeting.

The board of directors decides with a vote-per-factor of the meeting. In the event of an event, a decision is made in the direction of the president.

The agency secretary general will contribute to the board of directors meeting with no votes.

görevAdministrative board's task and entitlements

MADDE 11- The administrative board's tasks and entitlements are:

A) To accept the online program and submit it to the approval of the Secretary of State Planning.

b) revise the budget according to needs within the year.

c) approve the annual financial report and the budget results that have been finalised.

d) To decide whether to service, sell, and lease goods as soon as they are available.

e) To send the annual report to the State Planning Undersecretariat for the annual report.

f) To approve the Agency budget and submit it to the State Planning Agency.

g) The program offered by the secretary general with offers on support of projects and activities and to approve the help for the installation.

h) To accept grants and hits to be made to the agency.

i) decide whether the personnel are to be taken care of, and to end the business.

j) approve the execution units that are specified by the secretary-general and the part of it in the search.

k) To identify the secretary general and submit the Secretary of State Planning to the approval of the Secretary of State.

l) received general secretary general's office in order to receive, sell, and lease the current Identifying the authorities that might be in charge.

The board of directors is required to identify a number of entitlements above, as they are required, to set the maximum number of times. It can be transferred to the public office.

General secretariat

MADDE 12- The general secretary is the executive director. The top supervisor of the general secretariat and the yacht support offices is the general secretary. The general secretary is responsible for the board.

nitelikleriGeneral secretary's qualifications

MADDE 13- They have the specified qualifications in terms of employment as secretary general. From:

a) Law, economics, finance, administration, public administration, international relations, statistics, the economy of stealing and Industry relations, mathematics, sociology, architecture, city and region licensing, engineering, engineering, engineering, engineering, or higher education, and to graduate at the undergraduate level from the institutions of higher education at home.

b) has sufficient knowledge and experience in the areas involved in the agency; at least ten other people who require expertise To be the first to be stolen.

c) Public Personnel have received or received at least 70 points from the English Language Information Level-In-English Language to have the corresponding document that is considered to be the equivalent.

görevSecretary-General's task and entitlements

MADDE 14- The secretary-general's duties and entitlements are:

a) To implement board decisions.

b) to prepare and board the budget with the Yell-Play program.

c) To collect agency revenues, budget and board of directors with usûlances and principles to be determined by the 4th spending them in accordance with their decisions.

d) retrieve the current state of the property in the water to be determined by the board of directors. to sell, lease, and service.

e) The region, institutions and organizations in the region have developed the capacity to produce and implement projects.

f) Private sector, civil society installations and local governments ' offers of projects and activities. to bring advice to the board of directors for support.

g) To monitor, deorize, audit and report supported projects and activities.

h) Doing business with agency and installation in and out of the country related to the regional deployment, and joint projects To develop.

i) Support technical support for local governments ' plans to be used.

j) To determine the performance criteria of the personnel and to devalue the performance.

) To offer the board of personnel and to offer an end to the board of directors.

l) to contribute to national and international meetings related to regional development, representing the agency secretary general. To have a meeting at home.

m) To execute the agents of the agency, and the other services that enter the task area.

n) To use the entitlements that are delegated by the board.

Service support offices

MADDE 15- In the region provinces, one with the board decision is to be a coordinator, with one of the most from the top The support offices are now being worked out. If the number of specialist personnel working in the support offices of the yacht cannot respond to the needs of the region and the province, this number can be increased with the approval of the board decision and the State Planning Contact.

The general secretary is responsible for the tasks of the Yacht Support Offices.

The services offered to the yachchers in the

Yacht Support Offices are completely free.

Tasks and entitlements of

Authority support offices

MADDE 16- The task and authorizations of the service support offices are:

a) permit and access to the duties and authority of the public institutions and organizations of the yachchers in the special part of the region. In the period specified in the relevant legislation with respect to the registration of the licenses, the relevant legislation is not specified for a period of time, and is to follow and coordinate with the board of directors to the board of directors, to conclude with the urgent business, Watch your sleep.

b) To inform and provide information about the information in the relevant legislation and the desired documents. to show.

c) To conduct a preliminary review of the shootings.

d) To make the adjustments specified in the regulations that will be installed under the 4th clause.

to inform the governor and the general secretary about the business and the business.

Hit support offices

MADDE 17- The yachts refer to the information and documents that are specified in the relevant legislation in the support offices. As a result of this operation, the durations in the yacht support offices are not counted from the durations that are specified in the relevant legislation. It is likely that the yachchers will search for support offices in the scope of this Law.

Department of rights and licenses and other management-related mergers for business administration and operations The shootings are done on the side of the yacht.


Sleep support offices have been involved in what yachts and business people are doing, and the 4th section (h) has been warned. The scope of the edits to be made.


Personnel Regime, Budget and Control

The qualification, status, and rights ofpersonelininAgency personnel

MADDE 18- Agency services, specialist staff and support personnel employed according to the provisions of the business by hand. In detail, an internal auditor is employed to conduct internal audit in the agencies. The number of support personnel who will conduct business, such as secretarial, public, administrative, financial, and personnel, cannot exceed 20 percent of the total number of personnel in the agency.

Specialist staff and internal auditor, law, economics, finance, administration, public administration, international relations, statistics, graduated from higher education institutions at a bachelor's degree in economics and industrial relations, mathematics, sociology, architecture, city and engineering, engineering, engineering, engineering, engineering, engineering, engineering, engineering, engineering, engineering, engineering, engineering, engineering, engineering, engineering, engineering, engineering, engineering, engineering, engineering, engineering, engineering, engineering, engineering, engineering, engineering, engineering, engineering, engineering, engineering, engineering, engineering, engineering, engineering, engineering, engineering, engineering, engineering, Mature, Public Personnel Establish Foreign Language Information Level It is employed by candidates who have at least 70 points from the English language in English, or who have the internationally valid document equivalent to it. In addition, the internal auditor calls for at least ten years of work as a public administration.

Public institutions and organizations who are involved in the qualifications specified in this Code are identified by It can be employed as general secretary, internal auditor or specialist staff in the agency with the muvafakti of its institutions. It ends with the execution of the business with the institutions of those who have been. The fee for which they will be given is determined by the current financial and social rights to which it will be made. In this way, the people who are employed are assigned to their careers or positions within three months of the latest in their careers or positions in their previous institutions, considering their duties, service years, and titles, while their duties in the agency are terminated. They will be deployed within one month at the latest. However, in the appointment of these people, administrative titles in their previous institutions will not be considered. It is made by the decision of the previous public institutions and its personnel in the scope of this fund to be approved by the decree, with the corresponding minister approval of the appointment's actions according to this receipt. The agency's previous services to its previous institutions will be required at the level of rights and levels of rights that have been returned to the previous institutions. In this case, the severance pay is not paid, and these durations are considered in the account of the pension bonus. The total number of personnel that will be deployed in this way cannot be 30 percent of the total number of personnel.

Agency staff, dated 17/7/1964 in retirement and social security, and 506 are Social Insurances Koununa It's all right.

with the members of the board of directors and all personnel to be employed in the agency;

a) Being a Turkish Citizen,

b) Not being deprived of public rights,

c) crimes against the state of the state, even if they were to the affa, the zimmet, the conflict, the race, the dream, the war, the war, the war, the war, the war, the war, the war, the war, the war, the war, the war Anti-trafficking, fraud, fraud, indignity, fraud, insolvability, or criminal and mischief trafficking, including fraud, fraud, abuse, abuse, abuse, government abuse, government, government and criminal trafficking, government, government, government, government, government, government, government, government, government, government, government, government, government, government, government, government, government, government, government, government, government, government, government, government, government, government, government, government, government, government, government, government, government, government, government, government, government, government, government, government, government, government, government, government, government, government, government, government, government, government, government, government, government, and Not to find fault for the fact that you open the line of fire,

searches for the results.

To avoid passing the lower and upper limits identified by the secretary-general and other personnel, as well as the salaries and days, and the social rights and social rights, from the

All disputes with

Agency personnel are seen in the ive courts.

fonlarRevenue and funds to manage

MADDE 19- The agents ' revenues and management funds are:

a) The previous year general budget tax revenues, tax returns, and tax returns, and the neighborhood administration and The share that will be determined by the population, development level, and performance criteria for each agency after the amount remaining transferred to the funds is transferred over the remaining amount per thousand, from the transfer payment per thousand to the top of the five per cent.

b) resources to be sold from European Union and other international funds.

Faaliyetc) Operating revenues.

d) for provincial private management in the region, over the previous year-in-time budget revenues; borrowing, allocation One per cent, excluding the income from general, added and private-budget setups with revenues from the public, for municipalities; borrowing and allocation, at a rate of one per cent, excluding income items in the property, from the current budget of the current the share to be transferred.

e) Industry and commerce chambers in the region are at a rate of one per cent of previous year's budget revenues. a share to be transferred from the year's budget.

f) The national and international institutions and installations are held and helped by the national and international organizations.

g) Revenue from the previous year.

Council of Ministers to raise the rate specified for provincial private administrations by up to one percent or as specified in this Law to lower rates, to the rate set for the municipalities; to reduce or to increase to the rate specified in this Law.

The shares specified in the first fan (d) and (e) as part of the corresponding administration and installation. to the end of the agency account until the end. (d) the shares specified in the statement may not be transferred during the term of the Ministry of Finance and/or the Bank of America, based on their interest in the share of the overall budget tax revenues collected over the collection. is transferred to the related agency account. The allocation of the other payees will be made public according to the general provisions.


MADDE 20- Expenses for agents:

a) plan, program, and project expenses.

b) Project and activity support expenses.

c) Interprocess and development expenses.

d) Tanitum and ecare expenses.

e) Expenses and service alms.

f) Management and personnel expenses.

g) Tasks related to tasks.

The agency collects annual personnel expenses, and cannot address the percent of the most recent year budget revenues.

Client responsibility for financial transparency and accountability

MADDE 21- Agencies, with the purpose of obtaining and using financial resources, under the control of the audit, is obligated to inform the public at the time of the public opinion. To this end;

a) The task, authority, and responsibilities are not defined as open,

Preparing, implementing, and implementing the budget with the Yell-through program, authorized organs reports and reports are available to the public and to be available to you,

c) Certain periods, not to exceed a year of support for projects and activities by the Agencies public,

d) An accounting of the standard accounting system and general accepted accounting principles of agency accounts by-order,

is required.

agents and financial resources are in charge of obtaining, using, and financial resources. And the authorized ones are responsible for the effective, economic, efficient and legal attainable, use, accounting, reporting, and abuse of resources.


ARTICLE 22- Plan and programs at the national and regional level, as determined by the High Planning Board The budget, which is prepared according to the ceiling and the annual work schedule, shows the revenue and expense estimates within the budget year of the agency. Budget year calendar year. Budget expense cannot be spent.

Budget preparation and acceptance

ARTICLE 23- Agency, High Planning Board, stated that the first of the 19th Article (a) was specified in the According to the criteria, they are prepared for the next year's budget by taking into account the estimates of the monthly income from the general budget for transfers to the agencies from the general budget in the month of June, and the estimates of the individual income items. The budget draft and the work schedule, which will be prepared in general secretariat under consideration of national and regional level plans and programs, is presented to the board of directors in August.

The budget draft is accepted by the board, after it is accepted until the latest September The State Planning Inspection is sent to the Undersecretary of State for the receiving end. The budget is submitted to the State Planning Association by being finalised within ten days of the current date of the General Budget Act.

DevletThe first receipt of the 19th Article (a) transfer of the transfer, State Planning Policy, It is shown in the undersecretary budget. This allowance is used by the State Planning Agency to the agencies according to the monthly expense program.

The budget for the work that continues until the budget is finalized is associated with the annual budget.

Budget results

MADDE 24- Budget results in March after the end of the budget period is presented to the board of directors; it is decided by the board of directors.

If the budget results are not approved, the Secretary of State and the State Planning Association will be sent to the Undersecretary of State Planning. These institutions provide an operation according to the relevant provisions of this Law and/or other related laws.


MADDE 25- Internal and internal controls are done in agents.

In-control, agency's activities, accounts, actions, and performance board of directors or secretary general and is controlled by an internal auditor. The audit reports are presented to the board of directors and to the board of the standing.

In the top audit, the Ministry of Finance and the Minister of Finance and the State Planning Contact are in the process of to be determined, all accounts and entities of the agency, according to the board of directors, have always been installed on the board by the latest March and at the time required by the board of directors of the Capital Markets Board. It will be examined. The initial reports of audit are available to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the State Planning Association for a timely report. The Secretary of State Planning to make the necessary actions related to the performance of the audit and to take the necessary measures and to take the necessary precautions, the Department of State Planning for the Planning of the audit is authorized.

According to this item, the partners, managers, and people of the organization who are conducting the audit are responsible for criminal liability. on 28/7/1981, and 2499 (3) of the Capital Markets Code, with the subname (3) of the number (3) of the capital, the provisions of Articles 48 and 49 are applied.


Government Provisions


MADDE 26- Agencies provide all kinds of taxes, images, and fees related to the implementation of this Law.  It is exempt.

provisions that will not be applied

MADDE 27- Agency, dated 10/12/2003 and numbered 5018 of Public Goods Management and Control Law, 8/9/1983 and the 2886-numbered State-Award Act and the provisions of 4/1/2002 and the provisions of the Government Code of Public Dignity of 4734 are in the name of the Law.

DevletMADADE 28- 19/6/1994, 540 counts of State Planning Development and Law on Installed Tasks In its provision, the 2 nci clause is added to the item.

"l) To coordinate and execute related actions related to the coordination of Kalkirnma agents."

ARTICLE 29- 540 is the 14th clause of the decree "structural harmonization policies". coordinating and coordinating the general coordination of the agencies to develop and coordinate the work to solve the problems that may arise in the implementation of the problems that may arise in the implementation of the , and to execute actions, " the expression is added.

MADADE 30- 27/10/1989 and 388 Southeastern Anatolia Project Regional Departure Contact The 2 nci (f) clause of the decree (f) of the decree in provision of Law on the Rule of Installation and Tasks has been said to be "doing or doing application zoning," the current (i) has been added to the item and the final of the 3rd Amendment is in effect. It will be removed.

" i) in regions covering the provinces of Adıyaman, Batman, Diyarbakir, Gaziantep, Kilis, Mardin, Siirt, February and February. execute the coordination task on the agencies to be installed on the basis of the State Planning Contact, and to execute them on the basis of the basis of the State Planning Planning, "

INVALID ARTICLE 1- First of the 19th clause (a) until all the agencies have been installed and operational The transfer request to be allocated will be determined by consideration of the number of installed agents. Agencies gain the right to use their share of the rest of the year for the rest of the year.

INVALIDATE ARTICLE 2- A number of minority personnel may be employed in the agency for the first year.


SUPERSEDE 3- Regional programs carried out in the scope of the Turkish-European Union (EU); They are running project units for execution and coordination in the regions, and all types of goods, rights and obligations are at the latest from the current date of the installation of the installation. month (s) transferred to the relevant agency.

The personnel involved in such project units; the installation of the agency that was established in the area of duty. the relevant agency within six months of the current date of the current date, and those who have qualified qualifications specified in the second phase of the 18th article are expert staff, and the other is related to this Law as support personnel. It is primarily employed by its provisions.

INVALIDATE ARTICLE 4 -The departure is within a month from the date of release of the installation ordinance, agency is the first meeting of the governor of the province, which is located centrally.


MADDE 31- enters this Channel's release date.


ARTICLE 32- The Council of Ministers executes the provisions of this Law.










EK 1: Statistics of the United States of Israel


TR1: Istanbul

TR10: Istanbul

TR2: BatI Marmara

TR21: Edirne, Rfx, Tekirdair

TR22: Balıkir, Canakkale

TR3: Aegean

TR31: Izzir

TR32: Month, Denizli, Muðla

TR33: Afyonkarahisar, Kütahya, Manisa, Ufak

TR4: Doðu Marmara

TR41: Bilecik, Bursa, Eskişehir

TR42: Bolu, Düzce, Kocaeli, Sakarya, Yalova

TR5: Battland Anatolia

TR51: Ankara

TR52: Karaman, Konya

TR6: Mediterranean

TR61: Antalya, Burdur, Isparta

TR62: Adana, Mersin

TR63: Hatay, Kahramanmaran, Osmaniye

TR7: Central Anatolia

TR71: Aksaray, Kırıkkale, Kınşehir, Niyade, Nevsehir

TR72: Kayseri, Sivas, Yozgat

TR8: West Black Sea

TR81: Bartlet, Karabük, Zonguldak

TR82: Bag, Kastamonu, Sinop

TR83: Amasya, Corum, Samsun, Tokat

TR9: Doðu Karadeniz

TR90: Artvin, Giresun, Gümüşhane, Ordu, Rize, Trabzon

TRA: Northeastern Anatolia

TRA1: Bayburt, Erzincan, Erzurum

TRAA2: Ari, Ardahan, Idar, Kars

TRB: Midtown Anatolia

TRB1: Bingol, Elazilyün, Malatya, Tunceli

TRB2: Bitlis, Hakkurri, Mudli, Van

TRC: Southeastern Anatolia

TRC1: Adjeman, Gaziantep, Kilis

TRC2: Diyarbakır, Feb

TRC3: Batman, Mardin, Sirnak, Siirt