Turkish Grand National Assembly Warning: You Are Viewing Act, The Parliamentary General Assembly Has Already Adopted. If It Does Not Include The Changes Made Later. Establishment Of Turkish Development Bank Corporation Law (27.11.

Original Language Title: TÜRKİYE BÜYÜK MİLLET MECLİSİ Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. TÜRKİYE KALKINMA BANKASI ANONİM ŞİRKETİNİN KURULUŞU HAKKINDA KANUN (27.11.

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Kanun # 4456    Date of Admission: 14.10.1999 




Legal constitution

TICAD 1. - In the event of this Law, the Bank is the title "Turkey's Sovereign Bank Corporation", which is subject to special law provisions, and an anonymied, deification and yacht bank.

The bank's title is "Turkey's Sovereign Bank". The library title is "TKB".

The bank is concerned with "The Secretary".

The headquarters of the bank is "Ankara".


MADHOUSE 2. -This is the law.

1. The statement of the "Ministry" statement,

2. The "Minister" statement is the Minister of State, or the Minister of State,

3. The statement "The Bank" refers to the Bank of Turkey, the Bank of Turkey (TKB),

ÝfadeThe purpose of the bank and its operations

MADRID 3. -The bank's goal is for Turkey to leave, to provide loans and support for loans in the understanding of efficiency and efficiency, while improving domestic and citizen savings, to provide credit for Turkey's decision to leave. to divert to future yachts, contribute to the development of capital markets, finance domestic, international and international yachts, and make all kinds of wake and yacht banks.

The bank is to make these objectives real ;

1. Turkish Liras and foreign currency exchange, medium and long-term cash and non-profit credit can open, profit-partner or lease-based credit lines. It can be assured and may be able to receive both domestic and foreign people and institutions as they are required.

2. It may be able to sell, sell, and guarantee bonds of any kind.

3. Research, project development, and performance may be able to perform or be able to work, and may give technical assistance. It may be possible to take measures to ensure that the companies involved in the financing are part of the random-market.

4. It can open up loans, invest in domestically and domestically, rehabilitation, bonification, consolidation, if necessary. At the vanity of the bank, it can set up and sell, sell, roll back, and make a profit guarantee of profits.

5. It can make all kinds of quarters, such as imports, exports, and unseen treatment, and can hold a foreign exchange position.

6. The insurance can do the acentala.

7. In order to obtain the necessary permissions, it can open business and representation at home and in the dormitory.

8. It can work with domestic and citizen financing institutions, and may be a member of national and international organizations that have endured.

9. Domestic and citizen financing will be available through money and capital markets, as well as funds from all kinds of funds.

10. It will take measures in the industry to spread the ownership to the mainstream masses.

11. It plans to remove the bank resources and use it in accordance with the objectives and policies of the annual programs.

12. It can make all kinds of things that are possible to help the purpose of the purpose of the purpose of the purpose of the purpose of the purpose of the purpose of the purpose of the purpose of the purpose of the purpose of the purpose of the purpose of the purpose of the purpose of the purpose of the purpose of the purpose of It can buy, sell, rent, rent, rent, rent, rent, mortgage, resell, and property rights, real estate, and other real estate, property and rights.

14. The bank may receive all kinds of guarantees, including the securities of the securities, trading hostage, and real estate mortgage, as the bank's open loans.




MADDE 4. - Self and foreign resources to deliver to the purpose of the bank:

a) Summaries

1. Capital,

2. Theatrics and Caution.

b) Strangers

1. The bonds to be issued with the Treasury bail in Turkish Lirasary or foreign exchange will be issued at.2. The Treasury and the T.C. Central Bank, the loans to be opened, the advances to be made,

3. Loans from domestic and foreign installations by granting Treasury bail, as required,.4. Other resources.

An investment fund and a partner

MADDE 5. -The Bank may establish a securities compliance fund and operate a securities investment fund and operate as an agency.


MADDE 6. - The bank is in the registered capital system and the registered capital is 75 000 000 000 000 TL. The bank's share of stocks is written.

The loss of capital is reallocated with the decision of the Board of Directors in the capital ceiling. The registered capital ceiling can be increased by the Council of Ministers upon the decision of the General Assembly.

The Board of Directors has agreed to discredit the rights of rthree, to draw stock on the reputation, to sell the collected share, and to share stocks. It is authorized to press in clippings.

In the non-provision of this Code, the business of the registered capital system is executed under the Capital Markets Act of 2499.

Authorization to remove security

MADRID 7. -The Bank may issue and sell any securities in accordance with the current legislation.

The bonds that are issued by the Bank's Treasury bail will also benefit from any rights, concessions and exemptions that the government bonds have.

Resources usage

MADDE 8. -The Bank uses resources according to the annual plasmas program.a) allocation of resources bysektörlerea) Resources to industries, competencies and company structures,

b) Allowance for business and credit,

c) Entitlements and construction. The loan interest, the terms, and non-payment periods are specified. The program will be sent to the Ministry of Finance with the Ministry of Plastie.

Account period and business program

MADDE 9. -The bank's account period calendar is calendar year.

The bank is ready to set up a program that regulars its operations for each account period. In this program;

a) the Plasmman program mentioned in item 8,

b) The Staff cadre,

c) Revenue, and expense budget,

e) Funding program,

f) Devitation stations,

g) recognize the business of the business,

h) The other required topics are




General Assembly

MADDE 10. - The General Assembly is made up of the Bank ' s stock holders. The General Assembly acts according to the provisions of the Turkish Commercial Code, including the provisions of this Law.

The Board of Directors

MADADE 11. - The Board of Directors is the responsible decision for the General Assembly.

a) The Board of Directors;

1. General Manager,

2. A subset of shareholders will be selected from the shareholders to the General Assembly,

a total of seven members to be selected.

b) To be eligible to be elected to the Board of Directors;

1. To be able to assign a state officer to a public servant,

2. To be my high-life,.3. Three of the members who will be elected to the General Assembly from the shareholders must consider law, economics, management, finance, banking, public administration and engineering, or at least undergraduate level in engineering fields related to these branches. In other members, a professional residency is not sought.

c) is the Chief Executive of the Board of Directors.

d) The members of the Board of Directors are three years old. The members that end the task period can be selected again. If the membership is not expired, the provisions of the Turkish Commercial Code are enforced.

e) The Board of Directors convenes at least twice a month with the absolute majority of the member full numbers. Decisions are made with this one-only vote. Abstention cannot be voted. The number of votes is two if the votes are reprinted.

The tasks of the Board of Directors are.

MADDE 12. - The core task of the Board of Directors is to stand up with the General Assembly resolutions and relevant legislation and, within the framework of the programs of the year, the Bank will ensure that the purpose of this Law is to be actually.

Board of Directors is in this meeway;

a) It decides to provide credit to the companies, to be invested in their capital, to be established under the leadership of the Bank, and to sell and sell stocks for the business.

b) In and around the country It decides to open and close representatives, people, and liaison offices.

c) It takes the necessary precautions and decisions to source the bank.

d) The medium and long-term plans, with approvals, tracks, and requirements of the year to be prepared according to the 9th of this Code, are followed and required.

e) The annual report of the activity, The balance sheet and profit-loss account and profit-loss account are prepared for the General Assembly.

f) Identify the organization and the operation procedures that are necessary for the activities of the Bank to be executed in an effective way, and decide the regulations.

g) You appoint senior managers upon the recommendation of the General Manager and the task and designates the authorities.

h) The Board of Directors and the General Manager will be acting as a member of the Board of Directors to counsel the Board of Directors in order not to exceed the minimum amount of time if the Office of the Board of Directors and the General Directorate are to be taken out of the office. Selects the help and provides the Secretary's approval.

a) selects members of the board of directors and auditor candidates on the board of the bank to select from the expert team on this subject.

j) Will do other tasks given to the Regulatory Authority.

Board of Directors required To the General Manager by specifying a section of their authority, their name It can be done. The General Manager provides information on the first meeting of the Board of Directors about their applications in the authorized part. The delegation does not save the Board of Directors from liability.

General Manager

MADDE 13. - The General Manager is appointed with a common decree. The dismissal is duly done.

General Manager's law, economics, administration, finance, banking, public administration and engineering, or engineering fields related to these branches, may not have the least undergraduate degree. It has at least ten years of professional experience in the banking or administration area.

General Manager's mandate and authorizations are stated:

a) The Bank manages the relevant legislation, the General Assembly and the Board of Directors decisions.

b) Represents and represents Banshee in both human and judicial mergers and third-party circuit, which is required by authority.

c) The top managers appoint bids and other personnel.

d) The Bank's capital and financial resources are used in accordance with the purpose of installation and efficiency.

e) It does other tasks.

The chief executive can delegate the authority to lower levels if required. The delegation does not recover from responsibility.

General Manager Help

MADDE 14. -General Manager's judges are appointed with a common decree

to be in engineering fields related to general manager assistance, legal, economics, administration, finance, banking, public administration and branch related branches or in engineering areas. have at least a minimum of seven years of experience with the record and have at least seven years of professional experience in the banking or business community.

Bank staff

MADE 15. - Tasks required by the Bank's services are executed with a non-verbal personnel hand, which is not subject to the provisions of the 657-number Government Officers Act and the other laws,sözleþmelithe service of the bank's personnel, the task and the service of the bank's personnel. The competencies, qualifications, appointment, progress, escalation, dismissal, discipline, obligations, title and respect of the Council of Ministers on the vision of the State Staff are regulated by the regulation.

Bank the charge of staff and the financial and social rights of the fee The basis of the General Manager's proposal and the approval of the Board of Directors is determined by the Council of Ministers upon the appropriate view of the Board of Directors. In the month of April, April, July and October, a monthly fee is paid in proportion to the number of days the Bank's staff has been charged. However, the monthly fee is when all payments under any social benefits, raises, compensation, appropriations or other names (including the amount from bonuses hit to one month, excluding board membership fee), are set up by the High Planning Board. The maximum number of banks that will be identified for the bank is not possible.

Bank personnel are subject to the provisions of the 55434 Code of Retired Sandman Code. Service durations are made according to the provisions of the Code 657 and the Code of Law 5434.

In the retirement of the bank's personnel, As of the duties of the General Managers who are serving in the General Staff Service, as of the duties they have performed, they are Additional indicators and vacancy compensation are applied for the same dial, title, and degree of similar tasks in the areas where they can enter by the State Officers Act.

Board of Audits

MAD16. - The Board of Auditors is composed of three members.

Board members are elected to the General Assembly from the candidates recommended by the stockholders.

The auditors are sought after the necessary actions for the members of the Board of Directors. The auditors are stolen according to the relevant provisions of the Turkish Commercial Code.

The mandate of the members of the Board of Auditors is three years. The end of the task can be selected again. The provisions of the Turkish Commercial Code are implemented in case the membership is not expired.



People, rights, and privileges

MADDE 17. -The Bank is subject to respect to the Respect Act, 1050 Accounting-i Hope Law, 2886 is subject to the State Property Law, 6245 with the Harrayrah Act, additional and beyond.

The bank's plans and assets, money, rights and rights. tesisThe Bank saves, leases, leases, leh and is a hostage, mortgage, intifa, civil rights, real estate and property rights for the Bank's business purpose and to be used.

The bank, the loans used by the Yves Tellivik Fund, and this Any payments made to the Bank by the companies that use the loans are exempt from the bank and the insurance treatment tax. The bonds, receipts, commitment, mukaandlename, bail-and-bail letters, collateral and bail letters, letters and telegrams, letters and telegrams, depositions, indiscretions, racial, delivery, collection orders and all kinds of profits, including the following credit lines. losses, ledgers, account governments, bank statement, balance sheet and construction account offenses, securities and real estate mortgage dealings, securities and real estate mortgage securities, reescent bonds, stamps, stamps, and real estate. It is exempt from tax, notary and tapu allowance, and any allowance.

In the event of the bank's intentions, it is the guarantee of the loan, which guarantees the collateral, and if it does not stay on the Bank at the expense of property, bankruptcy, or haricen, all related issues related to the takeover and intifal. The following are the cases related to the tenders, the loans that are provided by the bond issuance, and the proceedings of those loans, the collections, courts and executive offices that have been destroyed by the loans, the courts and the executive offices, the following, the following and the claims; collateral, stamp, added detentions, veraset and indent, bank and insurance treatment They are exempt from their taxes, notary, tellalolus, tapu, executive, tender, waiver, prison allowance, and any other tax, levy, and levy.

Department of Sacrifice

MADDE 18. -Tax and other legal obligations from the bank's unofficial profits, and the deductible profit after the break, According to the provisions of the Turkish Commercial Code, the Banks Act and the provisions of the relevant legislation, the first dividend is taken.

The remaining profit after the first dividend to be held in this way is up to 5%, which will be made in General Assembly. After the gross three-month charge of the personnel, after the personnel were allocated as dividend to the Board of Directors to be determined, the remaining profit was required by the Turkish Commercial Code and the General Assembly as required, and the reserve is required. The accumuations are reserved and the remainder will be divided by the second dividend to the holders of the General Assembly.

Voting in the General Assembly

MAD19 19. - Every feeling in the General Assembly meetings is about one vote. In the General Assembly, votes are used according to the provisions of the Turkish Commercial Code.

Bankanin goods and documents

MADRID 20. -All rights and receivances with goods and coins of any kind belonging to the Bank are in the state property.

Crimes against goods and money and money provision are provided to the State property. Charges related to the crimes or documents belonging to the state or the State.


MADE 21. -The Bank can set up companies to actuate the objectives and activities in this Law and be able to push on the establishment of the establishment. Your share of the bank is less than 50%. If this ratio is to be taken, the amount of waste is overhauled in three years from the date of the month of the year. This time may be extended by three more to one time, with the approval of the Minister.

The activities related to the activities of the bank and the payments to be made to the representatives in these actions are regulated by a regulation.

Surveillance and controlMADDE

MADRIDMADDE 22. - The Ministry is tasked with the observation of the execution of the Bank's activities in accordance with the relevant provisions of the legislation. This task will not narrow the Bank's duties and powers, and will not be able to reduce its normal activities.

The chief executive of the Supreme Board of High Auditors prepares a report on the activities of each year, and the Turkish Grand National Board of People. It presents the information of the Assembly.

The High Supervisory Board will submit the Bank's report to the Bank by the end of April.

The General Assembly of the Bank convenes until the end of June, taking into account the report of the High Supervisory Board. decisions.

Digit provisions

ARTICLE 23. -The provisions of the Turkish Commercial Code and Banks Law are enforced on non-laws and the provisions of the banks of the Code.

Withdrawal provisions

MADDE 24. - dated 27.11.1975 and 13, dated 14.11.1983 and dated 165, dated 15.7.1988 and 329, dated 12.2.1990, with additional and deformations of the 401 (s).

SUPERSEDE 1. - To increase the original capital from 10 000 000 000 000 TL prior to the effective entry of this Code, it was due to increase, but not paid to the current partners, to use the right to increase the amount of the capital. And the remaining shares from the rthree are canceled. Use of R3 does not call for full and cash payment of prior capital.

Paid capital as a result of using this right is registered and declared as the Bank's stolen capital.

This is the usage of the right, 2499 The Capital Markets Act and the terms stipulated in the provisions of the applicable legislation are taken into consideration within ninety days of the current date of the Law.

INVALIDATE MADDE 2. - In the current date of this Law, personnel who have been stolen from social security subject to the Social Security Institution within three months from the effective date of retirement are provided to the Bank for Social Insurances. They continue their relationship with this Institution if they continue to be written in the event that it continues.


MADE 25. - This will take effect on the release date of the Channel.


MADDE 26. - The Council of Ministers executes the provisions of this Law.