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Original Language Title: Dönem : 21 Yasama Yılı : 1 Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. TÜRKİYE CUMHURİYETİ VE TÜRKMENİSTAN ARASINDAKİ HAZAR-GEÇİŞLİ TÜRK

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Period: 21 Yunder: 1

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Kanun # 4466    Date of Admission: 3.11.1999 

ARTICLE 1.- Signed in Ankara on October 29, 1998, the Turkish Republic of Turkey and Turkmenistan-Turkey-Turkey-European Gas Pipeline Project (HGB), and Turkmenistan from Turkmenistan to the Republic of Turkey. It is appropriate to confirm the "understand".

ARTICLE 2.-BuARTICLE 3.- The Council of Ministers executes the provisions of this Law.






The Republic of Turkmenistan and the Republic of Turkmenistan, the Republic of Turkey and the Government of the Republic of Turkey on the basis of this statement are the members of the Turkish side and the Turkish side. They will):

-With the commitment to develop and strengthen traditional friendship relations and common ground economic business,Doðal- Turkmenistan-Turkey-Europe Dokal Gas Pipeline Project and Turkmenistan to the Republic of Turkey With the desire to move forward with earlier Governments and to move forward with the Gas Line,

-By calling on the means to strengthen the energy security and economic situations of the parties, and the Caspian pipeline (HGB) by acknowledging the importance of the development;

-the design of the gas pipeline, The construction, property and operation of Turkmen gas, agreed to the legal and implementation efforts for re-eksport and transit, as well as the need to raise the facility for the same period of time;

- The third-party governments, business environment and financial institutions, at the same time, have understood the gas pipeline design, construction, ownership, construction, and natural gas, and transit and transit of transit and transit, as well as in

Article 1.

The parties, taking into account the construction and market needs, making the most of the HGB's reality, the current gas produced in Turkmenistan, Turkey's love for Turkey, it has been allocated to Turkey to be sold to Turkey. At the most reasonable time, it will reach 16 billion/m3 per year and increase the amount of annual gas at 30 billion/m3 volumes over a period of 30 years, as the amount of annual amounts requested to the markets in Europe is added. to coordinate and fulfill individual and individual actions. They are intent.

The Turkish Party will have the right to comply with the "Take or Pay" commitment to the extent of the "Al or Pay" commitment to the Turkish side, but also in the process of having the right to issue a real deal of gas re-eksport. (See Article 2 and 8)

Subject to Israeli quantities, the Turkish side is projected to be re-joint.

In each case, any re-ecosports will be coordinated between the Parties and both sides are halal. It is in the reconciliation that it does not bring.

Article 2.

The parties will negotiate in good faith with the registration of not after 30 May 1999, to result in an intergovernmental level.

-All transit of Turkmen gas through Turkey. Together with the United States, the HGB will provide the right and obligations to the Turkish and Turkmenistan Governments and to sign up, financing, construction and construction of the HGB in a state of the right. a Gas Pipeline Statement (GBHA) that will also provide the basis for the necessary meanings.

-A Gas Import Statement (GASA) that regulars all administrative, legal, financial, and other significant other than Turkish-owned gas to the Republic of Turkey.

The parties, in addition to these intergovernmental notices, will implement the pipeline as soon as possible, a consortium of all administrative, legal, financial, and other important conditions of the pipeline (Consortium) that determines the pipeline. boruDuring these efforts, the Parties will have regulations that include warranty and regulations that protect foreign yachts within the HGB and provide guarantees and regulations under certain conditions to the authorities. pipeline routes and pipeline routes with ownership. The host of the countries on which the governments of the countries have opened their rights and obligations, will show the effort they can to prepare for the country's decision.

Article 3.

The current gas pipeline, construction, ownership, and construction will belong to the Consortium. Turkmenistan will be able to press and execute the visions for the construction of the Consortium through a full consultation and approval by the Turkish side.

By promoting the support of certain parts of the gas pipeline or pipeline. Alternative models of construction, property, and construction will also be available.

The parties are in the process of using the project's feasibility study to ensure that HGB's current, business-based infrastructure or any of its tevsiasan uses. They will be mutabled.

Article 4.

The natural gas to be sold to the Republic of Turkey through Turkmenistan and through the HGB will be owned by Turkmen Side by the point of sale (identified in GASA). The natural gas allocated to be sold to other countries in the territory of the Republic of Turkey is transit and to the other countries. It will be owned by Turkmen.

All of the capacity of the HGB will be used to address Turkmen gas when it is requested by Turkmen. However, In determining the capacity of the HGB capacity, the needs of countries in the region and the needs of the exporters will be kept in mind by the requirements of the Parties and the output of Turkmenistan.

From the operation of the natural gas The event will not be successor to the corresponding Parties.

Article 5.

Parties; regardless of the free transfer of gas and transit, transit, transit, transit, transit, fee, levy, etc., regardless of the free transfer and transit of the transit and transit of transit to transit and transit, the parties will not be able to do so in any other way. They will be mutabled in not implementing the payments. The following will apply:

-How to use fair and reasonable pipeline based on the actual cost of the pipeline;

-Fair, reasonable, and controllable costs;

-To get required approval and permissions Fair and reasonable fees that comply with national regulations of the parties;

-If applicable, income tax.

Article 6.

The results of the feasibility study, which cover the HGB from Turkmenistan to Turkey, and are being made by Turkmenistan, will be communicated to the Turkish side.

Article 7.

The Turkish side commits to the purchase of natural gas by Turkmenistan, with the registration of reconciliation on the quantity and details of the amount, but with the registration of 16 billion/m3 as specified in Article 1.

The Turkish side is Upon completion of the GASA, doğal gas will be held and guaranteed by the Turkmen side of the Republic of Turkey.

The Turkmen side, with HGB, agreed to the Republic of Turkey and to third countries. commitment and guarantee to deliver amounts of gas.

The Turkish Side, by the Turkmen Side It is committed to the transit of gas supplies to other countries that are sold to other countries. It will be reconcilable when it has time on transit capacities. These transit rights will cover the first 30 (thirty) years that will automatically extend as long as the parties do not otherwise decide otherwise.

Article 8.

The Gas Import Statement (GASA) will sell natural gas to the Turkish side by Turkmen. The provisions of the GASA will include the following.

-Dates, quantities, delivery point, gas property, price formula, price revision mechanism, taxation provisions, quality of gas, payment conditions, "Take or Pay" and delivery in default and kabul-Legal, financial, financial, financial, financial, financial, financial, financial, financial, financial, financial, financial, financial, financial-and-legal obligations;

American dollars in cost of gas, some of which will be determined and payments are completed with American dollars. It will be done. The price of natural gas will be in line with national and international prices, on a fair and reasonable basis.

Article 9.

The parties will have all the support of the project, which guarantees the project's determination to return to Turkmenistan and to ensure the cost of the most cost effective natural gas supply to Turkey.

Article 10.

The parties will be consulted with the governments of these countries in order to reach the understanding of the country, which foresees the transition from transit countries to the country.

Article 11.

The Joint Stepping Group, which was created in the framework of the Protocol signed in Ankara on 5 October 1998, will be regularly collected at least once a month, as long as it is not otherwise agreed. The first meeting of the Co-Play Group will be held in February 1 (one) month after the signing of this Statement.

Article 12.

The parties may appoint and authorize their own institutions, organizations, or companies to fulfill their responsibilities arising from this agreement. However, it cannot help but meet its obligations that are not from the Party.

Article 13.

This statement was signed on October 29, 1998 in Turkmen, Turkish, Russian, and English, and each in each language, with the registration of being for a meaningful party, as two original nusha. Text in English will be valid if there is no sleep in between the texts.

Article 14.

This will take place after the relevant national procedures are met.

name of the Republic of Turkey name Turkmenistan
Süleyman DEMO Saparmurat Niyazov TURKMENASHI
President President
Mesut YILMAZ