Period: 21 Legislative Year: 1 Warning: You Are Viewing Act, The Parliamentary General Assembly Has Already Adopted. If It Does Not Include The Changes Made Later. Satellites Communications International Organization Through Agreement

Original Language Title: Dönem : 21 Yasama Yılı : 1 Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. UYDULAR ARACILIĞI İLE HABERLEŞME ULUSLARARASI TEŞKİLÂTI ANLAŞMASI

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Law No. 4475 Acceptance Date: 11/04/1999 ARTICLE 1. Satellite Communication International Organization and Brokerage (INTELSAT), the August 29-September 1, 1995 in held in Copenhagen at the 20th Party in the INTELSAT Agreement at the Council meeting and said the Organization of 4 April 1995 Signatories of the 25th Board meeting held in Singapore on the approval of amendments to the INTELSAT Operating Agreement has been approved. Article 2 This Act shall enter into force on the date of publication. Article 3 of this Law shall be enforced by the Council of Ministers. SATELLITES VIA COMMUNICATIONS INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATION "INTELSAT" MULTIPLE signatory CHANGES RELATED TO THE IMPLEMENTATION AGREEMENT in the following paragraph or paragraphs, the Agreement shall be placed as shown below, or must be added to the relevant articles. Article II (Definitions) (g) "Signatory" means the signatories to the Operating Agreement, which entered into force for the agreement itself or the parties have been temporarily applied or refers to a telecommunications entities designated by the Parties. Article II (Intelsat's Organization) (b) of the Agreement in accordance with each State Party Agreement shall also signed the Agreement on Property offered for signature or appoint at least one public or private telecommunications entities to sign the Operating Agreement. Signatory to the formation of any telecommunications fledged relations between the authority of the Parties shall be held in accordance with relevant local legislation. ARTICLE VIII (Meeting of Signatories) (e) sufficient number of signatories in all sessions of the conference is provided by the presence of the majority of the signatories, has a right to vote of each of the signatories. decisions on matters of substance is present representatives of at least two-thirds of voters Signatories are provided with positive rating. decisions on procedural issues, is given by a simple majority of the representatives present and voting that the signatories. Is the issue on the merits of an issue or topic Process Is the direction of representatives of all disputes are resolved by a simple majority of present voters Signatories. The determination of the majority and voting, has been designated by one of the Requested Party all Signatories shall be considered as a single joint signatory. Article IX (Board of Governors: Formation of Style and Rating) (a) iv. Regardless of the above provisions, not to represent more than one manager has been designated by one or more Signatories one Requested Party. Article XVI (Withdrawal) (d) the withdrawal of any party moving with this title, depending on the situation, the Requested Party designated brings owned all Signatory or Signatory Party in the title of withdrawal occurring simultaneously and this Agreement and the Operating Agreement for each Signatory appointed him to find that the parties from the date of expiry of the Agreement does not apply. (E) In case of withdrawal by any means from Intelsat of any Signatory, from the date of withdrawal of his appointment by the Parties shall undertake the İmzacılık adjective or designee shall appoint another signatory, the current may be, or, the Requested Party designated by any signatory no longer the It pulled itself from Intelsat. (F) Whatever the reason, the signatories to take the place of one or more Signatory appointed by either Party or the designated earlier if you want to change to another signatory shall notify the Depositary decision in writing; Enter old Signatories belongs is unfulfilled all obligations changed Signatories to fulfill and on signing the Operating Agreement, this Agreement and the Operating Agreement into force for the changed Signatory and from this date does not apply to former Signatory. (G) Where the Depositary or the executive organ of this article a (ii) following the notification of the decision to withdraw in accordance with the provisions of subparagraph, which reported the matter to be represented in the Party and appointed by the Signatories of Intelsat's all organs and voting rights falls; Board of the Operating Agreement Article 21 (d) except when decides otherwise in accordance with the provisions of paragraph authorized to be made prior to receipt of both withdrawal request contractual commitments both before the receipt of the request in question occurring mütevellit responsibilities without or do any work to meet the condition of having reserved the status of the payment of the required capital contribution shares, the withdrawal of the receipt of the request following the Party and its designated Signatory or can not take any responsibility or obligations of a signatory, reported on behalf of this decision. (K) This section b (i) in accordance with the Assembly of Parties, any If the Party decides deemed to have withdrawn from Intelsat, the Board of the Operating Agreement Article 21 (d) of clause provisions except when decides otherwise in accordance with contractual commitments authorized to be made prior to receipt of and withdrawal requests, both prior to the receipt of the request in question occurring to meet any business making or mütevellit responsibility for the failure in his capacity as Signatory shares contributed the necessary capital or its designated to remain anonymous payment parties signatories on behalf of the state, according to the record of the case, each signatory which the signatory adjective Party or its designated this decision after no obligations and not the responsibility. (N) any Party or designated Signatory of the Party due to a change of status to the International Telecommunication Union is not obliged to withdraw from Intelsat. SATELLITES VIA COMMUNICATIONS INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATION 'INTELSAT' CHANGES MADE in OPERATING AGREEMENT Article 6 (d) (ii), as amended (d) (ii) may request the allocation of any Signatory to him a lesser investment shares. Such requests are made and the desired low investment shares in Intelsat is specified. INTELSAT, shall immediately inform all Signatories to these demands and investment demands are met to increase the proportion of shares accepting signatories. Article 6 (h), as amended (h) independently of the other provisions of this Article, no Signatory, more or less of this substance than 0.05 percent of the total investment shares (b) determined in accordance with subparagraph INTELSAT sum of all Signatories space segment falling himself from the use You can not have more than 150 percent of the rate of investment shares. Article 22 (f) - CANCELED