The Turkish Grand National Assembly Warning: You Are Viewing The Law, Parliamentary General Assembly Accepted. If It Does Not Contain Any Changes That Are Made Later. Health Ministry Of Health Institutions With Esenlendirme (Reha

Original Language Title: TÜRKİYE BÜYÜK MİLLET MECLİSİ Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. SAĞLIK BAKANLIĞINA BAĞLI SAĞLIK KURUMLARI İLE ESENLENDİRME (REHA

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Law No. 5471:7.3.2006 article 1-4/1/1961 and article 5 of Law No. 209 third, fourth, fifth and sixth paragraphs of repealed, the item after the second paragraph has been added to the following paragraphs to come.
"The contribution of the staff obtained capital revenues, revolving charge in health institutions and organizations of civil servants with these institutions and organizations, 10/7/2003 and in accordance with law No. 4924 employed as health personnel contracted and 13/12/1983 and law No. 181 the Decree on the Organization and duties of the Ministry of health, additional contracted personnel employed in accordance with article 3 of the clock without additional on-or off-shift separation payment. As determined by the Ministry of health institutions and organizations in service delivery requirements and criteria be taken into account, this payment is based on the rate and modes; the title of the staff, the service, the duration of the task, working conditions and work performance, the contribution does not operate with free examinations, surgery, Anesthesiology, interventional procedures and property offering risky sections work on the basis of elements such as the approval of the Ministry of Finance to be issued by the Ministry of Health is determined by the regulation on it.
According to the provision contained in the above paragraph is obtained with the contribution of the personnel capital revenues the amount of additional payments to be made in a month to the staff, relevant personnel would get a month per month (including additional indicator), perks and all types of compensation (excluding compensation authority, representation and duties) of the total; general practitioner medical and dental medical release of 250 percent of its employees, free $ 500 percent of the working population, expert medical, specialization in medicine the statute specified in this regulation in accordance with the provisions of the expert and specialist dental medical accounted for 350 percent, to freelance of freelance working population and 700 percent percent, independent study clinical Chief and Deputy Chief is 800 percent percent to 150 percent of the other staff. Taking into account the work and service feature intensive care, maternity, newborn, baby, burn, dialysis, operating rooms, bone marrow transplant unit and emergency services staff in specialized service such as 150 percent to 200 percent rate. Contracted additional health personnel employed in the amount of the payment is, in the same unit with the same title running the squad, and years of service is the same as the precedent is determined on the basis of medical personnel and additional payment to be made to them, there is no way to limit additional payments that can be made a precedent.
The staff contribution comes from the capital, that the sum of additional payments to be made to the staff in charge of the volume, the second and third digit health institutions, the volume is about carî years 50 percent of capital income, primary health care, the capital of the corresponding volume carî year shall not exceed 65%.
Depending on the Ministry of Health Revolving Fund businesses, improving delivery of health services, promoting quality and efficient service delivery, health institutions and agencies were no match for troubleshooting of needs of their facilities, education, supporting research and development activities, supporting primary health care organizations and the Ministry contracted with Central Administration in the civil servants staff will be held by the Ministry for the purpose of recommending additional payment costs from gross monthly revenue during the month to participate in the amount charged will not exceed 2 percent of the rate to be determined by the Ministry of Health to the Ministry of Capital transfers from the central accounting office account. This account will meet the criteria for the distribution of the amounts and waste with the additional payments to be made to the staff ratio, and is determined by the Ministry of health, upon the approval of the Ministry of Finance and rhythmic cycles. The amount of the additional payments to be made to the staff, the highest civil servant of (including additional indicator) cannot exceed 200 percent of the. The additional payment amount; task the task importance and volume of business unit and made difficulties, working time, staff class, the squad's title, and assigned personnel monthly and with criteria such as personal rights according to the relevant legislation outside the other is determined taking into account the additional payments. The personnel who served in the central agency under this paragraph, the total additional payments, capital of carî cannot exceed 50% of the amount transferred per year and that payments are subject to income tax.
4/11/2547 dated 1981 and according to article 38 of the law on higher education, the Ministry of health central health institutions and organizations depending on the Organization and appointed, to take advantage of the additional payment referred to in paragraph, depending on the Health Ministry's centres or institutions they served will benefit from an additional payment from the set for the title.
Primary care and preventive health services and development of interregional disparities elimination revolving, for the purpose of the business will transfer to the center of the appropriate share from 4 percent until the Minister of health is authorized to upgrade. 24/11/2004 and Law No. 5258 family medicine family medicine within the scope of the Pilot Application application passed to the provinces, provincial Directorate of health and primary health care staff in the institutions and organisations providing services (family physician and family health as an employee are excluded) is transmitted to the Center in addition to the share up to 2 percent will be taken in accordance with the fourth paragraph to be picked up and another title to the approval of the Ministry of Finance specified rates exceed to be issued by the Ministry of Health will be determined by the regulation on principles and according to additional payment usûllere It can be done. The station transmitted in addition to the up to 2 percent share of the amounts to be received, this paragraph cannot be used outside the specified purposes.
Revolving the way businesses are financial, as the financial situation out of unrequited or debt is authorized the Minister of health to transfer resources. "
Article 2-27/12/2005 and no. 5437 2006 Central Government budget Act, subsection (b) of article 11, the following to the end of the matter and have been modified in the following paragraph has been added.
"the public administration under budget b) General and special budget administrations, shipping will be made up to 20 percent of their pay in the organized budget appropriation transfer in. Over twenty percent of all kinds of these other premises is authorized the Minister of finance to make the transfer. "
"registered in the name of the Treasury and f) are the property of the Directorate General of highways, while the Public Financial Management and control Law No. 5018 provisional article 12 should be registered on behalf of the Treasury in accordance with the provisions of the State real estate and savings and whether the to be registered under the real property Department of public works and settlement of the claim, the proposal of the Minister of Finance and the Prime Minister with the approval of the sale of proceeds from; general budget (B) marked ruler, on the other hand, divided highway or State and provincial roads to be used in the construction, maintenance and service, General Directorate of highways is authorized the Minister of finance to save budget appropriation. Capital allowances, "the implementation of the 2006 Programme, Coordination and decision on economically lets according to the provisions of the year investment program is associated with the". "
Article 3-5437 envisaged in article 31 in paragraph (c) of article space "31/12/2005" the phrase "31/12/2004".
Article 4-Article 32 of Law No. 5437 (d) clause is repealed.
ARTICLE 5 of this Act;
a. Article 2) date of promulgation, b) 3 article 1/1/2006 with effect from the date of promulgation, c) other provisions 1/4/2006, enters into force.
Article 6-the provisions of this law, the Council of Ministers.