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Original Language Title: TÜRKİYE BÜYÜK MİLLET MECLİSİ Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. SAĞLIK BAKANLIĞINA BAĞLI SAĞLIK KURUMLARI İLE ESENLENDİRME (REHA

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Kanun No. 5471


Acceptable Date: 7.3.2006      

MADDE 1- dated 4/1/1961 and third, fourth, fifth, and sixth of 209 of the number of Code 5 They have been left in effect, adding to the material the next to come after the second phase.

" In the revolving capital income, revolving capital, corporate and installation of the personnel. With the officers involved, these institutions and organizations are the law on the basis of 10/7/2003 10/7/2003 and 449,49-11, dated 13/12/1983 and 181 of the number of people who are loyal to the Law. In the provision of the additional 3rd clause of the decree in the provision of the Additional payment may be made if you are working in overtime or off-duty personnel. By taking into consideration the service presentation and criteria identified by the Ministry of the Ministry of Health and its organizations, the ratio of this payment is based on the title and title of the staff, the task, the work, the duration, the service, the performance, the performance, the performance, the performance, the performance, the performance, the performance, the performance, the performance, the performance, the performance, the performance, the performance, the performance, the performance, the performance, the performance, the performance, the performance, the performance, the The examination will be determined by the regulations that will be taken to the Ministry of Finance based on the appropriate consideration of the Ministry of Finance, based on factors such as examination, surgery, anesthesia, inaction, and the risk of operations in the risky sections that supply property.

In the above, the provision includes personnel from the revolving capital income generated by the staff. The amount of additional payment per month is the sum of the monthly (including the additional indicator) of the relevant personnel, side payment and any compensation (except for the article, representation and duty compensation); the practicate nature and the dismay of the diactics. 250% of those who don't freelance, 500 percent of the expert, the Teptas. Among the experts who are experts and experts according to the provisions of this Charter in the branches of the expert, 350 percent of the free people who are free, 700 per cent of non-dealermen, and 800 per cent of non-free clinical trials and civil rights. It cannot exceed 150 per cent of other personnel. Considering the privacy of the business and service, the rate of 150 per cent for personnel involved in services such as maintenance, wandering, new, dairy, fire, dialysis, operating room, bone marrow transplant unit and emergency services will be 150 per cent. is applied. The amount of additional payment for the preferred personnel employed is determined by the same and underserved personnel who have the same title in the same unit and the additional payment will be made in no way. It cannot exceed the overhead of additional payments that can be made to the precedent.

Additional payment from the return capital revenues resulting from the contribution of

Personnel to the personnel stationed in that unit Total, second, and third-digit institutions may not be able to take up to 50 percent of the revenue capital revenue of the relevant unit in the second and third tier institutions, and 65 percent of the volume of the corresponding volume in carntary capital of the relevant unit.

Department of Health returns capital, improve health, quality and efficiency. Promotion of service presentation, assisting with the needs of the company and its organizations, and supporting the needs of the business, support and development activities, supporting and supporting first-step installations, and With the officers stationed at the ministry's headquarters. In order to make additional payments to the non-verbal personnel, the Minister will be determined not to exceed 2 per cent of the total amount of gross damage to the Ministry of Sörük to avoid the charges. They'll transfer it to the Central Countcounting account. The percentage of additional payment due to the amount and expense of the amounts to be collected in this account is determined by the Minister of Finance, based on the appropriate view of the Minister of Finance. The amount of additional payment to the staff cannot exceed 200 per cent of the highest State officer (including additional indictys). Additional payment amount; the unit and the volume of the task, the importance and strength of the task, the duration of the employee, staff's job, staff title, grade and appointment format, and the other, according to the relevant legislation, which is based on the personnel. additional payments are determined by consideration. The total additional payment for the personnel engaged in this fund cannot exceed 50 per cent of the amount transferred from the revolving capital charges, and these payments are not subject to income tax.


4/11/1981 and the 38th article of the 2547 Code of Higher Education Law, the Ministry of the Ministry of Health, according to Article 38, is the central In addition to not taking advantage of the additional payments specified in the same clause, those who are engaged in the same clause will benefit from the additional payment specified for the title of the task and installation of the Ministry center or the installation, and the additional payments specified in the same item.

The arrival of first-digit and preventive health services and reallocation of regional development will transfer the appropriate view from the revolving capital to the center The Minister of the Treasury is authorized to increase the share by up to 4 per cent. In the provinces of the Family Physician Pilot, dated 24/11/2004 and the 5258 Family Physician Originals, the families of the provinces, the provincial office and the first-step manager and the first-digit service to the personnel who are working in the institutions and the institutions that provide the first-digit health services (family physician) (excluding those who have been stolen as a family member), additional to 2 per cent transferred to the centre, according to the titles and titles of the Ministry of Finance, not to exceed the rates specified in the fourth round. To be determined by the Ministry of Health, to be determined by the regulations and regulations. Additional payment may be made. In addition to the 2 per cent transferred to the center, the additional amounts will not be used for the purposes specified in this fide.

The financial services of the revolving capital of the rotary capital are the understatement of the financial and financial The Secretary of State is authorized to transfer funds as a loan. "

ARTICLE 2- dated 27/12/2005 and numbered 5437 of the 2006 Central Management Budget Code (b) It has been added to the storm and has been added to the end of the matter.

" b) Private budget management with public administration under the overall budget, percentage of other types of pay to be transferred. They can transfer funds within their budget by 20. The Ministry of Finance is authorized to make all kinds of in-house transfers of 20% of these administrations. "

" f) Public Goods registered to the Treasury name and 5018 under the ownership of the General Directorate of Roads. The temporary 12 nci provisions of the Administration and Control Law require the registration of the Treasury, and the state of the Republic and the Minister of Israel, as well as the claim and saving of the State, and the request of the Minister of the Republic. The Finance Minister's proposal and the approval of the Secretary of State Revenues from the sale; revenues from the general budget (B), split from the other side, or the State and provincial roads, maintenance and public administration services to be used for the budget of the General Directorate for Roads. The Minister of Finance is in charge of recording. Capital allowings are associated with the year-of-service program according to the provisions of "The Application, Coordination, and Enforced Decision of 2006."

ARTICLE 3- The phrase "31/12/2005" in the section 31 (c) of the Code 5437 "31/12/2005" to the current level.

ARTICLE 4- The receipt of article 32 (d) of the number 5437 of the count 5437 has been in effect.

MADDE 5- This Law;

a) on the release of 2 nci clause,

b) on the release date of 3rd item 1/1/2006,

c) On 1/4/2006,Diðerthe provisions of the Dikaner are

enters the current process.

MADDE 6- The Council of Ministers executes the provisions of this Law.