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Original Language Title: TÜRKİYE BÜYÜK MİLLET MECLİSİ Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. BANKACILIK KANUNUNDA DEĞİŞİKLİK YAPILMASINA DAİR KANUN

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Kanun No. 5472


Acceptable Date: 8.3.2006      


MADDE 1- dated 19/10/2005 and 5411 of the Bank of Banking;

a) is the application of the 13th Clause in the province of the world.

" ARTICLE 13-In consideration of the corporate governance provisions contained in this Law, the provisions of the Convention are considered, It is free to comply with the guidelines to be determined and to report to the Agency with the registration of the Declaration of Installation. "

b) is the first sentence of the fourth section of the 93rd item.

" The institution has established its powers to be established within the framework of the provisions of this Law and related other legislation. uses with the custom-qualified decisions to be used or the editor to be taken. "

c) to come after the "all privileged payee" s of the 106 ncu clause ", but after the power of the state and social security installations of 6183," the clause is included.

d) in the final sentence of the fourth section of the 107 nci clause, "before any of the privileged payee" The phrase ", but after the credits of the State and social security installations of 6183 of the Law" is added.

e) is the 129th clause in which it is located.

" MADDE 129-Fund expenses are based on Fund revenues. Budget for the fund, calendar year.

The Fund provides the duties and entitlements of the resources allocated to it within the framework of the principles and principles set forth in this Code It uses it freely, to the extent required.

The fund is used by the position of the Fund for use with this Law and the provision of entitlements granted to the Fund. The principles and principles are shown in the regulations that will be prepared by the Fund. Fund expenses are made available from Fund resources.

The expenses of the

Fund are the strategic plans and performance targets that are effective in the decision of the Fund Board, It is based on the annual budget, which is prepared according to the operating system and the economic slits. "

f) was disinfused in the eighth section of Article 134, and is about to arrive in the material after this receipt. the current product is added to the plug in the month.

" The commercial and economic assets of real and legal entities within the framework of the provisions contained in this Article at the cost of integrity within the scope of integrity or in the framework of the provisions of this Law; for the purposes of the sale of the company by the Board of Funds; by the amount of time it is decided by the Board of the Fund to be made up of the technical information, software, hardware, equipment, goods and services The remaining part of the current state of the Treasury, the current public office, after paying off debts owed by the GSM concession with debts under the state of 6183 with the state's state of state and social security, and the GSM concession debt, the remaining public debt. and is paid by installing from the garage to the top boards with its installations. After the time of this provision, the balance remains to be borrowed; licenses, licenses, concessions, temporary frequency and channel use and similar rights are required to be used by the state and the public, as well as public institutions and installations. It does not prevent the registration and transfer of the transfer, which should be done by the top boards. "

" The 4389, which is in effect with this Law, represents more than 50% of the capital's capital and 50% of its capital, with the number (7) of the Banks Act. The funds owned by the Fund, Fund Bank or Fund are based on the funds raised by the Board of Directors and the funds set by the Fund, based on the balance of the funds set out by the Fund. With the installed decision, the Law of Israel and the Bankruptcy Code to the provisions of the Turkish Commercial Code Of course, you'll be liquidated. The liquidate of the Fund is the result of a decision to make the decision to be held by the Fund's decision, and you will need an update on the Fund's statement regarding the statement of the Fund. The cases against the liquidation decision are due to be seen in the administrative courts of the Fund's headquarters. The insolvents, which are decided by the Fund Board, cannot be filed for bankruptcy and neglect. Credits under construction will be taken by the Fund to the creditances of this Law, 6183, which will be held in accordance with Article 206 of the Law and Israel and the United States, in accordance with Article 206 of the Law. In accordance with the provisions of this article, the judges and directors of the liquidators and the third parties are responsible for the liability, bankruptcy and litigation, the legal successor; the criminal cases and the Fund's proceeding with the Fund's. It will be As a result of these cases, if any collection is made, the sum of the amount collected will be arranged in accordance with the rule of the order of the order. It is given a document that the company has been liquidated and has no liquidation balance to be imposed if it demands creditors that have completely failed to receive it after the next day. This document contains the provisions and results of Article 105 of the Law of Israel and the Law of the United States of America. Shareholders 'shares are paid in proportion to shareholders' shares if they remain in accordance with the liquidation schedule to be done in accordance with the draft schedule. It is determined by the regulation that will be played by the Board of the Fund and the fundamental Fund. "

g) to come after the clause of "all rights and credits," in the final sentence of 136 ncis "The transfer of the state and social security installations of 6183 to the end of the law," is added.

MADDE 2- 5411 temporary items that are in place of the following are added.

" INVALID ARTICLE 24-The Fund with the amount of insurance deposits declared to authorized mergers by the bank. Funds and banks (including those who have been granted bankruptcy) by the Fund prior to the date of the release of this Article due to a variance of the deposit amount identified by the deposit amount due to the deposit amount determined by the Fund. according to the provisions of this Law, from the sale of the assets through the cebri The result of the Fund's share of the Fund was based on the reason above, after the garage, which was made under the eighth section of this Law ' s 134. The Fund's rights and the bank's state and the bank were not. 6183 of the social security setups are collected in an account to be paid to the debts covered by the Law. The amount remaining after the payment of debts of the bank and the United States under the scope of the laws of 6183, of the state and social security installations of the Law, is to be defunnised. This clause is also applied for those sold prior to the current date of the matter.

INVALID ARTICLE 25-prior to the effective date of this Article, sold by the Fund prior to the date of the current date, sold It was real, but the results of the tender cost to the creditors and the submissions to be covered by 31/12/2006 until 31/12/2006, the number of 17 nci items (4) of the $3065 Value Added Tax Act. (m) in the calculation of the part that will apply the exception to the bendi, 5411 the amount of the Law is based on the amount required by the Act prior to the effective date of this item. "

ARTICLE 3- This is the date on the release date of the Law.

TICAD 4- The Council of Ministers executes the provisions of this Law.