K4479 Warning: You Are Viewing Act, The Parliamentary General Assembly Has Already Adopted. If It Does Not Include The Changes Made Later. Of Coal To The Law Concerning The Acquisition Of Immovable Basin About Adding Additional Articles

Original Language Title: k4479 Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. TAŞKÖMÜRÜ HAVZASINDAKİ TAŞINMAZ MALLARIN İKTİSABINA DAİR KANUNA EK MADDELER EKLENMESİ HAKKINDA

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Law No. 4479 Date of Admission: 11/11/1999
Article 1 - dated 05/06/1986 and numbered 3303 Law on the Acquisition of Immovable Property in the coal basin were added the following additives. APPENDIX Article 1 - in areas covered by this Act; before the date 19.6.1986 cadastral survey results in forfeited even if the Treasury on behalf of registered in the immovable property ownership, cadastral record, cadastral commission decision or shown in court order occupancy or with their legal or contractual successor to the 3402 Act does not exceed the amount specified in Article 14 of recording 492 No. Fees Act will be transferred over the value calculated according to the provisions of Article 63. the trees belong to the possessor of real estate and can not be taken into account in the valuation muhdesat.
Immovable property transfer fee can be paid in cash or in installments. In case of payment in installments, one in four of the transfer fee, from the notification of the decision within thirty days of the administration of the transfer, the balance will be paid up to twenty-four months and four equal installments together with interest and legal. Payment amount and interest has been paid on behalf of the transferee of immovable property can not be registered.
on immovable property to be transferred pursuant to this Article, Article 3 and 4 of this law are applied.
Secretory processes; Subject to registration with maps and map will be done according to the plans in accordance with the Regulation and refining costs will be borne by rights holders.
allotment will be made in accordance with this Law, 3194 Zoning Law and Implementation Regulations shall not apply.
Appendix Article 2 - The transfer of immovable property described below will be made.
The date of entry into force of this Act:
a) has been allocated to public services or immovable property actually used for this purpose,
b) space allocated to public services and land use plans,
c) The place is no longer in any way Treasury ownership, d) No. 2565 Military Forbidden Zones and Security Zones primary places within the scope of military forbidden by the law
e) 2634 Tourism Incentive Law in the scope of immovable property,
f) According to the Law on Protection of Cultural and Natural Assets numbered 2863 with cultural heritage and protected areas of these places where natural assets,
g) Environmental Law No. 2872 in accordance with the use of water for drinking and absolute, short and medium distance protection areas,
h) The remaining places under the 2873 National Parks Act, i) of the Issue No. 3083 Land Reform for Agricultural Irrigation Area in places declared by the application of the law,
k) of Article 16 of Law 3402 (B) and (C) the place specified in paragraphs
l) the remaining places under the 3621 Coastal Law numbered,
m) compared to the 6831 Forestry Law No. 2924 forest areas considered under the Law on Supporting the Development of Forest Villagers said the order of the Ministry of Forestry immovable property,
n) No. 7269 The active public life in accordance with the Law on Disaster Therefore Things to Help the measures to be taken to be given to the Ministry of Public Works and Settlement order or places to be allocated.
PROVISIONAL ARTICLE 1. Those who will benefit from this law should not apply until 31.12.2000 to the revenue or property manager. Application requests are resolved within six months. This is mainly related issues and procedures determined by the Ministry of Finance.
Article 2 - This Law shall enter into force on the date of publication. Article 3 - This Law shall be enforced by the Council of Ministers.