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Original Language Title: TÜRKİYE BÜYÜK MİLLET MECLİSİ Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. TÜRKİYE CUMHURİYETİ HÜKÜMETİ İLE TUNUS CUMHURİYETİ HÜKÜMETİ ARASIND

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Kanun No. 5574


Accepted Date: 21.3.2006      


ARTICLE 1- Turkey signed on March 29, 2005 in Tunis The Government of the Republic of the Republic of the Republic of the Republic of the Republic of the Republic of the Republic of the Republic of the Republic of the Republic of the Republic of the Republic of the Republic of the Republic of the Republic of the Republic of Tunisia has approved

ARTICLE 2- This is the date on the release date of the Law.

TICAD 3- The Council of Ministers executes the provisions of this Law.















Ministry of Industry and Trade representing the Government of the Republic of Turkey, Tunis The Ministry of Industry, Energy and Code of the Republic of Turkey, representing the Republic of Republic of Turkey (hereinafter), has the foundation of friendship between the two countries and the economic and social standing of both countries. the strengthening of the business in the industrial area with the aim of and is reconcilable on issues that are in place for publishing.

Clause 1.- The parties are industry They are working closely to develop a bilateral policy on regulatory and administrative issues. For this purpose, the two countries, especially in the industrial sector, develop the relations between the public and private sector and the two countries in this area are active in the two countries.

Clause 2.- In effect in a country In the framework of the legislation, in the framework of the legislation, it is enviable to improve the development of the business in the area of the industry.

-Competition of businesses in industry and service industry Technical, scientific, administrative information and experts in support of small and medium-sized enterprises operating in the industrial sector, especially in the industrial sector.

-Both countries with the goal of reusing the industry for the Israeli It supports the private sector's support of joint industrial projects by the way their industry is compleming each other and promoting the development of a common argument.

-Technical knowledge and expertise in metrology and documentation Description.

-Install industrial parks and learn technical information about the business of Specialist.        

-Technology and knowh-how transfer in the industrial area.                                   

-Industry fairs organized in both countries, workshop, seminar and I'm going to congress.             

-Restructure, regulatory compliance, and technical services in the area of regional integration information and expert on the activities related to procedures.

-Each side industry is available for both parties.

Clause 3.- The parties, sunni On the basis of the protection of property rights and its continuation, non-separate foundations, including the necessary measures for the facility and the effective entry of the premises, including the effective. The parties confirm their intent to remain relevant to its obligations arising out of any other intellectual property rights signed by both parties, as long as it is due to the WTO Agreement on the Commercial Direction of the Sian Property Rights.

Clause 4.- Parties, ibu Tracks the reallocation of the targets that are specified in the expression. The organizations that operate in the management of the parties and are responsible for providing assistance and support for the industry are responsible for implementing the operating programs and projects in the Memorandum of Understanding.

Clause 5.- The parties are the current law and, in accordance with legal and administrative regulations, to raise awareness of the people's products and the internal quality management system, and in the fields and areas, the expert, the "know", the information, data, and in particular the industry is present in both countries They're going to get information.

Clause 6.- Parties, industry To organize regular congresses, seminars and meetings and visit the people of the industry in order to see the situation in this sector, as well as the international development of the industry at international level. They will, and will not take advantage of this development, both. to improve the quality of the country's sannai Products and to improve the competitiveness of the producers and their tools.

Clause 7.- The parties are, Understanding their own responsibility, opportunities, and financial capacities in the understanding, and they are investigating funding sources for the implementation of the activities that are agreed to jointly.




Clause 8.- Both Akits It will take effect on the date that the party's approval process in their respective countries has been completed.

This means that the current date will be valid for five years, if any party is not terminated by a written notice of diplomatic means. will refresh automatically. Annulment will be valid for six months from the date of the date of the date of the date of this type of notification, in which case the cancellation of the State will prevent the implementation of the projects and programs currently being implemented. will not be, this type of application will continue to bet until the results of the project and its programs are concluded.                               

Article 9.- This means that it does not It was written in Turkish, Arabic, and English as an original, and was signed in Tunis on 29 March 2005.

Textual text based on the conflict in case of comment. It will be taken.


The Government of the Republic of Tunisia to the Republic of Tunisia, Government of Turkey

                          AdIna                                                                                           AdIna


                      John COKKUN Afif CHELBI

            Department of Industry and Commerce                                                          Minister of Industry, Energy and Kobi