Period: 21 Legislative Year: 2 Warning: You Are Viewing The Law, Parliamentary General Assembly Accepted. If It Does Not Contain Any Changes That Are Made Later. The Officers And Other Public Servants ' Right To Trial Law

Original Language Title: Dönem : 21 Yasama Yılı : 2 Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. MEMURLAR VE DİĞER KAMU GÖREVLİLERİNİN YARGILANMASI HAKKINDA KANUN

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Law No. 4483:2.12.1999 Purpose article 1. -The purpose of this Act, civil servants and other public officials because of their crimes due to the tasks that yargılanabilmeleri allowing authorities to be followed is to regulate the procedure and specify. The scope of article 2. -This law, General Administration of the State and other public entities carry out in accordance with the principles of public services is essential and continuous tasks require that civil servants and other public officials for crimes committed due to tasks as applied. Due to the special tasks and adjectives, subjected to investigation and prosecution procedures with the provisions of law regarding the nature of the crime investigation and prosecution procedures shown in the law in terms of the provisions relating to reserved. Heavy duty red-handed State are subject to General provisions. Disciplinary provisions reserved. To allow competent authorities article 3. -Authorization to permit an investigation; a duty officer in the Township and other) public officials as Governor, b) officer in the County and Central Cities and other public officials about the Governor, c) teşkilâtlanan institutions and organizations at the zone level, civil servants and other public officials who served as Governor of the province, he served d) Prime Minister's Office and ministries Center and affiliated or related organizations other officers and public officials who served as Chief of that organization's highest administrative the decision of the Council of Ministers or ministries, e) Center teşkilâtında is in charge of public officers and other public officials assigned the decision as the relevant Minister, Prime Central teşkilâtının in the same situation staff as the Prime Minister, the Grand National Assembly of Turkey f) assigned officers and other public officials as Secretary General of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, the Secretary General of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey and his aides as speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey , g) was laid in assigned officers and other public officials as Secretary General of the Presidency, the Secretary General of the Presidency as President, h) Metropolitan mayors, provincial and district mayors; Metropolitan, provincial and district City Council members and members of the Provincial Assembly as Interior Minister, I) districts in the town mayors and Town Council members as governors, mayors of towns and resorts of the central counties of the City Council members as Governor of the province where they are located, the headman of the village and j) fall within the scope of this law, with other officers and public officials in the district prefect, in the districts about the Governor If surrogates used personally by the Yokluklarında. Authorities in detecting, officer or public official based on the crime in the history of the task. Subordinate officer allowed the officer to the top with the same verb is attached to the top officer's authority into a wholly owned subsidiary of the. The event will be transmitted, processed and authorized mercie complaints article 4. -The Chief Prosecutor, civil servants and other public officials entered the offences covered by this Act any denunciation or complaint immediately as soon as such a situation when they receive or collect necessary and likely to disappear when they discovered the evidence other than to do nothing and complain about denunciation or referenced the testimony of the officer or other public official whom it may concern by sending a document instance of the recourse of the investigation they want permission. With other authorities and civil servants and public officials, a crime is handled within the scope of this Act, a complaint based on the information, documents or evidence on the State of the permission when they authorized mercie. According to this law officers and other public officials about the lack of a general nature, abstract and report complaints and denunciation or such complaints person and/or event is mandatory. Contrary to the above paragraph and complaints, allowing the Chief Prosecutor and the competent authorities by processed and status report or complaint is found. Preliminary examination article 5. -Allowing the competent authority, in the person of a crime is handled within the scope of this law, or when he found out the above article in written form Initializes a preliminary investigation. Preliminary examination, may be done personally by allowing the competent authority, appoints one or more control over what was done to the position of investigation officer or employee and public officials can be in one or more of the hand. Review of the competent authority shall be submitted to allow the establishment of public institutions, or where it is essential to determine from within. Referred to this authority, according to the review of the work of another public institution or agency may request the relevant organizations with perpetual care include sprinkler. The fulfillment of this request, at the discretion of the organization concerned. Members of the judiciary and judicial organizations employees and soldiers, the preliminary investigation of other görevlendirilemez. Preliminary examination if there is more than one persons assigned with one of them as President. Preliminary examination authority and of those who report item 6. -The person or persons tasked with the preliminary investigation, Ministry inspectors hired by the Agency shall be submitted for themselves with all the powers conferred on that does not have provisions in this law, Criminal Procedure Law, they can process; officer or other public officer made an investigation on the expression by taking them within the powers of the required information and documents, editing a report containing the views of the State to allow authorized mercie. Preliminary examination is done by more than one person, they report different views reasons are specified separately. Authorities investigate this report allowed or not allowed. The justification must be presented in this decision. While article 7. -The competent authority, the investigation permission decision on fault according to the first paragraph of article 5 has to be learned from the preliminary investigation included within thirty days at the latest. This time, not to exceed fifteen days in cases where mandatory can be extended once to. The competent authority, within the periods specified in the above paragraph must be officer or other public officer under investigation should be granted or must give decide not to. Investigate the scope of article 8. -Investigate, complain, report or claim subject depending on them for future investigation with events that occur during a topics. During the investigation entirely separate from the topic or event and are allowed different qualify a verb as a crime occurs, it is essential that permission again. Change of legal quality of the crime, does not require the permission again. The appeal of the article 9. -The competent authority, decide on issuing permission or an investigation is not allowed on the Republican Attorney General, made an investigation officer or other public officer and has the şikâyetçiye. The decision allowed the investigation against the officer or other public officer made an investigation; If permission is not allowed for the investigation of Prosecutor or complainant to appeal against the decision can go your way. Communicated the decision to the competent authority shall be submitted the appeal period of ten days. Objection, the article 3 (e), (f), g (promulgated by the granted permission), and (h) the second State Council Department for the considered in paragraphs, the competent authority shall be submitted to the others around the region administrative court judgment. Appeals, first of all, and at the latest within three months. Decisions shall be final. Participate in crimes in article 10. -In case of That Law in the case of the processing of the crimes covered by its subsidiaries non-officers, officer one; the subordinate officer, the top officer in the same court trial. The investigation will be sent to the authorities for permission to article 11. -Rejection of the appeal without permission or Investigation at the end of the objection be finalised or acceptance of objection against the decision regarding the investigation permission is not allowed on the file, and will be sent for Chief Prosecutor in charge immediately. Suppliers upon permission of Chief Prosecutor, Criminal Procedure Code and other employment preparation by using the powers of investigation and take a decision. Preparation will make the investigation authorities of article 12. -Preliminary investigation; a Grand National Assembly of Turkey) Secretary General of the Presidency, the Secretary General of the Council of Ministers and appointed Undersecretary of civil servants and other public officials with the Metropolitan mayors as Supreme Court Chief Prosecutor or public prosecutor, appointed with the approval of the Prime Minister's Joint decision or b) officers and other public officials, provincial and district mayors, heads of District Administration Branch as provincial chief public prosecutor or a public prosecutor, c) Others as general terms of Chief Prosecutor in charge of the competent and according to , By. During the preliminary investigation judge matters require decision; (a) in subparagraph however, the Supreme Court ruled for the applicable criminal circle, (b) However, in provincial criminal court for, according to officials and other servants of the General provisions for criminal hâkimine. Article 13 the court officials and servants. And court officials to look at the case, the provisions of article 12 (a) in subparagraph counted about Theirs for the Criminal Division, (b) for those considered in provincial criminal court, according to officials and the General provisions for others staff is Court. The Trustees were supposed to State article 14. -In the implementation of this Act is the subject of the noble deputies on procedural grounds. When the Prosecutor ex officio lawsuit law, article 15. -Officers and other public officials and complaints about the rancor, hatred or fitting for an insult by a criminal charge mücerret is made clear as a result of the preliminary investigation or trial if they fixed as a result of the unfair isnatta as competent and as the Chief Prosecutor in charge of the investigation ex officio. The officers and other public officials in cases specified in the preceding paragraph in order to open the case to refer to the Republican Prosecutor General provisions about the unfair and isnatta claim for compensation based on open rights reserved. Dotsinfosystems (India Pvt.Ltd) Muhakematı Muvakkata Law About references to article 16. -About Muhakematı Law Muvakkatın Laws Dotsinfosystems (India Pvt.Ltd) applies the specified provisions of this Law. Laws Dotsinfosystems (India Pvt.Ltd) shall not apply in cases specified in the law About Muhakematı Muvakkatın General provisions apply. The modified provisions of article 17. -Decree No. 399 dated 22.1.1990 11 the article (d) has been changed as follows. d the Director-General and members of the Board of Directors of Attempted) tasks the Executive added, for crimes committed during the Minister's permission, depending on whether the relevant; Officers and other public Officials in this regard the provisions of the law on the prosecution. Repealed provisions of article 18. -4 February 1329, dated Dotsinfosystems (India Pvt.Ltd) Muhakematı About Temporal Law is repealed. PROVISIONAL ARTICLE 1. -Dotsinfosystems (India Pvt.Ltd) before the entry into force of this Act shall be liable according to the provisions of the Provisional Law About Muhakematı initialized in transaction will be settled according to the provisions of the said Law. Entry into force article 19. -Enters into force the date of promulgation of this law. Execution article 20. -The provisions of this law, the Council of Ministers.