Period: 21 Legislative Year: 2 Warning: You Are Viewing The Law, Parliamentary General Assembly Accepted. If It Does Not Contain Any Changes That Are Made Later. The Officers And Other Public Servants ' Right To Trial Law

Original Language Title: Dönem : 21 Yasama Yılı : 2 Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. MEMURLAR VE DİĞER KAMU GÖREVLİLERİNİN YARGILANMASI HAKKINDA KANUN

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Period: 21 Legislative Y.2

Warning: The Law you are viewing is considered to be accepted at the General Assembly of the TBMM. It does not contain any later delics if it exists.



Kanun # 4483    Date of Admission: 2.12.1999 


MADDE 1. - The purpose of this Code is to specify authorizers to allow and to arrange the procedures to be monitored so that officers and other public officials can be charged for the crimes they are working with.


MADURO 2. - This Law is about the crimes committed by the state and other public entities, according to the general administration of public services, and the duties of civil servants and other public officials who are committed to the duties of the public and the public.

The provisions of the criminal code and the criminal procedure for criminal prosecution and criminal prosecution, due to the provisions of the crime and the prosecution of the crime, and the provisions of the criminal procedure, are withheld.

The intra-criminal state that requires punishment is subject to general provisions.

Discipline save the provisions.

Mergers authorized to give a space

MADDE 3. -The authority to the question permission;

a) The concern about the working officers and other public servants,

b) for the officers and other public servants in the central district, and the governor,

c) at the Region level, at the level of the agency and the The governor of the province of the province and other public officials who served as the governor of the province,

d) the top executive officer of that establishment, the office of the minister and the other officers and public officials who served in the headquarters and related installations of the Ministry of the State,

e) is an incumbent of the Council of Ministers, or the central government of the ministers About the officers appointed by the decision and the concerned public officials, the minister said about the personnel in the same situation as the Chief Minister,

f) the civil servants and civil servants in the Turkish Grand National Assembly, Turkey. The General Secretary of the Grand National Assembly, General Secretary of the Turkish Grand National Assembly and the Turkish Grand National Assembly on the rights of the Turkish Grand National Assembly,

g) Public officials and other public servants about the Republic of Turkey. Secretary, President of the Republic of the Republic, President of the Republic,

h) The city mayors, provincial and county municipalities, members of the city council and members of the provincial general assembly, members of the provincial general assembly,

i) Belde municipal mayors and belde city council members about the members of the city's general assembly. The governor of the province in the central districts, the governor of the province and the governor of the city council of the city,

j) Village and neighborhood informanes and other civil servants and public servants who are involved in the law. The governor is the governor of the central district, and

In their absence, the MPs are personally user.

In the detection of authorized corders, the task is based on the officer or public officer's crime date.

If the Ast officer and the top officer are doing the same, the permit is requested from the parent officer.

Authorized mercie forwarding, reporting and complaints not to be put in place

MADDE 4. -Republican prosecutors, civil servants and other public officials are required to receive urgent information or loss when they receive any reports or complaints that have been reported to the extent of this Law, or if they are to have such a situation. They ask for permission to be asked by submitting an example of the evidence that has not occurred and reported the evidence to the officer or the other public servant who is referred to by the officer or other public servant.

The Digger and the Public officials and public officials report that a crime is being committed to the law. They transmit authorities to allow the situation when they are based on complaints, information, documents or findings.

According to this Law, officers and other public officials are not entitled to be intangible and generic, denured or not, and are not in the public. Complaints and/or events are required in the complaints

The densities and complaints that are included in the above receipt are not included by the Republican attorney and authorized authorities, and are notified of the situation, densities or complaints.

Preliminary review

MADDE 5. - The authority to give a request is a preliminary review, either in person or in the above material, as part of a criminal investigation into the scope of this Law.

A preliminary review may be done by the authority to grant permission, as well as the One or more of the officers or public officials at the top of a review of one or more of the administration personnel or public officials may also be able to do so by hand. It is essential to determine from within the public institution or installation that the authority is authorized to allow permission to be allowed. According to the special feature, this authority may also ask for the installation of the antenna inspection with the employees of a public institution or installation. The fulfillment of this request is at the discretion of the installation.

Members of the judiciary and the soldiers cannot be deployed in preliminary inspections of the bareka.

A preliminary review is more than one of the following. One of them is identified as the person.

The authority and the report of the preliminary inspectionyapanlarýn

MADDE 6. - Pre-inspection of the people or people who are appointed by the preliminary examination shall have all the power of the deceased, who are not convicted of this Law, and can act according to the Criminal Procedure Code of Law in which they are not convicted; to obtain the statements of the officer or the other public servant who have been submitted to the public, collect the necessary information and documents within their authorizations, and submit a report containing their vision and submit the situation to allow the situation to be permitted. If the preliminary review is done by multiple people, the differences are indicated in the report separately.

The authority decides whether or not to allow the investigation to be prompted on this report. It is mandatory to provide justification in these decisions.


MADRID 7. - The competent authority gives the decision on the permission to be asked within thirty days of the latest, including preliminary examination, in accordance with the first factional of the crime. This time may be extended once in mandatory times not to exceed the onday.

The competent authority decides whether to allow or not to be asked about the officer or other public servant within the periods specified in the socket above. You have to give it.

The scope of the question permission iskapsamý

MADDE 8. -The question permission is subject to future inquiries, including information, complaint, dentation or other incidents.

It is a completely separate or different crime from the event and location that is permitted in the question of the question. A failure to qualify is mandatory.

The failure of the criminal legal qualification does not require a repermission.


MADRID 9. -The competent authority will notify the government of the Republic of the public or the officer or other public servant who has been reviewing the right to ask for the permission of the investigation, and to the plaintiff, if applicable.

The decision is to be granted by the Republic of America. The officer or other public official who has been under investigation for the decision, and the decision not to be allowed to be asked, is the Republican attorney general's office or the complainant may appeal. The duration of the period is ten days from the default of the authority of the authorized authority.

Israel is the jurisdiction of the 3rd Article (e), (f), g (except for the permitted permission of the Republic) and (h) of the Danınctay Department for the number of people who are in charge of the (h). The regional administrative court, which is located around, looks at.

Inspections are reviewed and settled in three months at the latest. The decisions that are made are final.

Crimes that are being fired

MADDE 10. -The officer who is not a civil servant, officer, who is not an officer in case of undoing the crimes under this law, will be arraigled in the same court with the superior officer.

The merci of the asking of the question

MADDE 11. -The file is sent immediately to the competent and incumbent Republic of the republic upon acceptance of the decision by which the permission of the question is not appealed or at the end of the refusal of the objection or not to be granted the permission of the question. The Republican presidential office on the issue has been able to execute and conclude preparer by using the Criminal Reasoning Code and its authorizations in other laws.

Mergers to ask for a June question

MADPLACE 12. -The Treasury asked;

a) President of the Republic of Turkey, General Secretary of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, civil servants and other public servants appointed by the decision of the Council of Ministers and the mayor of the city of Büyükşehir Republic President or Chief Minister,

b) Officers and other public officials, provincial and county municipal authorities, provincial and county municipal authorities, appointed by the Joint decision or the approval of the minister, are the provincial Republican attorney general or attorney general of the county,

c) The authority and the incumbent Republic, according to the general provisions of the The prosecutor's office said


In order to decide on the June issue, the judge has charged the judge to the relevant penal court, (b) for those who have been respected, and (b) to the criminal tribunal for the number of people who have been told. In accordance with the general provisions, the competent and incumbent court will be charged.

The competent and incumbent court.

MADDE 13. - The competent and charged court in looking for the case is the competent and charged court of the judiciary, for those who have been elected in accordance with the relevant criminal authority, (b) the provincial criminal court, for those who have been elected as of (b) the general provisions of the office.

Regents status

MADE 14. - The application of this Code is the case that the nods are in love with.

People will be sued by the Republic of the RepublicMADDE

MADE 15. -If the charges and complaints about officers and other public servants are found to be constant as a result of the trial of a fabricated criminal offence for the defamation of hatred or mutilation, or if it is fixed as a result of the judgment, the judge will not be able to comply. You will be asked by the authority and authority of the Republic of the Republic of Turkey.

Officers and other public officials are required to open a public case in the event of a public prosecution service. rights to indemnivate damages, according to the general provisions of the isnatta save.

Officers ' Law on Reasoning About Reasoning

MADPLACE 16. -The provisions of the Law on the Law of the Officer of the Law are enforced in the cases where the provisions of this Law apply.

General provisions are applied in the cases where the Law of the Officer does not apply to the Law of the Law.

Debulated provisions

ARTICLE 17. -dated 22.1.1990 and the number 11 (d) of the decree in the Rule of Law of 399.

d) The chief executive officer and board members of the Board of Directors were charged with crimes in the executive order of their duties. The provisions of the relevant minister are subject to the approval of the relevant minister and the provisions of the Law on the Judgment of the Officers and Digits.

Invalidate provisions

MADE 18. -The Law of the Officer of 1329 dated 4 February 1329 invalidated the Act.

INVALIDATE MADDE 1. - The provisions of the Officer ' s Reasoning About The Judgment of the Officer prior to the effective entry of this Law will result in the provisions of the named Law.


MADADE 19. - This will take effect on the release date of the Channel.


MADDE 20. - The Council of Ministers executes the provisions of this Law.