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Kanun No. 5482


Accepted Date: 5/4/2006      


ARTICLE 1-15 March 2005 "Agreement between the Republic of Turkey and the Republic of Macedonia on the Republic of Macedonia" is appropriate for the ratification of the "Protocol on the Republic of Macedonia."

ARTICLE 2- This is the date on the release date of the Law.

TICAD 3- The Council of Ministers executes the provisions of this Law.










The Government of the Republic of Turkey and the Government of the Republic of Macedonia are committed to developing economic, social and technical issues between the two countries. The Turkish counterpart will be coordinated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Macedonia (TİKA), the Macedonian Republic of Macedonia, on behalf of Turkey, the Turkish President said.

Government of the Republic of Turkey, related public and private sector, through TİKA Under the coordination of the Macedonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Republic of Macedonia will provide technical assistance and assistance through concrete projects, including the feasibility of feasibility of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia.

Field Planning:

Identification and identification of projects in the areas listed in the The experts will be appointed to prepare. The fields within the scope are in the current state without being left out with this list. Both parties will also plan to take place in the area of the area debriefing.

a) Energy,

b) Infrastructure (transport and telecommunication systems, and so on),

C), customition and rehabilitation programs for the market to market economy,

d) Financial system,

e) Tarum and livestock, irrigation, and slipwater,

f) Rehabilitation of the Sannai installations,

g) Small and Medium Business (s),

h) Tourism,

i) The following, (in accordance with the legislation in effect in the Republic of Macedonia) my medical care, etc.)

j) Protection of Environment and Doðann, (in effect in the Republic of Macedonia) in accordance with the legislation)

k) Business, scientific and cultural business,

1) Project deification and alum,

m) International organizations (World Bank, UN, EBRD, OECD) etc.)

n) Marketing and trading,

o) Sleep control and project management in the area of the business

United States with TİKA Republic Of Republic Government Obligations:

a) The deployment of the Turkish coordinator,

b) to position the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey in Skopje Together with the Embassy within the framework of the Embassy, the facility of a Program Coordination Office (PKO) equipped with computer and other office equipment,

c) including local staff for the Program Co-ordination Office selection of required personnel, payment of employment, and payment of their fees,

d) purchase of the tools required for the Program Coordination Office Procurement through leases,

e) Turkish experts pay for fees and international travel

f) The costs of the feasibility study are being met,

g) To finance technical assistance projects and eI programs Contribute to

h) You are a senior advisor for the co-ordination of the benefit supply,

i) Information about how to create information programs It's easy to do.

Republic of Macedonia Diaries Ministry Of Macedonia's Government Obligations:

görevlendirilmesia) The deployment of a Macedonian co-ordinator,

b) Experts for the identification, design, and implementation of projects all information requested by it,

c) Macedonian experts are not to be involved in the spending,

d) Turkish experts provide opportunities for the duration of their mission in Macedonia all of the required convenience (s),

e) More than accommodations for TİKA personnel and specialists with prices,

f) No suitable location for PKO,

g) for the PKO office, water, fire and gas, (The invoices will be paid by TİKA.)

h) facilitate the registration process of PKO office,

i) Service to the TİKA PKO Representative during the time it is located in Macedonia  If the passport is a move, contact similar international representatives and contact status will not be available,

j) any number of people who will be brought to Macedonia by the TİKA in the  Exempt from customs duties, images and allowes, and Katma Değer Tax, each time the material is tax-free.

k) every single person that will be provided at the scene of the trial by TİKA. All types of material, equipment, and service are exempt from any taxes.

The projects to be developed within the framework of the protocol, both sides of the will be carried out in the framework of the separate agreement to include coordination and execution institutions.

The recorded progress of the United Protocol annually is returned annually. It will be held in a meeting in Turkey and Macedonia. This meeting will also allow the Macedonian and Turkish coordinators and the representatives of the projects to be eligible for the appropriate projects by the coordinators of both countries. The year implementation programs will be scanned and reviewed in this meeting.

Protocol parties are required by the national legal entity for approval. They will be asked to notify them in diplomatic means, when the procedures are completed,

Three months before the Israeli Protocol has been expired If no notice is made to the diplomatic channels by the parties, it will automatically extend beyond the date of validity period, unless notified of the expiration date.

President of the United Kingdom of Turkey on 15.3.2005 in Ankara, Turkish, Macedonian And in English languages, all texts are signed to the original, as well as the original, the original. Protocol effective time has been expired.

is inconsistent in Turkish, Macedonian, and English text. Otherwise, the text will be based on English.





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