Period: 21 Legislative Year: 2 Warning: You Are Viewing The Law, Parliamentary General Assembly Accepted. If It Does Not Contain Any Changes That Are Made Later. Turkish International Ship Registry Law Decree 491 Kararnamed

Original Language Title: Dönem : 21 Yasama Yılı : 2 Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. TÜRK ULUSLARARASI GEMİ SİCİLİ KANUNU İLE 491 SAYILI KANUN HÜKMÜNDE KARARNAMED

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Law No. 4490:16.12.1999 objective and scope article 1. -The purpose of this Act, the registered ships the international ship Register created with Turkish company inventories are available and operation of commercial yachts registered in the development of Turkish sailor by convenience, speed up, and to increase the contribution to the economy. with the tourism encouragement Law numbered 2634 yacht tourism relevant provisions reserved. Identifies the article 2. -This law passed; a Commercial purpose any load) ship: used, passenger and offshore fishing ships, b): boat type, built in travel and sports purposes, not exceeding the number of yachtsmen for the general public-otuzaltıyı cited, nature of cargo and passenger ships registered in the tourism company inventories and non-tonilato documentation in the "Commercial Yacht" as marine vehicles, c) National Ship Register: 6762 No. 839 and other articles of the Turkish commercial code of the projected ship , d) is a Turkish International ship register: this law created pursuant to the ship, the Undersecretariat of Maritime Affairs is bound to State the Ministry of e): Ministry, f) Net Tons: the ship's volume of trade that can be used as a place to walk and that responds to the need of the ships carrying out the tonilato at the end of the allocated space from the rest of the gros removing volume, g) is a ship can carry most DWT: weight, crude cargo, fuel, water, kumanyanın, passengers and crew on board the sum of the weight of their own and stuff , h) Gros Tonilato: this volume, all six of the ship's deck and deck above the position of the volume off (2.83 m3 = 1 gros tonilato), will Testify. Turkish International Ship Registry ITEM 3. -This Act shall be liable to carry out the purposes stipulated in article 1 Maritime Undersecretariat İstanbul in the Turkish International Ship Registry has been established. The Ministry, Turkish International Ship Registry services more quickly and effectively, in order to fulfill can open liaison offices abroad. Thomas will be the international ship Register registration of ships and yachts article 4. -Turkish International Ship Register the following ships and yachts are registered upon request: a) on the date this law comes into force the National Ship Register is registered, within the scope of article 1 of the law and 2 all ships and yachts. b) domestically-built ships and yachts. c) will be imported from abroad 12 000 DWT (passenger ships and special purpose, custom built ships is 499 grostonun) on the ships. Turkish International Ship Register registration article 5. -Resident in Turkey Turkish and foreign real persons in Turkey was established according to the Turkish legislation with company-owned ships and yachts registered Turkish International Ship Register. From abroad will be available through the financial leasing of ships and yachts to Turkish International Ship Registry Office notifies a special column to sign up. Natural and legal persons of Turkish nationals, the Turkish Trade Law No. 6762 ship register of the rights reserved. Turkish International Ship Registry Office notifies the content of article 6. -Turkish Turkish Trade Law International Ship Register 6762 845 points specified in the article, and so am i. specifications on board ship and yacht information to enroll the rights. Thomas is based on the international ship Register, register the transfer of rights, registered in the register of registration procedures and principles concerning the mass leaving the Ministry is determined by regulations to be issued by the. Registry of ships and yachts registration is subject to the mortgage owners permission to leave. Capture the flag the right article 7.-Turkish International Ship Register registered ships and yachts, the Turkish flag. This is in accordance with the Turkish flag Law stricken ships and yachts which benefit from national legislation. However, the Turkish Trade Law No. 6762 pursuant to article 823 of the Turkish flag have non-ships and yachts pull 815 can not benefit from the provisions of the law No. Coasting. Turkish Flag in violation of rights in relation to the withdrawal of the Turkish commercial code and other provisions of the relevant legislation. Ships and yachts will be subject to the principles of article 8. -Documents required on ships and yachts in possession, and for them to be paid to the other ships and yachts will be subject to the principles, the relevant legislation and the provisions of international agreements shall be determined by the Ministry in the framework. The nationality of the seafarer and employment article 9. -Article 7 of this Act shall be without prejudice to the provisions of the second paragraph is a Turkish registered ships the international ship Register and the foreign or equip in Turkish yacht captain, regardless of whether it is essential to be a Turkish citizen. Donatanın in the case of a Turkish citizen, is also a minimum number of personnel to other ships and yachts 51% Turkish citizen Charter. Men of social security and working conditions on board article 10.-Turkish International Ship Register and be employed in ships registered seafarer Turkish social security and would be subjected to individual and collective labour law legislation. However, foreign nationals for the men on board, international or bilateral social security agreements without prejudice to the provisions contained in the claims in their own country are mandatory or private insurance, in any country, prove that the invalidity, old age and death insurance through to Thu. Men of foreign ship accommodation by the entry-exit the country and article 11. -Registered ships and Turkish International Ship Register foreign nationals employed in the ship's men sleep they have and are recognized by the Ministry, replaces the Passport wallet the man on board. The ship carrying them men, frequented by input and output to Turkey of ship suppliers or his port harbour in the Centre of the border city of residential accommodation on the basis of reciprocity in the passport shall not be required. The adoption of the country and foreigners from the country of the provisions of the current legislation regarding the removal of reserved. Financial provisions article 12. -In accordance with this law, registered ships the international ship Register operation generated from Turkish and gains derived from the transfer, with funds from income and corporate taxes are the exception. Thomas will be saved to the international ship Register ships and yacht to buy, sell, mortgage, registration, credit and freight contract; the stamp tax, fees, Bank and insurance through the tax treatment and funds are not maintained. This law created in accordance with the Turkish International Ship Registry has registered ships and yachts are also charged the following fees: a) registration fee: 10 000 Us dollars in addition to the Turkish money, in Exchange for each net ton for 1 Us dollar Turkish lira. The Council of Ministers is authorized to increase ten times this amount. b) Annual tonnage fee: registered Turkish Ships the international ship Register each calendar year for each net sum in Turkish Lira equivalent of us $ 1 per ton. This mortar in January and July are charged two equal installments. Annual tonnage fee installments due until paid on behalf of the owner of the abandoned and the new record is done. Do not grout repayments due during the overthrow the registration concerned is paid in installments by the owner of the new times. The Council of Ministers is authorized to increase ten times this amount. c, Turkey) is a Turkish International Ship Register registered ship and yacht directly or double (dual) is registered to the class on that item Reveived as (a) and (b) in subparagraph 50% discount on the price. U.S. Dollar Turkish Lira equivalent of account; Turkish International Ship Registry registration date of the registration, annual tonnage in plaster for Turkey on the day of payment in installments for the Central Bank announced foreign exchange sales rate is based on detecting and owned. A Turkish registered ships the international ship Register staff fees paid income tax and funds is exceptional. According to the provisions of the Turkish Commercial Law No. 6762 Turkish flag that can ship and yacht owners recognized financial aid and incentives during the investment, after entering into force of this law, imported, 18,000 DWT over and under the age of six with six vessels, according to the provisions of this law, the bed under Turkish Turkish International Ship Register registrant also known as natural and legal persons. This is the maximum age specified tonnage and, when necessary, the Council of Ministers is authorized to change. The third paragraph (a) and (b) the imposition of fees in accordance with the paragraphs, in contrast to the provisions in the accrual and collection of tax procedure law numbered 213, unless public receivables Law No. 6183 and 492 numbered Fees provisions of the law. The third paragraph (a) and (b) the revenue collected pursuant to paragraphs are tracked in an account separate from the Ministry of finance. 50% of this income every six months are recorded in the Capital Operation budget of Undersecretariat of Maritime Affairs. This article is procedures and principles regarding the implementation of the Ministry of finance is taking the opinion of the Ministry. Ship and yacht insurance article 13. -Turkish registered ships and yachts international ship Register insurance abroad can also be enforced. Regulation article 14. -In accordance with this law, foreseen to be the opinions of the relevant institutions and organizations the law comes into force from the date is put into force in six months by the Ministry. ITEM 15. Undersecretariat of Maritime Organization dated and numbered 491-10.8.1993 and duties included the following additional items of Legislative Decree. AMENDMENT 1. -Maritime Undersecretariat within the body, circulating capital Plant is established. $ 10 million from the general budget for circulating capital. Enterprise capital allocation. This amount can be increased with the approval of the Undersecretariat of Maritime Affairs of the Ministry of finance and trade. Capital revenues, expenses and dividends distribution regulation of activities. ADDITIONAL ITEM 2. -As long as the current status of Undersecretariat of maritime staff teşkilâtında staff teşkilâtında actually Prime Central overtime fee being paid, taking the opinion of the Ministry of Finance, shall be paid on the same basis and according to procedures. ADDITIONAL ITEM 3. -Maritime Undersecretariat Undersecretary, Deputy Undersecretary, General Manager, 1st General Counsel, Assistant General Manager, Secretary, head of Department of counsel, legal counsel, Regional Director, regional Vice President of Chairman of the Board, port, ship, ship surveys Survey Board, a specialist in maritime specialist, Branch Manager, expert, engineer, Captain, statistician, mathematician, physicist, biologist, translator, analyst, programmer and shipping Assistant Expert rosters provided that the civil servants law No. 657 of being presented to the corresponding Act and other laws the provisions about to be run without depending on contract employees of the Ministry of finance is taking the opinion of the , contract staff can be employed. In this way, the contract to run the amount of free with the procedures and principles, all kinds of payments with the highest State Officer salary, bonuses, overtime, compensation, perks and other monetary payments not to exceed the sum determined by the Council of Ministers. The contract with the Ministry of personnel, to be run on demand, based on ilgilendirilirler with the Pension Fund. PROVISIONAL ARTICLE 1. -To enter this law comes into force will be registered following the annual tonnage of ships contained in article 12, the account according to the provisions. 1999 calendar year until the end of the registration, the trademark shall be made except for the month by month, the remaining net amount that hit Turkish Lira, Turkey to the Central Bank on the day of payment and the exchange rates are charged over subscribed proclaimed calculated. Entry into force article 16. -Enters into force the date of promulgation of this law. Executing article 17. -The provisions of this law, the Council of Ministers.