Period: 21 Legislative Year: 2 Warning: You Are Viewing The Law, Parliamentary General Assembly Accepted. If It Does Not Contain Any Changes That Are Made Later. Turkish International Ship Registry Law Decree 491 Kararnamed

Original Language Title: Dönem : 21 Yasama Yılı : 2 Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. TÜRK ULUSLARARASI GEMİ SİCİLİ KANUNU İLE 491 SAYILI KANUN HÜKMÜNDE KARARNAMED

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Period: 21 Legislative Y.2

Warning: The Law you are viewing is considered to be accepted at the General Assembly of the TBMM. It does not contain any later delics if it exists.




Law No. 4490    Date of Admission: 16.12.1999 

Purpose and scope

MADDE 1. - The purpose of this Law is to improve the development of Turkish maritime by providing services for the ships registered to the Turkish International Ship Registry, which are being facilitated, and to facilitate the sale and operation of the tourism company. And it ' s going to increase its contribution to the economy. The provisions of the 2634-numbered Tourism Law on yacht tourism are withheld.


MADPLACE 2. -In this Law,

a) Ship: All freight, passengers, and hungry sea-boat vessels used for commercial purposes,

b) Yat: Use of type of yacht, trip and sport intent to use, load and cruise, not exceed thirty-five. The maritime vehicles that are not in the nature of the ship, registered in the tourism company inventory and in tonilato documents designated as "Trade Yat",

c) the national ship Registry: 6762 is the ship envisioned in the 839 th and other items of the Turkish Commercial Code. register,

d) the Turkish International Ship Registry: The ship's registry, which was created under this law, was called

e): The State Department, where the Maritime Undersecretary of Maritime Affairs was based,

f) Net Ton: The volume of the ship's commercially-used locations and the need for the walking and the walking of the ship. The remaining volume at the end of the break from the gros tonilatou of the reserved places isDWTg) DWT: The maximum number of times a ship can be installed, raw load, burn, water, remote, passenger and ship men themselves and the safety of the men. sum,

h) Gros Tonilato: This volume is the volume of the ship's deck and the volume of all the closed deck locations (2,83m3 = 1 gros tonilato),


Turkish International Ship Record

MADADE 3. -The Undersecretary of Maritime Affairs, in order to actuate the purposes stipulate in the 1st clause of this Law, The Turkish International Ship Registry in Istanbul.

The Ministry can open liaison offices in the country with the aim of fulfilling the services of the Turkish International Ship Registry more efficiently and effectively.

The Turkish International Ship Ships and yachts to be registered on your record.

MADDE 4. -The ships and yachts on the Turkish International Ship Registry are registered upon request:

a) All ships and yachts within the scope of Article 1 and 2 of the Law, which are registered to the National Ship Registry at the date of the current entry of this Law.

b) Ships and yachts domestically.

c) Ships of 12 000 DWT (private purpose with passenger ships and 499 grostos on private ships) to be imported from the dormitory.

Turkish International Ship Registry registration

MADHOUSE 5. - In Turkey, Turkish and foreign nationals and Turkish legislation on Turkish legislation, ships and yachts can be registered with the Turkish International Ship Registry.

From home to financial leasing, Turkish and Turkish nationals are registered with Turkish legislation. Ships and yachts will be registered in a special column of Turkish International Ship Registry.

Turkish nationals real and legal entities have the rights to the ship registry of Turkish Commercial Code 6762.

Turkish International Ship Registry has been registered. stout is

MADDE 6. -Information about the technical features of the ship and yacht and the ship and yacht technical features of 6762 of the 6762 Turkish Commercial Code of Turkish International Ship Registry are registered.

The Turkish International Ship Registry is located in the Turkish Trade Code. The principles are determined by the transfer of the records on the record, the terms of the registration, and the regulations to be prepared by the Ministry.

The term of the ships and yachts is subject to the permits of the mortgage holders.

Benefit from flag picking

MADDE 7.- Turkish International Ships and yachts registered to the Ship Registry attract Turkish flags.

The ships and yachts that attract Turkish flags in the warning of this Law benefit from the rights that have been introduced to the national legislation. However, ships and yachts who do not have the right to withdraw Turkish Flag under Article 823 of the 6762 Turkish Trade Code cannot benefit from the provisions of the 815-count Kabotaj Law.

Turkish flag for withdrawal of Turkish Flag is a violation of the rights of the Turkish Republic. The provisions of the Commercial Code and other applicable legislation are enforced.

The guidelines will be subject to ships and yachts

MADDE 8. -The documents, durations and other essentials to be contained in ships and yachts are determined by the Ministry within the framework of the provisions of the ships and yachts, the relevant legislation and the provisions of the international commitments.

Ship-to-ship nationality and employment

MADE 9. -The second fisher provisions of this Law are based on the fact that the captain is a Turkish citizen, looking for foreign or Turkish equipment on ships and yachts registered in the Turkish International Shipbuilding. If the Donatum is a Turkish citizen, it will call for a Turkish citizen for at least 51% of the number of other ships and yacht personnel.

Ship men's social security and development

MADE 10.-Turkish International Ship Sicivine Ships and boats that are registered to be employed are subject to Turkish social security and individual and collective law legislation. However, for foreign-born shipmen, the provisions of the international or bilateral social security commitments would have to remain withheld, making demands in their own country or in any country with private insurance, if they are to remain. They are not subject to property and property and death insurance.

The country has entered into the country and will be placed in the country

MADE 11. -Turkish shipmen have been employed in ships and yachts, and ship-man wallets have been replaced by a foreign national ship. A passport is not sought after the ship's men, who are entering Turkey, and at the location of the ship's port in the city's port city or port city.

Acceptance and acceptance of wildlings The provisions of the applicable legislation are withheld from the country.

Maldives provisions

MADE 12. - The proceeds from the operation and transfer of ships registered to the Turkish International Ship Registry, which were generated in the warning of this Law, are exceptional in income and corporate taxes.

ships to be registered with the Turkish International Ship Registry. and yachts, purchase, mortgage, registration, credit, and freight mukaveyleri; stamp tax, allowance, bank and insurance treatment tax and no funds.

This is a law that is being issued under the law of the Turkish International Ship Registry. The fees from the owners of ships and yachts are collected separately:

a) Record levy: In addition to the Turkish money, 10 000 U.S. dollars are received by 1 US Dollars for each net ton. The Council of Ministers is authorized to increase this amount by ten times.

b) It has spent a lot of tonnage: for every calendar year it has shifted from ships to the Turkish International Ship Registry, 1 US dollars per net ton is received by the Turkish lira. The levy is collected in two additional instalments, including January and July. You don't get the term of the record and the new owner's name unless you get paid for the annual tonnage of the annual tonnage. Tuition payments, which do not come due at the time of the handover, are paid within installments by the new owner, who is registered. The Council of Ministers is authorized to increase this amount by ten times.

c) If the Turkish International Shipbuilding has been registered by ship and yacht, or double (dual), registered to the Turkish Lit is 50% of the price detected in (a) and (b). discount.

In the account of Turkish Republic of Turkey registration, registration date for Turkish International Shipbuilding registrations is determined and declared by the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey for the day of payment in installments of the annual tonnage of the Turkish Liras. Exchange rate is based on the exchange rate.

Turkish International Ship Registry The fees paid by personnel stolen on ships are income tax and funds undersecretary.

According to the provisions of the Turkish Commercial Code 6762, the financial assistance and property of the ship and yacht owners who can withdraw the Turkish Flag will be held in this Law. the real and legal entities that registered the Turkish International Ship Registry according to the provisions of this Law on the 18,000 DWTs imported from the country and under the gold and under the terms of this Law. It's also known to the people. The Council of Ministers is authorized to address this specified tonnage and its investment.

In contrast to the expense of the third party (a) and (b), the expenses of the tax shall not be received in tarh, tahakkuk, and allocations, as well as the Tax Usul Code of 213, 6183. The provisions of the Law and 492 Code of Exclusions are enforced on the Evacuation Order of the number of Amme lenders.

The revenues that are collected by the third party (a) and (b) are monitored in a separate account by the Minister of Finance. 50% of these revenues are registered under a Maritime Undersecretary Capital Business budget.

The implementation of this Article is determined by the Ministry of Finance, as well as the Ministry of Finance.

Shipbuilding and yachts Insurers

MADE 13. -The Turkish International Shipbuilding Registry may also be done at home of ships and yachts of yachts.


MADDE 14. - The relevant institutions and installations of this Code are also subject to the approval of the relevant institutions and organizations, as of the date the Law has entered the current date.

MADE 15. - Additional items on the 10.8.1993 and 491 Maritime Undersecretariat for Installation and Tasks are added to the Ordinance Ordinance.

SUPPLEMENTAL ITEM 1. -Under the Undersecretary of Maritime Affairs, the Returner Capital Occupation is established. The general budget for the revolving capital is TL 10 million. The board is allocated capital. This amount can be increased by the proposal of the Maritime Undersecretary, and with the approval of the Ministry of Finance. Revolving Capital revenues, expenses and activities are regulated by managing profit margins.

SUPPLEMENTAL ITEM 2. -As long as the status of the current status continues to be paid to the personnel who are currently working at the Maritime Undersecretary staff, the amount of money paid to the personnel stolen from the Ministry of Finance will be taken by the Ministry of Finance, the same basic and procedural basis. will be paid.

ADDITIONAL ITEM 3. -Undersecretary of Maritime Affairs, undersecretary, general manager, 1st deputy director of law, general manager, undersecretary, agency, agency, district manager, district manager, shipboard board manager, port, port President, ship-based expert, maritime expert, chief executive, expert, engineer, captain, statistician, mathematician, physicist, biologist, analyst, programmer, programmer, and marine specialist assistant staff member to be shown, 657 Respected personnel of the State Officers ' Law and other laws The Finance Ministry may also have the Finance Minister's office, and a promised staff can be employed.

With the promise of a charge and a fee that will be charged with this process, each payment will be the highest It is determined by the Council of Ministers that the state officer will not exceed the total number of financial payments, bonuses, overtime, compensation, benefits, and other monetary payments. The personnel to be played with the Word are concerned with the T.C. Retired Sandman on their request.

NOT VALID ARTICLE 1. - The annual expense of the ships to be registered and the right to be registered shall be made according to the provisions of the 12 nci items. By the end of the 1999 calendar year, Turkish Liras in the plant, which was hit by the remaining net months by excluding the registration month, was determined by the Turkish Republic Central Bank for the day that the payment was made, and the exchange rates of the state were under way. calculated.


MADDE 16. - This will take effect on the release date of the Channel.


MADDE 17. - The Council of Ministers executes the provisions of this Law.