Turkish Grand National Assembly Warning: You Are Viewing Act, The Parliamentary General Assembly Has Already Adopted. If It Does Not Include The Changes Made Later. Financial Year 2000 Budget Law

Original Language Title: TÜRKİYE BÜYÜK MİLLET MECLİSİ Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. 2000 MALÎ YILI BÜTÇE KANUNU

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Kanun No. 4494


Accepted Date: 28.12.1999


General Providers"> General Provident


Expense, Revenue and Balance

Expense Budget

MADDE 1. - For expenses of apartments entering the General Budget, allowance (46 702 436 000 000 000 000 000 000 000) is granted for the expense (46 702 436 000 000 000).

Revenue Budget

MADDE 2. - The revenues of the General Budget are estimated at (32 460 000 000 000 000 000) as they are shown on the set (32 460 000 000 000 000 000).


MADDE 3. - The difference between the sum of the revenues and the estimated revenues will be met with net debt damage.


Financial Policies">

Budget policy and property control

MADDE 4. - The Minister of Finance, to conduct a consistent, balanced and effective budget policy, to ensure stability within the specified macro economic goals and to provide financial control;

a) to determine the public employment policy b) to determine the amount of free savings on expenses,

c) expenses related to expenses and use of the expense,belli

d) Revenue and expenses by law, regulations and decideds to set up and set up standards for editing applications on a set of specified topics,

e) To make the necessary arrangements for all public institutions and installations of the above, and to implement the measures to receive,

is the authority.

Using expense expense programs and allowrs

MADDE 5. - a) The allowants in the budget laws (A) are used within the policies and release rates to be determined by the Minister of Finance.

Public institutions and organizations will be reallocated within the financial year The Finance Minister may be requested by the Minister of Finance to install a separate expense program for service and activities with the purpose of pre-planning for the use of the funds listed in their budget.

source of the payment of the payment of the if deemed appropriate, do not spend on the specified release rates and on this expense program.

Policies to be determined in the Israeli budgets, within the expense ratios and expense programs, in view of projected goals and service priorities in the Departure Plan and the Yüllük Program. by means of savings.

b) Social security installations with benefits from budget yachts and transfer promotions, social security installations, services related to services. the Ministry of Finance until 31 January 2000, the latest to be visa-free. They will. These programs will not be available for payment on the budget and transfer of the budget without a visa by the Ministry of Finance.

The founders report the results of the monthly implementation to the Ministry of Finance each month.

checks the Finance Minister for consideration of the expense program that is not used to the purpose of the structure that was made.

c) Allowance of funds attached to the Budget Code (A); personnel expenses under the appropriation type; (1) personnel expenses under the appropriation type; internal, short-term advance on the Treasury budget, and general debt interest rates. The allowings for the expenses of the Treasury Department, except for the benefits of the $930-08-3-351-900 and 930-08-3-356-900, and the non-added budget administrations that do not receive a treasury aid with the national defense ministry, are excluded. Nine thousand of the benefits of other tertirals are canceled.

The Finance Minister is authorized to realistiate the Budget for this cancellation and to cancel more than a treasury half that will result in these plans.

Monitoring the revenue and expenses of the public setups

MADDE 6. -Determination of the state's revenue and expenses and the determination, tracking and control of the financial and financial resources, including the general budget with the agencies including the added budgets, the revolving capital, the funds and the funds that save the funds, the budget under the transfer of the transfer, municipalities, municipalities, private administration, public administration and other public institutions and organizations, revenue and expense estimates, financial statements, debt and credit are going to take place. states, any information and documents related to the personnel will be provided to the Ministry of Finance. they have to give them within the original and duration to be determined.

From the institutions and installs of the Ministry of Finance, to receive information, documents and accounts relating to all kinds of assets; with these documents and accounts to take the necessary measures to review the borrowing and debt payment opportunities, to take necessary measures regarding the budget allowings of administrative, institutions and organizations that do not comply with the information, documents and accounts that do not comply with their programs. to ask for implementation of the measures taken from the relevant institutions and organizations authority.

Executable public prepareline

MADDE 7. - Public budget and public institutions and installations with private law, including general budget agencies, value-added management, private budget installations, revolving capital, funds, budget yachts and transfers from the transfer and transfer terms (public) The services, public banks, municipalities, private law and public institutions, including public banks, municipalities, private law and public institutions, including public banks, public banks, municipalities, private law and public institutions, with bail and assistance, were provided. except for all of the resources under their budgets or savings, TC Central T.C. Ziraat Bank, a bank or correspondent, collects their own names in Turkish Liras and in no-case accounts.

These institutions will make all payments from these accounts.

People are personally responsible for the fulfillment of the aforementioned provisions, with the authorities of the relevant public institutions and organizations.

The main and procedural questions regarding the implementation of this Article are to bring exceptions, the Secretary of the Treasury and the Minister of Finance are authorized to make exceptions as of the resources and institutions.

Required allowuses

MADDE 8. - a) Staff Expenses:

As a result of calculations based on payment orders used during the first sixty months of the financial year, it is relevant if the funds that are placed on their budgets will not be satisfied. 100 -Personnel Expenses for expenses required by the Treasury Department budget (930-08-3-351-900) to transfer from the appropriations allowance,

b): Reimbursement of Entitlers:

The application of the Finance Minister's budget (930-08-3-353-900), due to the implementation of 2000 Yacht Programs, Coordination and Circulation Decision, by Application status of 2000 increase or increase the allocation of benefits to projects in the priority sector and sub-sectors in the primary sector and sub-priority projects, as needed, in the priority sectors, as needed. will be available or re-opened for these projects to be used To transfer to the promotions of the tertiaries and the budget of the Undersecretary of the Treasury,

c), Install Differences:

The payment of apartments (3) included in the general budget that are installed in the dormitory, except for the expense of the 610, 620, and 710 details, excluding (1) (1) and (3) the types of subterties under the grant of the dormitory. The funds that are required to be used as foreign currency, including the overall budget, and the payments to the international setups of the budgeant payments to international setups are to keep the foreign currency fixed and set up 31 December 1999. to realize the difference between the courses in the transfer moment with the Transfer of the Minister's budget (930-08-3-352-900) to the relevant tertitypes available in the service programs of the appropriated assembly,

d) Backup Approx:

1-Budget of the Finance Ministry (930-08-3-356-900) to transfer funds to the terms of the Treasury Department to be determined or reopened by the Finance Minister,

2-910, 920, and 940 code of the Treasury's budget in the state that requires the service with the number of the number of the Treasury Secretary's proposal to transfer to a backup allowance,

e) Israel and Küdem Compensation Decision:

Business of the transfer and transfer of budgets with general budget agencies and transfers from the transfer scale to the utility current budgets for personnel who are playing in the status of the Board of Finance ($930-08-3-369-900), available or refunded from the Treasury's budget for the remainder of the payment of the missing other than the other. transferring to the tertypes to be opened,

Finance Minister authority.

DPT eft and project allowings

MADDE 9. - A budget of the State Planning Contact's budget,

a) (111-01-2-001-300), plans to meet the expense policies required by the State Planning Contact The Ministry of Finance is authorized to transfer budgets to the relevant term and to do other things related to it. The State Planning Committee may pay for the same purposes as the provincial special administration, the economic state of the state, and the price of services that are made to public health care.

b) (111-01-3-301-900), the Minister of Finance is authorized to transfer budgets to related expense items in order to support programs and projects that are primarily on the rise, in order to support the program and projects of priority. For the same purposes, payments to other public installations are also being made of this type.

Expense expenses

MADDE 10. - a) Do not spend time on any projects in the projects that are included in the rulers of the year of additional yachtwork. Projects or work 2000 years can be completed in 2000, excluding projects covered by projects that are included in these rulers (except for projects that are financing or completely covered by project loans that are not in the process of collectively. The payment may not be less than 10% of the total cost price (the revision of the revision of the revision project in the state of which the cost of the cost is not required). For the project and business remaining under this ratio, the projects are revised by complying with the provisions of "Application of 2000 Programs, Coordination and Judgement", and primarily by staying within the institutions ' prepayment of yachts.

The defence sector, which is included in the program of the Armed Forces budget (1), is strategic with its infrastructure, infrastructure, construction, iskan and facilities, and the construction and facilities required by NATO infrastructure and with public expropriation. alms and services in the target plan to the State Planning Inspection It is not available for the undersecretary's visa and additional bedtime schedules are not included.

b) Sub-spending items with detail programs of machine-equipment, large repair, execution-renewal and completion projects from batch projects in general and value-added projects of general and value-added installation programs. The provisions of "2000 Sian Program Implementation, Coordination And Decision Decision" are implemented in the development of the sub-expenditure items of non-declared and undeclared community projects.

c) The appropriate project's approval and responsibility for the governor's approval and responsibility for the approval of the governor's approval of the projects in the projects of the Yatınlüm Program and the relevant projects are related to the governor's approval. are paid to the provincial private administration that the service belongs to, to be used in expenses. Neighborhood service qualifications may be transferred to the program and project phase within the framework of the program and project in the framework of the principles outlined in this framework.

The approval of the governor and general manager of the projects, which will be executed in this way, the relevant ministry and the general manager, by awarding or escrow, and the governor's approval of the governor's approval of the governor's office And it's real.

d) The procedures in the "Governing, Coordination, and Mirroring Decision of 2000 Programs" are complying with the requirement that it should be done within the years of additional time in the rulers of the program.

$4046 the provisions of the Law on the Lawhükümleri

MADDE 11. - The revenues from the sale of shares of Turkish Telecommunications Anonymous Company and $3096 with 406-count Telgraf and Telephone Code dated 3.5.1995 and 4107 numbered Annex 19 were obtained from the Turkish telecommunication company's shares. All of the proceeds from the construction of the natural resources and facilities of the facilities are included in the overall budget.

The treasury help for the budget administration

MADDE 12. - A) The treasury department of the Finance Minister's budget (including the State contribution to the current maintenance costs of the Agency) for the purposes of Katma budgeted administrations, and the related added budget of the (B) the amount of revenue written in the ruler, which is determined to be more than this goal, is cancelled by the Ministry of Finance by not being paid to the administration by the Undersecretary of the Treasury at the end of the fiscal year.

At the end of the financial year of the value-added administration of the General Directorate of the Foundation A budget surplus to be identified by the Minister of Finance comes in the general budget, according to the report.

b) In the budgets of the value added budgets of the Treasury, the 1050 count of Accounting-i Prospects Article 48 (C) and (D) of the second phase of article 59 with the Bentons of Hope, due to be reallocated within the year They could be done with the Treasury Department as well as the Treasury Department.


MADDE 13. - In addition to the general budget, agencies and value-added administrations are shown in the "T" rotary assembly, which will be used in whatever services they will acquire, regardless of whether they are in the first place in the year. This rosters cannot be obtained at any time.

The order and restrains of the number of 1-counted rulers (except for the Undersecretary), (2) in the number 1 and 2 of the number of rosters The areas of which are allocated according to the provisions of the regulations on security measures and protection under protection, including a grant, no foreign contact boarding and station-wagon gin can be obtained regardless of the amount of the grant.

Domestic informants are under 50% of people who are foreigners.

Hospital and treatment fees

MADDE 14. - Public servants, other public servants and retired, widows and orphans (including family members who are obligated to care) for the treatment of general and value-added apartments and administreates in the treatment institutions of revolving capital The charges are paid in quantity and essentials to be determined by the Ministry of Finance upon the visit of the Ministry of Finance.

With help for the Association and similar installations

the foundation and associations check

MADDE 15. -A) In the general and value-added organizations budgets, "Association, Union, Institution, Institution, Sandwich, Foundation, and Similar Payments" will be made from allowances to be made in the early years; the companies that are now budget will receive their money To request plan and push programs that demonstrate the services and activities of which they will be made, they are obliged to do the necessary review, and to monitor the progress of the plan and the activities of the ive programs. The help may be done in installments, as a result of the above reviews.

Review of the expenses above the expense of the expenses, will be done The Ministry of Finance is authorized to identify the new policies in the direction of the escalation.

b) The foundation and associations of the public institutions and organizations that are involved in performing the tasks they have undertaken (including those who provide assistance to the staff) are under the control of their current legislation, or is also controlled by related institutions and organizations.

The Finance Minister controls this time and associations as required, examines the financial statements and balance sheets.


See the Budget Application Provisions

Section layout and statements

MADDE 16. - Parts of the gider ruler are organized in programs in the program budget application. Programs will be allocated to subprograms, subprograms or projects according to the appropriate payment of services or expenses. Each activity or project is from the expense item in the required number of expenses.

1050 number of Accounting-i Public Law and this Law;

a) "The Moroccan and section" statements in the budget slush, The "Program",

b) "Segment" statement "Subroutine",

c) "Article", "Operating" or "Project" to include expense items,

d) "Tertip" statement, service or expense Program, subprogram, grant type, activity-project and expense item

The statement,

e) "Expense pen", (A) 100, 200,900 level details of the appropriated roster (s),

f) The "ID code" statement is based on the allowants included in the expense item. The subverse (which is also included in the Outer Law bill) in the State Accounting records, as indicated by the Ruler of the State Accounting (s),

g) from the direction of debt payments. service tertibi "statement, (payable in expense items of Staff expenses)" service or expense only) on the service or expense of the employee expense,


MADDE 17. - The following rulers are shown in this Code:

a) The State of the Act, "

b) of the State of the Union to continue its allocation in 2000, according to the special provisions of the" revenues are "B",

c) The key provisions on the basis of state revenues are "C",

d) Budget and non-government service details "Q",

e) Budget funds received under the scope of "F" ified,

f) Temporary to future years laws that authorise access to downloads are "G",

g) 6245 daily and indemnity amounts to be issued under the provisions of the Harcreh Law "H",

h) Budget according to the legal code Monetary users who need to be exposed in the law are "insure",

i) Additional courses, conferences, and extra charges are "K",

j) The current lojman of the institutions, social facility, telephone, fax, and dial count "L" with respect to "L",

k) 2698 The third item under the Law of National Education is required by the Ministry of National Sovereignty to be administered by the Department of National Education and the portion of the school's schools, including boarding fees "M",alýnacak l) 3634 will be received by a national self-defence law;

1. Animal receive dexterances are "O",

2. Daily rental costs with average dexterances of motorists "P" ireally="JUSTIFY "> m) "R" irext,

n) Organizations that have institutions, and in 2000, under the Act Act. the content of the purchase, the subject matter, what services are used, and the maximum purchase price is shown in the "T" manual,


Do not open new tertip, expense, and revenue line items

MADDE 18. -Finance Minister;

a) New thertypes or (A) of new theres under the grant of the service under the grant of 2000 Subsidy Projects within the year, under the grant type of the service (3) New activity and expense items within the entire ruler, new section on the required (B) rosters,kesim

b), dated 25.6.1992, due to taxes and images with a Code of 3824. The rate to be charged from the amounts to be collected in the import of customs by the name of the fund to determine the basis and basis for determining the application related to the amounts that will be transferred to the Bulk Housing Fund and for the amounts transferred to the Bulk Housing Fund and the amounts transferred to the Bulk Housing Fund to determine the amount of time and the amounts transferred to the Bulk Housing Fund. aling="JUSTIFY"> Authority.


MADDE 19. - The Finance Minister;

a) to transfer programs within the same set budget of "100 -Personnel expenses" expense item (s),

b) The " 100- Personnel expenses, " payable in the expense item and transfer of the Finance Ministry budget (930-08-3-351-900) to the reserve allowance in the Finance Ministry budget,

c) Budget, fiscal year, at the request of the install to perform the service to the budget of the agency or administration that will run the service, to transfer to and to make the necessary actions on this subject,

d) and the General Command of Gendarmerie with the Ministry of National Defence and to transfer of related budgets across programs, subprograms, activities and projects, on a reconciliation to the Coast Guard Command in order to meet the costs of the services rendered within the current account,

e) " Implementation, Coordination, and Strengthening of 2000 Program Programs Decision on " appropriate to the appropriate program,gereði

f) The budgets specified in the budget for the relevant set of projects for the projects that are subject to the If a service belonging to a program with replenities and procurement services that must be managed from a single center of the Armed Forces is carried out by a program, the relevant program, subprogram, activity, or projects is being met transfer,

g) will be newly opened from existing universities to the universities, the institutions that are involved in the budgets of faculty and colleges, this institute, faculty and colleges to transfer to the university budgets of the university,

h) the public institutions and installations again. .

is the authority of

Authorities to make any necessary budget requirements and regulations as a result of the implementation of the budget laws and the preparation of the deductions.

The agency or administration that is transferred from execution of the service to an agency or administration that is transferred to an office or administration in the financial year.

Public and value-added setups cannot be transferred to the public and the related types of building purchases. However, the port, the airport, railway, tunnel and bridge projects due to the construction of the universities and universities for education and education projects, the total public funding of the total expropriation allowes for the council's budget for education and education projects is 50%, the public opinion is not public. And for purchases, the appropriations allowance of up to 25% could be made from the Finance Minister's budget for refunds.

The allowness of the public's budgets for public administration and building sales cannot be used in the purchase of real estate from the public economic community. However, this provision is not applied from the maintenance of the Ministry of National Sovereignty and universities, with the allocation of education and time to be allocated.

Mail expenses

MADDE 20. - Additional charges related to the course of the judiciary and the results of the benefit of the judicial organs and the consequences of tax offices, if not enough, for postal expenses in the budget are not enough for the cost of the tax offices. The Minister of Finance is to pay the amount to be spent as a result of the effort to be spent. The payment of this surcharge will be shown in the expense account.

Elapsed years debits

MADDE 21. - The payments of a non-payment account, such as not paid for by the end of the financial year, and $1050 in Accounting-i Hope Law, are made according to the policies of last year's debts, which are due to the time of their debt.

b) (a) the liabilities that are from the expense items printed on the part of us, under consideration of the amount of the tertibin that is owed;

1. "Digit Cari Expenses",

2, " The debts that are available from the yacht services, "Expenses Expenses",

3. Charges related to transfer tertypes, "Transfer Expenses Last years",

is paid from their activities.

If these activities are not satisfied (100 -Personnel expenses remaining), the Ministry of Finance is authorized to transfer to these activities from the same or other service tertypes.

4306 application of the provisional 1st clause of the Law

MADDE 22. The fact that the revenues envisioned in the budget, dated 16.8.1997 and 4306 to the Provisional 1st Amendment of the Law, were to use the funds payable to the Ministry of National Sovereignty for this purpose, as well as revenue collections that are expected to be paid. The Ministry of Finance is authorized to add, to add, the funds and funds that are not spent in the year, to the next year's budget, and to determine the basis and procedures for which the provisions are to be made within the framework of these provisions.

Defense Industry Promotion Fund

MADDE 23. - ) to provide the Turkish Armed Forces with the necessary modern arms, tools and equipment to the strategic target plan, to be made within the fiscal year for the defense and NATO infrastructure, as well as expenses, dated 7.11.1985 and numbered 3238. The funding of the Defense Industry Promotion Fund, which was established for this purpose, will be determined in the essential apartment of the Defence Industry Congress Committee, which will be identified in the budget of the Defence Industry and the Defence Industry by being able to co-host the funds.

b) Ministry of National Defence and People (Gendarmerie General Command, The Coast Guard Command said it was authorized to pay the Defence Industry Promotion Fund to the Fund for the Promotion of Defense Industries, which will be determined by the current funds allocated through the budget.

c) The funds will be funded from the Defence Industry Promotion Fund on the one hand, on the one hand, to register the appropriations for the relevant tertypes of the Ministry of National Defense budget and to hand over the appropriations for the last years. The Minister of Finance is in charge.

Non-transferable consular revenues

MADDE 24. -alýmlarýndaThe amounts not available for non-conversed consular revenue and were not used by the end of 1999, a special term to be opened in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs budget, which is required by the Ministry of goods and services The Ministry of Finance, to record revenue for the year's budget and to record the amount of money that is not used in the year, to record, and to record the amount of money that is not used in the year, to be used for the use of the annual budget and to record the amount of time it is used. authority.

Service ants to be made to wildland countries

MADDE 25. - The Finance Minister;

a) is a national defence minister, General Command of Gendarmerie, and the Coast Guard to hire or replace a service to foreign countries and international setups by the Commando, rent or fee amounts received from the sea and air,

b) The expenses made to the foreign national officer, petty officer or adolescents who have read and found in the death and education of the Turkish Armed Forces will be charged the amounts paid by the relevant states,

c) NATO money to be used for maintenance and repair of redundant airports,

comes budget for the same purpose, on the same side that will be opened in the current budget for the same purpose to register for the tertypes, and to transfer them to the following year after the amounts that are paid by this process are:


The following, grants, and help

MADDE 26. - a) The opportunities to be obtained in the fiscal year as a grant from domestic and domestic resources, under the offer of the Undersecretary of the Treasury, come to the budget or revenue-allowance-expense save,

b) Current or re-opening in their respective budgets, with the goal of paying taxes and pictures of every future and credit path for credit or international treaties, the tax and pictures of each future and credit is not available. saving and doing the required actions on their line item,

c) In 2000, the Ministry of National Defense, the General Command of the Gendarmerie and the Coast Guard Commander for the requirements of the military aid from the foreign states, or the price of supplies and supplies to be sold in other ways, They will come to the tertypes to be opened in these names in the roster (B), and they will be paid for and to save for special tertials to be opened in these budgets,

The Finance Minister is authorized.

Private allowance and revenue cancellation

MADDE 27. - Insufficient private funds and private revenues with special appropriation and special revenues;

a) Predictions for reallocation of allocation are not enough to be reallocated,

b) (a) remove or transfer two years to the country (1 000 000 000.-) not to be overspent (1 000 000 000.-), and the Ministry of Finance is authorized to record revenue by

Institutions hsharepay

MADADE 28. -To cover the gross damage of the month (excluding the Value Added Tax and the Additional Tax),kaydýyla

-With the hydroelectric power plants that are being built by the State Department of Water, the facilities are in place with Turkey. The Electricity Generation has sold goods and services (TEDA' s) goods and services (TEDA' s) of the Turkish Electricity Company, including the cost of use and construction, until the transfer of the unit to the Israeli company (TEAIRs) has been made legally necessary. 8% of gross damage, including consumption tax and TRT share),

-15% of the gross damage of the Turkish Telecommunications Corp. (until the end of the stock is complete),

-The product and service selling of the General Directorate of State Air Fruit 20% of the damage,

-10% of the gross damage of goods and services sold by the General Directorate of Tobacco, Tobacco, Tuz and Alcohol Alleys (TEKEL),

-Oil Tails Anonymous 15% of the gross damage of the network (BOTAALs),

- Devlet

Is paid by the Ministry of Finance from the latest to 20% of gross damage as of product (DMO) product (s) of the General Manager (DMO) product line of goods and services. Those paid will come to the budget.

Funds payable and revenue

MADDE 29. -a) All the proceeds of the established funds under the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey are subject to the fund account under the supervision of the Undersecretary of the Treasury. Funds envisioned in the related legislation on these accounts are made by the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey.

Funds covered by the budget are shown in this Law-attached (F) idaresi roctor. The revenues of these will be written in the general budget (B) of the overall budget over the remaining amounts after the cuts made. These funds will replace their services with allowants placed on the schedule of the budget (A).

The scope of the coverage comes from the revenues of the Ministry of Finance with the Finance Minister and the Treasury's approval and the rate and amounts of cuts to be determined by the approval of the minister to the overall budget. can be saved.

Funds will perform service and expense based on their own regulations.

b) 1. Upon approval by the Minister of Finance and Treasury, the proposal and the approval of the Secretary of State for the approval of the fund's budget funds in the installed budgets are to the tertigals of the other installed budgets,

2. Upon the proposal of the Ministry of the Ministry, the funds for the other tertitypes of the installed budget in order to be executed by the funds are "77 -Funds Ait Services",

is the Finance Minister's authority to the Aktara.

c) 1. On the one hand, the budget (B) arrives on the budget of the budget, on the one hand, and the (A) payment to the rocketing roster,

2. In case the service is to be seen by the funds, it will come to the budget that will do the same amount of service and to save the service,

The Finance Minister is in charge.

d) 1. The Minister of Finance and the Treasury Department will be able to transfer the proposal and the transfer of funds through expense accounts with the approval of the minister. The amount transferred is transferred to the fund account, from here to the expense account, through the revenue account of the fund that was transferred to it.

2. The amount remaining after funding from funds under budget is transferred to the expense account of the fund related to the Central Bank of Turkey.

e) The funds, Finance Minister, State Planning Secretary and Treasury Secretary, whose legislation is set up in the decree of law or law enforcement, will be offered by the ministers of the Treasury and the Treasury. be liquidated.

Law or law enforcement, decision to determine what should be liquidated from the council, to draft laws relating to the liquidation of these, the Ministry of Finance, the State The Undersecretary of Planning and Treasury Department is the same. ministers.

Any revenues of the liquidated funds until a new regulation is made on this topic are considered budget revenue and continue to be collected.

In the case of current personnel requests in funds that are decided to be liquidated, they are transferred to the current public institutions and their status in accordance with the situation in the organization of the required public institutions and installations. These are the provisions of 3.4.1998 and the provisions of the Provisional 7th of the number 4359 of the Code: 2, 3, 4, 6, and 7.

Those who need to continue services executed by liquidated funds will be put into the budget. are executed with allowes.

To make all arrangements for the implementation of this fund, to open new terms in their respective institutions budgets, the Ministry of Finance is authorized to determine the scope of the payments to be made from these tertists.


Treasury and Public Founders


Government Debates

Government debt management

MADDE 30. - a) The management of the government debt is dated 9.12.1994 and under the article 2 of the Code 4059, the Undersecretary of the Treasury is executed.

b) The Secretary of the Treasury is to be paid within the financial year (State Bond, Treasury Bonosu), and it is authorized to monitor the debt anaparas in private accounts in the budget of the domestic and dat debt, and to do so without the budget for domestic and private debt repayment due in the fiscal year.

This provision is less than the warranties undertaken within the framework of the Quran-Withdrawal model application, which is guaranteed by the fund and indebted liabilities due to the amounts unmet by the fund. are also applied for all of the obligations.

c) State internal and dat debt interest and general expenses are for this purpose, with grants to be put into the budget.

d) The current liabilities of the Katma budget administration are paid by this material according to the Undersecretary of Treasury.

e) The results of the state debt are sent to the Ministry of Finance to be included in the Treasury General Account along with the relevant year certainty schedule, which is prepared by the Treasury Department.

f) The main and procedural issues relating to the management and accounting of government debt are regulated by the Ministry of Finance and the Undersecretary of the Treasury.

lic borrowing

MADDE 31. -a) the amount of "net internal debt" as the amount specified in the "balance" clause of this Law in the fiscal year under which the Treasury is listed is authorized (the amount to be obtained by the decision of the defunds from the indebted borrowing in the year) is authorized. This limit can increase at a maximum of 15%. The current debt is due to the limit of internal borrowing, and the remaining part of the debt is added to the limit. The private foreign government internal borrowing, which was previously exported and exported except for non-transplantable cash, is not considered in the calculation of this limit.

b) exports within the authorities of entitlement. State domestic borrowings will be one year (364 days) and longer-term State bonds with Treasury bonds less than one year.

c) The steel of state domestic debt bonds to be stolen, with the methods sold interest rate, export price, maturity, payment period, edition and payment of The Secretary of the Treasury is the president of the Treasury Department, which means that there are all kinds of principles and other things that are being concitable. The bills would go back to Treasury banks, tax, levy and expenses, to pay banks and bank treatment taxes to be paid to the banks that would be paid to the banks to be sold. The financial services that will be applied in the payment and the printing of the Republic of Turkey between the Undersecretary of the Republic of Turkey and the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey under the Law of the Republic of Turkey, the Law of the State of America, and the provisions of the State Law of the State of the Republic of 2886 shall be imposed on the property. It's identified by its understanding.

Cari will be roped in or out of previous years State domestic indebtels may be held to the early fire department by paying for the business interest or may be withdrawn from market conditions.

The charges and bonds that will be covered by interest and money payments from the bonds and bonds that will be included in the goods service, which will be covered by the other consolidated State debt, and the companies are all tax. (excluding Revenue and Institutions Tax), is undersecretary of painting and levy.

The provisions of these fictions also apply to government bonds, Treasury bonds, and other consolidated State debts, which were exported in earlier years.

d) In the event that the state domestic debt bonds are exported to the beating index, the currency exchange rates are recalculated as of each interest payment date and the domestic debt register will be added to the main monetary value.

e) All State domestic debt bonds cannot be exported as a passing governor, except for the state internal borrowing that will be cash-funded in order to finance the budget in the Consolidate. The interest rates of the previously exported private tertik state domestic debt bonds cannot be raised.

3836 and 1211 are the provisions of the law

MADDE 32. -a) the $3836 Public Institution and the Board of Installers will assume the provisions of the provisions of the Law on the Board of Laws and the amount required by the Treasury to pay for the debt and the interest payments in 2000. The pay-per-view government has passed a special promotion of state domestic debt bonds,

b) 1211, which is the 611 th of the Central Bank of the Central Bank of Turkey, when it was raised in arrears that were not redeemable. Turkey's Republic of Turkey's Central Bank, which is given by the state domestic debt bonds The bank's original interest rates, the bank's original interest rates, and the bank's domestic borrowing rates, which were given to the bank as a result of the loss of securities between the original interest rates and market interest rates, were due to pay interest in the bank. private and private government internal borrowing,

c) in accordance with Section 9 of the Republic of Turkey's Central Bank of Central Bank, and the Provisional 9 of the 3985 Code of Law is set to be issued by the The liquidation of the amounts accumulated in the Avans Account has been exported with the purpose of the liquidation "Payment of Payments to be Ashamed Of Budget," for which the state domestic debt bonds require interest payments to be made in 2000, and the interest payments that

d) have been mentioned in the Yukarde. Bakan


e }

to transfer from the account to the private accounts, without the following, to transfer to the next year or to no longer be delegated to the budget or to the budget. The number 1211 is the 61st of the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey. to export private and private state domestic borrowing for payments due in 2000, and to determine the maturity, interest and sales of these bonds, the Federal Minister said. with the proposal,Baþbakan

is the authority.

Dunit borrowing

MADDE 33. - ):

1, to be used as a project loan to the public and added budget setups according to the agreement with the foreign country, banks, and institutions, or to the international setups and the agreement to be done. Turkish Lirasaries are informed by the Treasury Secretary to the Treasury by making a record of the debt.

2. The use of the full project loan, which is used as a cost of goods, services and services at home and abroad, is sent to the Undersecretary of the Treasury within thirty days following the use of the relevant installs to be made up to the debt. The amounts made up of debt are reported to the Treasury by the Treasury.

3. Material and service costs, commitment, and commitment designs are reported to the Ministry of Finance, as well as related installations.

4. Custom tertypes to be opened in budgets for related installations where they are required;


-To transfer from existing allowes,

Budgeting, the Finance Minister is authorized to record the funds that are not spent in the next year, which is passed on to the next year's budget.

Business-based usage of Turkish Liras (s) similar to earlier years, as well as for the price of materials and services, as well as the above.

5. The basis and procedures of the implementation of the provisions outlined above are identified by the Undersecretary of Treasury and the Minister of Finance.

b) A commitment to goods and services that will be sold with the resources and services to be sold without a visa under the 64th clause of the Ministry of Finance and the 64th article of the Code 1050 will not be realistily and related amounts do not amount to additional debt records.

However, before the Treasury Department plans to do the actual borrowing, the related amounts are payable, expense, and current debt records will be made later. ) are authorized to make a commitment to a visa and a commitment to a commitment.

c) The commission, charge, warranty fee and so on, which must be paid for credit, until the completion of the legislation to ensure that the credit terms associated with the DUS Government debt will be completed. The Secretary-General is the one who has the Treasury to transfer interest payments from the Budget to the following fiscal year, and to transfer the interest payments from the budget to the following financial year.

d) Forecasted on credit related loans related to consolidated State debt all payments and refunds (including payments to be made within the framework of the current project loans) are undersecretaries of any tax, levy and levy in the year 2000.

e) The financing will be made in accordance with the terms of the European Union, foreign state or international organizations, in case of special tender and purchase of purchase procedures, in accordance with the provisions of the special. execute according to the provisions of law, decree, or understanding.

f) The foreign country, with banks and institutions or international installations, or to be done by the Treasury, through terms of general and added budget, through the terms of the transfer and the transfer of the The resources used as a full project loan to public institutions and installations are sent to the Undersecretary of Treasury within thirty days of the use of the relevant installers to the Treasury.

The two debunks of the business transfer and warrantyi

MADDE 34. -A) Contact with foreign countries, international organizations, foreign banks and foreign financial institutions in foreign countries for all purposes and with the financing tools used in the international capital market. to conduct negotiations and finalize the actions related to these indebtets,

b) The financing opportunities provided by the above (a) in the economic sectors of the economy, and the provisions of the meanings To the public and private sector institutions, to the public and private sector institutions to use, transfer, or use to return to credit or credit for the same repayments due to be made from loans,

c) Turkey's Republic Central Bank, or Turkey, with the local institutions in Turkey, If they are sold by the banks, you will be required to remove or completely take over these loans, remove or use the takeover of these loans, or restore, transfer or use, and refunds required from these loans. my account is to return to the loan or loan, and the foreign banks in Turkey are foreign currency. borrowing over their assets,

d) 1. The credit institutions of foreign countries, international institutions or the local banks and institutions in foreign countries, and the Turkish banks that have contributed to these financing terms are public institutions (including the provisions of private law). More than 50 others, including those that are publicly owned), and loans to the banks of the bank will be debunned by the registration and debt payment capability of the Treasury guaranteed current debt. warranty,

2. Within the framework of the warranty programs for the World Bank and other international installations,

aa) Public installations (more than 50% of the capital, although subject to special law provisions), and for the financing opportunities to procure from international markets with the indebtets of yacht banks,

bb)-Business-Transfer and Do-Related projects on projects to be real within the framework of the business model, the Treasury forecasted to be to be left with guarantees and to negotiate under the Undersecretary of the Treasury


3.. For the current liabilities to the treasury guarantor, the criteria for which to perform the installation before the warranty of the warranty period is under the guarantee of the warranty, and on the basis of the warranty fee, warranty period Guarantee the repayment of any obligations that may be guaranteed by the warranty of warranty and withdrawal of obligations from these debts to the Treasury,

e) guarantee repayment of loans to foreign countries in the national bank and public setups to give him a letter of guarantee in foreign countries, to give him a letter of guarantee guarantee in favour of banks,

f) The technical assistance for technical assistance and distribution of loans from foreign countries, official installations or international installs by the Treasury for the Republic of Turkey. use of private and autonomous budget public installations and public setups as a result of public installation,gerektiðinde

g) in Bosnia and Herzegovina by the Social Development Fund of the Council of Europe along with other countries that member states for the projects to be financed Ensure that a common warranty is provided,

h) the European Union, foreign countries and the bank and credit setups of these countries and the Risk Capital Yacht Operating in our country from international financial and financial services In their venture capital, bridge loans contribute to the sale of venture capital, or the foreign partners listed above, or the agency's associates named above, or the financial services, the risk capital, the company's risk capital. To make a point of understanding, to transfer, to the transfer of this opportunity, to be used, and repaid,

The Secretary of the Treasury is the minister.

i) These essentials are also applicable for earlier years.

Haiz local government entities that have private status with municipalities and other municipalities in the

j), and more than 50% of the capital's municipalities and related legislation are legal entities. For the current financing provided by borrowing from the international commercial banks, the Treasury will be guaranteed and transferred to 500 million US Dollars to be transferred.

Do-business, With Treasury guarantees given to projects that will be actuallyd in the framework of the State-Government Defaulting and Yatyrim Banks were left in the process of international setups and markets under the Treasury guarantee, as well as the amount of debt set up above.

244% borrowdownborçlanma

MADDE 35. -A) The current funding needs to be used for the credit requirements of the projects, dated 31.5.1963 and the extent of the configuration of 244, 1963, with the remaining financing needs, determined by the construction of the projects It is understood by the Minister that the Treasury is under way to deal with the World Bank in order to address the needs of the World Bank (10 000 000).

b) Such meanings and defense debunking loans to the provisions of the budget laws. based on the decision of the Council of Ministers, such as the establishment of the Council of Ministers, which is considered appropriate by the Council of Ministers. These resolutions are dated 31.5.1963 and are subject to the provisions of the Code 244 and dated 23.5.1928.

c) that the Republic of Turkey will see "Raz, Camel, and Warranty of Teeth". Based on the provisions and provisions of this clause, the Treasury is able to do business with the purpose of managing existing non-financing instruments in the world capital markets with the purpose of managing the loan, which is indebited with the guarantor or the guarantor. The Secretary of State is the one who is under the care of the undersecretary. The signings of the words will take effect on the date of the signing.

d) This provision is also used in previous budget years for the right to unacrictable animations.

Debit, grants, and assistanceanlaþmalarý

MAD36. -a) The European Union, foreign countries, international setups and foreign country loan setups have led to their contact, negotiation and understanding and funding opportunities for public and private sectors. The Secretary of the Treasury Department is the one who used to be used to use the Treasury. The remarks are effective at the time of the signing.

The uses of the hives, including apartments and other public setups, including from these sources, are stamped on a stamp tax, picture, levy and other is exempt from expenses.

b) Undersecretary of the Treasury to help understand and deal with debt to foreign countries and setups, delay and restructure the debt that is given, and redo the business. The minister is the one who's been looking at. The debt to be given to foreign countries and organizations is to be paid for this purpose to the Treasury Secretary's budget.

The meanings of the subject enter the decision of the Council of Ministers.

c) To find and sign the grants and assistance for foreign countries and organizations in the name of the Republic of Turkey to sign the statement, the President and the powers of the President are determined to remain withheld, and the Council of Ministers is determined. The authorities and the installation are authorized to determine the same. Grants and assistance to foreign countries are paid for this purpose, except for the Finance Ministry budget (except for the Economic, Cultural, Eotim, and Technical Interchange).

The meanings of the subject enter the decision of the Council of Ministers.

The cash grant and assistance provided in the information can be transferred to the budget and transferred to the account in exchange for the country's foreign currency in the Central Bank of Turkey. The payments are made within the framework of the provisions of the agreement and the relevant accounts to be determined by the Ministry of Finance.

d) Turkey's Israel Credit Bank A. is two years or longer term goods and/or services that will be opened to foreign countries and to be installed in these countries, or financial leasing with such commitments. The Minister of the Treasury Department is the basis for regulating the principles and financial provisions of the Official Assisted Reinforced Credit for their actions.

European monetary union

MADDE 37. -The Undersecretary of the Treasury has agreed to make arrangements for the public sector's debt and debt management issues, as the states to join the European Union and the Economic Monetary Union are due to take place in the European Union, to be rescheduled from 1.1.1999. the Minister is authorized.

The renewal of such topics as currency, interest, and commission in euros, including the exact protection of provisions in the national currency denominations or legal action. In 2000, the process of dedding and degradation was undersecretary of the stamp tax.

Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan Pipe Line Projectanlaþmalar

MADDE 38.-Scope of the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline project;

a) The host country to be Abroad to understanding, understanding of a key delivery, understanding of the government, and signing up with other relevant documents and meanings in this project board,

b) (a), and related documents and the Republic of Turkey and related public institutions and related public institutions, Any payment, completion, performance, and liability for the failure of any and all of its installations is guaranteed to the parties stipulated in the disclosure of the obligations, as is the case for which the commitments are envisageed in the manner of which the warranty of the Republic of Turkey for the warranty of the Republic of Turkey, with respect to the terms of the Republic of Turkey (a) and (b) of any payment obligations that will occur if not completely fulfilled, to the identification of relevant public institutions and installations that will sign the sair documents and is authorized to


LOGICAL partition

Treasury divisions

Advance operations

MADDE 39. - The Republic of Turkey, on the basis of Article 50 of the Law 1211, dated 14.1.1970, to be able to schedule general budget payments and prevent payments from being affected in a negative way due to seasonal fluctuations that are due to be collected. The Minister is the secretary of the Treasury.

The deems in rec counting aregeçiþi

MADPLACE 40. -The Ministry of Finance is to register, save, and save every piece of Treasury accounts, including assets and relics, to the Treasury accounts, for reasons of all counts, for example. is authorized to receive.

1050 count of a number of public funds that are not in the administration and responsibility of a number of Accounting-i Prospects Law is also defined.

coins to be checked in

MADDE 41. - The Ministry of Finance will be identified by the Ministry of Finance dated 27.6.1963 and with respect to the number 261, with certainty or advance payment of money to be refunded, or by the Minister of Finance. altime="JUSTIFY"> The amounts due at the end of the inspection or time of excess payment are returned by the provisions of the Law on the Allowance of 6183 number of Amme Credits.

Install the right to be paid by the State of Oil and Oil Law

MADDE 42. - -dated 5.4.1973 and by 1702, the state about the state will receive the oil from the oil on the "Oil on State" term in the budget (B) of the budget.

b) 6326 is required in the Oil Code. Until 2000, no more than 2000 will continue to be met with allowances to be put into the Budget due to the transfer of this Code to the Budget of the currency differences made by the article 116.


Public Israeli Contact (s)

The profits of the Public Public Contact.

MADDE 43. - a) the amounts that are subject to the Ordinance Decree of 233, from 1999 to the Treasury;

1. 233 To save revenue to the budget on the proposal of the Treasury, subject to the budget,

2, subject to the conclusions of the decree in Law Rule 233. To budget, pay and save,görev

b) on the proposal of the Undersecretary of the Treasury to be charged for the expense of any capital, or other task damage to the installation. They will receive task losses without the revenue and expenses of the budget at the request of the Treasury, which has been hit by the Treasury, which has been hit by profits from 1998 and earlier, the Treasury said. Or to do the work that is to destroy the funds that are not paid for.

The Finance Minister is authorized.

Public partners and business capital issues

MADADE 44. -a) to implement the measures of reorganization of public partners and actions, to contribute to capital increases, to fulfill the requirements of public economic and financing programs, and to uphold the requirements of the 233-nation Code of Law.

1 to implement the provisions of the Hazinece

2, where all types of capital increase are added to the treasury and all types of capital are sold. Transfer or takeover of capital shares of Treasury and public economic authorities to public economic authorities, privacy administration or value-added administrations,

3. Public economic cooperation and debt-related debt to the Treasury or the government funds, and financing programs, whether to defund or repay loans to receivables from the Treasury, in accordance with the financing programs. To determine the time and progress, the Secretary of the Treasury said, the amount required by these terms, on the offer of the same Undersecretary, would come to the private tertiaries to open in the budget, and the Minister of Finance, to save the funds, will be provided.

is the authority.

b) Public administration and other partners have paid their debts to the Treasury, funds, Social Insurances Institution as of the end of 1999, to their creditors and funds receivables or funds owed to them. The Minister of Treasury is the minister of the Treasury and the Minister of Finance is authorized to register the relevant State Accounts according to their private accounts, without regard to the expenses of the Undersecretary.

c) The liquidation of the ksmelp, which has not passed 15% of current duties damages as of 31.12.1999, with budget allowances, which cannot be met with budgetary grants and budget allowances, from TC Ziraat Bank and T. People's Bank. The private tertip of the government can be exported. These bonds are in the limit of the internal debt-related provision and are determined by the Minister on the proposal of the Minister of the Treasury and the Ministry of Treasury, which is the basis for the determination of the damages for the term, interest, and other duties.

d) the revenues identified in the fund of the Decision of the Promotion Fund for the Promotion Fund of 88/12944 are from the income account of the fund by the T.C. Central Bank with the support of the export T. Israel Loan Bankası A. to be transferred to the Treasury Department of Treasury, the Treasury Department account. The Treasury Secretary is authorized to come to the budget with the offer of the Treasury and to determine the principles and principles that apply to the application under the scope of this fund, to ensure that these amounts are payable to EXIMBANK.

e) The limit for the damages that is due to damages from the back of the 1989 product of the Fiscounit, by issuing the Special Tertip of the State Bond, by the Treasury, to export. The principles and principles related to this issue are determined by the Council of Ministers.

f) The debt-based debt of the United-Install General Manager has been taken over by the Treasury as of the end of 1999, the Secretary of the Treasury Department has been given to sell.

Treasury bail

MADDE 45. - ) To guarantee and pay damages,

b), to guarantee and guarantee the political risks that may be caused by the credit, insurance and warranty activities of Turkey's Israel Credit Bank. By default, it is the Minister of Treasury guarantee that will be done within the framework of the privatition program (75) trillion of the Treasury guarantee.

The treasury secretary is the case.


Public Personnel



Contributions, dormitory services, fee, commitment fee, additional compensation ceilings

MADDE 46. - ), in accordance with Article 154 of the State Officers Act of 657, the number of months to apply for the translation of additional indicative numbers to the same amount of additional indicative figures in the date of the indicator table is 1.2000- (13810), civil service The base-month factor to be applied to the baseline is 1.1.2000-30.6.2000 (88500).

399 The 3rd (c) clause of the ordinance in the provision of Code Rule (c) is the language of the promised personnel that is played rate ceiling is 1.1.2000-30.6.2000 (608,000,000) as lira is applied.

1999 December 1.2000 The most cumulative cumulative rate in the net month after 1.1.2000, the monthly 1994 = 100 Core Urban Places, opened by the State Institute of Public Health, Consumer prices rose below the cumulative rate of December 1999, compared to December 1999, when a total of two points raised a total of two points, the inflation figure said. the coefficients being applied to be valid from the 15th of the month in which it is applied The base and ceiling charges, or the additional increased rates to be applied to these charges, are redetermined. The basic and procedural basis of the application is determined by the Minister of Finance.

The Council of Ministers is authorized to continue the implementation of the second half of the 2000 financial year.

b) The state that is engaged in the ranks of the institutions of the establishment of the institutions It is paid according to the provisions of the Council of Ministers, dated 19.4.1999 and 99/12791, in addition to the provisions of the Council of Ministers of 99/12791, until they have been identified as new officers, new precedents and new precedents.

c) The ceiling (40.000.000) of additional compensation to be paid in the case of the receipt of Article 28 (B) of the decree of 375 is dated 2.12.1993 and the number of 28 (B) of the Code is issued with 3920.

The amount of additional compensation to be paid for under the same (A) section of the same item (A) may also exceed the same amount of additional compensation and cannot exceed 1.1.2000 through 30.6.2000 (36 000 000) in the period (36 000 000), and (40 000 000).

d) The municipal government's monthly payments, within the municipal and municipal government, will be determined by the municipal councils.


Israeli Eversarial

Use of Chadros

MADDE 47. - ), including the general budget, to the added budget administration, these, the revolving capital, the funds established with the law, the bail sandwiches, social security installations, the transfer of general and added budgets, and the transfer of the transfer tertists. use of free civil servants to be allocated to the setups, and the third number of 86 ncis of the State Officers Act of 657, of which officers have been assigned to the bobc. The delegate assignment from the angle is subject to the permission of the Finance Minister. The permission to assign from the open can be given by the number of times the employee is required to be paid. However, with those in the state and the prosecution professions, those in charge of the profession, members of the institutions of higher education and the Social Services and Child Welfare Institution of 2828 dated 24.5,l983 and the Annex I of the Code of Child are warned. No permission is sought for assignments to be made.

Establishes a full and bodied state of cadre and cadres with reasons such as appointing, retirement, resignation and transfer, and their roster shows March, June, September. and to submit to the Ministry of Finance by filling in as of the last day of December They have to.

b) The number of institutions that are respected in the Yukarus are cancelled with the permission of the Minister of Finance and the Secretary of State Staff, who are considered eligible.

c) Free civil servants, who have been allocated to the union and the municipalities with which they have established them, with free civil servants who have been allocated to the union as of 3l.l2,l999 date. The use of the rights to assign them from the open is subject to the permission of the Ministry.

d) The revolving capital and fund numbers of the public-funded agencies, the counting of the capital and fund numbers, and the clerks of every title in the number of officers, as well as the Minister of Finance, are in place in the staffing roster. will be added to the revolving capital and funds from the cast.

The personnel employed in the ranks of the Finance Minister who are employed are assigned to these cadres who are required to do so.

The institutions and installations covered by the e) (a) will receive the representation of the Ministry of Finance for new units that will be set up in advance of the current law, with the intent of personnel to advance.

Glossary of personnel

MADDE 48. -The general budget includes apartments, value-added administrations, revolving capital installations, municipalities, provincial private administrations, funds established with law, social security installations, and general and added budgets that receive aid from transfer terms, 8.6.1984. The remaining installations of the Code of Law, dated and 233, are dated 6.6.78 and 7/15754 will continue to apply additional and deems to the Council of Ministers of 7/15754.

First fund counted institutions and installations, 657 State Government In accordance with the Law of Officers, the title, the number and the charges of the personnel who must be the word of the employees are required to obtain a visa from the Ministry of Finance by the end of January 2000 until the end of January 2000.

The title, number, and charges of the dedicated personnel that are played by subverbate the special laws are subject to a visa. However, the installation shows examples of the type of processing of employees, including names, titles, staff degrees and commitment fees for the Ministry of Finance by the end of January 2000, and the company's (s) February, February, 2017, and the following: As of August and December, they will have to submit for information to the Minister of Finance.

The number of new, title, qualification and services to be organized by the organizations for which they will be employed based on the relevant legislation in the budget, except for staff with new commitments (excluding staffing, non-stop personnel). If there are additional rulings and different provisions, such examples are required by the Ministry of Finance to be able to obtain a visa.

Without completing the visa requirements according to the above, no payment can be made for any payment.

About the 4th article of the number of State Officers Act (s) of 657 (B), additional temporary l6 ncis and special laws, including the L999 Financial Statement, which is related to the operation of the l999 fiscal year 2000. The promise fees for January, February and March, which were deemed appropriate by the ministry or the establishment, are based on their new commitments, according to the L999's visa liberalisation until the legal action to be taken. The Minister of Finance's visa will be made by taking the necessary corrections later. will be paid.

Business allowings and temp job positions

MADDE 49. -a) In addition to the general budget, departments, value-added administrations, continuous workers and temporary workers who will spend more than 30 days with more than thirty-two days of expenditures in their budget (55) and (66) subprograms are included in the expense item. can be employed in a number of times and for the duration of no payment. It cannot be overplayed to the permanent and temporary workers in the budget, which will be the next to be paid for the budget. The specified subprograms may not be transferred in any way, and the budget does not pay a finder's fee and overwork fee for the budget tertiary. However, due to payment of tips and severance payments, due to the bulk of their business commitments, the payment absences will be incurred by the rest of the reserve allowance in the Finance Ministry budget.

Institutions, The number of temporary workers expected to be stolen in the months, including the appropriation of their budget (66) to the sub-program, according to the units to which they will be stolen (units at the centre of the centre). The rulers of the region and the provincial government) They have to make a visa for the Ministry of Finance by the end of January, with calculations. Devisions occurring within the year are also subject to a visa with the same kind of language. The temporary application of this visa process cannot be employed and cannot be paid. The officers cannot be employed in order to be employed in the hands of the men.

The provisions of the Yukaru are responsible for the charges against ita supervisors and tahakkuk officers and those who spend more than the same.

b) General and value-added administrators include 233-year-old organizations with funds and funds established by law, with benefits from transfer promotions of general or value-added budgets. Provisional members of the decree, which remain under the scope of the ruling by the decree, will hold temporary positions of temporary workers for more than thirty-three days from 1.1.2000 until 31.1.2000 by the approval of the relevant minister. It will be issued to the Minister.

c) (a) and (b) of the f The institution, the institution, and the fund's new visas for units that are foreseen to be established or expected to be established with the international treaties or the 2000 Program, will include the total number of people/months of the visa issued in the 1999 Mali. It cannot be a visa. Temporary, visa-free positions can be held or canceled with the appropriate vision of the Ministry of Finance and temporary temporary positions. A sample of the visas issued by the Ministry of Finance is sent to the High Inspection Board of the Minister or to the Minister of Higher Education, according to his interest. No payment can be made if you are making this visa.

d) The provisional positions of the public anti-government and other temporary workers that will be played by more than thirty-two days from 1.1.2000 have been approved by 31.1.2000 by the approval of the relevant minister. The State Staff will be issued a visa until the date of the meeting. Temporary temporary positions that were issued by the State Staff may be suspended or canceled with temporary job temporary positions. One example of the visa-issued rulers is sent to the High Supervisory Board of the Batifünlk. No payment will be made to make this visa liberalisation.

e) All temporary, temporary positions belonging to Israeli private administrations and municipalities and temporary workers to be played in the union and the muessesi are visa-free every year. It will be Temporary, visa-free temporary positions may be left or canceled by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with temporary temporary positions. A sample of the visa schedules belonging to the temporary temporary positions issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are sent to the State Staff. The temporary application cannot be stolen and no payment can be made until this visa is made.


Measures Increased in Public Expenses

Location of installations included in the console MADDE 50. - To ensure that public services can be executed in an effective and efficient way, the agencies and administrations included in the consolidated budget, and to take measures to ensure that personnel will be provided in accordance with the purpose of service, a need for The Ministry of Finance is authorized to determine the basis and procedures for transporting personnel to other public institutions and installations by receiving the vision of the personnel.

Government.nl usage in institutions

MADDE 51. -To reduce the number of public institutions and installations, to make arrangements, to take measures, to take measures, to make adjustments, to make adjustments, to make adjustments, to make adjustments to the government and to prevent the waste from downstream expenses, and to bring in the official business. The Ministry of Finance is authorized to determine the basis and procedures for using the payments that will benefit from the ticket and to benefit from the commercials.

The permissions to assign from the open

MADDE 52. -In the Ministry of Finance, the total number of permission to appoint the institutions and organizations of the 47 nci (a) of this Law shall be given to the free civil servants ' staff, and the relevant institutions are the result of retirement, death and resignation in the respective institutions. No more than 80% of the number of staff members. The institutions that have been implemented by the conclusion of the Norm dial, the law requires the international agreement or the 2000 program to install or to expand the need for units and supply of required services to be required. The Finance Minister is authorized to refer to the specified dislocation.

Blacksmith standardization, business, and leavagedevri

MADDE 53. -a) Board of public institutions and installations, and the standards and standards of iron and standards, and the standards set by the Turkish Standards Institute are also under consideration, according to the Master Status of the General Directorate of State Materials Office as determined by the Ministry of Standardization Committee.

b) General budget circles and value-added services and funds are installed and funds are between each other and the transfer of leaps and The basis and the procedures are regulated by the Ministry of Finance.

Transfer of

national defense minister grants

MADDE 54. -The budget of the Turkish Armed Forces Strategic Target Plan was not spent in the year due to the required allowings of the required programs, and the next year's budget, not 30% of the country's funds, to ensure the service is being held. The Finance Minister is authorized to record the transfer.


Chechen Provisions

Tentative task

MADDE 55. -güvenlikThe security of the 657 State Officers ' Law, Additional 8 and Annex 9, 2547 numbered 2547, Section 38, 40 and 41, and 2919 numbered Turkish Grand National Assembly General Secretaries by Security Law The officers or public servants who are temporarily deployed in other institutions and who are temporarily assigned to the relevant legislation, except for their own institution or organization, temporarily take advantage of the agency's staff and related to the relevant legislation, except for the officers. all kinds of compensation, too, to be paid to the subject personnel in the legislation. They can't take advantage of the overtime and the payments.

Devials to be considered as collateral and temporary collateral of untasteable goods

MADDE 56. - ), dated 29.2.1984 and under the law of 2983, the following are the annuities of refunds and other securities, as well as government domestic debt bonds and treasury bonds,

1. As collateral in the implementation of the 10th clause of the Law on the Tasil of 6183 and Amme Creditors Of The Public Institutions,

2. Hazinece

Is accepted as a payment of payment through nominal dexterances in the payment of national property costs to be sold.

Tahvil and bonds are also exported by including interest in the nominal price, and are based on the number of rows that are available to the public at this time.

b) The establishment of Private Finance Institutions, Activities and Procedures for the public, and the indefinite guarantee letters issued by private financial institutions that operate according to the Decision of 83/7506 of Procedural Decisions. 6183 is considered to be collateral in the implementation of the 10th clause of the Law on the Tahsil Way Of Counting 6183 and the Amme Payoff of the institutions. However, it is imperative that the letters of guarantee comply with the scope and date specified by the Finance Ministry.

c) The temporary collateral of the Treasury or the provision and savings of the state may be down to 20% of the estimated price in rent awards.

Kishi debts

MADDE 57. -The sum of 1050 counts of Accounting-i Hope, which is not possible to follow and collect for damages or for reasons of respect, is due to the current liabilities deemed appropriate by the Board of Malacrians. (1, 5) The Ministry of Finance is authorized to leave out the losses of up to a billion liras. The term of this amount is due to the Turkish Grand National Assembly.

Additional Article 543 of the Finance Minister's Decision and Chores on the Law of the Law, added by the decree of the Law on Law Rule 543 Under 7 warnings, the goods and cash counts, and requests for the deletion of the officers ' embezzles are reviewed and presented to the Ministry of Finance. Within the framework of this decision, the list of terns of the terns (1, 5) billion of the Turkish lira is provided with the results of the budget implementation and the knowledge of the Turkish Grand National Assembly.

is the assignment of 1050, based on the 83rd Amendment of the Accounting-i Hope Law of 1969 and 1988, based on the 84th count of $1601 and the number 1601 of the property. Those who do not have the advantage of the advance will be taken to the expense of their liabilities.

The quantity of people who are reported to be deplorable from amounts due to the current liabilities account. Finance to be discharged by taking the view of the Maltep Dance Board. The Minister is in charge.

Housing or land of forced migration from Bulgaria

the dearth of received advance

MADDE 58. - Those who were forced from Bulgaria and then owned by Turkish citizens in order to own any housing or land, are in arrears to the forecasted bank account (except for the return of the advance). The Central Bank of the Central Bank of the Central Bank of the United States, where they founded the building, land or land belonging to the co-operatives, property of the Treasury, and the Turkish lira on the square meters of the square meters of the square meters, was the price of the purchase, the price of the German Federal Reserve. The Central Bank of T.C. has received a German mark on the history of the building, which is being sold. The Ministry of Finance is authorized to destroy the amount found and to determine the basis and procedures in which the dry-mix is surrounded by the Ministry of Finance.

Government accounts will not be included in the account and will be discharged

MADDE 59. -State of all income and expenses, including fines, including fines and fines of the state, are specified in the return and return of relics, and in the loss of government, laws and other regulations. The amounts and rates below (10 000) are not considered.

The Finance Minister; to resolve the above mentioned considerations, the curriculum and reconciliation of the tax offices audit reports to eliminate the discrepancies between the accounts The precise differences that will be determined by relying on the term are authorized.

Respect for the transparency task and responsibilities

MADDE 60. - 1050 counts of Accounting-i Hope Law and other legislation and entitlements to the number of tasks and powers that are required to transfer, overthrow, and determine the merits of a part are required by the Finance Minister. The responsibility for the count is also applied to the task and authority of delegated work.

Membership in international installations

MADDE 61. -a) Public economic and public institutions, social security installations, funds and other public institutions, funds and other public institutions and organizations; to become a member of international organizations and to understand the law, decree and international community. To be able to pay contributions to the current installations of the current members of the current country, the country's proposal and the current state of the Ministry of Finance proposal and the Ministry of Finance will pay for the share of the country's current installations. They will receive prior permission from the Minister.

b) Treasury and Düngür This provision is not applied to the international organizations (including the sharing of contributions) to international organizations that the Undersecretary of Commerce is a member of in the name of the Republic of Turkey with the law and the decreed.

Social facilities being pushed out of public installations

MADDE 62. -The education and recreation facility, which is being pushed into public institutions and installations, will not contribute to the expenses of the guest house, daycare, sports facility and similar social facilities.

In such places, public and value-added budget, revolving capital and No new personnel will be employed for the first time in 2000 to be charged for funds.

To determine the minimum costs for those who will benefit from such facilities, or to approve designated tariffs and the ledger to be used to keep the accounts of these places in a layout The Ministry of Finance is authorized to determine the documents and to make the necessary arrangements.

Home countryeðitimi

MADDE 63. -During the 2000 Malarial legislation, the public institutions and public servants who will be sent to the country for graduate (master, PhD) education in order to be made available to public institutions and organizations, public servants and public servants, only the Board of Higher They can see my education in the institutions of foreign ascendarial. The expenses of the graduate school, invoice or similar expense document are only regulated by the institution of the higher education which is considered to be my person. Some of the public officials who are to be sent to the dormitory in order for education have to be related to the task areas of the volumes they are playing with.

The number of posts, institutions, and installation budgets for this purpose. therefore, the amount of appropriated funds will not be able to take place.

Payments to be made availableGeçici

MADDE 64. -Institutions;

a) Sell time-to-service payments,

b) with a stay-to-service, year-over-year service, with a stay-in-time period of service. 657

c) 657 payments made to the candidate who saw the nomination,çýrak

d), when the payment of 3308 is the number 3308 and the 25th Amendment of the Vocational Code is required by the Act. The number of State Civil Servants ' Code of 4/C is a matter of respect, propaganda, survey, and Payments made to temporary personnel, such asçalýþtýrýlan

Budgets (101-02-1-085), are made from the 300 expense items shown in the "Interim Service for Transitional Service" activity. These operational budgets cannot be transferred from the rest of the budget; the allowance cannot be spent.

The responsibility of these people is responsible for the applications of the above, with the ranks of the ita supervisors, the officers, and the counting.

Real estate that can be considered to be allowed

MADDE 65. -Including the privatisation of 233 members of the Public Economic Dignity of 233, the state of the state, the public administration, the establishment of public economic enterprises, their future associates, their associates, their work. The metropolitan municipalities, municipalities, provincial private administrations, the legal entities or those belonging to them, and the public legal entity, which are owned by the state, are the members of the State and the Board of 6183 Amme Creations. in entering debt, their ownership is owned and owned by these administrenters The Ministry of Finance, whose real estate is not available in any suit, is the right of debt to be appreciated by the commission, which will be appreciated by the commission, which will be based on the 13th article of the State Property Code of 2886. It may be received by the Finance Ministry, regardless of the revenue and expense accounts of the budget.

These administrations are based on the tapu of their real estate and are identified in the above Allocation of 6183-number-of-Count Payee in the quantity of Devix His debts are indebtable to the law.

Rent and administration revenues

MADDE 66. - The proportional cost of the rent, which is received from private scaffold, comes in the budget (B) of the budget, and the private income is saved in the next half. A special payment is made to the Treasury Department budget to improve the services of half the amount of private revenue and the Treasury Department budget to improve service services.

The Ministry of Transport, Railways, Limans and Air Square has consolidated budget institutions and installations to name private and legal entities, as well as in hydraulic center. hydraulic and computer models, all kinds of experiments that will be done by the Department of Research and The investigation comes in the budget (B) of the budget (B) of the cost to approve projects and services, and the other half of the price of private income, the amount of private income recorded, the Railways, the Limans and the Air Challenge General. To improve the services of the construction of infrastructure facilities that will be real, the Office of the Ministry of Finance will be paid special funds for the Finance Minister's budget to develop the services of the national emergency.

Private income according to the provisions specified in the above and The amount of money that is not used in previous years can be transferred to the current budget for the current account.

Do not price public services

MADADE 67. -In order to perform the duties of public-budget agencies and value-added administrations while performing their duties, tariff can be determined by the Ministry of Finance upon the proposal of the applicable installation for the price of goods and service delivery.

The amounts obtained from pricing goods and services are specific to the roster of public budget or related value-added set-up budgets (B), current or new on the rocketing budget (A) of the related installed budget (A). record special funds to be made, special income, and private funds to be made available to authorize up to 75% of the amount of non-expected amounts, to save, to collect, to collect, to collect, and to save, to the related terms of the next year's budget. The Ministry of Finance is in charge of determining the basis and procedures related to the issues.

Tax, fund, and share timeyatýrýlmasý

MADADE 68. -The extent of the 233-Public Administrative Conclusions of the Law under the decree of the Law on Public Cooperation, public economic installations, the establishment of features, common associates and reinstallations, and the development of the property and The directors and managers of the revolving capital are required to pay the taxes, funds and other shares that they collect from third party to their collection of taxes, funds and other shares that they collect from third-place. Conversely, the behaviors are held responsible for the payment of these amounts, and they are held liable.

Ruler or void not to be applieder

MADDE 69. -A) 1. Of the 7126th Act of Civil Defense dated 21.10.1960 and numbered 107 with the Law 107 (a),bendi

2. 6831 of the Articles of Forest Law, dated 20.6.1973, and the Addition of the Annex 3 (d) of 1744, dated 20.6.1973 and to the addition of a Temporary Article with Three Additional Items to this Law,.

3. The 197 count of the Code of Motor Taying Act 17 of 17 articles of issuance of a share of the Traffic Services Allowance Fund,

Provisions in the 2000 Property, with respect to the relevant tertiks of the ruler (A), are applied at the amounts level.

b) 233 of the number of Public Israeli Public's Articles of Law, the 4th issue of Article 36, is applied within the framework of the provisions of this Law, "The Sacrifice of the Public Administration of Public Dignity".

c) The durations specified in the 171st clause of this Code until the required number of 657 State Officers Law are applied for seven days, seven days for the number of numbers, and two days for the counting.

d) The amount of revolving capital specified in the 5-pearl clause of the Land Office Law dated 29.4.1969 and number 1164 is applied to 20 trillion liras.

e) The number of people from the state of the national service will be in violation of the financial services. the number of indicators contained in the law in 2000; for themselves (4000), widowed For their relatives (3200),

The number of 2022 (2,200) is the indicator number 2000, based on the number of people who are paid for the month of the month, with the Right to Pay for the Orphan, Powerless, and Orphan of Turkish Citizens. As (750),

is applied.

f), dated 8.6.1994 and numbered 4180 of the number 3996, dated 16.7.1997 and 4283 of the Code 4283. Authorities will use the Minister and Minister of State to use the state Department 2000. It will be used by the Council of Ministers.

g) 1. Dated 9.5.1985 and numbered 45 of the 3202 numbered Code,

2. 3234 The final receipt of Article 35 of the Law, the General Directorate of Forest General Directorate,

3. Third Article of the same Law dated 3.7.1968 and the second ingredient of Article 1 of the Code 1053,.

4. The provisions of the "Human Transfers and Benefits", which will be made from the budget of the value-added administrations and budgets to the public budget, including the general budget, are the provisions of the Law dated 8.6.1959 and the number 7338,

5. The provisions of this Code of Whistleblower Law,

6. 4.12.1984 and the receipt of Annex 1 (a) of the 3096 numbered Law,

7. Additional 19th clause provision,eklenen

8, of 406 count Telgraf and Telephone Code, dated 3.5.1995 and with a Code 4107, is the sentence of the following article 19. Article 11 of the Law dated 28.5.1986 and number 3291,.

9. The 53rd clause of the 1050 Code of Law,

10. The provisions of the Treasury, or the provision and saving of the State, property and private property owned by value-added goods, are subject to private property and are not subject to public and value-added adoptions. mallar

2000 is not applied in the section of

2000, of the goods, dated 16.8.1997 and the receipt of the provisional 1st item (A) of the Code 4306, as well as those in place with these installations.

h) 1. 75% of the tax revenues collected from domestic and foreign film screenings in the month of 29.5.1981 and the number 21 (1) and (2) of the 2464 numbered Municipal Revenue Act (2) are the month following the publication of this Law. From the beginning, the "Cinema and Music Promotion Fund", which is based on Article 10 of the Code 3257, is allocated as part of the "Fund for the Promotion of Arts". The following amounts are subject to the account of the Fund's T. C. Ziraat Bank Central Bank account, which is named after the relevant municipalities until the tenth day of the month following the allocation of the amounts. The allocation of 6183 Amme Payees in the allocation of funds that are not laid in duration is enforced.

Municipal Accountant and Account Managers are administrative, financial, and criminal in the implementation of this provision. They are responsible.

2. The Law of 3257, dated 7.2.1986 and published in the Official Gazette of 19012, is 10. The fees specified in the I-Fund revenues section of the item are not applied in the 2000 Maltek year. The Council of Ministers determines the charges to be applied in 2000.


MADDE 70. - enters this Law at 1.1.2000.


MADDE 71. - a) The President of the Grand National Assembly of the Turkish Grand National Assembly,

b) Secretary-General of the Republic of the Republic,

executes the provisions of the First Minister,

d) Digits of the provisions of Respect of Respect: "> c) Respect for the Page.