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Original Language Title: TÜRKİYE BÜYÜK MİLLET MECLİSİ Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. TARIM KANUNU

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Kanun No. 5488


Accepted Date: 18/4/2006      



ARTICLE 1- The purpose of this Law is to ensure that the agriculture industry and the region are in the process of plans and strategies to take place. Identifying and supporting policies to improve and support are not made.


ARTICLE 2- Determine the purpose, scope, and topics of this Law, the policies of agriculture; tardinal support. Defining the basic supporting programs with the objectives and principles of policies; the market regulations, financing and management of the conduct of these programs; priority research to be applied in the agriculture sector; and legal and administrative regulations related to the development programs The application covers all of the applications that are related to the application and the application.


MADDE 3- This is passed in the Law;

a) Ministry: The Ministry of Tarism and Villains,

b) Undersecretary: Undersecretary of Treasury,

c) Board: Tartic Promotion and Steering Board,

ç) Farmers: continuum, tenant, or at least one production period or orphan as a tenant, tenant, or associate circuit-to-field actuarial and legal entities,

d) Farmers registration system: agricultural data generated by the Ministry of farmers ' record base,

e) Farm accounting data source: Accounting data for the revenue and activities of the Tararial Operations. collection, and data is not installed,

f) Revenue support: Revenue made to manufacturers, without impacting product and entry prices transfers,

g) Integrated management and control system: Arazi parsel identification, farmer registration, animal identity, control and data system, a system that provides control of the support for the scanned and the bottom of the record,

) Private sector: Real and legal entities in the public institutions and organizations operating in the field of the field kiþileri

h) Glossary production: Based on producers and capabilities, real and legal entities are in great interest the field of agricultural production, which is executed with the series of dayalatics,

) Style: Any production, capability, job, and service that is used with the appropriate entries in the form of the appropriate input source. marketing activities,

i) Tararial push: Using production factors; for the production of herbal and/or animal and/or water products To engage in storage, storage, preservation, and marketing activities that are either tararied or in addition to such discussions,

j) Tararial production: Plant, water, and biological resources combined with the use of spatial inputs, animal, water products, microorganism and energy production,

k) Product: Buns with all kinds of irate raw products obtained in the field of plant, animal and water products the products that are obtained with the first degree of work,

l) Non-governmental organizations: Volunteer with cooperative, unity, associations and foundation activities in the field of tardinal installations,

m) Style basins: For tardinal activity, the field of agriculture in which one or several provinces or regions are involved in the same ecological business and persistent areas within the region, and

refers to.

amaçlarýTarism policiesamaçlarý

ARTICLE 4- The objectives of the agricultural policies are in accordance with the internal and domestic demand of the agricultural production. development, protection and development of natural and biological resources, increase efficiency, strengthen confidence and trust, development of producer organisations, strengthening of agricultural markets, self-driving development, It is to raise the level of prosperity in the agricultural sector by the fact that it has been sold.

Policy policy policies

ARTICLE 5- The policies of the Tarism policies are in the works:

a) My holistic approach to tardinal production and development.

b) Adapt to international commitments.

c) The use of support tools that do not disrupt market mechanisms.

c) Organithfulness and instituting.

d) The role of the private sector is not increasing.

e) We are sensitive to sustainability, human health, and environment.

yönetimf) Location from place.

g) Catholiciable.

) to be effured and informed.

The priorities of the policypolitikalarýnýn

MADDE 6- The policy priorities are unpriorities:

a) Efficiency, product steel, quality and competitiveness in a field of field production.

b) The supply of sufficient and reliable food.

c) Development of the infrastructure of a field of applications.

ç) The use of information and appropriate technologies in the field of spatial activity.

d) Tararial input and development of product markets and production-market integration are to be sold.

e) Redirecting the agricultural-industrial integration of agricultural production to the right.

f) Arrangements for the credit and financing requirement of the Tarim sector.

g) Support for supporting and routing measures.

The development of risk management mechanisms for natural disasters and animal diseases.

h) Development from a social-economic angle of the region.

) Development of the Producer organization.

i) The installation and use of the information systems is not available.

j) The construction, land use plan, and economic-sized agricultural enterprises are likely to be generated.

k) The development and rational use of soil and water resources.

l) envied common market arrangements, administration and legal regulations in the European Union's harmonities process, which will be able to address the needs of the European Union.


MADDE 7- To identify, plan and coordinate policies related to the agricultural sector The Ministry is authorized to do business with institutions and organizations.

Tardinal search

MADDE 8- The ministry has discussed the need for agricultural knowledge and technologies domestically. The development of the public and private sectors will be efficient and effective in order to improve the development and adaptation of these information and technologies through the transfer and adaptation of these information and technologies. Makes arrangements to be able to grow and improve the development of agents that are assigned to the investigation. It takes measures to strengthen its business with all relevant institutions, organizations, and companies involved in the research activities.

Farmers software, release, and advisory services

ARTICLE 9- The Ministry; agriculture, farmer education, and broadcast activities, civil society organizations, private sector They make arrangements to ensure that they are installed and free advisors are required to perform, and this installs and controls the tasks, and controls the work.

Farmers, private and private services, and other people who are involved in the business of stealing services, the Ministry of Health and the It is determined by the regulation that will be played.

Biological inaction, protection of genetic resources, and biotrust How tosaðlanmasý

ARTICLE 10- The ministry, biological government, genetic resources, and ecosystems are protected and protected. They make or do research on the development. The relevant institutions and institutions regarding the protection, registration, registration, production, consumption, consumption, export and import of the products acquired by biotechnological means and/or in the scope of the intellectual property rights of the products obtained by using the methods of control of the It will make the necessary arrangements by getting the installation of the installation.

Product councils

ARTICLE 11- In order to make plays within the framework of the national policy policies set out in this Law Public and research institutions, vocational rooms and associations are able to form legal entities and set up product councils by bringing together manufacturers, traders, industrialists, and/or the ones that have generated them.

A single product council can be installed on the product. These councils will submit their decisions about the product at any time, even if the Board does not request it, once they report it to the Enterprise.

Establishment, administration, administration, tasks, and control ofÜrünProduct councils with the provisions of these councils usûl and its principles, revenue, and sair considerations are regulated by the regulations to be played for each product council.

Producer organizations

MADDE 12- The agricultural code of the manufacturer and the manufacturer is the agricultural co-op and It is the Ministry authority to do the supporting and routing of the activities of the troops in the course of the agricultural policies, and to do so in relation to the relevant ministries and organizations.

Glossary production

ARTICLE 13- The Ministry is required to develop and disseminate the promised production in the agriculture industry. edits. It is a priority in giving producers the support of this Law to promote the production of the promised production.

Style basins

ARTICLE 14- Supporting, supporting, organizing the field of agricultural production in the appropriate areas of its own ecology. In order to conduct the conflict and conduct an integrated business, the agricultural basins are set by the Council of Ministers upon the proposal of the Ministry. The regulation of the business and business of these basins is regulated by the Ministry of the Ministry of the Ministry of the Interior.

Remove aKýrsal

MADDE 15- Development of agriculture and agricultural employment in rural areas, increasing revenues and measures the measures to increase the level of education and entry of the young and young population. The program makes arrangements for the program, project and activities, and provides coordination between public and public setups.

The program, project, and activities of the installation; multiplicity, zoom from base, local capacity. The basic principles are being developed and instituting.

Tarical Promotion and Steering Board

ARTICLE 16- Spatial Support and Spatial Support to perform the duties of this Code with a 17 nci clause The Steering Board is on board.

Members of the Council of Tarism and Villains, Minister of Tarism and Villains, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Finance, and the Ministry of Villages and the Minister of Commerce, the Ministry of Environment and Forests, the Undersecretary of State Planning, the Undersecretary of Treasury and the Undersecretary of Trade and the Secretary General of the Ministry shall be determined by the Minister's approval. In cases where the Minister is not present, the Board will convene at the office of the Undersecretary.


Board convenes at least twice a year. One of the meetings is in the process of preparing the annual budget bill, and the other is essentially done after budget cuts. The Council of Tarism and Villains may also be able to gather at the invitation of the Minister of the Council. The Board includes public installations, related professions, civil society organisations and private sector installations to engage in consulting, monitoring and disinveting and implementing measures for implementation of the year's practices. "Technical Committees" that are one of their representatives.

The board convenes at least two-thirds of the member's full numbers. Decisions are made with a lot of people. If there are no votes, the vote will be voted on.

With public, non-governmental organizations and private sector installations of all kinds of documents and information related to the Council's mission. may request from real and legal persons. The information that is available is full and exact, and is given to the Install during the requested time period.

The secretary services of the

Board and technical committees are determined by the Minister's unit to be determined by the Secretary's is executed.

Tasks of the


MADDE 17- The tasks of the convention are:

a) They need to determine the essences and tools of supporting each year's budget, budget appropriarity needs to be specified, to propose to related installs.

b) To determine the regulations to be made in support of the national and international organizations.

c) To follow and depress the necessary regulatory arrangements for the support.

) To coordinate the coordination between the public institutions and the support programs that are implemented in the installation.

amacýThe purpose and principles of the field supportdesteklemelerin

MADDE 18- The purpose of agricultural support is to solve the priority problems of the agriculture industry To be found, to increase the effectiveness of the policies implemented, the sector's compliance with these policies will be easier. Agricultural promotion policies are implemented with programs that will promote economic and social effectiveness and efficiency. Payments are paid after completion of the required controls and controls in the framework of budget facilities and the nature of the programs.

In determining field support programs, the following policies and strategies are taken into consideration:

a) contribute to the purposes of the objectives of the Tarism.

b) to comply with European Union legislation and international commitments.

c) To conduct the operations of manufacturers in market conditions.

) to ensure that the boil is to be used in a fair and effective way.

d) To show a balanced view in the sub-sectors of the field.

Tararial support tools

MADDE 19- Tararial support tools:

a) Legal support: Upon the proposal of the Board for the land they work with for agricultural production purposes, through the amount of unit payment determined by the Council of Ministers, the dollar is the payment is made. Payment quantities may be determined at different levels to facilitate the production policies of manufacturers and their compliance with environmental protection. The basis for the support of income support is determined by the recommendation of each year's Council, with the recommendation of each year of the Law to be laid out in the Ministry. Application themes are published in the first two months of the related year. Additional themes may be used when the ministry is required.

b) Difference: With production costs to farmers, they are given the support of the difference by taking into account the domestic and the domestic prices. The variance support includes products that are primarily supply-hungry. For each year, the amount of payment and the amount of payment that will be covered by the variance is determined by the Board. Production activities from farmers who will benefit from the variance can be asked for documentation of the product.

c) compensatory payments: From the production of supply-phase products to alternative products They're going to turn their heads around. Producers make compensatory payments to avoid any revenue losses they may have to report from their ability to grow alternative products. For each manufacturer, the amount of payment to be made is calculated by the amount of land that the manufacturer allocated to the production of alternative products by the amount of the unit payment. Additional payments may be made to finance the construction of alternative products and the financing of alternative products for marketing and marketing of alternative products. The product scope of compensatory payments is determined by the Council of Ministers on the offer of unit payment amounts, payment times and amounts of additional payment in some of the products of the Board.

ç) Animal support: An increase in animal activity, increased coarse bait production, productivity Increasing control, tracking, and marketing of animals, including residency, human health and welfare, animal identification and marketing of animal products, and marketing of animal products, and marketing of animal products. to be improved and to support water products support measures. In support of animal husks, the region and provinces support different supports and to determine payment amounts, and the Council of Ministers is authorized to the Board.

d) Tarim insurance payments: How to encourage manufacturers to maintain their production materials and products A part of the insurance premium costs will be covered by the State. The risks that will benefit from the agricultural insurance are determined by the Council of Ministers upon the Ministry's bid.

e) Support for the development: increasing and reshaping of power revenues, infrastructural infrastructure, community management, and A portion of the cost of the development projects, together or in the form of local communities, together with the purpose of protecting and developing the social structure and strengthening of the social structure and the strengthening of the social structure and the cost of the social structure. According to the issue, the State side is involved. The support for the development supports is done by the Ministry. In support of rural yachts, it is a priority for economic and agricultural economic yachts that provide employment to the community in the village and other rural areas. The project will be supported within the framework of its support for the development of the audience and local denominations, from base to top, sustainability, use of appropriate technologies, and modern processing systems. It is based on the policies that are being propaganded. The topics of the investment projects to be supported are determined by the Council of Ministers on the proposal of the Board of Directors, which at which rates do not support and apply for the project types.

f) Support for environmental agricultural land protection programs: Exposure to the effects of Erozyon and negative environmental impacts In agricultural land, the manufacturing process will cover a certain amount of time for manufacturers to use their land to enable them to use natural vegetation, tea, mera, organic agriculture and research to provide them with a certain amount of time. The support for the protection of their land is protected. The payments are made on the basis of the Ministry and the manufacturers, based on the promises to be made, and the unit is built over land. For each manufacturer, the protection of the environmental agricultural land protection program support is calculated by the amount of land the manufacturers will allocate for the program, with the amount of the amount of land payment multiplication. Manufacturers are also asked to take environmental protection measures separately on these lands. Environmental agricultural land protection programs are determined by the Council of Ministers on the terms of their payments, their scope, the duration of payments, and the amount of payment on the Board of the Board.

g) Digger support payments: Research, development, and agricultural support, marketing testers, private storage Support for support, quality support, support for market regulations, support for organic production, support for destruction, support for product, support and support with some input support, and supporting similar topics. These supporting tools are determined by the Council of Ministers on the proposal of each year's Board.

uygulamaApplication guidelines for spatial support

MADDE 20- The guidelines that must be met in the support payments are:

a) Support payments, such as region, operation, land, product, agricultural system, nonverbal production, health, and environment It can be done in different quantities, in the priorities and preferences in the topics.

b) The total amount of support that a field of execution can receive can be determined to be defined as being defined.

c) The support can also be paid through the manufacturer's organisations.

) Quality, standard, and standard criteria for determining the amount of products to support and the amount of support payment It is considered.

d) Use the integrated administration and control system in all kinds of support payments to manufacturers.

e) Information for farm accounting data source records may be used for control and statistical purposes, but It can't be done. For those who do not abide by this provision, they shall be punished within the framework of the general provisions.

finansmanýFunding for spatial support 

MADDE 21- The financing of the agricultural support programs is based on budget resources and sources. The budget will not be less than one percent of gross national damage.

Salgyn and infected patients are protected

MADDE 22- Protection from the attack and infected patients is to prevent the country from spreading in case it is infected In the event of risky areas, the Ministry's proposal and the approval of the Council of Ministers are required to take necessary measures regarding the discussions.

reimbursement and rights to the right of payments

ARTICLE 23- The support payments made to the place are dated 21/7/1953 from the date of payment, and 6183 The number of Amme Credits is recanted, along with the statutory interest calculated, under consideration of the rate of delay rates set forth in Article 51 of the Law of Amme Payee. Actual and legal entities that regulate the document or documents that sell the right to payment, are held accountable for the collection of the amounts that will be taken back.

Except for the support payments determined by this Code, except for the payments made by the administrative error, Manufacturers who have taken advantage of the site do not benefit from any supporting programs for a period of five years.


ARTICLE 24- The regulations governing the implementation of this Law are the effective and effective regulations of this Law. It will be held within a year of its entry.

Sahid provisions

INVALID ARTICLE 1- The 2005 implementation and payments of the revenue bracket, in effect, in effect in 2005 According to the provisions of the legislation, it is carried out in the framework of the following essentials:

a) The legal entity involved in plant production activities with haiz producers and farmers, as well as the date of the date of the It has completed eighteen years of filling and/or real-real farmers, manufacturing in the current account, and making the necessary information available to the farmer's registration system by declaring the necessary information to the Minister. Producers and farmers who are involved in herbal production activities, but not in the farmer registry system, do not benefit from the payment of income support.

b) The information contained in the farmer registration system is based on farmers ' own statements and required by the Minister. After their rosary, it will be finalised. Farmers who want to take advantage of the payment of income support will face the agriculture district directorts where agricultural land is found within the period, and the central district is the provincial directorts.

c) The amount of agricultural land that is registered by the registered farmers will be finalised first. The amount to be paid for each farmer is calculated by the multiplication of the amount of unit payment specified in the application theme with the amount of land that the farmer is working on. The actual land sizes and quantity are determined in the application themes.

d) Payments, provinces and districts are considered socio-economic levels of development, and The socio-economic level of development is being done from the provinces and counties. However, a priority may be given to farmers who are exposed to natural disasters.

esasFarmers registration system principalalýnmasý

SUPERSEDE MADDE 2- herbal herbal technology until integrated management and control system becomes available are based on the farmer registration system in the support payments for production.


ARTICLE 25- This is the date on the release date of the Law.


MADDE 26- The Council of Ministers executes the provisions of this Law.