Turkish Grand National Assembly Warning: You Are Viewing Act, The Parliamentary General Assembly Has Already Adopted. If It Does Not Include The Changes Made Later. Law Of Population Services

Original Language Title: TÜRKİYE BÜYÜK MİLLET MECLİSİ Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. NÜFUS HİZMETLERİ KANUNU

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Law No. 5490

Acceptance Date: 04/25/2006

General Provisions Purpose, Scope and Definitions Article 1 (1) The purpose of this Act; person's birth from death so personal and marital status, nationality and them in determining the national directory of natural and legal events of the changes that can occur, writing to files for this purpose, the creation of electronic national address database is to be associated with address information population records.
Scope ARTICLE 2 (1) of this Act, the regulation of services to the population of Turkish citizens and foreigners in Turkey, covers the principles and procedures for the provision and development carried out.
Definitions Article 3 (1) of this Law;
A) Address: to be defined in terms of any piece of land or building's geographical location and function
b) Address declaration form: Addresses used in the notification form and content of the Ministry designated form
c) Address components: the numbering process elements are used; postal code, city, county, township, village and hamlet names, neighborhood, boulevard, street and house number, like an address defined geographical position with data, information necessary to access a personal and corporate address
d) Address Sharing system: held at the National address database information agencies and other persons sharing process,
d) Family: It is from the same lineage, their spouses and children with persons who are registered under a family sequence number,
e) Family index: Population events to records of paper or index is electronically kept,
f) Family sequence number: the number given by the written order of the family of the family register,
g) Ministry of Interior Affairs,
i) supporting documents: population incidents committed in the family register form the mainstay, minutes, court decisions, notary certificates, birth or death certificate as official documents with their backups,
h) valuable papers: birth certificate, the international family wallet,
i) Other address: outside the place of residence address the remaining places,
i) General Directorate of population and citizenship Affairs General Directorate,
j) Provincial Directorate: Provincial population and citizenship directorate of
k) Identity Sharing System: the Directorate General of separately from the central database in electronic form held, Identity Sharing offered the benefit of the institutions to benefit from the system and restricted information containing family register records,
l) institution: other public institutions and organizations other than the Directorate General
m) central database: family register held at the Head Office in electronic form records,
n) MERNIS: the central database and identity, including the Sharing System Central Population Management System,
o) Numbering: neighborhood, city, squares, boulevards, streets, giving the name or number to the address components, such as streets and buildings process,
d) birth certificate: the person is a Turkish citizen and his family an official document file to prove that registered
p) population services: population events and people of the population and the collection of information about the settlement address to be relayed to the population register, protect and business and operations regarding the evaluation are classified as needed,
r) Population registration: processed personal information to the family file,
s) Population register example: indicates processed personal data summaries of the family register document
u) Population index: Family index, all of the records of dedicated file and backup
t) population directorate: County population directorate of
u) population director: County population manager, the
ii) population events: birth, death, marriage, divorce, adoption, recognition, registration correction, correction of paternity, the events that brought about change in personal circumstances, such as enforced disappearance,
v) Special index: birth, marriage, divorce, death, held in the form of registry fix and other events and the separate classification is the basis for documents put the file
y) national address database: address details of the central data base is maintained,
z) International family card: forming a family spouses and covering children's credentials and multilingual official documents proving the nationality,
aa ) Deputy document: Special representative authority, including notarized document
bb) foreigners index: any purpose at least six months duration index which kept records of foreigners granted a residence permit for foreigners in Turkey
cc) Construction documentation: Building license form, building Permits, burning and collapsing buildings form and scale of the buildings,

Çç) address of the place of residence: the place of residence with the intention to remain constantly refers

PART TWO Implementation of Population Services

SECTION Officials and Civil Registry of Population Services officials Article 4 (1) Population services are carried out by external agencies with the central and regional offices of the Ministry.
Legal nature of Article 5 (1) Population registers; the identity of the person, residence addresses, family ties, citizenship status and personal circumstances of the incident has been registered by the county population and family basis to determine, as a permanent storage is required official documents.
(2) Family with logs and records kept in a special file backup and recording samples extracted from them has the same legal value. If there are differences between records, which are essential in the foundation document of registration it is valid until the contrary is proved. Keeping
Population index Article 6 (1) Population events, billet families in the population using the network manager and be registered in a central database.
(2) The Ministry of natural disasters in order to ensure uninterrupted service and to be given the extraordinary circumstances, to ensure retention of the replacement of the central database in a different place.
(3) order volume and page numbers on each page of the paper billet family environment issues. Written that consist of many pages to the end of the file. Page joints sealed and approved by the end of the civil court.
(4) to determine the principles and procedures concerning the keeping of the population register, legislation and changing depending on the developments in the system and their families kept in paper file environment ministry is authorized to remove the application. Family
personal information to be included in the index Article 7 (1) is kept in a separate file for each neighborhood or village family. the family file contains the following information:
a) The Republic of Turkey identity number.
B) The province of Registration, town, village or neighborhood skin name, family and individual serial number.
C) the person's name and surname, gender, name and surname of the father and mother, maiden name of married women.
D) the birthplace of the day, month and year as the date of birth and date of registration file.
D) marriage, divorce, the establishment or denial of paternity, death, the acquisition of citizenship or personal situation changes or corrections made by the authorities such as the loss occurred.
E) religion.
F) Civil state.
G) Settlement location address.
I) the photo.
(A), (g) and (h) The records specified in paragraphs kept in electronic form only.
(2) no index family in Turkey and to show the Ministry of citizens residing in foreign countries is saved to a file family offices will be opened in the population.
Population register of foreigners residing in Turkey Article 8 (1) residence permit for aliens off the field for any purpose at least six months for foreigners in Turkey, the General Directorate of foreigners shall be recorded in the log. This log record is that foreigners are obliged to declare any kind of population to population directorate event. Members of diplomatic missions are exempt from this provision.
(2) and 5683 dated 07.15.1950 and the provisions of the Law on Residence of Foreigners reserved Travels in Turkey.
Features PART TWO Population Register Privacy Article 9 (1) Population records and documents that are the basis for keeping these records are confidential. That is, except for the inspection and control by the competent authority and the responsible officers can not be examined by anyone seen. The courts are excluded from this provision.
(2) birth registration processes this information to other officers and Identity Sharing System of benefiting from the population registry officials are obliged to adhere to this confidentiality. This obligation continues even after the termination of the duties of public officials.
Be based on official procedures Article 10 (1) of the actions taken against the person concerned in the Corporation are based on population records. Records changes will be made in the event of any discrepancy between the census records, other records are corrected according to the procedures. Basis of the eclipse of the Civil Registry

Registration obligation Article 11 (1) who are citizens of the Republic of Turkey to the population of each person in the country offices, printing by applying to the foreign missions abroad and state registers itself is obliged to obtain identity cards. print of population events without adult guardians to get their birth certificate, guardians or trustees, in the absence thereof, with the children who carry with them 24/5/1983 dated 2828 on Social Services and Child Protection Agency are authorized by organization officials officer of the law.
(2) which later gained Turkish citizenship and is transferred to the register of births from the date they acquired citizenship.
Registered in the foundation document of the necessity of Article 12 (1) Population index to less personal situation with relation to each recording and description of the duly authorized officials of under this Act, prepared in accordance with the procedure and such must be based documents.
(2) basis at the end of each transaction documents signed by officers who registered population events after processing to their families and placed in a special log file about to be sent to the General Directorate for archiving a copy.
Registration Article 13 (1) document and records relating to qualified individuals and organizations reported incidents population is registered under the provisions of this Act. The Ministry is authorized to process all kinds of people to decide on the use of electronic signatures.
The record closing and re-opening of Article 14 (1) Closing of birth registration; death, disappearance, loss of Turkish citizenship, marriage, divorce, out adoption, such as the correction or denial of paternity actions on events is due to make a record.
(2) the reason for the closure in the middle of the recording or record up to require the reopening reopens after recording a new reason emerged. events which have occurred in individual cases will be processed after the opening of the recording of the person's record. PART THREE PART

Born Population Events and duration of the obligation to notify Article 15 (1) the right of every child coming into the world, from birth to the Registry Office in Turkey, within thirty days, except if the country It must be reported to outside agencies within sixty days.
(2) Notice; parent, guardian, trustee, in the absence thereof, the child's great hosts, by grandparents or adult siblings or those who keep them with children, made orally based on the declaration can be made on the basis of official proof of birth.
(3) birth notifications abroad, to be sent to foreign missions together with the documents showing where they are registered in the population with full credentials to be given to the external representation or petition stated the child put the name and the father with the main official documents or reports received from foreign authorities can be done by. External representation of the birth certificate as the date of notification to be issued on the basis of historical documents given to the population directorate is obliged to send the mail.
(4) declarations made about birth are shown on the birth certificate as the population directorates.
(5) In case of oral declaration could not produce any document of the relevant notification is passed on the basis of records and birth certificate signed by officials with the notifier.
(6) is not written to stillborn children, family registers. Children born at a birth rather than birth are written, respectively.
Unreported births in due time Article 16 (1) of this Act After the period specified in Article 15 of the reported statement identifying child's date of birth till the completion of six years of age shall prevail. If the child has reached the age of six senior official determination of bringing the population health facility director provided. Birth of an official document if it is submitted, it does not need to identify age.
authority of the Population Directorate Article 17 (1) Population directorates; Within the period reported the presence of children or adults not registered to the population if they heard; adults themselves, the parents, guardians or trustees for, in the absence thereof; great hosts, great fathers or their brothers or headmen or those who have children are entitled to invite as declared. Related are also to apply to the population directorate within thirty days upon the invitation and to declare official.
(2) of the civil administration authority on the need to see if the statement made during the given period by security forces forced their proceeding should be brought to the registration of the child's family register is provided.
other officials are obliged to
Proceedings Article 18- (1) 2828 No. authorities authorized the establishment of the Law, orphanages, people with responsible care homes and similar places; In addition to control or accommodate their adult children or they run their identity card, family register are obliged to make a declaration to the registration offices and the necessary procedures to ensure the registration of non-registered.
(2) Law enforcement officers; identity checks or those unable to prove his identity due to any process, they discovered that the registered persons in the population, the documents to be drawn up after the necessary steps in the right directorate is obliged to inform the population in that place.
(3) school principals; the children of identity based on the declarations of the population who are not registered to apply for enrollment father, guardians or trustees are responsible for the identity and addresses of directorate reported that the location of the population.
(4) Public or private institutions wanting to identity cards of people they hire, the population based on the declarations of the person they realized they were not registered identity and address are obliged to report to the population office.
Hits children and mentally handicapped persons Article 19 (1) storing the express itself, not that found that children with the population register due to the smallness of age, law enforcement officials or institutions concerned made by the directorate of the population of their location based on the statements of or related report saying the situation.
(2) is mentally disabled people also found that eighteen years of age are obliged to inform the trustees who shall be appointed by the court. Notification will be the full-fledged state hospitals and health committee report must be made to the Registry Office.
(3) In proceedings held on this person's date of birth, name and surname of the mother and father's name mentioned; the population is given the name of the directorate, parents name and surname. It is determined by the official health facility not specified the date of birth provided.
Winners of the Turkish Citizenship Article 20- (1) pursuant to Law who acquired Turkish citizenship shall be registered in accordance with the form of billet families will be held on the decision of the competent authority or established. population event of
Foreign ARTICLE 21 (1) of this Act are organized events related forms on Article 8 of the scope of foreign outside applications made to the Registry Office in relation to population events occurring in Turkey, and an example is given to them. These forms are stored in a special file. SECTION

Marriage Marriage authority Article 22 (1) The Ministry shall take all measures necessary in order to carry out the integrity of the marriage process and implement population and citizenship services.
(2) Marriage officer; in places where the mayor or municipal officer assigned to this process is the village headman. The Ministry of the provincial population and nationality directorate, the marriage registration offices and foreign representations to the competent officer can give and mission. In case of one of the spouses to marry foreigners, marriage registry office with the provincial and district offices are authorized.
Marriage notified and registration Article 23 (1) 22 engaged in the marriage process in accordance with Article; From the date of marriage is made to be held within ten days of notification being sent to the marriage registration offices are obliged to have registered the population directorate.
(2) married her husband moved to the house of the woman's registration. The husband of the deceased woman remains in the family of her dead husband again evlenmedik index. But if He can return to his father's log.
(3) Foreign Embassies are made by marriage, from the date of marriage is made and notified to the population directorate within thirty days.
(4) Repealed No. 743 of the Turkish Commercial Code Civil of made according to old provisions before the 10/04/1926 date of entry into force in the still not registered on the register of births marriages are registered in the family register by the decision of the court concerned.
studies marriages performed outside
abroad Article 24 (1) marriage and his Turkish citizens before foreign authorities abroad, in conformity with the 22/11/2001 dated and 4721 Turkish Civil Code provisions and the butler it is available provided that there is no reason that requires to be superstitious. This marriage of her husband, in case of a foreign husband received from foreign authorities at the latest within thirty days that the marriage certificate by the woman be given to foreign missions in that place or sent to foreign missions done by. Statement by the foreign mission field by arranging the marriage notification procedures directorate is obliged to send to the population.
(2) He does it in foreign missions or foreign mission can not be made if the notification, notification of marriage; approved according to the procedures of the marriage certificate translated into Turkish from foreign and domestic authorities may also be made by giving the population directorate within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs provided it has been approved. The marriage will be held on the basis of statement made in this document are registered to the slab. Registration of winning the Turkish citizenship to marry
Article 25 (1) are married women who acquired Turkish citizenship, it is registered in the household of her husband. In this way the family event log to record the end of the woman's marriage registered outside of death, moved to the end of the file is registered.
(2) married to a Turkish citizen is registered households that moved the winning record of men marrying his wife. In the event of the death of the last outside marriage moved to the house where the woman was registered before marriage registration, the registration remains in households where men were registered. PART THREE

divorce and the beginning of the Women's waiting period Cancellation of Marriage Article 26 (1) Women's waiting period, shall take effect from the date of the final court ruling.
Divorce or annulment have the necessary considerations in the decision of Article 27 (1) of the decision regarding the cancellation of divorce or marriage must be given the following information:
a) the parties Republic of Turkey identification number, name, surname, birth date and place, father and the host name of the place where information is stored in the woman's previous marriage and the family surname index.
B) children born within marriage and their credentials.
C) other principles and procedures of the provisions stipulated in the Decision of procedural legislation.


Adoption Awareness and Recognition procedure Article 28- (1) Recognition; Upon written application by the father, the court has been made in court, on the application has been made to the notary deed issued from the date of recognition by the notary public will be notified within ten days of the registration offices.
(2) notify the Registry Office in the case of recognition it been your father's will is done by open testament to the judge.
(3) The official statement to the definition of the population is registered to the family directly log.
(4) digits of Recognized children dad father's name and surname of the main places where identity information is registered and will be registered by specifying.
(5) outside the dorm was translated or made declarations of recognition of the Turkish foreign representations be made to the registration offices abroad shall be approved within.
Adoption procedure Article 29 (1) Adoption by the decision of the court within ten days where it is reported to the directorate of the population. Adoption family event logs to be registered and son acquired the registration billet family moved to the adopter.
dormitory adoption procedures performed outside Article 30 (1) adoption process in front of foreign authorities abroad are valid in Turkey, subject to compliance with the Turkish legislation with regard to essential requirements.
(2) Adoption event to foreign judicial or administrative authorities provided for and that is finalized by the country's law or res judicata as a result give rise to decisions and can be exercised in the documents Turkey, enforcement by the competent Turkish court or recognition is due to be decided. CHAPTER FIVE

disappearance and death notice period and those responsible for Article 31 (1) Death event;
A) Cities and towns in 24.04.1930 dated and 1593 Public Health Act pursuant to the burial permit the authorized ones,
b) In the villages, the official physician or health care provider officials if available, or village headmen,
c ) Hospital and nursing home institutions such authority in health institutions,

D) troops in the medical or domestic services that are commissioned by continental commanders and according to the laws and military branches,
d) civil servants appointed by the civil administration chiefs in natural disasters,
e) the Public Prosecutor regarding the judicial events and accidents
from the date the incident occurred, the Directorate General within ten days from the date they were informed about the incident or the foreign representative offices are obliged to inform the population.
(2) minutes after lawful periods of the deaths to population health directorate official institutions organized on the basis of records and other official documents are accepted by the population directorates are processed.
(3) of deaths in the country, death Where o where the population directorate has occurred, is found where the body is unable to be determined the measurement location or place of death is reported to the Registry Office of the place where removed from the vehicle if it was in a vehicle.
(4) the deceased's registration will be held at the end of the investigation not be identified as a Turkish citizen and his family if the family organized a birth certificate to register before birth, then processed to death.
Death presumption of Article 32 (1) A If one death lost in situations requiring precise eye to look, the body found could not, even if the application is the place of organized death record with the orders of the civilian administration chiefs death is processed.
(2) of this Article in accordance with the process of a person descended from the upper or lower a person with death presumption to be made or brothers, they are referring to the petition of the heirs or event certifications or case of the authorities to inform the official post with the Registry Office is required.
(3) If the petition attached documents and required population arrangment accuracy built to investigating incidents and killed alleged person at the time of the occurrence of events considered to be sufficient to prove that there is no record of death by order of the civil administration authority will be deducted.
Dead, although it is the family that appears right in billets Article 33 (1) dead that death proceedings of the common right of state family billets are regulated by population directorates upon an application with the document showing the death and the necessary action is performed. In case of failure to submit any document to be issued after verification of the correctness of the declaration of mortality in the population directorates report, it will be processed by order of the civil administration authority.
Disappearance process of Article 34 (1) disappearance decisions by courts within ten days he reported the location of the population is registered to the population of directorate officers and family registers.

Registration Correction SECTION Principles Regarding the Corrections Population Register
Register correcting Article 35 (1) they have been court was no record of the population register unless the provision corrected to change the information that the meaning of the terms and move annotations can be added. However, material errors made during the registration of the billet family event is corrected in accordance with the population arrangment baseline document.
(2), on religious demands of family register, the person shall be registered in accordance with the written declaration will be replaced, left blank or deleted.
Population case of Article 36 (1) in the recording made by a court decision to fix comply with the following procedures:
a) correction cases related to birth registration by on the need to show the official agencies concerned with individuals who want to correct the public prosecutor on the location of the residence address officials opened in the court of first instance. Registry fix cases and population prosecutor appointed by the director or officer of the population, and peace is seen to be decided.
B) to correct the record on the same subject population as the case may be opened only once. In case of name change, population registration directorate for children's father or mother on behalf of that person, if the name change spouses and minor children of the correct name.
C) Detection cases, cancellation or record constitutes a presumption the lawsuit to be fixed.
(2) they are using someone else's applications for registration of persons examined and finalized by the Ministry.
authority of the Population Directorate Article 37 (1) Headquarters and population directorate is authorized to apply to all kinds of legal remedies on decisions given by the court.
(2) Headquarters and registration offices are exempt from any kind of legal fees and court costs. Cancellation of

SECTION Substantive Errors and Population Register
Substantive errors
Article 38 (1) referred to in Article 7 of this Act, the information to be registered on the family register; Even though the rest of the index population registered as incorrect or missing document or writing any information or duplicate entries are evaluated in the context of material error. Such material errors are corrected by the General Directorate population or offices or completed.
In time correction, and complete authority of Article 39 (1) General Directorate, according to the census records of citizens AH or rumî history written in the history of the population event Gregorian year by turning the family index of the passing, month and day of birth dates is authorized to complete the deficiencies in the non-specific.
(2) written in the year of birth in the birth date, birth month and day on the first day of July in the year of his birth for the calculation of the age of those unwritten, taken the month written on the day of the debut on the first day of the month for some who do not.
Birth registration cancellation of Article 40 (1) of the Directorate General unedited have been established on the basis of a document based on population records Procedure or revoked a decision to be given by the court on the need to show the population directorate. Population cancellation of commentary and explanation which was deducted from the index is also subject to the same procedures.
Population and Regulating International Family Purse and dissemination Article 41 (1) Population coverage of the wallet, shape, force the size change and to determine the validity date, imitation, falsification and security will be put on the birth certificate in order to protect from fraud elements of the printing system and citizens will be implemented in stages of delivery and technology ministry to identify actions to be taken in case of loss or replacement of the identity card is authorized.
(2) population and international family books, the Ministry determined shapes, sizes, and pressed the Ministry of Finance in accordance with the example and the accounting authorities in order to meet the needs of the population directorate, sent to the Foreign Ministry to meet the needs of foreign missions.
(3) The accounting officer of considering the needs of the population directorate, most üçerb pieces of with each of the male and female identity card international family purse, to be paid compensation later, given the money in advance in case of subsequent üçerb the units parties. Will be held in case of legal time of birth is not collected valuable paper statement fee of identity cards. Population and family wallets are returned because of an incorrect spelling is deducted from the price of precious paper.
(4) birth certificate, domestic population of the district directorates and abroad, foreign Embassies of people of their parents minors, guardian or official acting this law with the document submitted by those specified in Article 17, declaration responsible person is given the procedural framework to be determined by the Ministry, .
(5) each married couple, international family with the marriage certificate is awarded by operations officer. Those who have received international family purse, although she was married population is given by directorates on request. Upon the request of one of the spouses, the changes occurring in individual cases or their family members to operate this wallet, handle the registration offices and officials are making the necessary explanations.
(6) with the Directorate General consulate general population and family wallet and No. 2489 dated 06.02.1934 for the cost of bail are not subject to the provisions of Law.
(7) can not be recorded on the birth certificate and sign except as provided in this Act. No person this wallets, withheld by authorities. However, in the case of institutions needed can store a copy.
Demand document wallet Article 42 (1) Population and determined the shape and scope of the international family to be granted by the Ministry wallets and purses suppressed demand documents used. demand document in the regulations based on the birth certificate birth certificate is not required.
(2) Wallets Ministry requested documents to determine the place or time to remove and store the application is authorized. PART SIX

Giving the information in the Population Register
Giving birth registration
example of Article 43 (1) removal of the log record in the person's family and fidelity of the population register samples obtained by population directorship for confirmation, are valid until proven otherwise. Population register example, the desired result can not be mentioned without the written request will be used and for what purpose. However, if the person is not required to apply personally written application with an official proof of identity. the birth certificate, which is authorized to request them by clear and reasoned as requested otherwise, does not include personal information outside of credentials. These documents can not be done on swabs and scrapings.
(2) from the date of the edited register unused population samples within one hundred and eighty days expire. According to the Ministry, this time in areas where the population register is used, for example, is entitled to shorten up to thirty days.
Population Registration Authority who take the example of Article 44 (1) Population register samples;
A) The Ministry
b) Foreign agents,
c) The Ministry of National Defense to take military operations,
d) judicial authorities,
d) law enforcement agencies to be limited to the judicial process | || e) Marriage transactions that are authorized to make the marriage process are
f) the official healthcare provider for Death operations,
g) parents with the record owners or their spouses, guardians, top and bottom lines or guardianship of these persons submitting the document, they are authorized to collect directly from the directorate
(2) the remaining institutions and entities other than those mentioned in the first paragraph can take the example of the population register by order of the Ministry or the civil administration authority to apply in writing and by clearly indicating the reason prompt. Ministry establishes Identity Sharing System to operate the provisions of this Article.
(3) Giving the place of residence address and other address information depends on the person's consent.
(4) paragraph (g), except for persons listed in third parties can not sample or information related to a person other than the registers of civil status information. Using
Identity and Address Sharing System Article 45 (1) The Ministry, Identity Sharing System and Address Sharing information held in the system database with institutions within the framework of the principles and procedures in this Act may be open to other people's services. Place of residence address information, but can be opened to the sharing of institutions.
(2) All data in Identity Sharing System data base or any part thereof or given to any institution or person other batches. Institutions and other persons may only receive the information they keep records of the persons to be essential to their business and operations.
(3) The Authority can not use the information for any other purpose other than the fulfillment of defined services they receive; The relevant or of Article 44 of this Law can not give to anyone other than those specified. officials engaged in all phases of the system is obliged to comply with these rules. This obligation continues even after the termination of the duties of public officials.
(4) legal consequences of the use in the business and process information received from the Directorate General of information is the responsibility of the institutions.
(5) in the database for statistical purposes will be established by the Law No. 5429 dated 10/11/2005 Turkey Statistics Law shall apply.
PART SEVEN Republic of Turkey ID Number ID number
Article 46 (1) The identification number, to establish a link between the population register of the Republic of Turkey citizens, to reach the record of the people and a number system with the aim to ensure relationships between records kept in public institutions. The Republic of Turkey is given identification number of the person once and can not be changed.
(2) an identification number in the principles to be determined in the foreign ministries held in Turkey is given record.
Use Article 47- (1) to be held on behalf of people with all types of forms, statements, identity card, tax ID card, driver's license, the whole handle documents such as passport, identity number given to the Republic of Turkey.
(2) Republic of Turkey and other corporate identification number of natural and legal persons are taken into account in all types of transactions and records.
(3) the opinion of the General Directorate on matters of hesitation with issues that arise in the implementation of the ID number is received.


Address Registration System to keep the address, and address the standard of Article 48 (1), place of residence address and the creation of policies to keep information belonging to other addresses, development, dissemination, determination of general application transition date according to the administrative units, the national address database the CCMS database and associated address information for the sharing of transactions carried out by the Ministry. Cooperation in order to address the demand of the population completed enrollment in the register of the Ministry of the institutions are met.
(2) Address standards, monitoring and responsibility of the General Directorate of Local Administrations; General Directorate of Turkey Statistics Institute, the Turkish Standards Institute and other relevant organizations jointly determined. Local Administrations of the special provincial administration standard detected and is responsible for the Directorate General reported to the municipalities. address in the related business and operations with real and legal persons address the institutions must comply with the standard.
(3) The Ministry is authorized to request any kind of information regarding the address of the institution. Institutions are obliged to reply within twenty days of the request in question.
(4) address of the place of residence does not prevent other people to give them the service address; there is no other place in the records does not result in failure to provide services that address.
Address information and updating of Article 49 (1) Provinces are obliged to create a way to address information to include all addresses in the local administration and municipalities can not be altered them to define in accordance with the standards address the component address in the area of ​​responsibility fixed identification number by scene. If for any reason the changes made in the fixed component identification number outside address the special provincial administrations and municipalities are committed to following the national address database.
(2) the national address database maintained by the General Directorate. General Directorate of settlements in the national address database address information by associating with people register in the population register electronically, it keeps up to date with backup systems.
(3) of the countries where they live address records of the settlement of Turkish citizens abroad and kept the location address as the name of the city.
Obligation to notify ARTICLE 50- (1) special provincial administrations and municipalities that make up the infrastructure to the formation of address with the address information on the standards set in accordance with this Law, construction documents, documentation simultaneously with the creation is obliged to handle the national address database.
(2) a written statement of the persons keep their places of residence address shall prevail. Notification is done by registration offices and representations abroad addresses declaration form. adult members of the family can be found in the same residential location address declaration addresses interchangeably.
(3) represents the notarized declaration of competence and can be found in the address of the person who submitted the written document stating the scope of it.
(4) Children and address of limited guardianship, trustee, in the absence thereof, the child's great hosts, the grandparents or adult siblings or reported by those who keep them with the child.
(5) of nursing homes, orphanages, prisons, dormitories as places of rest of address notifications agency officials, the notification of the homeless in a position to do declaration made by the chairman.
(6) residential addresses under guardianship, the guardianship authority is notified by their institution.
(7) Address notification in person can be made by mail or electronic mail.
Notice period and actuality ARTICLE 51 (1) entrusted with the declaration referred to in Article 50 address changes for people and institutions to address settlement is obliged to inform the population of the district directorate within two business days. However, residential address to receive services based on the statement of changes in address applications made any official institution, can be submitted to the relevant directorate of the population is processed to be sent to the address declared by the relevant form. This declaration forms are sent to the relevant institutions at the county's population now director of the place where the corporation within ten business days.
(2) changes in the Address component has no responsibility to notify the person in concern. These changes, municipalities and in areas outside the municipal borders of special provincial administrations the latest changes within the following ten working days are processed electronically in the national address database.

(3) Single-family housing with apartment owners and site managers, responsible for housing authorities; changes in areas of responsibility for the residential address, within twenty working days, village headmen and to follow in cooperation with the declaration of liability stated in Article 50 and the resulting differences are obliged to report to the chairman.
(4) lists for placement location address change notification is sent to the relevant directorates ward population.
(5) Mukhtar, unless directorates population under this Act to examine them transmitted residential address change notification list to compare with residential address changes in the local and every month the changes that have been reported if the district made dependent in the last week is obliged to inform the population directorate. The use of
Address details Article 52- (1) The Ministry of the institutions on request, the procedures and the principles of address information to be determined by the Ministry electronically Address Sharing System and Identity Sharing can give within the framework of the system.
(2) to monitor the timeliness of residential address information in the ward who have completed the technical infrastructure in their areas of responsibility have access to Identity Sharing System.
(3) Corporation, in carrying out their business and operations are based on the address information held by the General Directorate.
(4) address related information and documents from the Registry Office, address or identity Sharing Sharing System can produce appropriate documents to records in this system by connecting to the system can be obtained from the ward. In this way, the security of documents produced as determined according to the principles and procedures provided by the Ministry.
(5) or identified in the census, family, and the creation of vital statistics and population data used MERNIS implementation of laws based on this information.
Coordination and cooperation Article 53- (1) The General Directorate of the national address database effective, expeditious and timely manner to ensure the creation of inter-agency coordination and is responsible to resume. Institutions, information in their possession concerning the address and the address component is obliged to share with the relevant directorates and institutions.
Common Provisions registered office and duration Article 54 (1), but has registered population incidents of officers, held at the registration offices and family supporting documents should be registered to log process immediately, while other authorities held supporting documents the transition to the population departments from the date on which he had registered families to file within seven days and are obliged to send a copy of the General Directorate.
Court post of chief tasks of Article 55 (1) The court editorial director, family register all the decisions and actions required to be registered on from the date of finalization or regulation to report it to the place of registration offices in ten days officers are.
duties of the health institution Article 56 (1) Health institutions and physicians, the nature of the events concerning the birth and death in the controls and are charged with the owners prepare a report indicating the identity of the relevant information.
(2) The provisions of Law No. 1593 are reserved.
Deputies Article 57 (1) can declare the third person as a basis for processing is only possible with a notarized document covering the deputy special representative authority.
Spelling out the remaining ARTICLE 58- (1) unregistered in population spelling survivor population directorate of their location in Turkey and abroad, the nearest foreign mission shows that they are Turkish citizens shall apply to official documents. After the investigation of the state in the absence of a barrier to registration, it shall be registered on the population register directorates family.
Record signing ARTICLE 59- (1) documents prepared on the basis of notifications made to the Population Directorate, signed and approved by population directorship. It or guardian about the supporting documents is required to be signed by a guardian or attorney who submits the document. the illiterate fingerprints taken. ARTICLE 60- doubt
Statement (1) Population events required investigation by law enforcement authorities on the orders of the civil administration authority in case of doubt about the statement made and investigations are reported to the Registry Office. Calculation of Time

ARTICLE 61 (1) of this Act on the date the incident occurred in the calculation of the specified time is taken as the starting following day. Periods; assigned while the last day, the last day when it encounters the first business day following the official holiday vacation will end at the end of working hours.
Removed from Waste or transaction logs ARTICLE 62 (1) on waste, which can not be removed from the Transaction or any transaction logs old family records can not be deducted.
(2) This index a person's name can not be found in documents basis of their population events, surname, father's name, mother's name, date of birth or birth corrected in place of the mistake or remedy the deficiencies or out to determine the person's identity and family ties of any legal processing bases are not taken.
(3) The sample records to be removed from the waste removed from the index is done or statement that removed from the index. The list of military age within the
Article 63- (1) Headquarters, remove the list within the male population of military age each year are registered in the family register is obliged to send to the Ministry of Defence in December. This list may provide the Ministry of Defense Identity Sharing System data base.
Forms regulation of Article 64 (1) Ministry to make the necessary arrangements to prepare forms and documents to be used in the implementation of this Act are authorized. scanning declaration form for the notification of the settlement addresses stored in electronic environments are destroyed after being transferred to the electronic media.
TEN Miscellaneous Provisions
Remuneration Article 65- (1) Identity Sharing System and Address Sharing the information contained in the System dated 10/12/2003 and the 5018 Public Financial Management and Control Law and in addition the ruler take place in public institutions and charges to other people and organizations are given in return. The fee will be determined jointly by the Ministry and the Ministry of Finance. Charged the service fee amounts recorded as revenue in the budget.
Overtime wage ARTICLE 66 (1) MERNIS, Identity and Address Sharing System project at designated actually more work that the General Directorate headquarters and regional offices staff (including contract staff) per month, fifty hours and years more than stated in the central government budget law work overtime pay is paid in accordance with the principles determined by the Ministry not to exceed three times the cost.
Penal Provisions
real statement out ARTICLE 67 (1) It is contrary to settlement or certificate request document that village or neighborhood headmen with in the declaration and any action due to unrealistic population directorate and those who witnessed them from six months to four years, it shall be punished with imprisonment.
(2) to address and fulfill the obligations regarding public officials who act contrary to the prohibition of the Turkish Penal Code No. 5237 dated 26/9/2004 shall be punished according to the provisions relating to offenses against the safety and functioning of the public administration.
Administrative fines ARTICLE 68- (1) According to this Act;
A) to inform the population events is official, the duties of public officials who do not fulfill within the period specified in this Act, acts even constitutes another crime, on the proposal of the registrar that the decision of the location of the district registry office 25 YTL administrative fine is issued.
B) The reporting obligations Population events who comply within the time specified that obligation in this law, population and family wallets to those who lost and to those who change their wallet within sixty days from the expiration of the period of validity of the birth certificate or the parent or guardian of the children in this situation in the country directorates of the county's population, while foreign missions abroad or foreign missions in 50 officers YTL administrative fine is issued.
C) urban society; administrative authority of this Act the 50th person to fulfill the obligations specified in Article 250 YTL, the misrepresentation is given in an administrative fine of 500 YTL.
(2) administrative fines imposed abroad, the country is in the process of local money given consular revenues are collected through the currency in which they are collected.
(3) According to this Act;
A) all kinds of natural disasters, extortion, theft, fire and loss of population and family wallet due to terrorism, in case of failure to meet the population event notification obligations
b) demand identification card with the homeless children of the competent institutions and the birth notification

C) of this Law Article 18 specified in great hosts, great father, brother or sister, or to headman who keep their children well,
d) of this Law Article 31 specified in the Public Prosecutor to,
administrative fines mentioned in this article does not apply .

TWELVE Miscellaneous Provisions Regulation Article 69- (1) regulations regarding the implementation of this law prepared by the Ministry within one hundred and eighty days is put into force the Council of Ministers.
(2) Address Ministry within ninety days and the regulations regarding numbering, Turkey Statistical Institute and the Turkish Standards Institute jointly developed and put into effect by the Authority.
Lineups ARTICLE 70 (1) of this Act attached (1) cadres in the numbered list have been created to be used in services under this Act No. 190 General Staff and Procedure on an annex to the Decree Law (II) is added to the Ministry of Interior parts of the schedule.
Repealed Provisions Article 71- (1) 5/5 / dated l972 and l587 Law on Population, dated 24/02/1972 and numbered 1543 General Population Law and Writing Paper Marriage No. 3686 dated 07/05/1939 and Their population Law on Registration of the Registrar, 26.06.1973 dated and 1774 numbered Identity Reporting Act Article 5, Article 6 (a) and (d) of paragraph, Article 8, Article 16 and situated in Article 17, "8" with the inscription dated 04.10.1927 and numbered 1003 Numbering of Buildings and Name Giving is repealed on the streets. amended provisions of
other laws ARTICLE 72- (1) 1774 Law No. Article 6 (c) to come after me "appropriate identification, for example by filling must be given to the general law enforcement organization within three days." the phrase was added, and in the second paragraph of the same article "ones (d) remaining places mentioned in paragraph" to "those" In the present.
Provisions added to other laws ARTICLE 73- (1) and No. 3152 dated 14.02.1985 Ministry of Interior of the Law on the Organization and Duties Article 28 The following paragraph is added.
"Ministry to conduct the population and citizenship services, the provincial population and citizenship in the provinces, districts may establish the county's population directorate in. Ministry staff, location and titles regardless of need state by population managers and officers, need is authorized to appoint in places."

Transitional Provisions PROVISIONAL ARTICLE 1- (1) Corporate and legal persons of the legislation within two years from the date of publication of this Act are obliged to use the identification number in accordance with the provisions of this Act making process.
PROVISIONAL ARTICLE 2 (1) address information from the date of publication of this Act in preparation practices for recording made the following business and operations, respectively:
a) the infrastructure work of the national address database following the Turkey Statistical Institute within the database is established and Upon completion of the work and procedures required in this matter will be transferred to the General Directorate.
B) General Directorate of Local Administrations, followed by the address and numbering of the special provincial administrations and municipalities in accordance with the regulations regarding numbering, and sheeting work.
C) simultaneously with provincial administrations and municipalities address work with the General Directorate constitutes the technical infrastructure of the national address database. Ministry of Transport by special provincial administrations and municipalities across the country with a network infrastructure to handle on-line between the national address database is created. Every settlement is a centralized computer program can reach the national address database prepared by the Presidency of Turkey Statistical Institute. giving them the necessary encryption and user training is made available to municipalities and special provincial administrations.
D) address standard from the date specified in the latest three hundred and sixty days in alignment with the standards address the components of the settlements by local governments and municipalities, provinces brought numbering is complete and centrally established national address database (c) processed through me in the said program.
D) City area check is made within ninety days after the numbering process is completed by administrations and determination over the compliance of municipalities conducted numbering and etching works to Turkey Statistical Institute and the Local Administrations General Directorate. Monitoring results will be entered in the national address database.

E) in order to maintain the national address database in the settlement addresses to be associated with contact records in the population register and personal residential address records depending on the Republic of Turkey identity number, starting from where the numbering of completed residential and from the date when this law enters into force to be completed within altıyüzotuz day Turkey Statistical Institute is applied to the area by the Presidency. settlement areas identified in the national address database based on address information during the application, the Republic of Turkey by the CCMS record identification numbers matched electronically. During the field survey in a separate database on foreigners in Turkey is determined to address settlement is created.
F) obtained records, neighborhood and village headmen in removing suspended for sixty days. Suspended during the examination that the objection in Turkey Statistics Institution, according to information provided by the necessary corrections are made in the records. The finalization of the records with the study results in the field of application forms used by the 28.09.1988 dated and 3473 numbered Storage to Needs Longer Documents and Material Disposal About Decree Amendment provisions of Law on Adoption will be destroyed in place by a decision of the local establishment.
(2) Turkey Statistical Institute prepared by the Presidency in cooperation with the General Directorate of forms to be used during operations. Turkey Statistics Institute records for statistical purposes in the form of questions added by the Presidency evaluated within the framework of Turkey Statistics Law.
(3) Turkey Statistical Institute to be made under this Article of the study area, the Law No. 5429 census and research carried out in accordance with the relevant provisions. institutions related to the fol- business and operations in this article may purchase goods and services. about the work to be performed under this article, dated 4/1/2002, except prohibition and penalty provisions of the tender and the 4734 Law on Public Procurement Law No. 5018 shall not apply. This framework will be purchasing goods and services of the procedures and principles, transparency, competition, equal treatment, reliability, public supervision, according to their needs to be met with appropriate conditions and time and resources to ensure the efficient use requirements of the service in accordance with the principles of Ministers shall be determined by the Council.
(4) of this Article, paragraph (a) procedures for the implementation of paragraph and shall be determined by regulation.
Provisional Article 3 (1) of the provisional Article 2 of the implementation period, with reporting in after spending the period provided for in the legislation population to population events population and family wallet losers of Article 68 The provisions of this Act This law does not apply.
Provisional Article 4 (1) can not be connected to the national address database within the period prescribed in this Law, special provincial administrations and municipalities will follow up to date to detect the local address information and for processing the national address database shall send electronically district registration offices.
Provisional Article 5 (1) of this Act come into force until recognition statement or paternity provisions decide the outcome of the main house to the registered children's father households to transfer the mother and father of one child adult if his appeal is sought.
Enforcement ARTICLE 74- (1) This Law shall enter into force on the date of publication.
Enforcement ARTICLE 75- (1) This Law shall be enforced by the Council of Ministers.


Allocation of cadres and



Miah Miah Head of Branch Manager, Branch Manager 1 2 1 1 PIH

GPP Expert 1 2

GPP Data Preparation and Control Operator 3 GPP Data Preparation and Control Operator 23 4 23 5 22

GPP Data Preparation and Control Operator THS THS Engineer Engineer 1 3 2 3

GPP GPP Programmer Programmers 2 5 1 5

THS 5 THS Technician Technician 3 4 5


Allocation of cadres and



GPP GPP Data Preparation and Control Business 3474 Data Processing and Data Preparation and Control Operator Control Operator GPP 4471
GPP Data Preparation and Control Operating the 6471

GPP GPP Data Preparation and Control Business 7471 Data Preparation and Control operator Data Preparation and Control operator GPP 8471

GPP GPP Programmer Programmers 3 100 4 100 GPP Programmer 5100

THS THS Technician Technician 3 100 4 100 5 100

THS Technician
TOTAL 3900