Turkish Grand National Assembly Warning: You Are Viewing Act, The Parliamentary General Assembly Has Already Adopted. If It Does Not Include The Changes Made Later. Law Of Population Services

Original Language Title: TÜRKİYE BÜYÜK MİLLET MECLİSİ Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. NÜFUS HİZMETLERİ KANUNU

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Kanun No. 5490


Accepted Date: 25/4/2006      



General Provisions


Purpose, Scope, and Tantas


MADDE 1- (1) The purpose of this Law is to personal and civil state, nationality, and civil state, from the end of the winter to the death of the To determine and identify legal and legal events that may occur in these cases, write to files arranged for this purpose, create national address database in electronic environment, address information with population records and address information. will be associated with it.


MADDE 2- (1) This Law contains information about the population services of foreigners in Turkey with Turkish citizens. The original and original provisions of the regulation, execution, and development of the program.


MADDE 3- (1) Last in this Law;

a) Address: How to identify any piece of soil or building of a building or building an operation,

b) Address declare form: used in the notification of addresses, including the current and included Minister;

c) Address (s): elements used in enumerations; postal codes, prefecture, county, fast, village and mezra information, including names, neighborhood, bouvar, street, street and building number, as well as information needed to get information about the location, personal, and corporate address.

ç) Address Share System: Information held in the national address database by the institutions how to sharepaylaþýlmasý

d) Family: They are the same descendants and their children and their children, with a family member who was listed under a number of family numbers.

e) Family file: Register of population events or where they are kept in an electronic environment,

f) Family number: the number of families given to family file by writing,

g) Ministry: Office of the People,

) Dayanak paper: The form, minutes, court decision, notary public, which is based on the family file population. backup documents, such as a report of a quote, or a death, or a report of the death of these,

h) Delimited profits: Population wallet, international family wallet,

) Dier address: Location of location address remaining,

i) General Directorate: Population and Citizen's General Directorate,

j) Director of Israel: Haul population and citizen manager,

k) Identity Sharing System: held in electronic environment, separately from the headquarters of the General Directorate. Family-file records offered and exposed to the resignees of institutions to benefit from the Identity Share System,

l) Institution: General Directorate of public institutions and installations at the General Directorate,

m) Central database: Family log records held in the General Directorate in electronic environment,

n) MERNİS: Central Population Government System, which includes the central database and the Identity Sharing System,

o) Numbering: Name or number to address tickets such as neighborhood, neighborhood, challenge, avention, street, street and building

) Population wallet: official proof that the person is a Turkish citizen and has been enrolled in family files. the document,

p) Population services: information about population events and the population and location of the location the process of collecting, migrating, protecting, and quantifying the collection of population files,

r) Population registration: Personal information about family files,

s) Population record example: Shows summaries of information about family file and summaries of personal information,

) Population file: Family log, special file, and all of the records from backups,

t) Population manager: Israeli population manager,

u) Population manager: British population manager,

) Population event: Dokum, death, marriage, botanery, adoption, recognition, correction, correction of the robbery, The event that caused personal situations, such as gaiplik,

v) Custom file: Dokum, marriage, job, death, record correction, and other events that are held in the current state of the month the file being put in the anchor documents,

y) National address data base: The central database where address information is held,

z) The international family wallet: It covers the credentials of children and children who make a family, and their nationality. The multilingual official document that canvated the document,

aa) Regency document: Document-approved document with special representation authority,

bb) Foreigners: In Turkey, a minimum of six month-long wildlings are given a Paper Helmet with a Turkish Foreigner. the file in which the records of the foreigners are held,

cc) Made documents: Concession Form, Using a Build-Up Document, a burning, and destroyed structures form and buildings ruler,

ft) Place location address: Location of continuous stay, location,

refers to.




Execution of Population Services


Authorities and Population Files

Population services authorities

MADDE 4- (1) Population services are provided by the Ministry of central and central government and current representatives is executed.

Legal rule

MADDE 5- (1) Population files; identities of the people, place of place of location, family, and The county and family are the official documents that are required to register, under the circumstances of the county and family, to determine the status of their citizens and their actions.

(2) The family file and the records that are kept in the private files and the backups and the records of the records from them are identical. He has a legal system. If there is a difference between the records, the basis of the basis for the record is valid until it is fixed.

Population files retention

MADDE 6- (1) Population events use transmission and central to family files and centers in population managers. It is registered to the database.

(2) The Ministry of the central database is kept in a different location, in order to ensure uninterrupted service to the natural disaster and the ones that are likely to be.

Each page of family files in theKâðýt(3) Nightmare environment will be printed on the skin and page numbers. The end of the file is printed on how many pages are available. Page birdplaces are approved by sealing the public at the court of law.

(4) Population files are expected to be held, and are important to identify, regulatory, and system development. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is to be removed from the application of the family files held in the environment and the environment.

Personal information that should be found in family files

MADDE 7- (1) The separate family file is held for each neighbourhood or village. Family files include information about the following:

a) Identity number of the Republic of Turkey.

b) Skin, family, and individual numbers with the name of the county, county, village or neighborhood where they are registered.

c) The name and surname of the person, the gender, the father, and the main name, and the last names of the married women.

c) Date of month, month, and year due date, month, and file record date.

d) Evolution, destruction, installation or rejection, death, loss or loss of a citizen fixes that occur in a personal state or by authoritative authorities.

e) Dini.

f) Meddenali.

g) Location of location address.

is theðShelf.

The records that are specified in

(a), (g), and (inlet) Bentons are only kept in an electronic environment.

(2) A population that is not a family file in Turkey and is sitting in foreign countries is a population of the Ministry of Turkey the family file that will be opened in the manager's file.

The population records of foreigners sitting in Turkey

MADDE 8- (1) For any purpose in Turkey, a minimum of six months of foreign-residence residency Foreigners are enrolled in the General Directorate's files. Foreigners who are enrolled in this file are obliged to declare all kinds of population events to the population directorates. Members of the diplomatic mission are in the process of this provision.

Kanun(2) Laws of 15/7/1950 and a number of 5683 foreigners in Turkey about the provisions of the Law on Dignity and Travel It is saved.


Population Records Properties


MADDE 9- (1) The documents that are based on population records and the retention of these records are hidden. They cannot be seen and examined by anyone with competent and responsible officers and those who have control authority. The courts are ruled by this provision.

(2) Officers from the population register this information, and population records under the ID Share System. Other people who have benefited are also required to abide by this privacy. This obligation also continues after the public servants leave their posts.

Based on the official business

MADDE 10- (1) Population records are based on the business in relation to the business. If there are no differences between the records, the population records will not be reported, and the other records will be corrected according to the current.


Population Files Eclipse-esports

Registration obligation

ARTICLE 11- (1) Every other person who is a citizen of the Republic of Turkey is at home to the population manager at home. It is imperative to write itself to the population files and to get a population certificate for the future. Social Services and Child Welfare of 2828 dated 24/5/1983 and 2828 dated children with children, whether they were to write down population events and take out population wallets, and not to find them, if they did not find them. Law enforcement officials are the officials of the law.

(2) Turkish citizens later won are due to citizenship as of the date of its citizens. is migrated.

Plant-based paper requirement

ARTICLE 12- (1) Every record and opening related to the population files that are related to the population files are based on this Law It is mandatory to rely on documents that have been edited, in accordance with the government and the example of the authorized authorities.

(2) The officers who registered the population at the end of each operation are eventually signed after they are started in family files and will be sent to the General Directorate for further development. The corresponding private file is to be placed.


MADDE 13- (1) Documents and transcripts of population events reported by authorized people and installations are this Law It is registered according to its provisions. The Minister is authorized to decide whether to use electronic signatures in all kinds of population.

Close and reopen the registry

ARTICLE 14- (1) Close of the population register; death, gaification, loss of Turkish citizen, marriage, murder, son. The acquisition is that a record cannot be made available to you because of events such as redaction or reddi.

(2) A new record that will require no cause of loss or registration to be reopened. The record will be reopened when it occurs. The log of events that occurred in a personal state after the record is opened are enrolled in the registry.


Population Events



Notice obligation and duration

MADDE 15- (1) Every child born to the world, population within thirty days from the right of birth. It is mandatory to notify the director of the country at the time of the country's sixty-day service.

(2) Notification; veli, vassi, loss, if not found, child ' s big mother, grandfather or ergin prayersants Or it can be done by the people who are in the presence of their child, as well as the oral statement, as they can be based on the official document showing the right.

(3) Department of public notices are provided by foreign authorities with an official document or report from the report It may also be done by sending the child with full credentials and information that indicates the location of the child with full credentials and the location where the child is referred to as the subject of the addressed. The current representative is obliged to send the current message to the population directorship, based on the date of the date of notification of the date of the notification.

bildirimler(4) Notifications related to the system are migrated from population directorus to the current location.

(5) The notification is passed to the minutes based on an oral statement if the host does not make any documents available. and is signed by the agents with the notification of the dokum minutes.

 (6) Dead children do not write to the family file. Children who are more than one person at a dollar are written in the form of a dodout.

Non-declared doomsiçinde

ARTICLE 16- (1) After spending the time specified in the 15th of this Law, the following is close. It is based on the representation of children who have not finished in the history of the current history. The child has been charged with six years of work, bringing the official to the head of the population, and the detection of the property will be established. If the official document of the document is to be deposited, there is no need for a patch to be made.

Authorization for population directorts

MADDE 17- (1) Population directorates not registered with children or population that are not reported during the period of time If they hear about the arrival of the serpents, they will find themselves, children 's velds, vassi or slipings, if they don' t find them; the great parent, the grandfather or their child, or their children, or they ' re invited to the brain. They're authorized. The English are also tasked with hitting the population directorates within thirty days of this invitation and being in the brain.

(2) Ownership of ownership over the need to see if no notice is made within the given period of time By force, the child's family files will be required to force them to be brought in by force.

Incumbent tasks required with notification

MADDE 18- (1) 2828-counted law enforcement officials, capabilities dorms, maintenance homes, and people who are responsible for the similar places; to check the population wallets of children or adolescents who have been stolen or their barns to control the population wallets of children or adolescents; to provide to the population directorship for the sake of loss of loss to family files, and to provide information on the population. They are tasked with making the necessary actions.

(2) Colloids; those who cannot prove their identity due to identity checks or any action, in the population They are obligated to notify the population manager at that place, where they have determined they are not registered, after they have made the necessary actions.

(3) School principals; children who are applying for school enrollment are not enrolled in the population with the statement of the brain They are tasked with reporting the identities and addresses of the father, mother, guardian, or slime to the population manager of that place.

(4) Public or private institutions want to ask for a population wallet, while people are not enrolled in the population, and their addresses to their population directorts. They are obligated to report it.

Found children and mentally retarded people

MADDE 19- (1) The population files of found children who cannot express themselves due to the lesser of the following: The registration is made when law enforcement or related institutions are based on their statements or statements that indicate this situation.

(2) Whether or not they are mentally handicapped, they are due to be transferred to the court. It is obligated to notify. The notice is required to be made to the population manager with a full report from the state hospital of the full-state.

(3) If the name of the parent and father with the last name and surname are not specified in the minutes that are organized about these people; The name and surname are given by the name and surname when the population manager is named. If the official date has not been set, it will be determined by the formal installation process.

Turkish citizens ' winners

MADDE 20- (1) The winners of Turkish citizens are subject to the decision of the competent authority or boards of the law. They will be registered in the family file in accordance with the forms to be edited.

Population events for foreigners

MADDE 21-(1) The population of the remaining foreigners in Turkey under Section 8 of this Law. Incidents are organized into population directorates, which are related to their actions, and are given to them. These forms are stored in a private file.



Marry authority

MADDE 22- (1) The Ministry is involved in the integrity of the population and citizen services of the rev. will be required to execute and implement any measures that are required to execute.

(2) Emission officer, municipality in municipal locations, or the officer in charge of this work, He needs it. The Ministry can give the authority and duty to the provincial population and citizen directorymen, the population directorts, and the civil servants ' office. The population managers are authorized to marry, provincial and county municipal resuscitation officers, if one of the people is unfamiliar.

Reporting marriage and registration

MADDE 23- (1) Those who are marrying under the article 22; ten from the date of marriage The population manager is responsible for submitting the declaration of the marriage to the population manager.

(2) The married woman's record is part of the code of the husband. Her husband remains in the family file of her dying husband, unless the dead woman remarried. But if they do, it can go back to your father's log.

(3) Married to foreign representatives within thirty days from the date of marriage. to their directorymen.

 (4) Property of Mülga 743 dated 4/10/1926 prior to the effective date of 4/10/1926, and is still relevant to those who have not been registered with the population files. It is registered to the family file by making decisions from the court.

Domestically-made evangelizations

MADDE 24- (1) Marries made by Turkish citizens in front of foreign authorities abroad, On 22/11/2001, 4721 is valid with the registration of the provisions of the Turkish Civil Code and not to have a reason to be sunk with the prunes. These marriages are made by the fact that the husband is the stranger to the marriage within thirty days at the latest by the foreign office, or by sending the document to the current representative office or to be sent to the current office. It is obligated to send the statement of the statement to the population directorship by organizing the declaration of the marriage according to the government's declaration.

(2) Do not marry if there are no representatives in the place or if they do not notify the current representative The statement may also be made by the fact that the foreign authorities ' certificate of marriage has been translated into Turkish and approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and is to be given to the population manager in the country by the time the Secretary of State has been certified. Based on this document, it will be based on the marriage notice to be edited.

Delivery of Turkish citizens with marriage

MADDE 25- (1) The woman who won the Turkish citizen by marriage is registered to the house of her husband. The death of the woman who was registered in the family files in this way is at the end of her death, and she will be enrolled at the end of the file.

(2) It is registered to the house where the male wife who won the Turkish citizen by marriage is married to the marriage. If the marriage ended in death, the woman's record was found to be registered before they were married, and the record of the man remains in the same house where she was found.


Bound and Marriage Contact

Time to wait for the womanbekleme

MADDE 26- (1) The wait time of the woman is a verdict from the date of final court decision.

Required considerations for cancellation or cancellation of a marriage

MADDE 27- (1) The cancellation or cancellation of the marriage to the information on the ground in decisions is required:

a) Parties to the Republic of Turkey identification number, name, last name, location and date, father and mother name the last name before the woman was married, and where the family file was registered.

b) Credentials for children and their credentials in marriage.

c) The provisions of the government, which prevent the decision of the decision.





Inherit and Evolution

Description action

MADDE 28- (1) Tanema; by court, notarius if the father of a father was held in court on a written statement It is reported by the population manager within ten days from the date that the notary public has been identified by the year-on-year sensuality of the year.

(2) notify the population manager if it is done with the gentleman in the will of the father's will, opening the will. It is done by the judge.

(3) The identification statement made to the population officer is registered in the family files.

(4) Children of the children are the father to their father, and the name and surname of their mother and surname are the information they are is registered to be specified.

(5) The statements of the country's recognition are translated to, translated, and translated into the Turkish It can be done to population managers in the country, with the registration of being approved.

Inheritance action

MADDE 29- (1) The decision to adopt is reported by the population manager of that place within ten days of the court. The adoption is registered to the family files and the registration of the adopted child is to the family file.

Domestically-made adoption steps

MADDE 30- (1) Domestic acquisition measures in front of foreign authorities in the country have been announced. In accordance with Turkish legislation, it is also valid in Turkey.

(2) The evolution of evolution by foreign or administrative authorities, and by law of the country. Decisions and documents that have been finalised or, such as the final verdict, are to be performed in Turkey and are determined by the competent Turkish court to have a tenfism or recognition decision.


Death and Gaippity

Notice period and dependents

MADDE 31-(1) Death event;

A) In cities and towns, dated 24/4/1930 and 1593, the Law of the Honours is required to give the burial license. authorized ones,

b) The villages, if any, are the official nature or the residents of the village, or the village mutts,

c) Institution amirs at medical institutions, such as a hospital and a nursing home,

ç) Those who are deployed to the ground commanders by nature or internal service regulations in the military units and Military (s),

d) Officers to be deployed by the immediate supervisor of the property in Doðal disasters,

e) relevant Republican prosecutors in incidents and accidents,

As of the date of the

event, the current representatives have been notified of the incident since they were notified. in the day they are obliged to report to the General Directorate or the population manager.

(2) After the expiration period, minutes of the deaths from population directorts were official. If they are based on records or other formal documents, they are accepted and started when they are from the population managers.

(3) In the domestic deaths, where death occurred, the location of the location of the location of the location of death Where the body is found if it cannot be detected, the location of the location is reported to the population manager, if the death is within a position of death.

(4) If there is no record of the other, the question will be made at the end of the question if the Turkish citizen and his family have been identified. And then the death, and then the death, is the first thing that's happened.

Death square

MADDE 32- (1) If a person is lost in situations that requires a certain death, his body is Even if they were not found, the order of death was arranged by the order of the official supervisor of the property of the property, and the death event is now being treated.

(2) The lower or upper ancestor of the person who has a death square for action is required by this article, or If they do not, they must document the event by petitioning the beneficiary or notify the authorities of the authorities with an official letter of the authorities.

(3) The petitions attached to the petition, and the question of whether or not the population manager will be asked to do so. If it is deemed sufficient to prove that the alleged incident occurred there, the death record will be filed with the order of the chief administrative officer.

What appears to be dead in family files when dead

MADDE 33- (1) Death minutes for those who are seen in family files, although dead, have been killed. If it is to be started with the document, it will be edited by the population directorates, and the required action is made. If no documents are to be deposited, the order of death will be held after the death statement is collected by the population directorts, and the order of death will be issued with the order of the supervisor of the property.

Gaification action

MADDE 34- (1) Gaippity decisions are reported to the population manager of that place within ten days of the court, and the population is Officers are registered with family files.





Enrollment Corrections


Corrects for Correcting Population Enrollment

Corrects a record

MADDE 35- (1) No record of the population files can be corrected and their records are not the case of a committed court sentence The meaning and the information that will not be subject to the information will not be available. However, the material mistakes that were made to the family files of the events are fixed in accordance with the population manager's basis.

(2) Requests for religion in family files are registered in accordance with the statement of the article, It will be left blank, blank, or deleted.

Population cases

MADDE 36- (1) The court decision will comply with the decision-making corrections by:

a) Reaction cases for the population records, the official agency for the information that requests the correction It is due to the prosecution of the Republican prosecutors at the court of law, which is where the address of the place is located. The loss-correction cases are seen and decided by the state's attorney and the population manager, or the population officer, who is the director of charge.

b) The case for correcting a population record for the same subject can only be opened once. If the name is correct, the population manager will also correct the last name of the children of this person, the father or mother of the children, and the last name of the children and children who were not in the last name.

c) The test cases are based on cases that will be opened for cancellation or correction of registration.

(2) The people who are using the registration of the United States are reviewed and concluded by the Ministry.

Authorization for population directorts

MADDE 37- (1) General Directorate and population directorates all kinds of laws on the right of court decisions It's authorized to hit the road.

(2) General Directorate and population directorates are exempt from legal tuition and all kinds of court costs.


Maddical Errors and Population LossÝptali

Maddical errors

ARTICLE 38- (1) Information that is required to be registered in the family files counted in article 7 of this Law; in the case of the basis of the basis of the basis of the basis of the basis of the basis of the basis of the error, the information or the information that was not written or the records that were not written or the records that were never written will be detested. Such madmen defects are corrected or completed by the Directorate General or the population directorates.

Authorization to correct and complete in dates

MADDE 39- (1) General Directorate is a citizen ' s population based on civil or Romanian history, according to population records. It is authorized to migrate the dates of events into family files, and to complete their shortcomings, as well as the month and day of the due dates.

On the

(2) Dokum date, the month of year and day of the day and day of writing is calculated the first day of July, when the first day of the month is printed and the first day of the month for those who are not specific.

Cancellation of the population record

MADDE 40- (1) Common population records are based on a document that is regulated by the government. It is annulled by the decision of the director or the population directorts to be placed in court on the need to demonstrate. Cancerning the population and the cancellation of the population file is the same as the government.


Population and International Family Lewallets

Organizing and editing

ARTICLE 41- (1) The scope of the population wallet is effective, effective, effective, effective, and effective. The system and technology will be applied in case of loss and delivery of security elements, security, and delivery of citizens with intent to protect, imitate, falsification and counterfeits from counterfeit, tamper, and citizen. We have the Ministry authority to determine the actions.

(2) Population and international family wallets, in accordance with the Ministry's identified, ebat, and example, The Minister will be sent to the accounting authorities to help address the needs of the population directorships and to address the needs of the current representatives, as well as to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

(3) In consideration of the need for accounting authorities, women and male population wallets. a maximum of three thousand of each of the international family pocketbooks, and the price is paid later, in the case of the subsequent trip-partiality parties, the money is paid. If the birth notices are made within the legal term, the population will not receive the cost of the profits from the wallets. The repatriated population and family wallets are less than the cost of the summer, due to the summer of the apostate.

(4) Population wallet, county population directorys  and senior representative offices in the country. It is given to them within the framework of the Ministry of the United States, which will be identified in the Ministry of the United States of this Law, which is the basis of the non-adolescent, the guardian, the guardian, or the official representative document of this Law.

(5) Each married couple is given an international family wallet by the officer involved in the marriage process. The people who have received the international family wallet, although they are married, are given by population directorymen upon their requests. At the request of one of the people, they are also tasked with pushing the levees that occur in the personal situation of themselves or family members, and the population directorates, and making the necessary statements.

(6) Public Directorates with respect to the population and family wallets of 2/6/1934 and counting 2489. Bail is granted to the provisions of the Code of Law.

 (7) The population wallets are not subject to the foresight in this Law and cannot be reposted. None of these wallets can be taken by the agency. However, institutions in need can hide a surefire.

Wallet claim document

MADDE 42- (1) The Ministry of Population and International Family wallets are available and covered by the Ministry of the specified and printed wallet request documents are used. The claim document is not searched for the population wallet arrangement based on the doðum minutes.

(2) The Ministry is authorized to set or remove the request documents from the application and to determine the retention periods.


Providing information from population records

Exporting a population recordörneði

MADDE 43- (1) The population of the family file is to be stolen and the population manager of its fitness. The population record samples obtained with their approval are valid until they are proven otherwise. The population record sample cannot be granted without the requested reason and for what purpose it is intended for. However, it is not possible to search for an official document that proves the identity of the person, but not the author of the article. If the population record samples are not specifically requested by those who are authorized to request them, the credentials are not included in the credential set. It has been deleted on these documents and cannot be dug.

(2) Population record samples not used within days of the date they are edited are valid Lose. According to the areas used by the population record sample, the Ministry is authorized to reduce this time to thirty days.

Those who are authorized to receive a population record sample

MADDE 44- (1) Population record examples;

a) Ministry,

b) Dn delegates,

c) The Ministry of National Defence for the recruitment of troops,

) (s),

d) Board of arms installations, including the names of the names,

e) Those who are authorized to host the process of getting married,

f) Reinstallation for death actions,

g) The owners of the Register, or their parents, parent, guardian, lower and upper, or surrogacy for these document,

They are authorized to receive fromnüfuspopulation directory/them.

(2) Institutions and legal entities that remain in the first series of numbers, with the order of the Ministry or the property management supervisor, by specifying the reason for the writing and the cause of the request. They can take a sample. The Ministry will establish an Identity Sharing System to process these provisions.

(3) The location of the location address and other address information is in the process of being given.

 (4) third remaining people in the first fikrans (g) were in a state of civilization. Examples or information about the population of the population are not available.

How to use Identity and Address Sharing Systems

MADDE 45- (1) Held in the Ministry, Identity Sharing System, and Address Share System database It can open the information to institutions within the framework of the basis and the institutions within the framework of this Law. Location address information can only be opened to an organization's share.

tamamý(2) Complete or a part of the information in the Identity Sharing System database is in no organization or organization. It can't be done. Institutions and other people can only receive information that they have lost their records, based on their own business and business.

(3) Licensee is not authorized to use the information for any purpose in the fulfillment of the services that have been met with the information; Or it couldn't give it to anyone when it's stated in Article 44 of this Law. All the officials of the system are tasked with complying with these rules. This obligation also continues after the public servants leave their posts.

(4) the institution that receives the legal results of the use of information from the General Directorate. It is responsible.

(5) dated 10/11/2005 and number 5429 in use of statistics for the databases to be installed with this Law. The provisions of the Turkish Public Law are applied.


Republic of Turkey ID Number

ID number

MADDE 46- (1) The identification number is to set up the population between the citizens of the Republic of Turkey. It is a number system that is intended to sign up for the people and to ensure that they are among the records held in the public setups. The ID number of the Republic of Turkey is issued and cannot be checked once.

(2) an identification number within the guidelines of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which is being registered in Turkey is provided.


MADDE 47- (1) Any form, statement, ID card, tax ID card that will be held in the name of the people, All of the information documents, such as a driver document, a passport, are included in the ID number of the Republic of Turkey.

(2) the identity number of the Republic of Turkey with the institutions and the real and legal entities of all kinds and on the record.

(3) The General Manager's vision for hesitating with problems raised in the implementation of ID number It is taken.






Address record system

Address information retention and address standard

ARTICLE 48- (1) The location of the location address and information for the other addresses are policy Construction, development, propagation, management of general application deadlines, national address database and MERNİS database, and address information are being shared. It is conducted by the Minister. The government's request to complete address records in the population files is set up by the institutions.

(2) The standard of address is the following and responsibility of the General Directorate of the General Directorate of Citizens of the General Directorate, Turkey The Department of Internship is determined by the Turkish Institute of Standards and related other organizations. The General Directorate of the Neighborhood is responsible for informing the General Directorate of the established standards as well as the city's special administration and municipalities. The institutions and real and legal entities are required to comply with the address standard in their respective business and business.

(3) The Ministry is authorized to request information from institutions of any kind. Institutions are obliged to respond within 20 days of the request.

(4) The location address does not prevent service from being serviced at any of the other addresses; the location of the other addresses These addresses do not result in a service not being served.

Address information and updating

MADADE 49- (1) The address standard for address tickets in the areas of responsibility for the private administration and municipalities are by providing a fixed profile number that will not be properly identified and will be required to provide address information to cover all addresses in the neighborhood. For any reason, the number of addresses in the address tickets at the time of the fixed profile are followed by the provincial special administration and the municipalities and the national address database is being pushed.

TheUlusal(2) National address database is held in the General Directorate. The General Directorate keeps up to date with backup systems in an electronic environment, by integrating the location address information in the national address database with the current records in the population files.

(3) The address record of Turkish citizens at home address is named after the country and the city. is held.

Notice liability

ARTICLE 50- (1) All special administration and municipalities address information about standards set by this Law It is obligated to process the structure documents that have been made to the address of the address with the national address database when the documents are being generated.

(2) The written statement of locations is based on the location of the location addresses. The notification is made to the population directoryors and to our dour representative form. The members of the family with the same location address may have an address in place of each other's erent.

(3) The addresses of the noterden representative and the written document of this document are the addresses of the people They can be found in the brain.

 (4) The addresses of children and their daughters, veli, vassi, loss, if you do not have them, the child ' s great mother, It is reported by either the grandfather or the children who are in the presence of their children or children.

(5) Information about the statements of the addresses of those left in places such as nursing home, home, prison, and the dormitory of the other By institution authorities, the statements of the people who cannot be notified are made by the whistlebellers.

(6) The location addresses of those under the guardhouse are reported to the authorities as they have been found.

(7) The address statement can be made by mail or electronic mail.

Notification time and currentgüncelliði

ARTICLE 51- (1) The address statement, counted in article 50, and institutions are in place of the place of place of place It is obligated to notify the county's population directorships within twenty-two days of their deities. However, in any formal installation to obtain service to the location of the location, the statement provided by the address to the population manager to be submitted to the population manager, stating the address of the address to the address of the address, and to submit to the institution. It is These statements are sent to the county population manager of the institution where the institution is located within ten days of the latest forms.

kiþilerin(2) There is no responsibility for notifying other people in the address of the address. These are the national address database in the electronic environment, within ten days of municipal private administration, followed by municipal private administrationals, where the city's private administration is most later than the latest.

(3) Apartment and site managers with future housing owners are responsible for lojman administrations; liability The location of the address of the location of the location in the areas of the site in the areas of the United States is obligated to follow up with those in need and to notify the informants of those who are responsible for the number of people who are responsible for 50 counts of representation.

(4) Lists of location address depopulation lists population directorates to related informants. is sent.

(5) Muhtars are the location of the location address that is transmitted to them by population directorates under this Code. to inspect lists of tickets, to address the location of the location address in the neighborhood, and to notify the population manager of the current state in the last week of notice, if any, the statements that are not reported are in the last week.

Use address information

MADDE 52- (1) The Ministry provides addresses in order to identify the institutions, the institutions, and the principles of the Ministry of information can be provided in an electronic environment within the framework of the Address Sharing System and the Identity Payoff System.

(2) The location of address information in the areas of responsibility that are completed by the technical infrastructure They may be able to access the Identity Sharing System in order to track its current update.

(3) Institutions are based on address information held in the General Directorate in the business and business of their conduct.

 (4) Information and documents of address are from population managers, Address Share System, or ID Share It can be supplied by using the system to produce documents that can be used to match the records on this system. The information generated by the documents produced in this form is based on the government's detection and basis.

(5) In the census or detection of family and life statistics, and the basis for this information is based on Uses MERNIS population information in the implementation of laws.

Coordination and Business

MADDE 53- (1) General Directorate is active, fast, and up-to-date with the national address database. Institutions are responsible for coordinating with the agency to ensure that they are not being created. Institutions are obligated to share information with the General Directorate and related institutions in their address and address to address and address components.


Common Provisions

Registration task and duration

MADDE 54- (1) Officers tasked with registration of the population events are held in the population manager and family In order to apply the basis documents required to be registered to their files, the basis documents held by the other authorities were to register for the family files within seven days from the date of the population manager and to the General Directorate for a sample of the basis documents. They're obligated to send it.

The tasks of the court's office managers

MADRID 55- (1) Court-written principals will require registration on family files. They are tasked with reporting to the population manager of that place within ten days from the date of commitment or regulation.

Roles of install installation

MADDE 56- (1) The following are the nature and death events in their control, and by organizing a report showing the identity and the credentials of the interest, and they are given to the owners.

(2) The provisions of the Code 1593 are saved.


MADDE 57- (1) A special representation of a third party, based on an push, is to be found in the brain. It is possible with a certificate of approval from the noterden covering the authority.

Print left

ARTICLE 58- (1) Rest of the population in the population is located in Turkey, where the population is located in the country. At the very least, they show that they are Turkish citizens, with official documents showing them that they are the most current. As a result of the review, they are registered in the family files of the population directorates if they do not prevent them from being able to prevent their registration.

Signing a tutanakars

MADDE 59- (1) Based on statements made to population directorus, the population is based on population It's signed by the manager. The attention of the anchor documents is required to be signed by the person who is the guardian of the guardian, guardian or vassal or vassal. Fingerprints that are not read-write.


MADDE 60- (1) With the order of the supervisor of the property, if the statements concerning population events are to be discussed in the country It is reported to the population manager by law authorities to make the necessary questions and inspections.


MADDE 61- (1) The day following the date that the event occurred in the calculation of the durations specified in this Law It's going to be the first time. Durations; the last day of the transfer deadline, the last day of the holiday party, the first day following the holiday, ends at the end of the day of the day of the day of the day of the day of the day.

Files that are already left or removed

MADDE 62- (1) no action can be made on any waste or older family files that are left out of the process, The record is unduuble.

(2) Last name, last name, father name, parent, if these files are not to be found on the basis of their population events The name is not based on any legal action to correct or complete any of the incorrect dates or shortcomings at the current date or to determine the identity of the person and the family.

(3) Examples of these files may have been removed or removed from the system. The description will be made.

List of people who have been in the militaryçaðýna

MADDE 63- (1) The General Directorate is a male member of the military, who is a member of every year's family file. It is obligated to draw up a list of the population and send it to the Ministry of National Defense in December. The Minister of National Defense may also sell this list from the Identity Sharing System database.

Organizing forms

MADDE 64- (1) The form and documentation that will be used in the implementation of this Law and required The Ministry is authorized to make arrangements. It is destroyed after being transferred to the electronic environment by scanning the statement forms for the declaration of the place of place held in the electronic environment.


Government Provisions


MADDE 65- (1) Information in the ID Share System and the Address Share System dated 10/12/2003 And the 5018 is given in the Public Goods Management and Control Act and the public institutions and installations that are not included in the etcefields, as well as other fees. The fees will be set up together with the Ministry and the Minister of Finance. The cost of the collected service costs is recorded in the budget.

Overtime charge

MADDE 66- (1) MERNİS, the headquarters of the Directorate and the headquarters of the General Directorate (including personnel with a promised staff), which are engaged in the actual overwork assigned to the Identity and Address Sharing Systems projects, are specified in the budget code of 50 hours per month and in the budget law. Extra fees are paid within the framework of the Ministry, not to exceed the three times the amount of overwork.


Sentencing Provisions

Actual statement

MADADE 67- (1) With village or neighborhood informanes issuing a claim location or a wallet claim document For any action, those who are in real life for the population manager, and those who are familiar with them, are sentenced to four years of imprisonment.

(2) Public servants who fail to meet the obligations and act on a ban, 26/9/2004 The number of dated and 5237 Turkish Penal Code is punished according to the security of the public administration and its handling of the crimes of the Turkish Penal Code.

Military fines

MADDE 68- (1) According to this Law;

a) is tasked with reporting population events and not performing these tasks within the periods specified in this Law. Even if the public officials, the verb is a crime, the population of that place is given 25 YTL administrative fines, with the decision of the district population manager.

b) will be obligated to report the population events and replace this obligation within the time specified in this Law People who do not bring their wallets, population and family wallets, and children who do not leave their wallets within the sixth day after the expiration of the population's wallet, or to their children's parents or their guardian, the county population in the country. When they were in directorship, they were also representative offices, and they were not. Representatives of the representative office are fined 50 YTL for duty.

c) 250 YTL, which does not meet the obligations set forth in article 50 of this Law as the administrative supervisor of the country, They are given 500 YTL of administrative fines for those who are in the right state of the brain.

(2) domestic money fines are provided in the country where public money is provided in the country. will be collected over the currency that has been collected from the damage.

(3) According to this Law;

a) The loss of population and family wallets due to all kinds of natural disasters, extortion, disaster, fire and terrorism, population In the event that events cannot be met with the notification obligation,

b) In the population certificate requests and the dokum notices of authorized institutions with no one,

c) to the great mother, grandfather or people or children identified in the 18th of this Code to the needy with those who have been found

d) to the Commonwealth prosecutors specified in Article 31 of this Code,

does not apply any of the administrative fines specified in this clause.


Government Provisions


ARTICLE 69- (1) The regulations for the implementation of this Code are in the face of the Ministry in the face of the face of the face of the Ministry It will be prepared and the Council of Ministers will be held.

(2) Address and number of regulations, and in ninety days, the Ministry, Turkish Artistic Institution, and Turkish The Institute of Standards Institution is to be prepared by the institution.


MADDE 70- (1) The cadres listed in this Law (1) are included in the services covered by this Law The attachment of 190 counts of General Staff and Procedural Decree (I) is added to the People Department section of the rule, in order to use the 190 Global Staff and the Code of Law.

Provisions of Kaldrendage

MADDE 71- (1) dated 5/5/l972 and the L587 numbered Population Law, dated 24/2/1972 and numbered 1543, The Law on the Code and dated 5/7/1939 and the Articles of Evolution of 3686, and the Law on the Population of Bunlaryn Population Files, dated 26/6/1973 and the 5th Amendment to the Decline Code of 1774, the benefits of 6 ncis (a) and (d), the 8th of the Articles of Identity, 10/4/1927 with a clause of "8" in article 16 and article 17 And the Law has been repeated.1003 is the number of thousands of thousands of thousands of thousands of people who have been called in and out of the streets.

Provisions that are currently selected by other laws

MADDE 72- (1) The 6 ncu clause (c) of 1774 is due to come after you. the appropriate identification document is required to be given to the general law organization within three days, "with those who are" involved in the second phase of the same clause, "and" the "of" all "in the places specified in the self-contained location," the statement " It is currently being started.

Provisions that are added to other laws

MADDE 73- (1) dated 14/2/1985 and 3152, of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Rights of the Law 28 Plug-in is added to the pearl item.

" To carry out population and citizen services, provincial population and citizen directorates of the provinces, can set up county population directorates in districts. According to the circumstances of the need for the ministry, staff, places and titles, the population manager and officers are authorized to deploy in places where there is need. "



Transitional Provisions

INVALIDATE ARTICLE 1- (1) Institutions and legal entities are within two years of the date of publication of this Law. They are required to use the identification number in their operation by aligning their legislation to the provisions of this Law.

INVALIDATE ARTICLE 2- (1) How to save address information from the date of publication of this Law It is ready to implement and process the following as a result of the application:

A) data from the national address database is done under Turkish Government agency. The base is installed and transferred to the General Manager after completing the execution of the ions and conditions in this material.

veb), in accordance with the Directorate General, address and enumeration of the General Directorate of Public Affairs, the provincial special administrations and It follows the numbers of municipalities numbering and levelings.

C) General Directorate, national address data with municipal private administrations and municipalities in business with address plays It generates the technical infrastructure of the base. The Ministry of Health provides a wide range of provincial private administrations and municipalities across the country, with a national address database for ten-line. A centralised computer program that will be able to reach the national address database of each site is set up by the Turkish government of the United States. Opens to the use of municipal private administrations and municipalities by giving the required application and usage.

) The provincial private administration and municipalities in the latest three-to-three days from the date of the date of the address of the address standard The numbering of the locations of the sites in accordance with the standards are completed and the numbering is completed by the program that is centrally established in the national address database (c).

d) In place of the suitability of the British private administrations and the realms of the municipalities In order to be identified, the numbering of the Turkish Artistic Authority and the General Directorate of the Mahalal Countries will take control of the field within ninety days after the numbering is completed. The results of the control are to be used in the national address database.

e) Location addresses of the national address database with current records in population files to be held and to be held to the Republic of Turkey ID number, the enumerating location has been completed at the latest from the sites of which the number of sites are completed and the latest from the date of the effective date of the current date. Turkey's United States Department of Artistic authority to be completed in the day It will be done by the field. The location address information, identified in the field as the national address database based on the application, is being eliminated in the electronic environment according to the identification number of the Republic of Turkey with the records of MERNİS. A separate database related to foreigners identified in Turkey at the site of the field scan is being built.

f) The obtained records will be suspended for sixty days in the neighborhood and village informants. As a result of the review, the objections made by the Turkish Artistic Authority will make the necessary corrections according to the information provided by the Turkish Artistic authority. As a result of the loss of these records, the forms used in the field application are entitled to the provision of the Law on 28/9/1988 and the Destruction Of Documents And Material That Are No Longer Necessary For The 3473 Reputation Of Destruction. According to the provisions of the law, it is destroyed in place by the decision of the local council.

(2) The Turkish Artistic authority, if the forms used to be used in the process of operation are in general with the General Directorate He's prepared by the way he looks at it. The questions attached to the forms, which are added to the forms by the Turkish Statistical Institute for statistical purposes, are made under the provisions of the Turkish Statistical Law.

(3) The use of the Turkish Artistic Authority to take part in this matter, 5429 counts of Law, and is executed within the framework of the provisions related to the research. The relevant institutions may obtain goods and services for the execution of the ians and businesses specified in this clause. The provisions of this article shall not apply to the provisions of the Law No. 5018 dated 4/1/2002 and the Public Tender Act of 4734, excluding the provisions of the provisions and the provisions of prohibition of the tenders and the provisions of the Law. The principles and principles of the goods and services to be covered, transparency, competition, human treatment, reliability, public control, requirements to be used in the appropriate cities and time, and the efficient use of resources. It is determined by the Council of Ministers according to the requirements of the service in its document.

(4) The implementation of the first section of this Article (a) is determined by the guidelines and guidelines that govern the implementation of this item.

INVALIDATE ARTICLE 3- (1) Population events population within the application period of the temporary 2 nci of the Law After spending the amount of time stipulate in the legislation, no 68 articles of this Law will be applied to those who have reported to those who lost to the population and family pocketbook.

INVALIDATE ARTICLE 4- (1) The national address database may not be based on the national address database within the time stipulate in this Law management and municipalities to identify and update their neighborhood address information, and send it to the county population directorates in electronic environment for the national address database to be used.

INVALID MADDE 5- (1) This Law is an identification statement or father until thebabalýðaenters the current as a result of the verdict, the children of the children who were registered in the main house are searched for the transfer of the mother and father of the child, and the child of the child is sought after.


ARTICLE 74- (1) This is effective on the release date of the Law.


MADDE 75- (1) The Council of Ministers executes the provisions of this Law.




















CLASS TITLE                                     LEVEL OF DEGREE PERIOD

DaireDepartment of MIsrael Circle                                                      1 1

MABAH Director                                                      1 1

Director of GISH                                                      1 2

GIH Expert                                                                 1 2

GIH Data Hazling and Control                  3 23

GIH Data Hazling and Control                  4 23

GIH Data Hazling and Control                  5 22

THS Engineer                                                            1 3

THS Engineer                                                            2 3

GIH Programcis                                                            1 5

GIH Programcis                                                            2 5

THS Technician                                                           3 5

THS Technician                                                           4 5


total 100
















CLASS TITLE                                     LEVEL OF DEGREE PERIOD

GIH Data Hazling and Control                  3 474

GIH Data Hazling and Control                  4 471

GIH Data Hazling and Control                  5 471

GIH Data Hazling and Control                  6 471

GIH Data Hazling and Control                  7 471

GIH Data Hazling and Control                  8 471

GIH Data Hazling and Control                  9 471

GIH Programcis                                                            3 100

GIH Programcis                                                            4 100

GIH Programcis                                                            5 100

THS Technician                                                           3 100

THS Technician                                                           4 100

THS Technician                                                           5 100


                                      3900 TOTAL