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Original Language Title: TÜRKİYE BÜYÜK MİLLET MECLİSİ Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. ÇEVRE KANUNUNDA DEĞİŞİKLİK YAPILMASINA DAİR KANUN

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Kanun No. 5491


Acceptable Date: 26/4/2006      


MADDE 1- dated 9/8/1983 and 2872 is the 1st of the Environmental Law.

" MADDE 1-The purpose of this Law is sustainable environment and sustainable environment, which is a common environment for all living things. It will protect the protection of the principles of the wake. "

MADDE 2- 2872 is the current state in which the Code is 2 ncu.

" MADDE 2-From terms passed in this Law;

Environment: They maintain their relationship throughout the lives of their lives, and they have been affected as well. biological, physical, social, economic and cultural environment,

Environmental protection: preventing the destruction, degradation, and destruction of environmental deacons and ecological balance, to relieve corruption, improve and improve the environment, prevent environmental pollution, and

Environmental pollution: The environment, which occurs and lives, can disrupt environmental and ecological balance. all kinds of negative effects,

Sustainable environment: Without compromising the quality and quality of resources that will be needed by the future, both today's and the future of all environmental deems that are around the world's environment (social, economic, physical, etc.) The process of protecting, protecting, and developing

Sustainable development: Today and future conditions are assured of investment in an environment that is not sustainable to balance and improve environmental, economic, and social objectives, on the basis of balance,

Environment: Air, water, soil environments, and ecosystems associated with these environments,

Doðal existence: All plants, animals, microorganisms, and their environments,

Doðal source: creatures with air, water, soil, and docklands,

Contactions: ecological, ecological, or environmental contaminant, either during or after the activities. real and legal entities that cause the deterioration of the balance and the environment,

Ecosystem: The biological environment in which the creatures operate within their own, and in life, in a sense of order. physical and chemical system,

Atıktsu: Evaluate or completely remove features as a result of the evolution, industrial, agricultural, and other uses. All right,

Attywater infrastructure facilities: Sewage systems that collect evsel and/or industrial atonis all of the systems and facilities that are being used and given to the media are complete,

Arthrottling facility: All kinds of activities are caused by a multiplicity, swan, and gas-led byes. the facilities that are being searched for by the standards,

Ecological equilibrium: In a way that is suitable for the presence and development of human beings and other creatures. the whole of the data needed to sustain them,

Sulak area: Doðal or artificial, absens or temporary, irritable or unnatural, sweet, pain, or salty, sea From the edge of this area with all the waters, marshes, sabbles and turbids that matter as the environment, covering depths of the tide movement, which does not exceed the 60 meters at the end of the withdrawal circuit, and works to the west, with the water and the water. the land of the land, the land of the land that has been watery

Biological steel: complemented by the relationships of Ecosystems, species, genes, and so on,

Attik: Any item of activity that is created as a result of any activity, attributed to or dropped into the environment,

contribution: To be omitted by the manufacturer, and in particular the protection of the environment through the peace of the society, It is a factor that should be taken out of a regular level,

House floor: Hazardous and hazardous areas of housing, industry, workplace, picnic areas by-factor,

Hazardous horse: Human and human with ecological balance by adversely affecting physical, chemical, and/or biological Creatures that cause the deterioration of natural structures, and items that are contaminated with these horses,

Dangerous chemicals: Human and human with ecological balance by making physical, chemical and/or biological negative impact. All kinds of chemicals and products that cause the deterioration of the current lives,

Dirty ballast: From tanker or cruise tanker, ship or other marine vehicles on water the accumulation of substances that cause oil, oil derivatives or heats to be seen on the water or in the bitific coast line, or the accumulation of substances on water or under water or in the case of tar matter/emulsions. open ballast water,

Environmental impact statement: Positive and negative impact on the environment of projects planned determining the effects of the adverse effects or environmental damage to the extent of the effects of the effects of the selected location and technology alternatives, and the projects the ongoing monitoring and control of the application,

Project definition file: The location, properties, potential impact of the project, and the location of the project. the file containing information and documents that identify the project with its overall dimensions, including the measures that are projected to be used,

Strategic environmental dec: plan or programming prior to the approval of an office plan or program From the beginning of the process, the plan is to ensure that environmental issues are integrated into the plan and program, minimize the potential environmental impact of plan or program, and continue with an exponent approach to help decision-makers. environmental deotation (s), including a report,

Environmental management: natural, technical, legal, political, economic, social, and cultural tools using natural and artificial energy. Implementation of policies and strategies set at local, regional, national and global levels to ensure sustainable use and development of environmental elements,

Environmental management unit/Environmental officer: This is an audit of the Law and the Code, which is subject to control under the The unit or agent that regulars the on-premises administrative programs, which regulars the compliance of the activities of the facilities to the legislation, the effective implementation of the measures taken, 

Environmental volunteer: The minister is chosen from the appropriate qualifications and will be effective according to this Law and Law. the regulations and authority to communicate with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,

Sensitive area: The high risk of eutrofication and the number of parts and internal water areas to be determined by the Ministry,

Environment knowledge: adversely affecting or influencing water, air, soil, plants, and animals, as well as adverse Any type of written, oral or video information or data available as a result of the activities and administrative and technical measures that are likely to be found in the following activities and administrative and technical measures.

Business term plan: The six environmental conditions that are specified in the regulation of the attention and household qualified contribution resources Site selection, project, tender, construction, progress made in the process of realising the infrastructure facilities and/or infrastructure facilities such as the disposal facility and/or sewerage facilities that should be made to ensure standards. plan to show the schedule,

Risk detection: Identification and identification of potential hazards of specific chemicals or substances. methods that are used to calculate results,

Non-IBM radiation: electromagnetic waves that do not cause any radiation to be caused,

Electromagnetic field: The area where waves of electrical and magnetic fields are going up,

Odor: It creates volatile substances that stimulate sense of smell in people and cause the smell to be picked up. impact,

Air quality: Current air in the environment air, which is an indicator of air pollution that affects the environment and environment. the increasing amount of pollutants,azalan

Ministry: Ministry of Environment and Forests,

refers to. "

MADDE 3- 2872 is the third of the Code, as well as in the province.

" MADDE 3-General policies in the protection of environment, recovery and prevention of pollution are:

herkesa) Everyone, including administrative, vocational rooms, units and civil society, is protected and protected by the environment. They are tasked with preventing pollution and complying with the measures and the principles that are set to be taken.

b) The protection of the environment, the prevention of environmental degradation, and the expense of the contaminating any The Ministry and local governments will work with the establishment of vocational rooms, units and civil society in the necessary public.

c) Authorized installations, decision making, which return and project the search for and from the resource They observe the principle of sustainable development in their processes.

d) The principle of sustainable development of economic activities and the impact on natural resources It is long-term.

e) The right to bear in the course of environmental policies. The ministry and local governments are responsible for creating the environment to use the environmental rights of chambers, troops, civil society, and the environment.

f) for efficient use of natural resources and energy in all kinds of activities, It is used to use environmental-compatible technologies that reduce their lives and reduce the way they gain back.

g) Prevention, contamination, recovery, and recovery of the environment and recovery of contamination expenses are caused by contaminants or causing corruption. The required expenses of public institutions and installations are 6183, due to the fact that the contaminants may not take the necessary precautions to stop, remove or reduce the contamination or degradation, or by authorized authorities. It is collected from your contaminate according to the provisions of the Law on the Allowance of the Crewmembers.

h) The protection of the environment, the protection of environmental pollution and the compliance with the mandatory standards for the tax, The levy, folding share, renewable energy sources and clean technologies are used in economic instruments and telemarks, with market-based mechanisms such as carbon trading, and the cost of emissions, emissions, and polluting.

) Our party to the solution of regional and global environmental issues is the result of international understanding that we are the technical, administrative, financial, and legal regulations for the fulfillment of the national rights and obligations that arise from the Ministry of Law.

Actual and legal entities are obligated to understand the costs that may arise as a result of these regulations.

j) The protection of the environment, the prevention of environmental pollution and the necessary technical, administrative, financial and legal regulations for the solution of environmental problems are conducted under the coordination of the Ministry. 2690 The issues within the scope of the Turkish Atomic Energy Agency Act are carried out by the Turkish Atomic Energy Agency. "

ARTICLE 4- 2872 as "High-Environment Board and Tasks" in which the Second Section of the Law is It has been announced and is reorganized in the form of the property, along with the 4th item.

" High Environment Board

MADDE 4-When the Minister of the Environment and the Forestry Minister was in the country's office, the president said The Supreme Environment Board is the establishment of the minister and the minister of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

According to the agenda, the

ministers may be able to work with the board meeting.

Collection at least once a year.

Administrative services of the board are conducted in the Ministry.

Undersecretary of the Ministry for preliminary information on issues related to the assembly and the Meetings are organized by the contribution of the relevant ministries, the most senior officials of institutions and the organizations of the organization. Representatives of the union, vocational and civil society, representatives of the local government, representatives of the university, university representatives and scientific institutions are invited to the relevant public institution.

The operation of the board is determined by the regulations and the principles of the Board of the Council. "

MADDE 5- 2872 is reed in the same way as the Code 5 property is reprinted in the property. is organized.

" Tasks of the High Environment Board

MADDE 5-The tasks of the High Environment Board are:

A) To identify goals, policies, and strategies for the protection of effective environmental management.

b) To determine legal and administrative measures that allow economic decisions to be included in the economic decisions within the framework of the principle of sustainable development.

c) To make a final decision on the environmental issues that are of interest to multiple ministers and organizations. "

MADDE 6- 2872 The 9th of the Code is to be located in the same way as it is in place.

" Protection of the environment

MADDE 9-For the protection of the environment;

a) The protection of the ecosystem that is barring the natural environment and the protection of the ecosystem that is building this steel. Biological steel protection and use is determined by local governments, universities, civil society installations, and related organizations.

b) In the country's physical location, the principle of sustainable development is maintained by the balance of protection and use in urban areas. To avoid environmental pollution that can be the result of such needs as the location of the population, the recovery, rest, and delivery of the population, and the region and basin on a 1/50,000-1/ 100,000-scale environment, based on Nazism and the application zoning plan. The Ministry of Order, the Ministry, and the Ministry of the United States of America will be approved. The province and basin are determined by the Ministry of environmental regulations and guidelines for the construction of the Ministry of Environment.

c) Protection status by protecting national legislation and international commitments with which we are a party It is mandatory to show sensitive areas of all kinds of scales, which are the fields and the ecological holes. Areas with protected status gain and ecological pattern cannot be used in a plan decision.

d) soil and water, which has ecological importance in the world and world scale, environmental contamination and degradation. to identify and proclaim areas of biological steel, natural resources, and cultural resources related to them as a Special Environmental Protection Zone, in order to make arrangements for the safety of the future. the protection and use principles to be applied in these areas, and the plan and The Council of Ministers is authorized to determine which of the projects the projects will be prepared and executed.

In the plan and projects of these regions, dated 3/5/1985 and the 9th of the number 3194 of the Human Code, 4/4/1990 The provisions governing the plan of the plan, dated and dated 3621, dated 21/7/1983 and the 8th amendment of the Code of Protection of 2863, of Nature, were the natural sites and areas of prevention. with the provisions regulating the remaining authorizations in the detection and registration of The bendi provisions of the 17th clause of the same Law are not applied.

e) The protection of the environmental structures and ecological balances of the water fields are essential. It can't be filled with the filling of the wetlands and the way it's dried up. If this provision is allocated to land, the space in question will be made obsolete.

Protection and management of sulak areas and management of public and essential institutions and installations The Minister shall be determined by the regulations to be made.

f) Those who are endangered or endangered by the fact that the sustainability of the biological government is not It is based on the protection of rare plant and animal species, and is prohibited from being subject to trade in a separate manner.

g) The protection and quality of pollution, contamination, and destruction of power resources and assets The necessary administrative, legal and technical principles are determined by the Ministry of the Ministry of Law.

h) The country's sea, underground, and underground water supply and water products are protected by the conservation of the areas of the the protection of the use and contamination of the use. The Minister's responsibility for the development and co-ordination of policies related to the management of the attack is under the control. The ambient standards of water products are determined by the Ministry of Tarism and the Villains.  

Baltic farms to be made in the delicate area, put on a delicate area, and open with gulls and archeological properties. It cannot be installed in the site area.

Department of water environments may be used to address the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Fundamentals from the

) The protection of the environment and the development of environmental awareness in the public, with the beginning of pre-school education It is essential to include environmental issues in the programs of education of the National Ministry of Education.

The importance of the environment and environmental awareness in radio and television programs for publication. Programs intended to be developed are based on the program. Television programs of the Turkish Radio-Television Corporation and private television networks are required to broadcast at least two hours per month and at least half a month on special radio stations, with special radio stations. 20% of these publications are based on the monitoring and resting rate at the highest time. The Board of Directors of Radio and Television is responsible for the pursuit of this material in the areas entering the field.

j) Any resource and revenue collected in relation to the environment will be in the process of destruction, first of which is the environment protection, for prevention, development, and pollution prevention. "

MADDE 7- 2872 is the 10th of the Code, which is most recent in the province.

" MADDE 10-The agency, which can lead to environmental issues as a result of the activities of the process of reallocation, is installed and They are obligated to prepare an Environmental Impact Report or a project definition file.

Environmental Impact Deification or Environmental Impact Devitation is not required as required by Environmental Impact Approval, permission, registration, and use of these projects cannot be granted; the project cannot be used for the project and cannot be awarded.

Oil, geothermal resources, and mine search activities are covered by Environmental Impact Devitation.

Environmental Impact Devitation projects and Strategic Environmental Defying plans and programs and The topic is determined by the Ministry's guidelines to be played. " 

ARTICLE 8- 2872 The number 11 of the Code is to be located in the same way as it is in place.

" Obligation to receive, increase, and destroy

ARTICLE 11-Production, consumption, and service activities are provided with facilities and operations that are not eligible to occur or to be used as a result of service activities, and to dispose of site in accordance with the standards and methods specified in the regulations, and they are obliged to provide or maintain, and to take prescribed permits.

To the facilities and services that have the obligation specified in the first plug, and to the locations of the locations;

1) The project and its documentation may not be related to the license, indicating that it will be responsible for the license. The application is not licensed as you submit it.

2) License to use and/or use of business which does not meet the obligation of the exhausted

3) Registration, use or execution is a failure of the license, but also its obligations and duties. If they do not, the permission to use the given structure is revoked or the permission to process is revoked.  


activities and/or manage real and legal entities that plan to upgrade facilities. They have to fulfill the obligation to increase or dispose of their horses within the framework of the principles and essentials.

The sewage system that collects the horses has been increased and increased by the back of the back of the The installation, maintenance, repair, order, and construction of the infrastructure systems; dated 20/11/1981 and 2560-numbered Istanbul Water and Sewerage General Manager Installation and Tasks in the Right to be determined by the Law installations, municipalities and municipalities in the field of field, municipalities, The users are responsible for the control of the governorate for any use in the case.

Regional directorates in free and/or industry regions, cultural and tourism preservation and development zones, tourism The Ministry of Culture and Tourism at its centers, or authorized departments, organized industrial zone management in organized industrial zones, co-op departments at small industrial sites, have been isolated from existing areas as a detached holiday. village, holiday site, tourism facility areas, etc. In the areas of use, site managements or facility administrators are responsible for installing, maintenance, repair, and construction of infrastructure systems.

Use and/or use the attached infrastructure systems, see if any of the media systems are available. All types of yachts, management, maintenance, repair, repair, and cleaning expenses that are responsible for the management of the administration are required to contribute to the entire cost of pollution and the amount of aatchwater. Those who take advantage of these services will be charged with collecting, raising and berating according to the order to be determined by the municipal council and the other administration responsible for this provision. Charges that are collected in this receipt cannot be used in any services related to the atocurate.

If more than one municipality or institution is in the jurisdiction of the

Attraction collection basin, the facility is in the process of increasing the The agency reports on the amount of pollution and the amount of pollution that pollutes the expense and expense expenses of the country.

Attic manufacturers to take measures to minimize their actions with the appropriate methods and technologies They have to.

To recover and reduce the potential to prevent or reduce the production and damage of the Atolor It is a collection of horses that can be won. The guidelines for the preparation of horse management plans, The ministry is regulated by the regulation to be played.

Non-regaining horses are bereft by the appropriate methods set out by regulations.

Büyükşehir municipalities and municipalities establish, install, push, or install the municipal floor facilities. They're obligated to make it work. They will benefit from, and/or benefit from, the responsibility of the responsible management, and to contribute to the expense, maintenance, repair, and maintenance of the responsible management. From those who benefit from this service, the municipal assembly will receive a floor-level collection, vacation, and berth fee according to the order to be determined. Charges that are collected in this receipt cannot be used in a contribution-related services.

Producers, importers, and manufacturers who are responsible for the responsibility of the importation and rollout of the market The rollout of their products, including the collection, fulfillment, recycling, recycling, recycling, and expenses of their products, are required to meet and spend their obligations on the market. Getting started, realising the activities They will be together in coordination with the Ministry of the Ministry of the Ministry of the Ministry of Turkey. This scope is determined by the responsibilities of the institutions and organizations that are being held to these units, and the principles are determined by the Ministery of regulations.

Hazardous horse manufacturers are not able to dispose of or maintain their horses based on the guidelines to be determined by regulation. They're responsible.

Real and/or legal entities that want to restore and process the return, return, and return facilities of the on the basis of the guidelines set by regulation, the product standard is obligated to obtain license from the Ministry with the record of obtaining the permit for sale of its products and control of the market from the relevant institutions.

Department of organizations or installations that make up and/or collecting horses, except for example, from the Ministry of You have to obtain a license. The institutions and organizations that make the death and gathering of the evsel horses are under the Ministry of interest.

service units for the purpose of making the Athenatics, horse bereft, and horseback recycling facilities In the event of a course, a technical and financial assistance will be made to these service units, as well as by the Ministry of the Ministry of Education, and the Ministry of Services. The facility construction projects can be supported with credit or assistance within the framework of the 18th article of this Law. In case the loan debt is not repaid, 6183 is followed by the provisions of the Law on the Evacuation Order of Amme, and primarily on the Right to Pay General Budget Tax Revenues to 2380 municipalities and Bal Special Violations. Within the framework of the provisions of the additional Article 4 provisions of the Law, the relevant municipalities are collected from the shares in the Bank of the People.  

Licensee's obligation to increase and take care of the facilities and services, and the units of the premises, are under this obligation. The Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Principles and guidelines for the establishment of essential and bereation systems, infrastructure and infrastructure systems, construction, repair, construction, and spending, which are required to be established, are required. are regulated by regulations. The authorities in this regard are withheld from the authorities.

The permissions that must be taken to ensure the implementation of this Code and the proper and essential permissions for these permissions. It is determined by the regulations that will be played by the Minister.

The organization, which may have adverse effects on the environment due to

Activities, is to be used by the installation and the authorities In the event of an accident, it is imperative to prepare contingency plans to control and reduce the negative impact of the accident on the environment. The principles and principles of this are regulated by the Ministry's directline.

Consider these plans and provide local, regional, and national emergency services to the relevant institutions and organizations in the Ministry. Status plans are set.

Port, shipyard, ship-repair, ship-repair, ship-like facilities such as marina, oil, and ship and other marine vehicles, oil, oil, and singe, dirty ballast, slant, and other marine vehicles. Such as the slop, they are obligated to receive, store, address, and build or make facilities and facilities related to the household leaps and floors, with the means of the evils. It is determined by the regulations that will be played by the Ministry of the Ministry of the United States. "

MADDE 9- 2872 The 12 nci items of the Code are to be started in the same way as they are located.

" Control, information, and notification obligation

MADDE 12-The authority to supervise compliance with the provisions of this Law belongs to the Minister. This authorization, required by the Ministry; the municipal authorities, which established the environmental audit units, the Maritime Undersecretary, the Coast Guard Commando, dated 13/10/1983 and 2918 numbered roads according to the Traffic Law. It is transferred to supervisory agents or to other institutions and installations that are deemed appropriate by the Ministry. The controls are made within the framework of the Ministry's audit and principles.

Military sites, military zones, and exercises that belong to the control and netives of this Law; The Chief of General Staff is executed according to the director of the Ministry of National Defence, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the director of the Ministry.

To provide information and documents that are required by the Ministry or the Ministry of Administration to provide information and documents that authorities will request. The analysis of the analysis and the expenses of the measures are required to show any convenience in the control.

In relation to its activities that can cause environmental pollution, the use of raw materials, incinerates, They are required to provide information and documents with products and horses, emergency plans, monitoring systems, and pollution reports to the Ministry or the authorized control unit if they are to be requested.  

Administration, information giving, notification obligation, and guidelines required by the Ministry of Business is edited. "

ARTICLE 10- 2872 The 13th Amendment of the Code is to be located in the same way as it is in place.

" Hazardous chemicals and leakers

ARTICLE 13-Determination of hazardous chemicals, production, importation, and quantity, labeling, packaging, and quantity of use in the process until it is in the position of the location, It is determined by the regulations that will be played by the Minister by taking the risk of storage, risk deification, taxation and exports, and the visions of the institutions and organizations of the organization.

With dangerous chemicals detected to be released in violation of the provisions of the Regulation, these chemicals are The enterprise, which includes the intention of selling and using it, will be able to collect and destroy the enterprise, install, and launch. The costs for transport and destruction are related when they are concerned. If this obligation is not fulfilled, these expenses are collected according to the provisions of the Law on the Allowance of 6183 counts of Amme receivment from the applicable institution, installation, and execution.  

Chief Secretary of Commerce said that some of the relatives, materials, horses, hazardous chemicals are The effects of chemicals containing chemicals, By taking the minister's vision, he can ban it or control it.

Dangerous attrs are prohibited from importing.

To collect, allocate, scratch, and search for hazardous horses by definition, starting, leaving, and temporary The Ministry of the United States and the Ministry of the United States, including storage, recycling, re-use, reusing, export, post-shipment, export, transit, packaging, and control of management plans, and the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of the Esians. the regulation to be published.

Hazardous chemicals are hazardous to production, selling, storing, using, and using hazardous chemicals. Those who are involved in collecting, building, temporary, and temporary storage, recycling, reuse, and beretin activities are responsible for the obligations that are brought with this Law. Those responsible will have to use dangerous chemical and dangerous liability insurance to create dangerous chemical and hazardous liability insurance, which may result in an accident due to their professional activities in this Law. They'll take the warrant out of the Ministry before they start. Institutions, installations and organizations that do not comply with the need to do insurance are not permitted for these activities.  

The mandatory financial liability insurance stipulated in this item is based on their financial qualifications, the Undersecretary of the Treasury with the approval of the designated insurance companies or with the approval of the Ministry, it is provided by a repository that will be generated by a regulation that will be made to the Treasury. The management and administration of the pool are determined by the same regulations as the same. The pool is being generated in the insurance and/or the reacation pool. The Minister of the Treasury is the one who has been found in the public name for the decision to maintain a specific share in the pool. An advance can be used from the Treasury Department budget to be reimbursable for the pool's expense expenses. The pool's obligations, including premium revenues and the returns of premium revenues, from the markets, and the power of payment, and the power of payment.

The Ministry of the Treasury, in order to take appropriate view of the Treasury, has to do with hazardous chemicals and dangerous horses. It is authorized to delay a maximum of one year after the public and instructions are required to insure the financial responsibility insurance, which is required by the activities of the activities.

Insurance overall insurance claims by each of the responsible parties insurance It will be approved by the undersecretary. It is identified by the Minister of the Treasury and the Minister of the Treasury that the Treasury Department of instruction is under the direction of the Treasury. The Secretary of the Treasury is authorized to release the recipe, which is the case of the Secretary. "

ARTICLE 11- 2872 is the 14th Clause of the Code, which is the 14th of the Code.

" ARTICLE 14-A noise and vibration are prohibited on standards set out by relevant regulations, which will disrupt the peace and tranquillness of the lives, the body and the soul.

gürültüServices, business, factory, workshop, location, location, service buildings, and noise caused by and is required by the owners of the business to reduce the vibration to the standards set by the regulations. "

MADDE 12- 2872 is the 15th of the Code, which is the 15th of the Law.

" MADDE 15-This is the same for those who have been involved in the regulations issued under the law and under the law. to correct the activity, the time may be given by the Ministry or the first fund of the article, to not take a year, as determined by the transfer of the control authority, one time or another, by the transfer of the control authority and the authority.  

 Operating, if not expired, if not fixed at the end of this time period The transfer of the control authority by the Minister or the first fund of the 12th Article will be stopped by the agency and the mergers, or permanently, indefinitely, or indefinitely. Activities that are hazardous to the environment and human health are stopped without the duration.

Environmental Impact Devitation review is conducted by the Ministry of activities, project description file The activities that are being prepared are stopped without the time being given by the largest property supervisor in the neighborhood.

Does not allow the duration of time to be issued and to stop the activity, preventing the implementation of the penalties that are envisioned in this Code. "

MADDE 13- 2872 is reed in the same way as the Code 18s on the property is reprinted. is organized.

" Environmental coefficient, revenue and budget allowings

ARTICLE 18-In order to prevent environmental pollution, improve environment, and support environmental related yachting;

a) burn out of the permitted control of the United States, and the price of CIF is the price of one percent of the price of CIF A thousanth of a per-thousth,

b) Greater than water and sewage administration has been collected by water and sewer administration. One percent of the price,

is collected as an environmental contributor. These amounts that are collected will be transferred to the accounts and saved in the budget for the next month or so of the next month.

The loan is back on loan with all grants, assistance and assistance from domestic and domestic. As well as the credit interest, the Ministry of Environment and Forestry will be put into account and the budget will be saved in the budget.

In the collection of revenues counted, 6183 are the provisions of the Law on the Allowance of Amme receiverships is applied.

The Council of Ministers (a) and (b) have separate rates or are legally required to reduce their rates. is authorized to increase to the rate.

Atıntsu, the surveillance, feasibility, project, project and development of the aft beret and floor-horse recycling facilities Supporting the credit or assistance of their work, measuring and monitoring environmental order plans, measuring and monitoring the air, water and soil quality, and supporting the projects related to the prevention of noise and projects, emergency response plans preparing, Environmental Impact Devitation activities, The protection of the basin protection plan, the protection of biological steel, desertification and climate deification, strategic environmental disinficiation, the protection of the endangered species of plants and animals, and the protection of the environment, Budget, budget, budget for the country's budget to address obligations arising from international commitments, environmental and related activities, and expenditures for the residency commissions and environmental pollution. Revenues from above are predicted in the revenue that is estimated within the revenue.

The allocation of counted revenues and the use of forecasted allowances in the budget, the Finance of the Treasury It is determined by the regulations to be played by the Minister upon the appropriate view of the Minister. "

MADDE 14- 2872 is the 20th of the Code, as well as the 20th of the Law.

" ARTICLE 20-The punisharial punitions are:

a) 500 Turkish Liras for motor owners who do not have an emission measurement under the additional 4th clause, with regulations 1,000 Turkish Lirasas administrative fines are issued to the owners of motor vehicles causing the specified standards of emissions.

b) Due to significant effects of air pollution, the installation and operation of the operation is under regulation. facilities, which are installed without permission from the authorized authorities, and either continue to install and engage in cancellation or permit cancellation of the permit or do not allow or receive permission at these facilities, or what authorized authorities see necessary. 24,000 Turkish liras were fined for those who did not do so in the first place. is given. If the facilities are determined by the regulations set out in these facilities, 48,000 Turkish Lirado are fined.

BI facilities without taking precautions that are stipulate in the permits or regulations of the Alds. 24,000 Turkish Lirassal administrative fines are issued to those who are involved in the emission standards and regulations set out in regulations.

c) In order to install and operate non-air pollutions, under the direction of operation of non-stop facilities 60.000 Turkish Liras are issued fines for those caused by the standards that are set up.

The additional nine months of this Code's additional nine months are provided with a maximum of 2.000 Turkish Liras ($) fines.

This is the penalty for which the first paragraph of this benefit is to be used in relation to housing Or in the individual housing, there are 300 Turkish Lirads for each of the episodes. This punisher belongs to the executive in the collective housing, and the residence of the members of the country belongs to the residence.

d) In areas that are special about air pollution, or when the pollution is in serious dimensions, and the penalties stipulated in the (b) and (c) spots of this matter (b) and (c) for those who do not take measures envisayed by regulations in places or critical meteorological sites, or those who do not comply with the ban or those who do not comply with the decisions made by the local environmental boards. by increasing the number of times.

If this verb is to be used in relation to housing, penal liability is the third paragraph of this item (c).  It is identified.

e) Start or start operations without starting or completing the Environmental Impact Designing process Two per cent of the cost of the project to those who have passed is given the administrative penalty. In cases that are subject to punishment, the yacht is obligated to make the field obsolete.  

10.000For each violation, 1 0,000 for each violation of the commitment they have made in the environmental impact statement process. Turkish Lirasas are fined.

f), which is required to install according to the 11th article, or those who do not install the facilities of the forearm, prearview, arnout or bereade facilities. 60,000 Turkish Liras are fined to those who have not been able to set up and work with them.

g) 60.000 Turkish Liras for those who do not meet the obligation to provide the notice and information stipulated in the 12 nci clause Penalties are given.

h) does not comply with or comply with the measures determined by the 14th clause of this Law 400 Turkish Liras for housing, 1,200 Turkish Liras for housing vehicles, 1,200 Turkish Liras for transport vehicles, 4,000 Turkish Liras for buildings and workshops, and 12,000 Turkish Liras for the factory, for the construction and the noise of the Turkish lira, the fines and the Turkish lira are given.

), in violation of the laws and restrictions stipulating in this Law, in the seas of the country's sovereignty and in the marine jurisdiction and in the waters of the sea, of the lakes and lakes, and the lakes of the sea and the lakes;

1) evacuation of oil and oil derivatives (crude oil, fuel, singe, slant, refined, refined, and so on) or, for those of the tankers who made the decision, up to a thousand (including) gros, 40 Turkish Lirasas, thousand of them, and 10 Turkish Liras (10 Turkish Lirasas of each gros), this amount and any additional gros tons, more than one thousand gros tons. the quantities above, and each additional gros ton is 100 installed, 

2) For those of the tankers who make dirty ballast, up to a thousand (including) gros tonne, 30 Turks The lira is a thousand-thousand (inclusive) gros, this amount and an additional 6 Turkish Liras per gros, and more than a thousand gros tonnes, the above amounts, and each additional gros is 100 per cent installed,

3) Oil derivatives (singe, slashes, slops, fuel, torches, etc.) For those up to a thousand gros from the ship and other naval vessels that make the dirty ballast, 20 Turkish Liras for those that are between 1,000 and a thousand (including) gros tons this amount and additional 4 Turkish Liras for every gros tuna, including 4 Turkish Liras, a thousand gros. More than the ton, the above amounts and each additional gros are 100 per cent installed,

4) The tanker, which makes at-large or evangelist, includes a thousand (inclusive) gros from ship and other marine vehicles. For those of us who are about as many as 10 Turkish Liras for as many as a thousand to one thousand (inclusive) gros, this amount and additional groups of each gros are 2 Turkish Liras, and more than 5,000 gros tonnes, and the quantities above and every other gros tons are 40. Installed,

administrative fines are provided.    

The administrative fines, oil, and derivatives category to be applied in case of hazardous materials and byes It is given ten times.

The cost of contamination is due to the contamination of the ship or the marine appliance that caused it to be caused by its own means. In the case of detection, the administrative fines are applied at 1/3.

ships and ships, if the penalty is not paid immediately and at once, or if there is not enough collateral. The nearest seabed is to be delivered to the nearest port authority and are barred from navigation and activity. The letter of guarantee to be held by the bank's letter of guarantee or the club insurance, which is the ship's bank, is considered collateral.

In the waters under foreign state sovereignty, the legislation of these states is a violation of Turkish flag vessels. The provisions of this Law apply in case the relevant state does not enforce penalties and Turkey should punish them.

In the first paragraph of this self, this Law and this Code are separately based on the country's regulations. The maritime jurisdiction, which is subject to the sea and the jurisdiction of the sovereignty area, and the waters that are not aimed at the purpose of drinking and using water, is given to 24,000 Turkish Lirado administrative fines. In the event of housing for the forecasted figure, 600 Turkish Liraisi administrative fines are issued for each housing and department of the region. This criminal responsibility belongs to the manager at the residence, and the manager at the other residences.

i) 1000 Turkish Cypriots to those who comply with the provisions of the regulations which are effective in accordance with the additional 8 articles of this Code The lira is in charge of the administration.

atýklarýj) dispose of any measures or measures stipulate in the law or regulations. 24,000 Turkish Lirasas are fined for the land.

In case this verb is related to housing, 600 Turkish Liras for each housing and division will be used for the department. They are punished. This criminal responsibility belongs to the manager at the residence, and the manager at the other residences.

k) destroy biological government as part of the 9th (a) clause of this Code. (d) the protection and use of the Special Environmental Protection Regions declared in accordance with the principles of the protection and use of the Special Environmental Protection Territories (s) and (e) the protection and use determined by the regulation for the wetlands under the second paragraph of the term, and (f), based on the principles that have been specified on the basis of the basis of the behaviors and For those who are in violation of the ban, 20,000 Turkish Liras (e) are fined 100,000 Turkish liras for those who are sentenced to the first paragraph of the term.

l) 20 Turkish Lirasas are for every single reason that the attachment of this Code is in addition to the fact that it is the same as the one. The money is punished. If the incineration is to be used in the forest and wetlands of the anus, the punishment will be increased in the event of the death of the residents.

The additional part of this Code (d) of this Code is the sovereignty of the country, as per the basis of the basis of which it was determined. 120 Turkish Liras (bcm) of Turkish liras (bcm) in the fields of sand, lighter and similar items are given to the fields as per the basis of marine jurisdiction, streams and lakes, which are in the fields of accidents and seas and accidents in the fields of the field.

m) 6,000 Turkish Liras, environmental officials, who do not install the environmental management unit envisioned in the additional 2 articles of this Law 40.000 Turkish Lirassal fines are issued to those who do not, or those who do not receive services from the Ministry of the Ministry of authorized companies.

n) Do not drink and use water as a part of protection essences specified in accordance with Article 9 of this Law 48,000 Turkish Liradian administrative fines are provided to the areas of the boil and the earth and underground waters, irrigation and drainage channels that feed itself and to the boil.

If this verb is to be used in connection with housing, 1,200 Turkish Lirasas are available for each housing and partition. They are punished. This criminal responsibility belongs to the manager at the residence, and the manager at the other residences.

In these areas, the structures and regulations are defined as part of the 3194 count of the Human Code. It'll eat.

o) The emergency plans stipulate in the 11th article of this Code are in accordance with the guidelines determined by the regulation Those who do not prepare and do not take the necessary precautions to apply these plans, and those who do not have the teams and equipment, are given 12,000 Turkish Liras administrative fines to those who do not comply with the local, regional and national emergency plans.

p) 24,000 Turkish Liras for non-financial liability insurance stipulated in the 13th clause of this Law The money is punished.

r) is a violation of laws or regulations, prohibals or regulations stipulate in this Law and regulations. 60,000 Turkish Liras ($60,000) Turkish liras are given to those who are collecting, collecting, temporary, and intermediate storage, recon, returnees, reusing, or reusing, and those who have been able to import 24,000 Turkish Liras.

s) fined 100 Turkish liras for polluting the environment regardless of hope in public places. is provided.

t) More than 2,000,000 Turkish Liras for those who have entered the country, regardless of their dangerous horses The charge is to be paid.

u) Export or transit hazardous to related mergers without prior notice to appropriate authorities A total of 2,000,000 Turkish Lirasas are given a charge of the administration.

v) are dangerous horses in this Law and related regulations, in violation of any laws or restrictions that are foreseen. 100,000 Turkish Lirages, who collect, allocate, recycle, reuse, reuse, rework, label, label, berate, and do not shut down dangerous horse-end facilities that have expired, reusing, reusing, reusing, reusing, reusing, reusing, reusing, reusing, and implementing. Up to 1,000,000 Turkish Liras, fines are issued.

y) The hazardous chemicals and the product containing these chemicals are described in this Law and related regulations. For those who produce, create, store, use, store, store, label, sell and sell as a part of the prohibition and execution, fines of up to 1,000,000 Turkish Liras are given to the people of 100,000 Turkish liras.

The administration of this Article (k), (l), (r), (s), (t), (u), (v) and (y), (y), (w), (v) and (y) fines, and (y), the institution, the installation, and the It is given as three times as possible.

The Council of Ministers is authorized to increase the amount of penalties stipulate in this item up to ten times.

In the implementation of this Article, the provisions of the Turkish Penal Code and other laws in which the criminal code of the verb is criminalitaried. "

MADDE 15- 2872 is the 23rd of the Code, which is the product of the Law.

" MADDE 23-The administrative fines specified in this Code are from the execution of verbals that require these penalties. In three years, the first repeat is a floor, second and subsequent recurve by twice the number of subsequent occurrences. "

MADDE 16- 2872 is the 24th of the Code, as well as the 24th clause.

" ARTICLE 24-The authority to make decisions for the administration that is envisioned in this Code belongs to the Ministry.

This authorization is also provided by the authority and authority of the control authority under the first phase of the 12th Article. from the server.

The headquarters of this Code is the headquarters of the Ministry of Central Affairs, the headquarters of the country's headquarters. They are given by the environmental and forest managers.

The percentage of administrative fines issued by the institutions and mergers authorized by the first fund of the 12 nci articles of this Law are with the controls to be made under this Law. to be used in the budget of these institutions, and fifty percent of them are saved in the overall budget. 

To continue spending on audits and to be used in other environmental services , the Ministry budget is foretold on the necessary appropriated fines to be charged to the general budget. "

MADDE 17- 2872 has been reported in the United States, along with the 25th Amendment of the Code.

" Do not implement, collect, and appeal for any Israeli sanctions

MADDE 25-is authorized to apply fiilles that require the implementation of any administrative sanctions envisioned in this Code. A tutanak is defined by the supervisory elements. The authority to make sure that these key supervisory personnel have been found and to make the decision to administer it will be taken. This merci decides to make the necessary administration by defying the tummy. The decision is made to the authority of the merci, which is determined by the decree of the Tbligat Act, dated 11/2/1959 and numbered 7201, according to the provisions of the Tbligat Act.

The decision may be filed in administrative court within thirty days from the date of the decision of the Israeli sanctions. Being sued does not stop the administration of the administration that is being sued.

provisions of the Code 30/3/2005 and the Law of the Law of 5326, on the charge of Israeli fines.

Fines authorized by authority and mergers authorized by authorities are authorized by the Ministry of Finance. It is collected by the Ministry of the Ministry and on the receipt of the receipt which is being imposed.

The identification of violations in the fines and penalties for any administrative fines according to this Code shall be punished with the results of the breach. The current and control of the machines to be used in the application is determined by the Ministry of Finance to be considered by the Ministry of Finance. "

ARTICLE 18- The 2872-numbered Code is to be located in the same way, along with 26 articles of the Code.

" Quali-qualified punitions

ARTICLE 26-A breach of the obligation to provide notification and information stipulate in article 12 of this Code is wrong and the respondents are punished with imprisonment of up to one year.

The provisions of this Law and the rights of fraud and use of documents 26/9/2004 and the Turkish Penal Code of 5237 are the provisions of the fraud offence in the document.

According to this article, the environmental impact deactivation of the conflicts in the conflict will stop until the end of the process of environmental impact. "

MADDE 19- 2872 is added to the 28th item of the Code, as well as the 28.

"Claims of damages to the environment are due to damage and compensation from the date of the loss of the damages and compensation obligation of the person."

ARTICLE 20- 2872 is the first time in the first phase of the Code, as well as the first part of the Law. This is the plug-in, which is attached to the next one.

" Activities for prevention and prevention of environmental pollution benefit from the measures of the measure. For this purpose, new essentials can be brought to the Treasury, with the view of the Ministry of the Ministry of the Ministry of the United States, which has been set out every year. "

" Increments of installations that install, process, and manage the obligations set forth in the Aritons facility The Council of Ministers is authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to apply for a discount of up to 50 percent of the energy tariff used in the industrial facilities of the electrical energy tariff used in the industrial facilities. "

MADDE 21- 2872 The 30th of the Code is to be located in the same way as it is in place.

" About information acquisition and information

ARTICLE 30-Anyone who is damaged or aware of an activity that pollues or disruptors the environment is concerned with the He may ask for necessary measures related to the activity or to stop the activity.  

Everyone, 9/10/2003 dated and 4982 on the Access to Information Act of Information Law It has the right. However, requests for information that will harm environmental deans, such as breeding grounds, rare species, may be rejected within the scope of this Law, if it is not opened. "

ARTICLE 22- The phrase "Environment General Manager" in Law 31 of 2872 is "The Ministry" as " It is currently being started.

ARTICLE 23- $2872 additional items in the region are added.

" SUPPLEMENTAL ARTICLE 1-The guidelines for preventing the protection and contamination of the soil are:

a) To prevent the protection and pollution of the land, to address the cost and essential installation of It is determined by the regulations that will be played in the Ministry.

b) excavations, inventories, and construction on land for mining and mining activities, materials and soil supply. It is determined by the regulations that will be played by the Minister by getting the visions of the current and essential installation of the current state, which has been disrupted by the horses that have been broken.

c) Burns, tea, and any activity that will cause the irritation and erosion of the mer'aroons. However, the second product may be permitted to burn controlled memories within the framework of the action plan, which was prepared by the governors in the crops, and in the responsibilities of the governors.

d) From the seas, flows and dry creek beds, lake beds and agriculture in the country's sovereign areas. The principles regarding the perception of sand, lighter and similar materials from their land are determined by the regulations that will be taken by the Minister by taking the relevant institutions and organizations. "

" ADDITIONAL ARTICLE 2-The result of the activities will cause environmental pollution or damage the environment, installation and The companies are obliged to establish an environmental management unit, employ an environmental officer, or receive services from the Ministry for this purpose from the Ministry of authorized institutions and organizations. This will be determined by the Ministry's and the Ministry's guidelines to be played. "

" ADDITIONAL ARTICLE 3-The Ministry can appoint the officers of the code specified in the regulation as an environmental volunteer. No charges are paid for this task.

Environmental volunteers who have been identified as abusing the

Task will be terminated.

Environmental and essential regulations for the operation and education of environmental volunteers will be played by the Ministry. is edited. "

" ADDITIONAL ARTICLE 4-Motor company owners ensure that exhaust emissions conform to standards set by regulation. They're going to have to do an exhaust emission meter to document it. The exhaust emissions measurements and standards related to the exhaust emission measurements and standards are determined by the Ministry's regulations.

Motor-team manufacturers also have to sell emissions standards that are set up in production. is responsible. "

" SUPPLEMENTAL ARTICLE 5-The Ministry provides a solution to the resolution of environmental problems with the measurement, monitoring and inspection activities envisioned by this Law. to perform the necessary organizational infrastructure to perform other activities for the country. "

" SUPPLEMENTAL ARTICLE 6-National energy resources are prioritized for protection of air quality and air pollution prevention. It is mandatory to produce and use clean and quality burns and incinerate systems in accordance with the standards set up in the Ministry. Non-standards incinerate system and incinerate are not given licenses, and the permits are revoked.

As a result, clean air policies are implemented in provincial and county centers, and air quality is monitoring is essential.

Methods for determining, monitoring, and measuring air quality, air quality dears, and To inform the public and to raise public awareness and to raise public awareness with the necessary measures to not take over the current issues, the Ministry is conducted. This is determined by the regulations that will be used as the Ministry of the United States. "

" SUPPLEMENTAL ARTICLE 7-The Ministry provides all kinds of data and information, public institutions and organizations that are required to be related to the environment. is authorized to ask for real and legal persons from real and legal persons. The real and legal entities, with all the public institutions and organizations that are requested data and information, are obliged to give these data and information at the cost of a fee and in demand. "

" ADDITIONAL ARTICLE 8-Usûl and principles for the prevention of adverse effects of electromagnetic fields on environment and human health due to non-Israeli radiation emission, the relevant institution and the It is determined by the regulations that are to be played by the Ministry of installation. "

" ADDITIONAL ARTICLE 9-The environmental emission of emissions that are caused by the regulation. It is forbidden. Those who cause the smell are obliged to take measures to prevent odor emissions. This is determined by the administrative and technical and fundamental regulations that the Ministry will be to deal with. "

ARTICLE 24- Additional material added by Section 6, 21, 22, and Blood 3301 of the Code 2872 Current status is removed.

INVALIDATE ARTICLE 1-  This Code will be played by the Ministry by receiving the view of the relevant ministers Regulations and instructions will be approved by the Secretary of the Treasury at the latest from the Federal Undersecretary of the Treasury and instructions to be approved by the Secretary of the Treasury at the latest. From the beginning of the current entry, it will be published within a year.

INVALID ARTICLE 2- This Law and its active status are available on the current date of this Law. For the realisation of additional obligations that are introduced with regulations, regulations may be issued by the Ministry after the publication of the regulations.

aykýrý2872 The 9th of the Environmental Code (h) of the Environmental Code is from the date of release of this Law It will be closed within a year.

INVALID ARTICLE 3- Environmental Impact Dec (s) to the Directorate of Environmental Impact prior to the entry of this Law Those who do not meet their obligations, although they are in love, are eligible to meet their obligations in the framework of the relevant regulations within the framework of the effective date of this Law. environmental situation degetation report Submits it to the Ministry. People who are identified in their related regulations will be settled in less than six months from the date of the date of the date.

The environmental awareness report does not submit the report to the Minister within the six months or if the report is submitted to the Ministry The activities that are not required for the required environmental protection in six months will be stopped at the time of the Minister's term.

In accordance with the current legislation, the choice of place in place selection is the basis for the implementation of relevant legislation provisions.

INVALIDATE ARTICLE 4- With the municipalities that have established the facility for the attack and to establish a highly qualified floor, clear-floor facility, In the process of operation, organised industrial zones, organised industrial zones, other industrial installations, and the construction of these facilities are a year from the current date of this Law, the construction of these facilities has been established. to present the Ministry and to engage in the following times It has to be received.

Human processing times, starting from the introduction of the business term plan to the Ministry; municipalities have a population of 100,000 more than 3 years, 100,000 to 50,000, 50,000 to 10,000, including 10,000 to 10,000, 10,000 to 2,000, and 10 years in the industrial facilities that have been left with organized industrial zones in the industrial facilities that have produced the It will be 2 years old at the facility.

Halen has continued to prepare for the ongoing leadout and contribution-to-level bereation facilities. is not searched. The amount of time that the facility is taken to work cannot exceed the processing times specified in this item.

Municipalities, organized industrial zones, other industrial installations, and locations to take advantage of this provision from the date of the release of this Law shall be required by the Ministry within three months.

The 8th of this Code has an obligation to establish the infrastructure of the infrastructure and the infrastructure of the infrastructure and the infrastructure The institutions and organizations that are given the obligation to do so within the time specified in this provision are 50,000 Turkish Liras ($50,000) to the population of more than 100,000 people, and 50,000 to 50,000 in the municipality. 20,000 Turkish Lirasas in 10,000, 10,000 to 2,000 10,000 Turkish Liras for those among them, 100,000 Turkish Liras in organized industrial zones, and 60,000 Turkish Liras in all kinds of facilities that produce the remaining industrial facilities and atywater are given to the ones.

INVALIDATE ARTICLE 5- The ranks shown in this Code (1) are canceled, and 190 are The attachment of the decree (I) from the Ministry of Environment and Forests of the Rule of Decisions (I) has been shown in the section of the Ministry of Environment and the Forest, attached (2) the number shown in the list is the Environment and Forest of the Decline of the Decline of 190 Laws. It has been added to the office of the Minister.

INVALIDATED ARTICLE 6- In the application of Turkish Lirasn in this Law, dated 28/1/2004 and 5083 in the application In accordance with the provisions of the Law on the Currency of the State of the Republic of Turkey, the money being treated in the country is used as "New Turkish Liras", as long as the money is called "New Turkish Liras".

ARTICLE 25- This is the date on the release date of the Law.

MADDE 26- The Council of Ministers executes the provisions of this Law.

















GH OFFICER                                    7 5 5

GH OFFICER                                    8 1

GH OFFICER                                  10 4 4



GH FOREST MUH. MEM. 11 70 70

GLIGHT TYPEWRITER 5                             14 14

GLIGHT TYPEWRITER 7                               4 4

GOTH CHIEF                                       5 45 45

GOTH CHIEF                                       7 20 20

GOTH CHIEF                                       9 1 1

GOTH CHIEF                                     11 30 30

THS ECONOMICS 1                               4 4

THS ECONOMICS 2                               1 1

THS TEKNOKER 1                             20 20

THS TECHEN 3                             15 15

THS TECHEN 4                               4 4

THS TECHEN 8                               5 5

THS TECHEN 9                               5 5

THS TECHEN 10                               5 5

YHS HKZMETLER5 5                             10 10

YHS HHIZMETLYD                                7 8 8

YHS HHIZMETLEN 11                               3 3

YHS RADIATOR 5                               1 1

YHS RADIATOR 7                               1 1

YHS BECKID                                        5 25 25

YHS BECKID                                        7 25 25

YHS BECKID                                        8 5 5

YHS BECKID                                      11 9 9


                  TOTAL 500 500