The Turkish Grand National Assembly Warning: You Are Viewing The Law, Parliamentary General Assembly Accepted. If It Does Not Contain Any Changes That Are Made Later. Environmental Law Amending Law

Original Language Title: TÜRKİYE BÜYÜK MİLLET MECLİSİ Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. ÇEVRE KANUNUNDA DEĞİŞİKLİK YAPILMASINA DAİR KANUN

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Law No. 5491:26/4/2006 article 1 – 9/8/1983 and law No. 2872 Environmental Law 1 article has been changed as follows.
"Article 1-the purpose of this Act, the common existence of the environment all living beings, in accordance with the principles of sustainable environmental and sustainable development is to ensure the protection."
Article 2-2872 article in article 2 has been changed as follows.
"Article 2-terms referred to in this law;
Environment: the relationships of living things during their life and the mutual interaction of biological, physical, social, economic and cultural environment, protection of the environment: Environmental values and not the destruction of ecological balance, corruption and fix the current to avoid distortions, improve the environment and to prevent pollution to develop all of the studies, environmental pollution: environmental health and living things that occur Around values and negative effect of all kinds that can disrupt the ecological balance , a sustainable environment: future generations will need resources without compromising the quality of its existence and, both today's and future generations of all that constitutes the environmental values in all areas of the environment (social, economic, physical follow-up etc.) breeding, conservation and development process, sustainable development: today's and future generations to live in a healthy environment guaranteeing a balance between environmental, economic and social targets based on development and development of the establishment of the recipient media : Air, water, soil environments with this environment All Natural ecosystems, associated with asset: plants, animals, micro-organisms and their living environments, natural resources: air, water, soil and the Polluter inanimate objects found in nature: during or after the Activities directly or indirectly pollute the environment, the ecological balance and the actual cause of the environment and legal persons, Ecosystem: Organisms amongst themselves and in their relationship with the lackluster environment of biological physical and chemical system, Wastewater: Municipal, industrial, agricultural and other uses, in whole or in part, as a result of contaminated or features changed waters, Wastewater infrastructure facilities: Domestic and/or industrial waste water treatment and sewer system that collects wastewater receiving environment are provided of all of the system and also on the treatment plant: all types of activity as a result of solid, liquid and gaseous wastes set out in the regulations to provide treatment facilities standards being Human and other organisms, ecological balance and improvement of: natural building in accordance with all of the conditions required for the changeover, wetlands: natural or artificial, permanent or temporary, are stagnant water or Rapids, sweet, bitter or salty, withdrawal of the tidal seas circuit covering six meters in depth, including living things, particularly water birds living environment as all important waters, marshes, reed beds and turbiye border with areas of coastal land towards the rest of the wetlands of ecological aspects biodiversity: Ecosystems, species, genes and the relations between them, waste: any activity that may be thrown or dropped from the environment that occurs as a result of all kinds of matter, solid waste: the peace of society, especially with the desired plunge by the manufacturer and the preservation of the environment has to be eliminated on a regular basis with regard to solid waste, municipal solid waste: Dangerous and hazardous waste that is not covered by residential, industrial, Office, solid waste from places such as picnic areas hazardous waste: physical, chemical and/or biological ways by making a negative impact on the human and other living things with natural ecological balance, causing the waste and waste of contaminated substances, dangerous chemicals: physical, chemical and/or biological ways by making a negative impact on the human and other living things with natural ecological balance, causing all sorts of chemicals of their structures and products, polluted ballast: Devil or sailing from the tanker the ship left on sea water or other tools; the line of the adjacent Beach above water or oil, petroleum derivative or traces of oil, causing it to not be seen or water on or under water discoloration or suspended solids/emulsion in water, leading to the accumulation of substances ballast environmental impact assessment: positive and negative that could have continued the realization of projects on the environment impact of, prevent or influence in a negative way is going to hurt the environment, minimizing the extent of the measures to be taken for with technology alternatives selected place in evaluating and monitoring the implementation of projects by determining and will continue efforts in controlling, project file: have continued to occur in the project location, features, possible adverse effects, and the overall dimensions of the project that contains the prescribed measures and identifies the file containing the information and documents that are subject to the approval of the strategic environmental assessment before approval of the plan or program: planning or programming from the beginning of the process, plan, and program to ensure environmental values integrated the possible environmental effects of the plan or minimize the program and a participatory approach in order to help decision makers carried out and a written report also includes environmental assessment studies, environmental management: Administrative, technical, legal, political, economic, social and cultural elements of the natural and artificial environment using the tools the sustainable use and development to ensure that local, regional, national and global level the implementation of the policy and strategy set environmental management unit/environmental officer: this law comes into force according to law and imposed regulations when subjected to the control of activities in accordance with regulatory compliance, evaluating the measures taken effectively applied when regulating the annual control programs inside unit, or officer, environmental campaigner: Ministry, selected from among individuals who have the appropriate qualifications and imposed regulations enacted this Act and it's against the law to guard the Ministry and the activities of the person in charge , a sensitive area: the high risk of Eutrophication and coastal and inland areas to be determined by the Ministry, information on the environment: Water, air, soil, plants and animals likely to affect them adversely affect by the presence or the activities and administrative and technical measures taken in relation to the display of all kinds of written, spoken or available information, or data, business delivery plan: domestic Wastewater and solid waste discharge standards specified in the regulation of resources to provide the receiving environment they need to do is wastewater treatment plant and/or sewer infrastructure facilities with solid waste disposal is in the process of realization of facilities located in the selection, design, procurement, construction, commissioning such work plan indicating the timing, Risk assessment: the potential danger of Certain chemicals or substance and results of the determination of the methods used in the direction of Non-Ionizing radiation, all of: İyonlaşmaya does not cause electromagnetic waves, electromagnetic field: Electric and magnetic field components of the wave field, Fragrance : Sense of smell in humans raises and cannot be detected by the smell of volatile substances that cause the effect, air quality: People and surroundings that impact upon air pollution indicator of environmental air pollutants increased amount of descending air available in their quality, Ministry of environment and forestry Ministry: refers to. "
Article 3-3 of the law numbered 2872 has been changed as follows.
"Article 3-protection of the environment, prevention of pollution and improve overall policy are as follows: a) particularly in the Administration, professional chambers, associations and non-governmental organizations, including everyone, protection of the environment and pollution prevention measures to be taken in this regard is tasked with and obligated to set.
b) protection of the environment, the prevention and elimination of pollution of the environmental degradation in the areas of every activity; The Ministry and local governments, where necessary, repairs, professional associations and non-governmental organizations cooperate with.
c) land and resource use decisions and assessment authority organizations, project decision-making processes respect the principle of sustainable development.
d) there's the impact on natural resources, with the help of economic activities sustainable development policy within the framework of the long term.
to participate in the formation of environmental policy) is essential. The Ministry and local governments; professional chambers, associations, non-governmental organizations and citizens use their right to participation in the environment is responsible for creating the environment.
f) during any kind of activity of the natural resources and energy efficiently reduces the waste generation at source for use and wastes that enabled the use of environmentally-compatible technology is essential.

g) Elimination of Pollution and preventing deterioration, improving the environment and the limitation of expenditure for polluting or fouling is by. Stop pollution or corruption, Kirletenin, do not take the necessary measures to reduce or eliminate or these measures due to be taken directly to the governing public institutions and establishments necessary expenses made to Act No. 6183 public receivables are charged according to the provisions of the law from their Sockets.
h) environmental protection, prevention of environmental pollution and for elimination of mandatory standards, tax, duties, with the participation of renewable energy sources and the promotion of clean technologies, emission fees and dirty price, based on market mechanisms such as carbon trading and economic instruments and incentives.
I) regional and global environmental problems as a party for the solution of international agreements we are national rights and obligations resulting from the fulfillment of the necessary technical, administrative, financial and legal for the arrangements made in the Ministry's coordination.
Natural and legal persons, these regulations shall meet the costs that may arise as a result.
j) environmental protection, prevention of environmental pollution and of environmental problems to solve the necessary technical, administrative, financial and legal regulations are made under the coordination of the Ministry. Turkey's Atomic Energy Agency Law No. 2690 the topics that are covered are executed by Turkey's Atomic Energy Agency. "
Article 4-the title of the second Part of the law numbered 2872 "High Environmental Committee and its duties" as amended and with the title of article 4 of the 6 in the following figure.
"High Environmental Board chaired by the Prime Minister, the Prime Minister article 4-when he's not headed by Minister of environment and forestry, the Ministry of the Prime Minister determine number of Ministers was established with high Environmental Müsteşarından Board.
Other Ministers may be called by the President to the Board meeting, according to the agenda.
The Board shall convene at least once a year.
The secretariat services of the Board shall be carried out by the Ministry.
Issues related to the work of the preliminary Committee and chaired by the Under-Secretary of the Ministry related to the assessment of the Ministry Undersecretary, other agencies and organizations with the participation of the most senior official supervisor meeting can be arranged. These meetings according to the relevant public organizations raised Union representatives, professional organizations, non-governmental organizations, representatives of local administration, University representatives and invited representatives of scientific organizations.
The Board's principles and principles of work with other matters determined by the regulation. "
Article 5-6 law numbered 2872 5 along with the title of the article was revised as follows.
"High Environmental Council tasks article 5-high environmental Council tasks include the following: a providing for an effective environmental management targets), policy and strategy.
b) within the framework of economic sustainable development policy decisions to be included in the environmental dimension which the legal and administrative measures.
c) If more than one Ministry and agency in disputes related to environmental issues of interest to the ultimate decision. "
Article 6-9th law numbered 2872 along with the title of the article has been changed as follows.
"Environmental protection article 9-environmental protection purposes;
a) forming the natural environment biodiversity is essential to the protection of the ecosystem that hosts with this diversity. Biological diversity and principles of use, local governments, universities, non-governmental organizations and other relevant organizations is determined by taking the opinions of.
b) country in accordance with the principle of sustainable development, including physical follow-up, protection-use while respecting the balance of urban and rural population, housing, work, recreation, such as transportation needs can be met in order to avoid environmental pollution, Nazim and implementation plan based on regional and basin to serve as plânlarına on the basis of 1/50,000-1/100,000-scale environmental design plans made by the Ministry, conducted and approved. On the basis of regional and watershed environmental design principles and procedures to be done have been surveyed to be issued by the Ministry are determined by the regulation.
c) national legislation and is a party to the international conventions we take under protection with protection status referred fields and all kinds of ecological value of sensitive areas on the scale of plans must be presented. The ecological value of the average protection status fields and fields cannot be used outside of the plan's decision.
d) country and the ecological importance on a world scale, environmental pollution and damage sensitive areas of land and water, biodiversity, natural resources and cultural resources for future generations to reach safety in order to take necessary arrangements in order to declare Special environment protection area identified as and, using and preserving to be applied in these areas is mainly prepared with plan and projects executed by the Ministry to which the Council of Ministers is authorized to determine.
This plan and projects for the region; 3/5/1985 dated the 9th item No. 3194 Zoning Law, 4/4/1990 and plan no. 3621 Coastal Act approval authority to the provisions that regulate, 21/7/1983 and law No. 2863 cultural and natural heritage protection act, article 8, of the natural riches, natural protected areas and their protection areas identification and registration provisions regulating powers outside the article 17 of the same Act shall be (a) provisions.
e) wetlands conservation of natural structures and ecological balance is essential. Filling and draining of wetlands via land cannot be won. Contrary to this provision in the case of the acquisition of the land in the area in question is brought to his old self as the owner of the activity.
Wetlands Conservation and management principles and procedures related to the agencies and organizations are determined by the regulation to be issued by the Ministry by taking the opinion.
in terms of the provision of generation f) biodiversity sürdürülebilirli threatened or endangered rare plant and animal species with protection based on whether they are traded in violation the legislation is prohibited.
g the protection of natural resources and assets) of pollution and improvement of the quality of the prevention of the destruction and the administrative, legal and technical procedures necessary for is determined by the Ministry.
h.) the country's sea, underground and surface water resources and water products producing areas of the use of the provision, while maintaining and protecting against pollution. Wastewater management and the creation and coordination of policies related to the provision of the responsibility of the Ministry. Aquaculture producing fields is determined by the Ministry of agriculture and Rural Affairs receiving environment standards.
Will be held in the sea fish farms, sensitive area which closed in bays and gulfs, cannot be established in the areas of natural and archaeological site.
The receiving water environments, and wastewater discharge principles and procedures to be issued by the Ministry to the regulation.
I) protection of the environment and the public in order to develop environmental awareness, the Ministry of national education through the introduction of pre-school education institutions of formal education in teaching depending on environment-related issues, it is essential to be given.
As for common training, radio and television programs and the importance of the environment and development programs of environmental awareness is essential to be present in. Turkey Radio-Television Corporation and a private television channel in tv belonging to at least two hours per month, a private radio channel in at least half an hour per month of educational publications is mandatory. The remaining 20% of the monitoring of these publications and the highest rate of time is essential to do the rest. Radio and television Supreme Board, matters in the field of tasks this item Tracker with.
j) collected in all kinds of resource and Environmental-related income is primarily the protection of the environment, allocation charge, development, conservation and pollution prevention. "
Article 7-10th law numbered 2872 item has been changed as follows.
"Article 10-plânladıkları to perform can lead to environmental problems as a result of the activities of institutions, organizations and businesses, environmental impact assessment is responsible for preparing the report or project file.
Environmental impact assessment environmental impact assessment is not Required a positive Decision or Decision related to this project unless you check, permission cannot be given a permit for the use of the build and promote; for investment project cannot and can not be tender.
Oil, geothermal resources, and mineral exploration activities, environmental impact assessment is beyond the scope of.
Through the environmental impact Assessment Strategic Environmental Assessment projects and programs and through the plan and principles and procedures to the subject to be issued is determined in regulations by the Ministry. "
Article 8 article 11, Law No. 2872-along with the title has been changed as follows.
"Consent, treatment and disposal obligation

Article 11-production, consumption and service activities to the receiving environment, waste that occurs as a result of the direct or indirect when appropriate to unseen and businesses with residential units, waste in accordance with standards set in the regulations and methods to eliminate or it will take over and refine and is obliged to take the prescribed permissions.
When the obligation specified in the first paragraph and enterprises and settlements;
1) shows this liability rather than under construction licenses to bring your project, and provide the relevant documents will not be granted construction licenses unless the drying.
2) finished the construction of the getirmeyenlere this obligation business licenses and/or structure will not be granted a permit for use.
3 using the structure or business license) license on although treatment and disposal conferred obligations stated herein, has been granted permission to use or doing business permission will be revoked.
In its activities to make changes and/or facilities to natural and legal persons, as determined by the regulation planning magnification scope and procedures within the framework of the waste treatment or disposal must fulfill its obligation.
Atıksuları treatment of wastewater and sewage collecting system with purified wastewater provided the disposal of wastewater infrastructure systems, maintenance, repair, improvement and operation; Metropolitan in 20/11/1981, dated and numbered 2560 İstanbul water and sewerage Administration General Directorate Organization and duties prescribed by law, organizations, municipalities and contiguous area within the boundaries of municipalities, apart from the Governor's Office in the field of control of any and all usage of the subject iskâna this is responsible for those who use the fields.
In the industrial area, region free and/or offices, the protection and development of culture and tourism, tourism centers of the Ministry of culture and tourism or the authorized units, organized industrial areas of organized industrial zone management, small industrial sites are existing residential area cooperative presidencies has been broken as individual resorts, holiday, tourism facilities in the fields, and so when the operators of the site management or wastewater infrastructure systems is responsible for the maintenance, repair and operation of.
Wastewater infrastructure will use, the system uses and/or communication systems, whether or not the treatment systems of responsible management will make all kinds of investment, operation, maintenance, repair, and cleaning the pollution load to all the spending and the amount of wastewater must join at the rate of. Taking advantage of these services, when the City Council and various other responsibilities in this article according to schedule to be determined by the administrations wastewater collection, treatment and disposal fee. The fees charged pursuant to this paragraph, wastewater-related services may not be used outside.
Waste water collection basin authority of more than one municipality or organization is to be in the field; operates the institution wastewater treatment plant, wastewater-related investment and expense amount of pollution load of the polluter and the wastewater.
With appropriate methods and technologies for waste producers a minimum level will take measures that reduce waste.
Prevention or reduction of waste production and losses can be acquired with wastes and recycling of wastes is essential to separate collection at source. Principles relating to the preparation of the waste management have been surveyed, to be issued by the Ministry Regulation.
Non-waste recycling opportunities, set out in regulations are appropriate methods of disposal.
Metropolitan municipalities and municipalities municipal solid waste disposal facilities to build, operate, or to operate both have no commitment. Benefiting from this service and/or beneficiaries will make investment of the responsible management, operation, maintenance, repair and reclamation is responsible to attend to. Taking advantage of this service, City Council will be determined according to the schedule when solid waste collection, transport and disposal fee. The fees charged pursuant to this paragraph, solid waste related services may not be used outside.
Manufacturer, importer and the scope of responsibility of liability brought lasting on the market manufacturers, importers and the market, products useful life of the asset as a result of waste collection, transport, recovery, recycling and disposal of obligations being fulfilled and satisfying the necessary expenditures, under the coordination of the Ministry for the purpose of realization of educational activity combine to form units possessing legal personality. In this context, brought to the obligations of the institutions and organizations interested in this unity of responsibility transfer principles and procedures to be issued by the Ministry are determined in regulations.
Hazardous waste producers will be determined according to the waste disposal based on the regulation, or it will take over.
Waste recovery, recycling and disposal facilities to build and operate a real and/or legal persons, in accordance with the principles determined by the regulation, the suitability of the sale of their products and product standard, the market get the relevant institutions about the control permission with the Ministry is obliged to license.
But excluding household waste, waste transport and/or get a license from the Ministry to the company or organizations engaged in their jobs. Household waste transport and collection agencies and organizations engaged in their jobs, are recorded by the Ministry.
Waste water treatment, waste disposal and waste recycling facilities, in order to establish service associations of municipalities, this service to the research, studies and technical and financial assistance is made by the Ministry on issues of the project. The Act also construction projects within the framework of the article can be supported with credit or help. In the case of non-payment of the loan back Act No. 6183 public receivables according to the provisions of the Law are made and follow primarily municipalities and special provincial No. 2380 General Budget Tax Law on the issuance of İdarelerine additional Gelirlerinden Shares under the terms of article 4 of the Bank are to be charged to the relevant municipalities Provinces share.
Treatment and disposal when subjected to the obligation and businesses with residential units, the establishment of this liability pursuant to mandatory treatment and disposal systems, wastewater treatment and pre-treatment systems and wastewater infrastructure systems, repair, improvement, operation and principles related to the determination of contribution expenditure and procedures shall be indicated in regulations by the Ministry. This topic is given powers stored with other laws.
Need to be taken to ensure the implementation of this law permits and will be subjected to permissions on this world are determined by the Ministry issued regulations and procedures.
Potentially negative effects to the environment due to the activities of institutions, organizations and businesses by, in the case of an accident, likely related to the activities of the environmentally conscious take control and reduce the adverse effects to be applied to the preparation of emergency plans. Principles and procedures to be issued by the Ministry of that regulation.
These plans taking into consideration the Ministry's coordination of the relevant institutions and organizations for local, regional and national emergency plans.
Ports, shipyards, ship maintenance and repair, ship dismantling, such as coastal marina facilities; their premises and construction of ships and other marine vessels, oily waste and bilge, dirty ballast, slaç, liquid waste, such as slop with domestic wastewater and solid waste, storing, transporting and disposal-related operations and facilities or undertakes. Principles and procedures that will be determined by the regulation by the Ministry. "
Article 9-Article 12, law numbered 2872 along with the title has been changed as follows.
To provide information and notification obligation "control, article 12-compliance with the provisions of this law shall belong to the Ministry the authority to control. This authority, if necessary, by the Ministry; special provincial administrations, environmental control units, establishing municipal presidencies, Undersecretariat of Maritime Affairs, Coast Guard Commander, 13/10/1983 and controlling Road Traffic Act No. 2918 determined by officials or other appropriate institutions and organizations by the Ministry are handed over. Controls, within the framework of the Ministry's principles and principles of control set.
Military establishments, military regions and exercises within the framework of the control of this law and, as a consequence of their operations; Chief of staff, Department of national defence, the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry shall be carried out according to a regulation to be prepared jointly by the Ministry.
Other authorities in charge of the Ministry or relevant control information and documents they want the authorities to give a analysis and measurements of control to meet the cost of every convenience during the show.

Relevant, in relation to the activities that can cause environmental pollution, they use their products and raw materials, fuel, waste production schemas, emergency hospital, monitoring systems and pollution reports and other information and documentation unit of the Ministry if requested or authorized control must give.
Control, giving information and the repetition of principles and procedures in a regulation to be issued by the Ministry. "
Article 10-2872, along with the title of the article in article 13 has been changed as follows.
"Dangerous chemicals and wastes article 13-determination of hazardous chemicals, manufactures, imports, said until the waste position uses the classification, labeling, packaging, and quantities, storage, evaluation of risk, with exports transport principles and procedures based on the opinions of the relevant institutions and organizations to be issued by the Ministry are determined by the regulation.
Contrary to the provisions of the regulations detected the release of dangerous chemicals containing these chemicals with effects lasting sales and use them to market institutions, organizations and enterprises to workshop operates and destruction. Transport and disposal costs required to ilgililerince. This obligation is fulfilled in this case, expenses, related institutions, organizations and enterprises with Act No. 6183 public receivables are charged in accordance with the provisions of the law.
Prime Ministry Undersecretariat of foreign trade the items of some fuel, wastes, dangerous chemicals containing these chemicals with goods imports, prohibit or control by taking the views of staff subordinate to the Ministry.
Imports of hazardous waste is prohibited.
From the definition of hazardous waste hazardous occurrence with phase separation, temporary storage and collection, search, retrieve, reuse, transportation, disposal, disposal, export, transit migration control post, packaging, labeling, auditing and preparation of related waste management principles and procedures have been surveyed will be published by the Ministry are determined by the regulation.
Hazardous chemicals production, sale, storage, use and transportation of hazardous waste collection, transportation activities, temporary and intermediate storage, recycling, reuse and disposal activities, this law introduced by the applicant, in terms of liability. The professional activities referred to in this law principals will occur due to an accident hence third parties endeavours against hazardous chemicals and hazardous waste, have to have financial liability insurance before you begin the necessary permission from the Ministry activities. Insurance institutions, organizations and businesses that do not meet the requirement that activities are not allowed to.
Mandatory financial liability insurance provided for in this article shall, according to the financial qualification, the Treasury Undersecretariat for the insurance companies determined by the Minister with the approval of the Undersecretariat of Treasury or in a regulation to be issued by a pool to be created. Principles and principles related to the functioning of the management and the pool are also determined by the regulation. In the form of insurance and/or reinsurance pool, pool is created. The name of the public swimming pool in a specific share of the Undersecretariat of Treasury decision to the protection which the Minister is authorized. To be paid back for the start of the pool expenses Treasury can be made available in advance of the budget. Obligations on the part of the pool; premium income and their benefits, will provide reinsurance from the markets and so forth is limited to protection and solvency.
The Ministry, Undersecretariat of Treasury, provided that appropriate opinion, dangerous chemicals and hazardous wastes and related activities the necessity of financial responsibility insurance, this insurance general conditions and tariff and for instructions to postpone for up to one year after the entry into force.
Each will be made by the responsible financial liability insurance general conditions of insurance for the Treasury Undersecretariat. The Undersecretariat of Treasury financial liability insurance rates and instructions is bound to be determined by the Minister. The Undersecretariat of Treasury Secretary is authorized to release, though it is connected. "
Article 11-article 14 of the law numbered 2872 has been changed as follows.
"The peace and tranquility of persons, article 14-body and soul health suppliers in any manner determined in regulations it is forbidden the creation of standards on noise and vibration.
Transportation vehicles, construction sites, factories, workshops, offices, entertainment places, service buildings and housing due to noise and vibration regulations to standards set by the owners of that activity to download necessary measures are taken. "
Article 12-2872 envisaged in article 15, has been changed as follows.
"Article 15-in accordance with this law, This Law and acts in violation of the regulations that was published against it comes to activity by the Ministry to correct or 12 of subsection I of article authority was institutions and authorities of the control by a one-time principles set out by the regulation and may be given a year to stay within time.
Activity; in case of failure to furnish, in the case of long duration, at the end of this period is not fixed by the Ministry or a violation of subsection I of article 12, the control authority was in whole or in part, by the institutions and authorities, term or is stopped indefinitely. In terms of the environment and human health activities period stops without creating the danger.
Environmental impact assessment review was initiated without activities by the Ministry, the project presentation file hazırlanmaksızın is Chief of the largest civil activities initiated since by duration without stops.
Duration and cessation of the activity, this does not impede the implementation of the penalty envisaged. "
Article 13-6 law numbered 2872 article 18, in conjunction with the title was revised as follows.
"Environmental contributions, other revenues and budget allowances article 18-prevention of environmental pollution, improving the environment and environment-related investments in order to be supported;
a İthaline subjected to control fuel and wastes allowed) CIF price to one percent of the cost of scrap with five thousandths-of-a-percent of CIF amount to be received, b) municipalities in the Metropolitan water and sewerage is charged water administrations and used waters out of one percent, environmental contribution is charged. These amounts charged, until the fifteenth day of the following month at the latest about hundreds of related goods is transferred to the accounts and budget revenue saymanlıkları.
In addition, you will be provided all kinds of national and international grants, aid and donations in return and credit the principal loan with interest rates having been charged, Ministry of environment and forestry, Central Directorate of accounting and account and are recorded in income to the budget.
This item comes in the collection of Act No. 6183 stated public receivables provisions of the law.
The Council of Ministers (a) and (b) the rates contained in paragraphs separately or collectively comprise up to download or is authorized to raise a lawful.
Waste water treatment, waste disposal, and solid waste recycling facilities supervision, feasibility, "surveying, design and construction works with the credit or help with layout support, have been surveyed, air, water and soil quality measurement and monitoring network on the ICS, noise prevention studies and projects have been surveyed support, emergency response, environmental impact assessment, biodiversity conservation, watershed protection plan studies on desertification and combating climate change studies , strategic environmental assessment, endangered plant and animal species living with protection of the environment, international meeting of the obligations arising from the contract, environmental education and publication activities related to specialized commissions and expense for removal of environmental pollution studies for the Ministry's budget, estimated in the year's budget revenues come money allowance above.
Collection of income listed above and the principles relating to the use of the allowance provided for in the budget, and the approval of the Ministry of finance is determined by the regulation to be issued by the Ministry on. "
Article 14-article 20 law numbered 2872 has been changed as follows.
"Article 20-Administrative nature, the penalties are as follows: a in accordance with article 4 emission measurement) additional non-motor vehicle owners to make a 500 Turkish Lira, against the standards set in regulations emissions, motor vehicle owners that led to 1,000 Pound Executive is not fulfilled.

b) due to the effects of air pollution is important in terms of establishment and operation of regulation when held, subject to authorisation from the authorities and without permission despite being canceled or operates the permission and consent in this ongoing business or also subsequently modified or recognized authorities deem necessary changes as the peacekeeper 24,000 Turkish Lira administrative fines. At these facilities emission quantities exceeds the limits established by the regulation 48,000 Turkish Lira administrative fines.
When subjected to the authorization of a warrant or in the regulations as determined in the regulations the prescribed procedures or emissions standards and restrictions against administrative fines to 24,000 who runs Turkish lira.
c) air pollution in terms of establishment and operation of non-subject to authorisation of the installations against the standards set by the regulation during the operation of emission, it causes administrative fines to 6,000 Turkish lira.
Acts in violation of article 9 of this law to 2,000 additional Turkish Lira administrative fines.
In the first subparagraph of this paragraph in relation to handling of projected verb housing will be given punishment in bulk or individual for each independent heated houses 300 Turkish Lira per section. This cumulative criminal liability on individual heated houses heated houses is the administrator, home use.
d) air pollution in terms of special importance in the region has reached serious proportions or pollution and meteorological conditions in places or critical regulatory, not taking the prescribed measures, acts in violation of the prohibitions or local environment to comply with the decisions taken in this regard that the net current item (b) and (c) is provided by increasing the prescribed penalties in a coat.
This verb is in the processing of criminal liability in relation to the housing of this item (c) of subsection is determined according to the third paragraph.
to start the process of Environmental impact assessment) or starting construction without completing the process, or made to the cost of the project was established by two percent percent administrative fines. In cases where the subject of investor activity to punishment on the former is obliged to make.
We are in the process of environmental impact assessment taahhütnameye for each violation if he acts contrary to 10,000 Turkish Lira administrative fines.
a code-required the establishment of 11 f) waste water treatment or disposal facilities, pretreatment, kurmayanlar, set up with the çalıştırmayanlara 60,000 Turkish Lira administrative fines.
the notification provided for in article 12, g) and the obligation to inform the getirmeyenlere instead of 6,000 Turkish Lira administrative fines.
According to article 14 of this law, h) issued by not taking measures or standards set by the regulation contrary to noise and vibration causes, housing for 400 Turkish Lira, Turkish Lira, workplaces and to means of transport for 1,200 4,000 Turkish Lira, factory, construction sites and entertainment is provided for the administrative fine of Turkish Lira 12,000 noise.
I) prohibitions and limitations envisaged in this act as contrary to the country's sovereignty at sea and the areas subjected to the jurisdiction of marine jurisdictions and in connection with water, of course, or man-made lakes and dam Lakes and rivers;
1) oil and oil derivatives (crude oil, fuel oil, bilge, slaç, slop, refined products, oily waste, etc.) from the tanker, who were evicted or discharge (included) for those with gros gros tons per ton of 40 thousand Turkish Lira, up to five thousand (included) for the ones between gros tons, that amount and each additional gross per tonne 10 Turkish Lira more than 5,000 gross tons, and refers to, the above quantities, and 100 Cents per ton each additional gros , 2) Dirty ballast from tankers engaged in the evacuation of bin (included) for those with gros gros tons per ton of 30 Turkish Lira, thousand up to five thousand (included) for the ones between gros tons of that amount and each additional 5,000 Turkish Lira, gros gros 6 per ton ton and refers to more than the quantities above 100 per each additional gross tons and cents, 3) oil derivatives (slaç, bilge, slop, fuel , oily waste, etc.) or dirty ballast the ship that made the evacuation and other sea thousand gross tons for those of means gross tons, the Turkish Lira, 20 per thousand up to five thousand (included) for the ones between gros tons of that amount and each additional gross ton 4 per Pound, more than 5,000 gross tons and refers to, the above quantities and extra 100 per tonne each gros cents, 4) disposes of solid waste or domestic wastewater discharge makes tanker , a thousand ships and other marine tools (included) for those with gros gros tons per ton of 10 Turkish Lira, thousand up to five thousand (included) for the ones between gros tons of that amount and each additional 5,000 Turkish Lira, gros gros per ton, 2 ton and refers to more than the quantities above and additional 40 cent per ton each gros, administrative fines.
Hazardous material and waste discharge in the case of administrative fines to be applied, on the basis of the category of oil and its derivatives are given ten times.
Pollution of sea subsequent formation of ship or vehicle with fewer opportunities to be identified that the pollution caused, in the case of administrative fines go 1/3% is applied.
In this regard, immediate and non-payment from the times of punishment or sufficient collateral can be moved into suppress, ships and other marine vehicles delivered to the nearest port authority barred navigation and activity. Bank letter of guarantee or ship that is bound to the letter of guarantee will be held by the insurer to the Club.
Under the rule of foreign States in the waters of these States in the case of a violation by the Turkish-flagged ship of the legislation, immediately went about the failure of the State in the case of Turkey's criminal law and provisions demand.
The first subparagraph of this paragraph, except in accordance with this Act and regulations issued this Law as a violation of the sovereignty of the country subjected to the jurisdiction of the sea and in the sea areas of authority, for the purpose of providing drinking water and non-water waste boşaltanlara 24,000 Turkish Lira administrative fines. In case of Commission of the Act in relation to handling of projected above all residential housing and independent unit for 600 Turkish Lira administrative fines. This criminal liability, detached housing is in use, other housing administrator in residence.
n.) came into force in accordance with article 8 of this law imposed additional regulation acts in violation of the provisions of the administrative fine of 1,000 to Turkish lira.
j) Law and contrary to the standards prescribed in the regulation prohibitions or measures for those who have buried the wastes without 24,000 Turkish Lira administrative fines.
In relation to the processing of this verb in every residential housing and independent unit for 600 Turkish Lira administrative fines. This criminal liability, detached housing is in use, other housing administrator in residence.
k) of this Act (a) of article 9, in specified matters against the ones who destroyed biodiversity, (d) I was declared a specially protected Zones in accordance with the protection and use for acts in violation of and (e) of subsection pursuant to the second paragraph, as determined by the regulation for the protection of wetlands and use those acting against the principles and principles set out in subparagraph (f) with principles and acts in violation of the restraining order to 20,000 Turkish Lira (e) acts in violation of the first subparagraph of paragraph to 100,000 to Turkish Lira administrative fines.
l.) That of the annex article (c) the employer, contrary to all the stubble-burning acres 20 Turkish Lira administrative fines. The verb stubble burning forest and wetlands adjacent to the built-up areas in the case of processing in penalty is five times greater.
That of the annex article (d) was found to be in accordance with the principles I against the sovereignty of the country through the sea and the fields of accident are the maritime jurisdiction, rivers and lakes are designated as against the essential farmland with sand, gravel and similar items 120 Turkish Lira per cubic meter in the fields given the administrative fine.
m.) the prescribed additional article 2 of this law, environmental management kurmayanlara the unit of 6,000 Turkish Lira, environment officer bulundurmayanlara or those who placed the services of the companies authorized by the Ministry 4,000 Turkish Lira administrative fines.
n.) of this Act shall be determined in accordance with article 9 on the basis of protection against drinking water protection areas, supplying this resource the resource itself and surface water and groundwater, irrigation and drainage channels waste boşaltanlara 48,000 Turkish Lira administrative fines.
In relation to the processing of this verb in every residential housing and independent section is provided for the administrative fine of Turkish Lira 1,200. This criminal liability, detached housing is in use, other housing administrator in residence.
It's against the Law and regulations in these areas as determined based on the zoning Law No. 3194 made structures according to yıktırılır.

He stipulated in article 11 of this law) emergency recipe in the principles set out by the regulation in accordance with the principles and implementation of your plans and prepare to take the necessary measures for this team and equipment that are not bulundurmayanlar with local, regional and national emergency plânlarına imposing the administrative fine of Turkish Lira 12,000.
stipulated in article 13 of this law, p) financial liability insurance yaptırmayanlara 24,000 Turkish Lira administrative fines.
principles in conformity with This Law and regulations r) and principles, prohibitions or limitations as unconstitutional waste aggregates, search and temporary storage, carrying, winning back, allowing you to recycle those that use or disposal again 24,000 Turkish Lira, Turkish Lira administrative fines those who imported 60,000.
s) public places every 100 to pollute the environment by any means Turkish Lira administrative fines.
t) hazardous wastes each country in whatever way that enables the individual to 2,000,000 Turkish Lira administrative fines.
suppliers of hazardous waste authorities u) front that export or transit without additional notification of the administrative fine of Turkish lira to 2,000,000.
v) this law and related regulations in conformity with the prohibitions or limitations against dangerous waste collecting, separating, temporary and intermediate storage, carrying, using, again, winning back packs, that label, who disposed of hazardous waste disposal facilities and life expired in accordance with the rules kapatmayanlara 100,000 1,000,000 Türk Liras as the Turkish Lira administrative fines.
y) dangerous chemicals and that chemicals containing principles specified in this Law and related regulations item and principles, forbidden and contrary to the limitations, producing, importing and exporting, stores, carrying, using, offering for sale, selling that label owners who, and Turkish Liras as the Turkish Lira, 100,000 1,000,000 administrative fines.
This article is (k), (l), (r), (s), (t), (u), (v) and (y) stipulated in administrative fines three times the institutions, organizations and businesses.
The amount of the penalty provided for in this article, the Council of Ministers is authorized to increase ten times.
This article is in the implementation of the Turkish Penal Code and other laws, the verb to create the crime provisions become reserved. "
Article 15-article 23 law numbered 2872 has been changed as follows.
"Article 23-administrative fines referred to in this law, that requires the issuance of sentence processing in the three years since the first verb of a floor, the second and subsequent is provided by increasing two-fold in again."
Article 16-24 of the law numbered 2872 has been changed as follows.
"Administrative sanctions envisaged in this 24-ITEM decisions authority belongs to the Ministry.
This authority, in accordance with the first paragraph of article 12, the control authority was also used by institutions and authorities.
The administrative sanction decisions envisaged in this Ministry Central teşkilâtında General Manager teşkilâtında the provincial environment and forestry, provincial directors.
Article 12 of this law in accordance with the first paragraph of the inspection authority granted by institutions and authorities given to administrative fines pursuant to this law, will be held 50%, control-related expenditures to meet and other environmental services to these institutions for use in budget income is saved, it is saved in the general budget revenue 50 percent.
This will be held in accordance with the law, control-related expenditures to meet and other environmental services to be used in the Ministry's budget will be saved to the general budget revenue administrative fines needed money allowance. "
Article 17-article 25 law numbered 2872 along with the title has been changed as follows.
"The implementation of Administrative sanctions, style and appeal charged article 25-the administrative sanctions envisaged in this Act requires the implementation of control by the authorities in connection with the verb be issued a record. This record contains, depending on the audit staff and administrative sanctions decision on mercie authorized deployment. The minutes of this authority, the decision by evaluating the necessary administrative sanctions. Administrative sanctions, 11/2/1959 dated notification law numbered 7201 administrative sanctions in accordance with the provisions of decision shall be communicated by the person concerned.
Against the decisions of the administrative sanction within thirty days from the date of notification can be filed in administrative court. The sentence given by the Administration to be sued, it will not stop the charge.
Administrative fines charged style as 30/3/2005 and the provisions of the law on misdemeanors, no. 5326.
The penalty charged by the institutions and authorities authorized to administrative fines, the Ministry of Finance issued by the Ministry and distributed by permission is charged in Exchange for a receipt.
According to this law the administrative penalty shall be given to the identification and punishment of violation of modes to use in its implementation of punishment with the shape of a receipt, distribution and control principles and procedures to be issued by the Ministry taking the opinion of the Ministry of Finance is determined by the regulation. "
Article 18-2872 envisaged in article 26 in conjunction with article title has been changed as follows.
"Judicial nature, the penalties article 26-article 12 of this Act to provide information stipulated in the notification, and the repetition of this violation as false and misleading information, shall be punished by imprisonment for six months to one year.
False and misleading documents in the implementation of this law editors and about 26/9/2004 and law No. 5237 Turkish Criminal Law provisions on the crime of falsifying documents is applied.
According to this article the judiciary that environmental impact assessment relating to disputes arising out of devolved environmental impact assessment process stops until the end of the trial. "
Article 19-article 28, the following paragraph to the law numbered 2872 has been added.
"The demand for the compensation of the damage to the environment are liable to compensation of the harm and damage from the date on which he learned five years later, are out of date."
Article 20-the first paragraph of article 29 of Law No. 2872 the following modified and added the following paragraph following this joke article.
"The prevention of environmental pollution and promote measures for the Elimination of activities shall be benefited from. For this purpose, at the beginning of each year to be the Ministry's opinion the incentive system of the Treasury Undersecretariat on new principles. "
"The treatment plant, and fulfilling the obligations specified in the regulations for organizations to use in electric power rates of treatment plants, industrial plants to 50 per cent of the energy used in the tariff reductions implemented Council of Ministers is authorized upon the proposal of the Ministry."
Article 21-30 of Law No. 2872, along with the title has been changed as follows.
"Information retrieval and reference as article 30-a activity damaged or pollute the environment or anyone with relevant authorities notified by reference to the necessary measures or activity with the activity to stop.
Everybody, 9/10/2003 and to obtain information law No. 4982 law have access to information on the environment. However, in the case of reproductive areas, unveiling rare species will hurt environmental values, such as the claims regarding the information in the scope of this law may be rejected. "
Article 22-article 31, "environmental law numbered 2872 General Directorate" was changed to "Ministry".
Article 23-the following additional items have been added to the law numbered 2872.
"Article 1-protection of the soil and pollution prevention principles are as follows: a the protection of the soil and the prevention of pollution), principles and procedures to eliminate relevant organizations are determined by the regulation to be issued by the Ministry based on opinions.
b) Quarry and mining activities, material and soil excavations in the land, for the supply of castings and deteriorating natural waste building dropped nature regain principles and procedures based on the opinions of the relevant organizations, to be issued by the Ministry are determined by the regulation.
c) Stubble burning, destruction and erosion will give rise to meadows and mer 'aların any activities prohibited. However, the second plan of action prepared for the product sown within the framework of the Governor's Office in the region and are the sole responsibility of the Governor be allowed to burn stubble controlled.
d) the country's sovereignty in the field of dry stream beds and sea, Lake beds and agricultural land of sand, gravel and similar substances related to be principles based on the opinions of relevant institutions and organizations are determined by the regulation to be issued by the Ministry. "" AMENDMENT 2-Activities will cause environmental pollution or environmental damage as a result of going to institutions, organizations and businesses, to establish environmental management unit to employ environmental officer or authorized agencies and institutions by the Ministry for this purpose, the service is obliged to buy. Principles and procedures related to this issue is determined by regulation to be issued by the Ministry. "

"ADDITIONAL ITEM 3-the Ministry of environment that carries the conditions specified in the regulation can employ as a volunteer. Not paid any fee related to this task.
Abuse of mission volunteers detected around these tasks will be terminated.
The study of environmental volunteers and training principles and procedures to be issued by the Ministry of regulation. "
"Article 4-motor vehicle owners, exhaust emissions complies to standards set by the regulation to document must make your exhaust emissions measurement. Watching the traffic of vehicles exhaust emission measurements and standards to be issued by the Ministry said principles and procedures related to is determined by the regulation.
As determined by the regulation for motor vehicle producers in the production stage of emission standards. "
"This Law, the Ministry projected ADDITIONAL article 5-measuring, monitoring and controlling activities of environmental problems to solve other activities creates the necessary institutional infrastructure to fulfill."
"Article 6-protection of air quality and prevention of air pollution, including the national energy resources for priority, in accordance with standards set by the Ministry clean and high-quality fuels and combustion systems production and is required. Interested in non-burning system and fuel-producing substandard license, of the licences will be cancelled.
As determined by the Ministry, provincial and district centers of clean air policy implementation and monitoring of air quality is essential.
Identification, monitoring and measuring of air quality the air quality limit values for methods, and that the necessary measures be taken to limit values are not exceeded with informing of public opinion and awareness related to the studies shall be carried out by the Ministry. These studies principles and procedures determined by the regulation to be issued by the Ministry. "
"ADDITIONAL ITEM 7-the Ministry of environment in relation to all kinds of data and information it considers necessary, public institutions and organizations with legal entities and individuals is authorized to request directly. They all requested data and information for public institutions and organizations with legal entities and individuals that data and information are free of charge and is under the obligation to submit to the requested period of time. "" Non-Ionizing radiation as a result of the ADDITIONAL ITEM consisting of 8-span of electromagnetic fields in the environment and human health "principles and guidelines for the prevention of negative impacts, related agencies and organizations are determined by the regulation to be issued by the Ministry by taking opinions."
"ADDITIONAL ITEM 9-causing emissions Smell, the values of the limits set by the regulation on granting to the environment is prohibited. They caused the smell, odour emissions is obliged to take measures for prevention. The corresponding administrative and technical principles and procedures to be issued is determined by the regulation by the Ministry. "
Article 24-2872 law numbered 16, 21, 22 and with article 6 of Law No. 3301 added the law amendment is repealed.
PROVISIONAL ARTICLE 1-this Act shall be taken in accordance with the opinion of the relevant ministries will be the Ministry regulations within a year after the entry into force of this Act; Treasury will be detected by the Undersecretariat of Treasury with insurance general conditions which will be approved by the Minister after the entry into force of this law, tariffs, and instructions at the latest will be published within a year.
TRANSITIONAL ARTICLE 2-active on the date this law comes into force this law and regulations brought to businesses additional obligations for the realization, after the release of the regulations, may be given up to a year while the Ministry.
Environmental Law numbered 2872 9 when the article goes against the employer, (h), within one year from the date of publication of this Act.
TRANSITIONAL ARTICLE 3-environmental impact assessment before the entry into force of this law, the provisions of the regulation, even though it is subjected to, the obligations getirmeyenlerden, site selection, as appropriate, from the date this law comes into force within six months, within the framework of the relevant regulations, we brought the necessary obligations by preparing its environmental due diligence report presents to the Ministry. They determined in the regulations about the conditions shall be decided within six months from the date of application.
Environmental due diligence report within six months from the submission of the report, which does not present to the Ministry or Ministry within six months by the Ministry of environmental protection measures that are not necessary activities without the time is stopped.
Except as required by applicable legislation, in accordance with site selection and implementation of legislation related to improper activities is essential.
TRANSITIONAL ARTICLE 4-domestic wastewater treatment and solid waste disposal facility is already in business with municipalities has not, the waste water treatment plant was organized in setting up industrial zones, other industry organizations and residential units, on the establishment of these facilities job delivery boy from the date this law comes into force within a year, provide to the Ministry and shall get commissioned in the period indicated below.
The commissioning periods, from its introduction to the Ministry requested delivery business plan; the population of the municipalities in 3 years, more than 100,000 100,000 up to 50,000 50,000 up to 5 years, in between 10,000 10,000 up to 7 years, in between those 10 years between 2000, when the rest of the industry outside of organized industrial zone and offers 2 kinds of wastewater producing years.
Still ongoing construction of wastewater treatment and solid waste disposal facilities for job preparation plan requirement deadlines shall not be required. Commissioning of the plant is determined in this article the duration cannot exceed their commissioning.
Other municipalities, organized industrial zones, industrial organizations to take advantage of this provision of populated places with this Act within three months from the date of the publication would have to contact the Ministry.
With article 8 of this Act wastewater infrastructure systems, and solid waste disposal facilities, given the obligation to establish institutions and organizations to meet their obligations, rather than within the time specified in this article stated herein; the municipality has a population of more than 100,000 ones in 50,000 Turkish Lira, 100,000 up to 30,000 to 50,000 Turkish Lira, which is between 50,000 up to 10,000 10,000 to 20,000 between the Turkish Lira, up to 2,000 for the ones between 10,000 Turkish Lira, Turkish Lira, the organized industrial areas outside of these 100,000 and producing all kinds of wastewater facility industry 60,000 Turkish Lira administrative fines.
TRANSITIONAL ARTICLE 5-this law attached (1) cancel positions shown in the list, Decree No. 190 (I) Ministry of environment and forestry-related section of the ruler was hoisted, attached (2) having been established, the positions shown in the list of 190 numbered Decree attachment to the Ministry of environment and forestry of the ruler (I) added to the section for.
TRANSITIONAL ARTICLE 6-in this law in practice, in Exchange for the phrase in the last Turkish Lira 28/1/2004 and law No. 5083 Turkey Republic according to the provisions of the Law Of Currency in circulation in the country, the "new Turkish Lira", name it as long as this phrase is used.
Article 25-will take effect the date of promulgation of this law.
Article 26-this law the provisions of the Council of Ministers.

GİH ORMAN MUH. MEM. 11 70 70
GİH ŞOFÖR 5 45 45
GİH ŞOFÖR 7 20 20
GİH ŞOFÖR 11 30 30

YHS BEKÇİ 5 25 25
YHS BEKÇİ 7 25 25
YHS BEKÇİ 11 9 9