The Government's Proposed Text Warning: You Are Viewing The Law, Parliamentary General Assembly Accepted. If It Does Not Contain Any Changes That Are Made Later. Oil Pollution Damage Arising From The Legal Liability Associated With The Nations

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Kanun # 4507


Accepted Date: 27.1.2000

MADDE 1. - If the 1992 Protocol is "Petroleum Pollution, the Harmful Interference with Legal Responsibility," it is appropriate to bear with the brain.

MADDE 2. - This will take effect on the release date of the Channel.

MADDE 3. - The Council of Ministers executes the provisions of this Law.




Attachment-Glossary (2)




Article I. Article I.


1. The word "ship" is intended to overflow oil derivatives (hydrocarbide), or it will tell us all kinds of marine vessels with a sea ship that is being taddied for this purpose, but with cargo loads, oil derivatives (hydrocararns) will be able to overflow. The ships will be accepted according to this boarding service in ships following the oil derivative service, as well as in the oil derivative service, as well as the oil derivative work.

2. The phrase "February" refers to all legal entities, including all real people, or state and political installments.

3. "Donatan" refers to the company's ownership of the ship's record, or its ownership, if it is not registered in the ship's record, or the ship's record. As much as the ship is owned by a state and is being pushed out by a company that is frozen in this state or being a shipbuilding contractor, the word "Donatan" comes to a sense.

4. "State of the Registry" refers to the state of the ship where the ship is registered on the ship's registry, while the ships are looking for a state of the ship.

5. "Oil" refers to minerals such as cargo as a burden on the ship or on the ship's proximity tanks (high degree of steam), particularly minerals such as crude oil, fuel-oil, diesel oil, and gres.

6. "contamination damage":

a) refers to all non-contamination or damage caused by hydrocarbons, regardless of where hydrocarbons are caused or caused by hydrocarbons, without this degradation. damages for the environmental degradation of the profit loss resulting from the cost of theçevre

b) the costs of prevention of any reasonable measures related to the return of any reasonable measures related to the return of the net to the current state or to the former And this includes the waste or damage caused by these measures.

7. "Protection measures" are reasonable measures taken by any party to prevent or prevent contamination after the body of a patient.

8. "Hadise" will occur in a series of events or events that cause serious and severe threat of pollution damage, or series of events.

9. The word "organization" refers to the International Maritime Organisation.

10. The 1969 Commitment Of Responsibility is meaningful to the Glossary of Harmful Legal Responsibilities from the 1969 Oil Pollution. For the United States, which is a party in the 1976 Protocol of this Glossary, this statement will be considered to include the 1969 Accountability Promise.

Article II

The following are the exclusive to apply:

(a) where caused contamination:

(i) In the country, including the black waters of one of the Countries, and

(ii) the International Law of the Nation (s) In the exclusive economic zone, or, in a region like that. If not determined, it is determined by the international law that it is not possible to prevent or prevent damage from land water that extends beyond 200 nautical miles from the non-stop line of land waters and in the region on which it is measured, as well as in the region where it is located. is the right of the received protection measures to hold.

(b) to preventive measures for the prevention or minimization of these damages.

Article III

1. In the event of this incident, all damage caused by the ship, except for the rings in paragraphs 2 and 3 of this material, is the equipment in the history of the first event, if the incident is caused by a sequence of events.

2. Freezing contamination:

a) A third party is a result of an abnormal nature of nature, or

b) that is not a non-connoble of nature, civil war or insurgency movement or avoidance of escape. it is the result of a transaction or negligence caused by the damage to the storm, or

c) a role in the fulfillment of this task of a government that is responsible for the maintenance of a government or a seer. It is a result of a reported failure or a violation of the number of people in the region, if it may prove it is a great deal. olmaz

3. If there is a movement or omission that is completely damaged by the damage caused by the damage, or if the damage is caused by a transaction or omission that is completely damaged by the damage, or if it is a defect or a defect, it may be completely mirrored or completely identical.

4. Compensation for damages from the equipment, but may be requested in the office of this commitment. Regardless of whether or not it is caused by the article 5 of the article, it cannot be caused by a movement or negligence that is caused by the duties, damages, damages, or recklessness and damage that may cause damage and damage. damages are not requested due to damage to the cause.

(a) the services or agents of the equipment or their crew;

(b) The captain who is serving for the ship at the time of the crew or A series of other works;

(c) Any ship tenants (nr) regardless of the point of view, including the bar boat tenant), ship manager or execution;

(d) any attempt by the authorized public authority to execute recovery operations;

(e) Each individual who takes preventive measures;

(f) the services or other agents specified in Subparagraph (c), (d), and (e).

5. This will not allow third party-to-party rights.

Article IV

When an incident occurs with two or more ships involved, and damages for contamination occurs. The provisions of the matter III are responsible for all damages, including the provisions of the III.

Article V

1, which is not possible to allow all vessels to be able to leave the equipment with sufficient security. A ship equipment is entitled to a total calculated sum of any event, in the case of a commitment to a total calculated amount.

(a) 3 million for a ship not above 5,000 tonnage units. account unit;

(b) for a ship above 5,000 tonnage, 420 account units for each additional tonnage unit in addition to the amount specified in subparagraph (a), with this total amount of 59.7 million accounts in each case. .

2. If it is proved that the equipment is caused by this equipment of the pollution damage, or if it is proved to be caused by the damage caused by this equipment, it may be caused by the damage caused by the equipment, or if it is caused by the damage, or if it is caused by the damage. will not have the right to complete responsibility.

3. In order to take advantage of the prediction in the 1st paragraph of this Article, if the IX clause is required in a court of the United States in which the IX clause is required, the case shall be filed in the court of the Republic of Turkey, or in any other or authorized authority of the Republic of the Republic of Turkey. In the case of Article IX, a court or a law holder must establish a fund of all liability in a court or proprietor of the city. The fund is subject to storage of the calculated sum, or a bank guarantee legislation, and the court or other competent authority may be considered sufficient.

4. The fund will share the fixed payee in the case of the damaged ones.

5. Prior to the share of the fund, the person who paid compensation for damages for contamination, or the insurance or insurance company or the employee, who provided the financial assurance of the property, and the compensation of the other person, who received compensation from the company, the number of rights to the rights that are found.

6. The right to the right to be envisioned in the 5th paragraph of this Article may be used for compensation, because of damages for contamination, even by a violent case, if the national law is to be answered in the event.

7. If a freeze or other business is to be found before the fund is shared, it will have to pay for a compensation of 5 or 6% of its right to be found, or if it will have to pay at a later date, if it is to be paid. In its country, the fund may order an adequate amount of money to be made available to the fund, which is the court of the government or the sair authorized dealer.

8. Reasonable costs and sacrifices made by the request to prevent or prevent contamination of the equipment will be required by other creditors over the fund.

9 (a) is 1 of the People. The "account unit", described in the paragraph, means the Special Drawing Rights defined by the Internationalized Monetary Fund. The sums specified in paragraph 1 will be returned to the national currency based on the Special Drawing Rights reference on the date of the production of the fund, which is known in paragraph 3. In the case of the Special Pick, the International Monetary Fund, the International Monetary Fund, will calculate the national currency of a state according to the operations and actions of the International Monetary Fund, which is in effect on the date of the applicable Monetary Fund. In the event of a Special Pick, the national currency of the State Party, which is not a member of the International Monetary Fund, will be calculated by this State.

9 (b) This is a member of the International Monetary Fund is the account that is not permitted by the Act of State, which does not permit the implementation of paragraph 9 (a), and is the account that is understood in paragraph 9 (a) on the date of the approval, acceptance, liquidate, or entry date of or after the date of this date, or It may declare that the unit is 15 gold francs. The gold franc, which is understood in this paragraph, is expected to be 65.5 milligrams of pure gold in 900/1000. The return of the gold franc to the national currency shall be made according to the relevant State law.

9 (c) 9 (a) the calculation specified in the last sentence of paragraph 9 (a) and the return of the paragraph 9 (b) is the first of three paragraphs. The sum of the sum in paragraph 1, which is due to the application of the sentence, will be made in the same way that the government will express the actual same as possible in the national currency of the State. In accordance with paragraph 9 (a), the result of a calculation in paragraph 9 (a) or 9 (b), if any of the Parties are given a statement of acceptance, acceptance, approval or input of the input to the Glossary, the situation is If it does, it will be visible to the location of the document.

10. For the purpose of the Article, the ship tonnage shall be calculated according to the tonnage of the International Glossary of the 1969 Ships Tonnage Meter according to the tonnage measures specified in Appendix I.

11. Insurance or financial guarantees are the right to form a fund to have the equipment or the same legal effect as the ship's equipment, according to the company. A fund can be established, even if it is not a traitor to the paragraph 2, which is frozen, frozen, but will not be able to harm the claimers ' rights to claim against the donatan in this case.

Article VI

1. After the freeze period, Article V provides a fund and is found to be responsible:

a) Damages for any compensation due to contamination from this error will be overrun over property. .

b) Each Party's state's court or sair authorized body is such a hackluster ship or equipment that has been foreclosed to receive compensation for the damages caused by the damage. the compensation of the compensation or otherwise guaranteed to prevent them from being made

2. The above provisions can only be used if the credit is handled by handling the fund, and the fund can actually use it to pay for it.

Article VII

1. In a state of mind, it has more than 2,000 tonnes of hydrocarbons, including a government and a bank guarantee or an enterprising operation to deal with the damages of the damages from the damage to the country. Under the compensation fund, Article V is the responsibility of providing a financial guarantee, such as a certificate in accordance with the liability issues identified in paragraph 1.

2. Once the relevant authority of the Party State is determined to comply with paragraph 1, each ship shall be given a document stating that the insurance or other property guarantee is in effect, according to the provisions of the country's Promise. In relation to a registered ship in a Fuel Party State, this document will be issued or liquidate by the relevant authority of the ship where the ship has been registered with the record; in relation to a non-registered vessel in a Fuel Party State, this document, any may be given or liquidate by the relevant authority of a Akite. This document will be on the attached model form and will cover the following information:

(a) ship name and registration port;

(b) the name and center location of the ship's equipment

(c) type of collateral;

(d) the name and center office of the insurance or collateral, and where applicable, insurance or collateral edited;

(e) the validity period of the document, this time the insurance or the other collateral it will not be longer than the duration.

3. The documents that are liquidate will be in the official language or languages of the State of the State. If the language used is neither English nor French, the text will contain translation of one of these languages.

4. The document will be contained on the ship's deck and will be given to the mergers under which the ship is registered or the ship is registered in a Fuel Party State.

5. An insurance or other financial guarantee is the 2nd of the business. For some reason, the termination of the annuition of the termination of the expiration period of the term specified in the paragraph is 4. If the document expires 3 months prior to the date of issuance to the authorities specified in the paragraph, this insurance or other property collateral, unless the document is delivered to the authorities or a new document is held within the period of time, is the following It will not. In a similar manner, these provisions will be applied to any insurance or other guarantees that may not be used to increase otherwise.

6. In accordance with the provisions of this article, the State of the Regime will identify the document regulation and validity.

7. According to Paragraph 2, the documents issued or ordered by a member of the State of the Party shall be accepted by the other Parties for the purposes of this business, and in relation to a non-registered ship in the Fuel Party State, we have been granted or certified by a ship. Even if they were, they would agree to the same document that they were given or sanctioned by themselves. The State, the State that issued or liquidate the document, is concerned about whether the insured or the guarantor of the document is in the capacity to be able to meet the obligations that are brought with this statement. may claim a date.

8. Any claim for damages for contamination may be made against other people who will provide financial collateral for the liability of the pollution or damage of the ship's equipment. In such a case, the defendant may take advantage of the responsibilities specified in Article V, paragraph 1, if you do not have the right to remove the responsibility according to Article V, paragraph 2.

9. In the first paragraph, an insurance has cleared, and a compensation will be allocated to the compensation receivant that is likely to be made up of any of the following commitments made by the fund, which is subject to the guarantee.

10. The United States does not grant permission to engage in commercialized activity, unless they have a certificate that is regulated by the paragraph 2 or 12 of the article, which is subject to and subject to the provisions of this clause.

11. To remain relevant, the provisions of the article include more than 2,000 tonnes of hydrocarbons in the state of State and who arrive or leave a port within his country, or leave a loading dock within their land waters, or leave it. Vessels from which ships are found to be registered in what country registry are found to be eligible for insurance in accordance with paragraph 1, or to provide good financial assurance.

12. The relevant provisions of this Article are not applied to vessels that are owned by a state owned by a State and have no insurance or insurance; however, such a ship is regulated by the competent authorities of the State of Sichuan and belongs to the government in question. A document that indicates that the liability is also being met within the 1st paragraph of Article V, which indicates that it is being identified. The document will comply with the example of paragraph 2 in the case of the document.

Article VIII

The compensation rights stipulates in this statement will not be sued within three years of the occurrence of the damages from the body. As of the history of the incident which caused the damage, no case can be filed under six years from the date of the incident. If the incident is more than one step in a multiple-year period, they will start processing for the first time in the first place.

Article IX

1. One or more of the Azites, including a field or a field specified in Article II, cause damages for contamination in the country or so on, including their territorial waters or fields to prevent or prevent damage from contamination. if protection measures are found in a country, compensation cases can only be opened in the courts of the Government or the States. In such cases, the defendant will be notified in a convenient time.

2. Each of the states provides the required authority to the courts to rule out such compensation cases.

3. The courts of the state in which the fund is established after the funding facility is subject to the funding facility.

Article X

1. According to the IX'th Article, a court that is in charge of a court that is in charge and is not able to press against the right of legal law against him in his home country, a rule of executive order is known to all of the States; the ruling is rigged by the government.

a) Sovereign is rigged. that, or

b) the Davali is not aware of the case and has not been given the opportunity to defend itself in court.

2. In the first paragraph, the imam of the United States of America is the most unfulfilled and the most unfulfilled of the nation's government. This ceremony cannot allow reexamination of the original right.

Article XI

1. The decision-making provisions are owned by a state or owned by a state or are subject to a cabinet-related exercise on ships allocated to a commercial government service that is dedicated to the circuit in question.

2. There is a case in the State Article IX of each of the ships that belong to the State in the State and can be sued in the courts of State Article IX, and the defendant waives all defenses that a sovereign state of government has been without.

Article XII

The United States, which is in effect or is in effect at the time of signing, is intended to be in conflict with respect to the United States of International Glossary-only those promises have been disputed by this Word. will be above; however, nothing in this Article, in the case of the States will not interfere with the non-Âkit States.

Article XII bis

Provisional provisions

A State, an event to both the Glossary and the 1969 Accountability Agreement:

(a) where an event is caused by a loss of interference, in which case it is under commitment, The obligation is this obligation under the obligation of the 1969 Accountability in and out of the way, it will be removed.

(b) An event caused damage to contamination within the scope of the execution of the event, and for the damages of both the company and the compensation of the 1971 Oil Pollution Damages. if an International is a party to the United Nations, the responsibility remaining after the implementation of subparagraph (a) is indemnify after the implementation of the pledge of 1971, subject to the following: uncontainable contamination measure;

(c) In paragraph 4, in paragraph 4, the phrase "isis Glossary" will be interpreted as, in which case, in accordance with the Glossary or 1969 Accountability Promise;

(d) in the implementation of Article V, paragraph 3 of the President, The total amount of the fund to be generated will be reduced in proportion to the sum payable under subsection (a).

Article XII ter

Nihali items

The final word of the business 1992, which brought the items to the 1969 Accountability Proposition. They'll have the protocols 12 to 18 of the protocol. References in the Business Promise Parties shall be referenced by the specified Protocol by the States.


The protocol of the 1992 Protocol that brought the commitment of the Accountability to the

Items from 12 to 18

Article 12

Israel, approval, acceptance, approval and entering

The protocol is signed in London from January 15, 1993 until January 14, 1994.

2. Subject to paragraph 4, each State

(a) may be party to approval, acceptance, or approval after the signature, or if;

(b) may be party to this Protocol.

3. The approval, acceptance, approval, or coefficient document is provided by a tevdi to the General Secretary of the Organization.

4. For the damages of the Fund for the Damage of the 1971 Oil Pollution, each State, which is a member of the International Fund for the Establisation of the Fund (thereafter, the "1971 Fund Promise"), is the current date on which this Protocol is effective. As long as you do not cancel the entry of the effective 1992 Protocol, accept, approve, or certify the 1992 Protocol, which may approve, approve, approve, or contribute to the Protocol.

5. A State that is part of the Protocol (1992), but not a 1969 Accountability Party, will be the same as the protocol of the so-called "Protocol" to the "1969" entity, which is the entity with which it is known as the entity, but with that language, the 1969 Word. This is not going to be the case with this option.

6. A confirmation, acceptance, approval, or folding document issued after a dedic of the 1969 Accountability Dictionary of the Business Protocol will be considered to be applied to the Glossary of this statement.

Article 13

Entering dropgiriþ

1. This Protocol will be effective within twelve months after the date of approval, acceptance, approval, or inclusion of the ten State's Organization's General Secretary, including four States, each of which has a gros tanker tonaja at least one million units.

2. However, every State of the 1971 Fund Agreement, on the date of its approval, approval, acceptance or folding of the protocol, is the 31st of the 1992 Protocol to which the 1971 Fund Proposition was announced. May represent that the item under clause is not in effect for the purposes of the item until the end of the month of month period. A State that provides approval, acceptance, approval, or folding of the 1992 Protocol, which is non-entity in the 1971 Fund Glossary, can also be found in a statement according to this paragraph, as well as in the case of a State of the United States.

3. Each State, based on a previous paragraph, may withdraw its statement with a tip addressed to the Secretary General of the Organization. This withdrawal will take effect at the time of the negligence of this withdrawal, with the record of acceptance of the State of the withdrawal of the State of this withdrawal on the tip of the notice on the day of the tip of the notice, acceptance, draft, or enter document.

4. For any State that approves, approves, or drafts, or enters the Protocol after paragraph 1 of the applicable entry, this Protocol will be effective for twelve months after the date of the issuing of that document. enter.

Article 14

Revisions and deafness

1. It may call a Conference meeting of the 1992 Accountability Dictionary with a revision or tad.

2. Upon the request of at least one third of the State States, the Organization will run a Conference on the purpose of revising or changing the 1992 Accountability Dictionary.

Article 15

Tentadit quantities deðiþiklikleri

1. At least one-third of the entity's request, at least a third of the entity's protocol, is the proposal of the 1969 Accountability of the Accountability Dictionary, which is the entire organization by the Secretary-General. It will be sent to its members and all the Fuel Parties.

2. Any deportations that are recommended and sent in the above will be submitted to the Organization's Law Committee to be deposed at least six months after the submission date.

3. All States, whether it is a member of the organisation or not, will have the right to take part in the laws of the Law Committee relating to the deification and acceptance of all states, including the 1969 Accountability of Responsibility.

4. Delics will be accepted with two-thirds of the states that are set up in the Law Committee and the Competence Parties to vote on at least half of the Rules Committee.

5. In a bid to address the actions, the Legal Committee said that events should be seen, and particularly the amount of damages arising from these events, money deans, and the recommended cost of insurance. It will take effect. Further, the V. Article 1 of the Promise of the Word, which is the protocol. The 4th International Agreement on the Establification of an International Fund for the Tazmini of the 1992 Petroleum Pollution Damages with the limits in paragraph Article 4. dikkate

6 (a) no other liability for the liability of the liability under this Article is prior to January 15, 1998, or earlier than in this article. will not be deemable in less than five years after the effective date of entry. Nothing under this Article will be considered prior to the effective entry of this Protocol.

(b) No limit is increased by 6 percent in the year calculated from January 15, 1993 on a single basis. No limit on the limit set forth in the 1969 Accountability Dictionary identified by the protocol will not increase.

(c) No limit is the limit specified in the 1969 Accountability Promise, which is referred to by this Protocol no more than 3 times the amount of incoming money.

7. According to paragraph 4, the deity will be communicated to all the Fuel Parties by the Organization. The deity will be deemed accepted at the end of the eighteen month period after the notification date. Less than a quarter of the states in the State Party, in which it is accepted by the Legal Committee, have less than a quarter of the states to report that they are not accepting, in which case they are denied, and they are not valid. is not available.

8. An accepted deity that is accepted according to Paragraph 7 will be effective within eighteen months of the date of acceptance.

9. According to Article 16, paragraph 1 and 2, all of the information will be provided by the All Parties unless they terminate the protocol at least six months prior to the effective date of the desection. An annuities that are made in this way will be effective at the current entry.

10. The deity will have a State of the Union address in the meantime, when it has been adopted by the Law Committee, but has not yet been due for an eight-month period. In the event that is specified in the paragraph, a condition is effective, or if the protocol is to be used for this State, whichever is later, this is the current State.

Article 16


1. This Protocol may be annulled by the User at any time after the date of entry for such a Âkit.

2. The annulment shall be actuaried with the granting of an annulment document to the Secretary General of the Organization.

3. The annulment shall be effective in a longer period of time specified in the twelve months or annulment document after the publication of the annulment document to the Secretary General of the Organization.

4. The XVI of the Word, which is the name of the 1969 Accountability Promise by any one of these Parties, is among the Parties to the Protocol. According to its article, the basil will not be interpreted as a basil of the 1969 Accountability Dictionary, which is in no way.

5. The dissolution of the 1992 Protocol, which brought the 1971 Fund's commitment to the 1971 Fund of the Fund, shall be considered an annulment of the protocol, the annulment of the protocol. This annulment is the 34th of the protocol of the 1992 Protocol, which brought the 1971 Fund's Promise. According to the item, the effective date will apply to the current date.

Article 17

Exporting documents

1. Any other dexterity will be given to the Secretary-General of the Protocol and Article 15.

2. Organization Secretary:

(a) (i) the issuance of a new signature or document;

(ii) any statements and statements made in accordance with Article 13, and V. Clause of the 1992 Accountability Act, 9. each statement and notice made in accordance with the paragraph;

(iii) the effective date of the Israeli Protocol;

(iv) Article 15, paragraph 1, to the effect of liability statements made according to offer;

(v) Clause 15, paragraph 4;

(vi) All 8 and 9 of the People's Articles. protocol annuities with respect to the date and effective entry date of Article 15, paragraph 7, along with the effective date of paragraph 7;

(vii) verilmesini

(viii) any annuities that are considered to be made under Article 16, paragraph 5;

(ix) any further reporting of the United Protocol to any other protocol; this is the protocol of the following protocol. will notify all States who have signed or entered the Protocol.

(b) The current protocol of the protocol will be sent to all of the United States, and all States entering the protocol.

3. As soon as the protocol is effective, the text of the Organization's Secretary of the Organization is held in 102, as soon as the Secretary of the Union. It will be submitted to the United Nations Secretariat for registration and release.

Article 18


The protocol, each one being equal to the actual It is the only original, including Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, Spanish, and Spanish.

The building is held in London on the Binnylor2 history.

The number of people who have signed up for the purpose of this purpose, to be fully qualified by the relevant Governments.




1992 The VII of the International Glossary of Legal Responsibility for the Harmful Damages. It is regulated by the provisions of the clause.

In relation to this document, the ship mentioned above, from the 1992 Petroleum Polluant

, VII of the International Glossary of Harmful Legal Liability. The }

is considered an insurance policy or other material collateral.

The Type of Collateral: ...........................................................


The duration of the following: ..........................................


Name and Address of the Sigorta (s) and/or Garator (s):

Name: ......................

Address: .................

This certificate is valid until the following certificate ........................... ...

..................... It has been edited or sanctioned by the government.

(Full name of the state)

......................... (Location)


..................... (date)




Editing or cerstable


authorized and Unvant

Revocable Notes:

1. For example, the Government statement may contain a reference to the authorized public body of the country in which the document is issued.

2. If the total amount of the guarantee is given by more than one source, the amount each of these resources must be specified.

3. If the guarantee is given in a few forms, these forms must be specified.

4. In the "Guarantee Time" section, this guarantee should indicate the effective date of entry.


What is the place in the II/a (ii) clause of the word " ... or, if the party does not specify such a region, then this state From the line of international law that is determined by international law and measured by the territorial waters of 200 nautical miles, and in the region in which it is located, "the statement said," Turkey is not the right one. Because such an expression is being laid out in international law norms, Turkey has defined these areas as the sea.


The Republic of Turkey, former Soviet Socialist Republique Note that the United States of the United States (2) under the Word XI (2) was the party of the United States on 24 June 1975.

The Republic of Turkey declares that it does not recognize the hammer. The Republic of Turkey has not given a state the right to an exemption from the jurisdiction of the courts of a state, as it is concerned about the legal responsibility of a state ship used for trade purposes.