The Government's Proposed Text Warning: You Are Viewing The Law, Parliamentary General Assembly Accepted. If It Does Not Contain Any Changes That Are Made Later. Oil Pollution Damage Arising From The Legal Liability Associated With The Nations

Original Language Title: HÜKÜMETİN TEKLİF ETTİĞİ METİN Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. PETROL KİRLİLİĞİNDEN DOĞAN ZARARIN HUKUKÎ SORUMLULUĞU İLE İLGİLİ ULUSLARA

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Law No. 4507:27.1.2000 article 1. – 1992 Protocol apply with "Oil Pollution Damage Arising from the legal Liability associated with the International Agreement" our participation in the attached to the reservation and Declaration. Article 2. – This law enters into force the date of promulgation. Article 3. – This law the provisions of the Council of Ministers.

In the sense of this agreement: 1. the word "Ship" cast then made to move oil derivatives (hidrokarbür) or modified sea ship tells all kinds of sea with tools; but with another load of petroleum derivatives (hidrokarbür) will be able to move the ships carry oil derivative time and is free from such a ship bulk oil derivatives unless proven oil konvarsiyona during the subsequent flight from the derivative time according the ship will be accepted. 2. "Party" all real people or each user can customise his/her State and political, including public law or private law legal persons refers to them.
3. "so called" ships registered in the ship register names that person or persons is not registered in the ship register, the ship's owners have found to the person or persons. However, the following shall be the property of a State, that State is on board the preservation or ship management is a developer as proprietary company is operated by "the preservation" means a company.
4. "State of Registry", registered in the ship register, a registered ships where the State is in terms of non-registered ships, the ship carrying the source refers to the State.
5. the word "oil" as a burden or on board the ship's fuel tanks being moved is resistant (high evaporation) Hydrocarbons, especially crude oil, fuel oil, heavy diesel oil and lubricating oil, such as minerals. 6. "Pollution damage" means: a) regardless of where the ship leaked or dropped of hydrocarbons caused by pollution, the ship carrying all that occurred outside hidrokarbonu loss or damage resulting from this intact, the loss of profit for the degradation of the environment other than compensation, which will be held back the way it was actually made or returning to the limitation on terms reasonably related to the cost of the measures;
b) Prevention measures costs and loss or damage caused by these measures are included.
7. "Prevention measures" after an incident has occurred to prevent damage or contamination to conserve limited reasonable measures taken by any person.
8. "Incident" to the detriment of pollution causes serious and heavy with such damage or threat to the emergence or any event originating in the same sequence of events would be in the sense of.
9. the word "Organization" refers to international maritime know about your organization ....
10. the 1969 Liability Convention 1969 Oil Pollution Damage Arising from the legal Liability-related international agreements. The States parties to this Convention, the cryptographic flaw in this 1976 expression, this Protocol shall be deemed to contain the modified 1969 Liability Convention.
Article II of this Agreement shall apply to the following: (a) exclusively in the following locations: (I) to the detriment of the consequential contamination Âkit neither party in the country, including one of territorial waters; and (ii) determined by international law on the exclusive economic zone, or Âkit Side, Âkit is to determine such a region, that State Parties by international law and territorial waters extending 200 nautical miles measured from the line of black water in the adjacent area and beyond; from pollution to prevent harm or damage with this limited protection measures taken to keep as current. (b) that the prevention of harm or to minimize the preventive measures taken.
Article III 1. As a result of this incident all pollution damage caused by the ship that item 2 and paragraph 3 except as in the time of the incident the ship equipper, consists of a series of events from the first incident event is responsible equipper in the history.
2. The preservation of the harm pollution: a) a harp hostility, civil war or insurgency movement or abnormal nature that is not capable of preventing and avoided incident was the result of a third party, or b) Exclusively with the omission of an act or vukubulan mean any harm was the result of, or c) Exclusively a Government or a lantern or other cruise you are responsible for maintaining the Agency shall be submitted for the fulfillment of this task a negligence or other Naga was the result of a de facto against the , if not responsible for proof.
3. Covered in whole or in part, of the harm pollution, the injured person no harm meant an act or negligence or transpired with another coming forth from a defect if he proved that against an individual may be partially or completely from the same responsibility.
4. Donatandan fouling due to the damage compensation, the provisions of this agreement, however, can be requested in his apartment. Subject to paragraph 5 of this article, as the following tasks, damage, damage may be caused or mean carelessly and loss, and they make a personal act or omission with an awareness of what this agreement, provided that kaynaklanmaması or any other reason, any claims due to pollution damage from müsteni.
(a) the servants or agents or crew Donatanın;
(b) serves to ship outside the crew captain, or other persons;
(c) any vessel tenants (including bare boat charterer, regardless of how it is defined), the principal or operator of the ship;
(d) the public authorities with the permission or authorized Donatanın instruction means any party that with recovery operations;
(e) every person preventative measures;
(f) subparagraph (c), (d) and (e) the servants or persons specified in the agencies. 5. This agreement shall be without prejudice to the rights of recourse to third parties of equip.
Article IV an incident with two or more when he and the ship's pollution damage occurs all ships involved the preservation of all damages that are not possible to leave a safety, the provisions of article III shall be severally liable.
Article V 1. A vessel equipper in accordance with this agreement to take responsibility for any event-related, the following have the right to limit the total calculated in such a way is a meblağla.
(a) the tonnage of a ship without a 5.000 unit of 3 million on the unit of account;
(b) for a ship over the 5.000 tonnage unit (a) in addition to the amount set forth in subparagraph for each additional tonnage unit 420 unit of account; However, this total amount does not exceed the unit of account in each case is essential 59.7 million.
2. Donatanın, pollution damage of this kind of damage to equip to be intentional, knowing that this will result in damage or neglect and have committed personal action or mehtemelen action is, prove your lack of responsibility under this agreement due to limitation shall not be entitled to.
3. Paragraph 1 of this article in order to be able to benefit from the limitation described in the preservation, in accordance with article IX which will open a case in the country Âkit States Court of any of the other competent authorities or in or be sued, in accordance with Article IX, a court or a process can be made the owner of the rank and authority of Parties Âkit itself when a Fund in the amount of all liability. Fund, or bank guarantee to the calculated amount according to the legislation the repository şeyanı enough acceptance and court or other competent authority to be counted in other make of warranty shall be presented.
4. The Fund is fixed between damaged will be shared at a rate of receivables.
5. Fund for pollution incident in question must first before losses to paying compensation for the preservation or employed or a person or insurer or other financial assurance to him that the person who has given, compensation in accordance with this agreement where the field party has the rights to reimbursement, in proportion to the successor.
6. in paragraph 5 of this article, predicted the law will be applied in the case of succession, if given, administering the national Taylor, other than paragraph by a person because of the harm pollution can be used to pay compensation even.
7. The preservation, or other person is found to be in the Fund before the reimbursement be shared 5 or 6 of paragraph will be entitled to a compensation subrogation in whole or in part, may be forced to pay at a later date if he owned the State Court in the country when funds proved or other competent authority which he mentioned to be able to make the request from the Fund at a later date in order to be kept would order a sufficient amount stored.
8. Donatanın preventing damage or contamination to conserve limited his reasonable costs and willingly sacrifices itself on equal rights with the other creditor funds.

9 (a) Item 1. referred to in paragraph "unit of account", as defined by the International Monetary Fund special drawing rights. Paragraph 1 referred to in paragraph 3 specified sums, the creation of the Fund in the Special Drawing Right on the basis that the reference currency value has to be converted into the national currency. Special drawing rights, in terms of the International Monetary Fund, which is a member of the national currency of a state value Âkit Party, operations and processes that are in effect on the date in question for the international monetary Fonunca will be calculated according to the method of evaluation applied. Special drawing rights terms, a Âkit Party who is not a member of the International Monetary Fund, the State's national currency value, this will be calculated in such a way that is determined by the State.
9 (b) However, the law of non-member International Monetary Fund and the provisions of paragraph 9 (a) does not allow the implementation of a State party, the adoption of the approval of this agreement, Âkit, auditor's report or Contract on the day of arrival or at any time after this date, referred to in paragraph 9 (a) unit of account will be equal to 15 gold can declare the Exposition Universelle. Referred to in this paragraph, the gold franc 900/1000 setting corresponds to the mixture of pure gold 40.7 milligrams. Conversion of national currency frangın gold, according to the relevant State law.
9 (c) the last sentence of paragraph 9 (a) and 9 (b) specified in paragraph (a) of paragraph 9, last name of transformation, the first three sentences of paragraph 1 to have been caused by the application of the sums, the national currency of the State Âkit Party as far as possible the same real value expression in a way that will be made. Âkit the parties agree that this agreement, approval, acceptance, given the input document and the auditor's report or Contract any of these is a change in paragraph 9 (a) according to the shape of the calculation or the result of the conversion in paragraph 9 (b), which requires the State deposited the document under advisement with the place.
10. for the purpose of This Item, the ship's tonnage, Tonnage Measurement of Ships 1969 International tonnage measurement regulations specified in annex I of the agreement, according to will be calculated.
11. The insurer or giving people financial assurance, covered the ship in accordance with this agreement or the same legal effect as equal terms including the right to create a fund legally. In accordance with paragraph 2, have the right to limit responsibility for such a fund can be established, even if it is not, however, set up this Fund, in this case the preservation will request against the rights of claimants is not going to hurt. Article vi 1. The so called incident occurred when a Fund in accordance with Article V after and also reserves the right to limit liability is found possessing: a) due to contamination arising from This incident damage no compensation as the goods on the equip using.
b Âkit-party State Court or other authority) for each authority due to pollution damage arising from the incident alleged to receive a compensation of distressed assets on the other goods the ship or equip avoid garnishment purposes also such a compensation or other guarantees that have been given. 2. The above provisions but reference to the Court that governed the Fund and creditors of the Fund can be used to pay really would take him with the terms of the current account deficit.
Article VII 1. Âkit is a State registered more than 2000 tons of hydrocarbon load-bearing cast as equipper, müsteni this agreement to meet the pollution damage from liability or make a bank guarantee or an insurance international fonunca a compensation Article V, owned the liability limit found in paragraph 1 in accordance with the arrangement in other financial guarantee, such as a certificate giving the taxpayer. 2. paragraph 1 of the relevant authority of the State, Âkit-party conditions is observed after each detected a ship according to the provisions of the present agreement, insurance or other financial security shall be given a document stating that he was in effect. A Âkit Party in relation to a registered ship in the State, this document is registered in the register of the ship will be given the relevant authority of the State to be certified by or; a Âkit Party with regard to a non-registered ship in the State, this document can only be issued by the relevant authority of any Âkit Party or certifiable. This document will be in the form given in the Appendix model and will include the following information: (a) name of ship and port of registration;
(b) the preservation of the ship name and central place of work (c) deposit type;
(d) the name of the person who gave the insurer or guarantor and the Central Office, and, when appropriate, insurance or is laid out in the workplace;
(e) the validity of the document, this period of validity of the insurance or other security, it will not be long. 3. the official language of the State that issued the document to certify, or languages. What is the language used is not English nor French, the text shall include a translation of one of these languages.
4. a copy of the document on the deck of the ship, the ship registration records and to consider holding a ship to be given to the authorities or Âkit is not registered in the State Party, will be given issuer or attesting the document, authorities.
5. An insurance or other financial guarantees, this Item 2. why the end of the period of validity specified in paragraph apart from other reasons, termination of the caveat, this Item 4. from the date of issuance of the authorities specified in paragraph 3 months ago expires unless delivered this document to the authorities or unless a new document within the period in question is edited, this financial guarantee insurance or other, will meet the terms of this article. This provision, similarly, that no longer meet the terms of insurance or this article teminatlardaki will also be applied to all kinds of change. 6. Registry State, depending on the provisions of this article, document editing, and will identify the terms of validity.
7. According to Paragraph 2, a State authority which is issued by a Âkit Party or for the purposes of this agreement, the approval documents, and other Âkit Party Âkit Party in the State with regard to a non-registered ship has been granted or approved, even though the documents given by themselves or approval shall accept the same like geçerliktey. A Âkit States parties, attesting the document editor or the Government, the document said the insurer or garantörün, loses its ability to absorb the obligations introduced by this agreement is with regard to the issue of whether the interview at any time.
8. every request related to the compensation of the harm Pollution directly, the insurer or the pollution damage to financial responsibility of equip ship no deposit can be done against the other party to provide. In such a case, the defendant, preservation, Article V, paragraph 2, have the right to limit responsibility according to Article V, paragraph 1, specified in the limitation of liability.
9. pursuant to the first paragraph in an insurance contract and other collateral shall also be presented from this Agreement exclusively owned funds usually allocated to receive compensation of leveling.
10. Âkit bearing their flags of States and is subject to the provisions of this item ships this item pursuant to paragraph 2 or 12nd edited have a certificate, unless they won't allow commercial activity.
11. to adhere to the provisions of this article Âkit States in 2000 tons of hydrocarbon load-bearing cast and its own country that left him or came to the port or its own territorial waters in the open loading, unloading, or it can be the one who left the ships, regardless of which country is found in the record, the provisions of paragraph 1 to do or other financial guarantee insurance to show national legislation provides with.
12. Âkit is a State-owned insurance or other financial guarantee that ships that do not have corresponding provisions; However, such a ship, Registration authorities and the ship's State of the State concerned and liability in paragraph 1 of article V of the owned identified within the boundaries set against must be a document showing that the holder. The 2nd paragraph of the opportunity instance document would be appropriate.
Article VIII this agreement envisaged compensation rights in case the damage occurred about three years since we were fortunate if they fall off. For six years from the date of the incident causing the damage after a case cannot be opened anymore. Hadise has held multiple stages, the first stage of the six-year period starts.
Article IX 1. An incident, territorial waters or a field specified in Item II included one or more Âkit in the land of the State causes damage or contamination to avoid contamination, losses or to conserve limited territorial waters or areas in a country like this, including prevention measures are taken if compensation lawsuits in the courts of the State or States, but Âkit can be opened. This is the kind of case as the respondent is notified in proper time.
2. Âkit States that you can bind each of these cases to the compensation provision provides the necessary authority to the Court to.
3. when the fifth country after the Fund, in accordance with article when the courts of the State Fund of Fund owned the taksim and timing all belong to matters has you. Article X

1. According to the article from an authorized court IX 9th is the origin of the sa in judicial law against him and in the way it is now possible to reference claims that are not recognized by States parties, all provisions of the Executive Âkit a unless a has been rigged in some way), or b) apposite the defendant producing over a period of time have not been informed about the case and has not been granted the opportunity to defend himself in court.
2. pursuant to the first paragraph in each of the Âkit States recognized a warrant from mezkür State envisioned by the ceremony fulfilled not k Executive. Reexamining about this ceremony, to be carried out.
Article XI 1. The provisions of this agreement with State-owned warships or operated by a State exclusively in the circuit in question informal commercial ships allocated to serve as k is not applied.
2. Âkit is A State-owned vessel used for commercial purpose, for each zikrolunan in Âkit State can be sued in the courts of article IX; in such a case the defendant, in his capacity as a sovereign State possessing waive all defenses including.
Article XII of this agreement, in effect on the date it is opened for signature, or signature, ratification or to enter into international Agreements-only this is disputed with this agreement, including the scope of the contracts-on; However, this Matter nothing, Âkit States parties, non-States parties to the Âkit, this will not affect the international obligations arising from contracts.
Article XII bis Transitional provisions a State, an event both in the history of this agreement as well as in the case of the 1969 Liability Convention shall apply the following provisions to be a party to: (a) in the scope of this agreement which is caused to the detriment of the event contamination case, the obligations under this agreement and in accordance with the 1969 Liability Convention in the emergence of this liability to the extent that out, removed addedilecektir.
(b) an event within the scope of the pollution caused to the detriment of this agreement and such State and this agreement as well as an International Fund for compensation for Oil Pollution Damage 1971 with establishing International parties to the present Convention, in which case it is, this item must be (a) subparagraph after the implementation of the remaining responsibility in accordance with this agreement, the implementation of the contract in question have not been compensated after the 1971 pollution damage within their means will emerge;
(c) in article III, paragraph 4 of this agreement, "agreement", which if it looks good, this agreement will be interpreted as the 1969 Liability Convention or;
(d) Article V, paragraph 3, of this agreement, the implementation of the total amount of the Fund to be created, according to subparagraph (a) of this item must be paid the amount that will be accepted will be reduced in proportion.
Article XII of this Ultimate sweat substances Sözleşenin the final articles of the 1969 Liability Convention amendments will be the items between the 1992 Protocol 12 to 18. Âkit of this agreement the parties related references will be specified by States, in reference to the Protocol Side.
The FINAL ITEMS on the 1969 Liability Convention amendments 12 to 18 items of the 1992 Protocol article 12 Signature, ratification, acceptance, approval and entering this Protocol shall, in London on January 14, January 15, 1993, shall be open for signature until 1994.
2. subject to Paragraph 4, each State (a) depending on the conditions of ratification, acceptance or approval after signing to or ratification, acceptance or approval;
(b) may be a party to this Protocol, to attend. 3. Confirmation, acceptance, approval or accession the Secretary-General of the Organization of a document duly deposited by passing.
4. an International Fund for compensation for Oil Pollution damage by flooding in 1971 with establishing International Contract (hereinafter briefly referred to as the "1971 Fund Convention"), in which each State party to this Protocol shall enter into force on the date of entry into force of this State unless you cancel this agreement confirms the 1992 Protocol amendments, agrees, will certify or approve this Protocol, Protocol, can certify or accept the Protocol.
5. the parties to this Protocol (1992) is a State not party to the Convention, however, 1969 Liability Convention 1969, the way that other parties against States will depend on the shape of this Protocol Agreement has been modified, but the way that parties to the Convention in 1969, which will be attached to this Agreement as against.
6. this Protocol a change different 1969 Liability Convention after the entry into force of a participation certificate of ratification, acceptance, approval or given, this amendment will be considered to apply to the modified Agreement.
Article 13 entry into force 1. This Protocol, each one at least one million units of gross tanker including four States that has ten State Organizations tonaja Secretary-general gave a certificate of ratification, acceptance, approval or accession, the Convention shall enter into force twelve months after the date.
2. However, each State party to the 1971 Fund Agreement, this Protocol shall agree about the ratification, approval, or accession, on the date given, 1971 Convention on modified the 1992 Fund Protocol 31. Until the end of the six-month period specified on the item, the item is not in effect for the purposes of this agreement can be accepted. 1971 1971 Fund Convention but not party Funding Agreement that changes related to the 1992 Protocol of ratification, acceptance, approval or accession, a State that, in addition, at the same time, this paragraph can be found in a statement.
3. According to the previous paragraph, a statement found in each State, this Declaration addressed to the Secretary General of the Organization, acting on the may withdraw a given. It is located in the State's recall notice regarding this Protocol ratification, acceptance, approval or the notice is given in the document to enter will be accepted, provided that it shall come into force on the date when the denunciation to withdraw is received. 4. Regarding paragraph 1 to take effect after the circumstances confirming the Protocol, acceptance, attesting to every State, or this Protocol shall, after the date of issuance of the relevant document of this State, the Convention shall enter into force twelve months.
Article 14 Revision and Amendment 1. The Organization, the purpose of the 1992 Liability Convention revision or alteration can be called a Conference meeting. 2. at the request of at least one-third of the Âkit States the Organization Âkit States the purpose of the 1992 Liability Convention revise or alteration to a conference calls.
Article 15 limited scope quantity changes 1. Âkit at the request of at least one third of the States parties to this Protocol replaced 1969 Liability Convention Article V, paragraph 1, the liability limitation of all Organisations about offers, by the Secretary General will be sent to all Members and Âkit Parties.
2. as indicated above, any changes recommended and sent at least six months after the date of the submission at a later date for the evaluation will be presented to the Committee on the law of the organization.
3. changed this Protocol whether or not a member of the Organization, all the States parties to the 1969 Liability Agreement, evaluation and acceptance of changes to participate in Law related to the Committee shall have the right to work.
4. Modifications of, Âkit voted at least half of the parties reside, provided that they present the Law Committee and the two-thirds majority of the States Parties participating in the vote will be treated with Âkit.
5. replacing a quote about the Limitations in the Law Committee, and in particular the amount of damage caused by these events, changes of the value of money and the cost impact of the proposed change will consider insurance. In addition, article 1 of this Protocol modified Agreement V. Loss limits in a paragraph with an International Fund for compensation for oil pollution in 1992 with the establishment of International Agreement about 4. Item 4. paragraph will consider the relationship between the limits specified in the.
6 (a) limitation of liability under no change of this article, prior to the date of January 15, 1998 or earlier under this article after the date of entry into force of the change in less than five years cannot be evaluated. This article, no changes will be made under the Protocol's entry into force of the ago will not be accepted.
(b) No limit, 15 January 1993 onwards is based on a composite of this Protocol increased 6 percent a year, computed over the changed amount of corresponding to the specified limit of liability Agreement in 1969 to go cannot be increased.
(c) No limit, the limit specified in this Protocol modified the corresponding amount of liability Agreement in 1969 3 times the amount cannot be increased to go.

7. Paragraph 4 in accordance with the accepted change, all by the Organization will be notified To Âkit. The next eighteen months from the date of notification of the change at the end of the period considered has been accepted. Law Committee by the States Parties at the date of the change to acceptance Âkit less than one-fourth, did not agree to the change, it is necessary to inform the Organization, in this case the change is rejected and will not be any validity.
8. Paragraph 7 was adopted with respect to a change in accepted the accepted shall enter into force within the next eighteen months from.
9. Article 16, paragraphs 1 and 2, at least six months before the effective date of the changes set forth in this Protocol shall be the parties to all relevant change feshetmedikçe, Âkit. In this way a termination will come into effect when the change is in force.
10. This change, when it is accepted by the Legal Committee but the changes related to the acceptance of the eighteen-month period has not yet expired, a State which during that time Âkidi the contract. In cases specified in this paragraph, an amendment enters into force or this Protocol enters into force for that State, whichever is later, will connect these changes State.
Article 16 Dissolution 1. This Protocol shall, out of the question for a Âkit any time after the effective date, it may be terminated by the party Âkit. 2. Termination, the Secretary-General will take place with the issuance of the certificate of termination of the organization.
3. The Secretary-General of the Organization of termination after twelve months of termination or termination in a longer period is specified in the document will come into effect.
4. the parties to This Protocol, if any, between the parties when granted by 1969 Liability Convention, said Convention XVI. According to the link termination, there is no way this Protocol shall be construed as a different termination Liability Agreement in 1969.
5.1971 Fund Convention brings changes to the 1992 Protocol remain a Party Fund Agreement in 1971 to a termination, expiration or termination of this Protocol by the State will be considered. This termination, dissolution of the 1992 Fund Convention brings changes to the 1971 Protocol this Current 34. The link will be valid on the date of entry into force according to the. Article 17 granting of documents 1. This Protocol shall be adopted in accordance with article 15 and any change will be given to the Secretary-General of the organization.
2. The Secretary General of the Organization: (a) (I), together with the dates of issuance of a new signing or document;
(ii) each Declaration and notification made pursuant to article 13 and article V of the 1992 Liability Convention, 9. in accordance with paragraph each Declaration and notification;
(iii) the date of entry into force of this Protocol;
(iv) article 15, paragraph 1 made according to any proposal to change the boundaries of responsibility;
(v) article 15, paragraph 4, according to accepted any change;
(vi) Item 8 and 9. the entry into force in accordance with paragraph of article 15, paragraph 7 which is considered accepted according to any changes;
(vii) issued and effective date of the termination of this Protocol in conjunction with the document issuance;
(viii) article 16, paragraph 5 was done in accordance with accepted termination of all kinds;
(ix) any of this Protocol in accordance with article requested all kinds of communications; This Protocol shall inform all States signing or entering the Protocol.
(b) all copies of Signature of this Protocol certified genuine and terms of all who enter the Protocol States that places States.
3. This Protocol shall enter into force, the text of the Main Agreement of the United Nations General Sekreterince the Organization, 102. The link will be sent to the Secretariat of the United Nations for the recording and publication see.
Article 18 this Protocol shall be the language, each of which are equally authentic, including, Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish languages, including the only original.
Twenty-seven were held in London on November Bindokuzyüzdoksaniki.
Because of the above mentioned martyrdom of the undersigned, duly authorized for this purpose were signed as the corresponding Hükümetlerce.
ADDITIONAL LEGAL LIABILITY for OIL SPILL DAMAGE PROOF of INSURANCE or OTHER FINANCIAL GUARANTEES with be liable to Legal Responsibility Arising from the 1992 International Oil Pollution Agreement VII. According to the provisions of the article.
Hereby, in relation to a ship above, be liable to Legal Responsibility Arising from 1992 Oil Pollution International Convention with VII. The article meets the terms of an insurance policy or other financial guarantee is to certify that.
Teminat Türü : .......................................................
Teminat süresi : .....................................................
Insurance Who (80s) and/or Garantörün (80s) Name and address: Name:......................
Address:................. This certificate........................... is valid until.
..................... Last edited by the Government or have been legalized.
(The full name of the State) ... ... ... ... ... ... ... .... (Yer) ..................... (tarih) ............................................ Title of authorized signature of the editor or reciprocation and Explanatory Notes: 1. When you are prompted, description of the State of the document is issued to the public authority can include a reference to the country's authorities.
2. the total amount of Collateral, if issued by more than one source, the amount of each of these resources must be specified.
3. Collateral, if a few form, these forms must be specified.
4. "Duration" section of, it is the date of entry into force.
HIS COLLABORATORS was Agreement Turkey II/a (ii) contained in article "... or, if you determine such a region, Âkit Party that is designated under international law by the State and territorial waters extending 200 nautical miles from the measured line beyond their territorial waters and adjoining." statement is not binding for Turkey. Because, in such an expression, in contradiction with international law norms, Turkey recognises those areas offshore.
Turkey Republic of Turkey's STATEMENT, former Soviet Socialist Republics Union 24 in June 1975, while the agreement parties to the present Convention XI (2) item brought to the kind provided for note.
Turkey does not recognise the Republic of the kind provided for in question. Turkey Republic, commercial and legal responsibility of a Government ship used for purposes related to a case is concerned, international law, jurisdiction of the courts of another State, a State of exemption as is of the opinion that do not provide.

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