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Kanun No. 5501


Accepted Date: 16/5/2006      

MADDE 1- signed in Islamabad on 15 June 2003 The Government of the Republic of Pakistan and the Government of the Republic of Pakistan in the Government of the Government of the Republic of Pakistan have said that it is appropriate to confirm the International Highway.

ARTICLE 2- This is the date on the release date of the Law.

TICAD 3- The Council of Ministers executes the provisions of this Law.


























HükümetiGovernment of the Republic of Turkey


Government of the Republic of Pakistan Islamic Republic of Turkey

is a transit, transit, and land transit, transit, and territory. They will be mutabled by the desire to make it easier for them to move:

Clause 1

The provisions of this statement are provided by a registered party in the country of the other in the country. It is applied to the international passenger and country by land, through land or in transit through one of the countries and the Skit Parties.


Article 2

In this Expression

"Tamil" term: The law and the according to Nizamis is the real and legal entity that is authorized to take part in the passenger and the company.

"Taste" term:

i) More than eight passengers or people are about to be ready to move, or to pull out of the driver, except the drive. It was built by a carolious movement that was driven by its own power, and the power of its own.


ii) Remork or passenger to move to or from the above (s) with a set of self-described. one of the half-trailers to be installed,

"Certificate of Phrase", In one of the Aper Sides a permit issued by a Program to be able to enter and cross over its territory, and the other permission documents stipulate in this information, as required by a Aware Permit, to be able to enter the other

The term "quota", Authorities are authorized by the number of permission documents to be exported from the side of the year,

"Regular Bus Service" term previously detected a route, a national time and fee schedule, and passenger transport between the two Azite Party countries, as well as the

"Regular transit bus service" term, a Âkit The regular service of the entity country and the regular service of the country in a third state, which passes and passes the country without the passenger and the passenger.

"Shutdown Service" refers to one and the same. at the end of the planned stay and the planned stay is at the end of the planned stay and the planned stay is at the end of the planned stay (all traveling passengers, return together). It has to, it 's the first trip from the point of view, and it' s the last time. The trip will be done in the boon.)

"Covered Door Service" (Tourist holiday) term, from a point in the same group of people in the same country in which the same group of passengers was registered and ended up in this country, with the same set of passenger passengers without receiving passengers,

"Transit overflow" term, is up and available One of the other countries in which it is a member of the World Party is a passenger and passenger on the part of the Akit Party,

refers to.


Clause 3

Each of our countries, in order to comply with the provisions of this Andification, will be in the following: Each of the people in their business and commercial business with their personal business will recognize the right of passage through the authorized authorities ' routes.

Clause 4

Each Party, by its own national legislation, has its own, according to its own national legislation. In the territory, in places that are most likely, they will allow to open offices or assign agencies in places that are left mutabled.

will not be able to operate as a travel agent in the country of the other in the region of Akit.

Clause 5

Parties, from the site of the other in transit through their territory,

a) Charges received from the use of a highway substructure (parallel road and bridges)

b) The maintenance and protection of the highway, road and construction management costs Charges for getting started,

c) the current, dimensions, or payload are the same as specified in the Millite legislation Charges, if not applicable,

Any imported or export tax or official (including a customs duty) in the

They won't.

transit across the territory of the Fuel Party (b) above the basis of the operation may be exempted from the fees specified in the self.

Clause 6

One of the countries ' s teams and drivers were found in the country of Skit Party. In the case that they violate the traffic and vacation niches, this country will notify the competent authorities of the competent authorities.

In the first case of this Article, the violations identified by the Doubt are The measures will be reported by the competent authorities of this country to the competent authorities of the country.

Clause 7

A Karma Commission will be formed from the representatives of the Âkit. Karma Commission tasks:

a) To oversee the implementation of the language that you understand,

b) To determine the time and order of documents with the contents of the document,

c) The authorized authorities listed in the 24th clause of this Statement to examine possible issues that cannot be resolved, and to make offers for their solutions,

d) To review and review all of the other aspects of this statement advice,

e) To examine other people who will remain mutable in relation to the application.

In Turkey and in Turkey at the request of the Fuel Party if the Commission of Mixed Commission is required He'll gather in Pakistan.

The Karma Commission may recommend that this is a statement in any of the terms of the article. These recommendations are submitted to the approval of the competent authorities of the Akite.

Article 8

tescilIn the country of one of the parties, registration is two countries on the territory of the Sat Party. It will not be able to take passengers and passengers between periods. In the event of a special permission document from the authorities of the country's country, it will not be able to move from the territory to third countries and to third countries, Dieter Aşit said.

Article 9

A registered boat in the country of a Skit Party, unless given a warrant for this purpose, He will not be able to enter the land of the other in the country to receive passengers and passengers to his country or to a third country.


Clause 10

One of the following members has already been granted permission from the competent authorities. By taking the document, the regular service to the country can be used by regular service or through the country of the other side.

Article 11

In the country of one of the Parties, in the country of one of the countries, in the country of Europe, The shuttle service from his country is full, and the shuttle service will not be subject to the shuttle service with a full trip.


Article 12

In the course of the following states, the Akkit will be conducted between the countries and the In accordance with the imported regime, the transit country will be subject to the consent document based on the quota for the imported regime.

a) Funeral service (especially those with teacup for this purpose),

b) Theatre decor and material remodled

c) include music, cinema, folklore and circus shows, sports activities and radio programs Regulation, materials or equipment for television and motion pictures, and animals,

d) Art creation,

e) Animals in the region of the cut-in animals,

f) Repairs or damage to damage control,

g) Mail-in

h) Air transport routes as an increase in goods from the air ports remod&y

i) Of course, help with relief in case of disasters,

j) Exhibition and exhibside materials are provided,

k) The other people will be agreed to be centered by the Karma Commission,

Article 13

The documents will be valid for a maximum of one year. The next year's permit papers will be tested every year. Additional documentation may be available with the help of the company to meet the needs of the Akit Parties.

A permission document is a departure for a receipt and in between and/or over the territory of the Party It will be valid for arrival and within the time period of the given. The power of the fire is not transferable.


Article 14

A registered tool in a Skit Party country, except for the purpose of a special permit. He will not be able to take the burden on his country after he has been burdened by the land of the Party.

Article 15

Weapons, ammunition, military supplies, two countries of hazardous substances with explosive substances It is subject to a special permission document that will be taken for this purpose, either in search of or in transit from one of the countries of the Site.

People who are not permitted to take part in the animal and plant health care It would prohibit the country or country from taking part.


Clause 16

The World's Parties provide customs and other formalities as possible to the passenger and company. They will take all the precautions they deem necessary to simplify, simplify, and operate as much as possible. The World Parties will make the effort to facilitate the transportation of their obstacles, as well as to facilitate the use of the neighbor countries or transit countries.

Article 17

According to this statement, the International Business for International TIR report is " International Company Promise will be subject to business and/or national law and niszamis.

International customs documents (triptics or other) on an international campaign onKarayolundaHighway. "carnet de passage") with the necessary documents according to the national law and its nizamis.

Article 18

The fuel in the standard warehouses is exempt from customs duties and taxes and pictures. It will be. The standard storeroom is the storeroom that the invoice that is making the operation is in the pan.

An extra-fuel storage unit will be subject to the laws and nimms of the Fuel Parties.

Article 19

The parts that are caused by the return of theTaþýtlarýnare either country or customs. They will be destroyed or handed over to the authorities under the supervision of the authorities.

Your backup part will be subject to the national law and the nizamis.

Article 20

a) Passengers, baggage and-or-people, in the Land of the Fuel Side, on the ve-or In transit, in transit, each of the Convenience Laws and the current laws and nuances will be provided to cover the damages for third parties.

b) The passengers are about to recover the damage to the baggage claim or the location of the site. In the territory of the United States, it will provide appropriate insurance to the current law and to the nizamis.

Article 21

The payments and transit activities between the Parties are in the World of Love In effect, in accordance with the law, the law and the rules, in accordance with the rules, in accordance with the rules of the Bank, the competent banks shall be made with the free exchange.

Article 22

In breach of accident, deterioration and country law, these incidents have occurred over the country. The authorities will provide the authorities with the report and the results of the investigation and the information they need to provide the urgent information.

Article 23

tescilThe personnel and trademarks of the registration of the registration in one of the Testakits They will comply with laws and nannies that regulate road traffic in their country.

What is not covered is the subject matter, subject to the laws, nims, and rules of the Aper Side.

Article 24

authorities responsible for the implementation of the statement:

a) the Ministry of Urinting

KaraPublic Service General Manager


b) For Pakistan:

Government of Pakistan



Article 25

Disputes and conflicts arising out of the interpretation and implementation of this statement It will be resolved with the decision of the negotiations.

Article 26

This means that the approval process is complete according to the policy of the Parties. will be effective at the time of the notice of the notes and will remain in effect for a year.

Three months before the end of this period, one of the Parties wishes to end the date. It will be renewed for a period of time, unless it is written to the point of writing.


June 15, 2003, two original nuses in Islamabad were British. has been edited.


ADINAADINA                                                             NAME

               Binali MY YEAR Ahmad ALIGN

                      Minister of State of the Service News