The Turkish Grand National Assembly Warning: You Are Viewing The Law, Parliamentary General Assembly Accepted. If It Does Not Contain Any Changes That Are Made Later. The Government Of The Republic Of Turkey And The Islamic Republic Of Pakistan...

Original Language Title: TÜRKİYE BÜYÜK MİLLET MECLİSİ Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. TÜRKİYE CUMHURİYETİ HÜKÜMETİ VE PAKİSTAN İSLAM CUMHURİYETİ HÜKÜM

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Law No. 5501:16/5/2006 article 1-June 15, 2003 was signed in İslamabad "Government of the Republic of Turkey and the Islamic Republic of Pakistan International Road Transport Agreement Between the Government of the" approval of the.
Article 2-this law comes into force the date of promulgation.
Article 3-the provisions of this law, the Council of Ministers.

The GOVERNMENT of the REPUBLIC of TURKEY and the ISLAMIC REPUBLIC of PAKİSTAN, the GOVERNMENT of the Government of the Republic of Turkey and the INTERNATIONAL ROAD TRANSPORT AGREEMENT BETWEEN the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and lands between the two countries on Government, transit, passenger and goods transport by road, a desire to facilitate the following matters were agreed upon: article 1 the provisions of this agreement, in the land of other Âkit Party Âkit-party registered vehicles from a country or countries and either party as road transit through Âkit international passenger and goods transport is applied.
I. DEFINITIONS article 2 of this agreement, the term "Carrier": Âkit according to the law the parties and carry passengers and goods nizam authorized natural and legal person.
The term "Vehicle": I) except for the drive to move more than eight passengers or goods, or to take these vehicles manufactured karoyulu vehicles and their power of moving on, or ii) in subparagraph (I) Above a vehicle with passengers or goods in order to move the trailer or semi trailer a vehicle consisting of Qatar on, the term "permit, vehicle registered at other Âkit Parties Âkit Side entry-exit to pass through the lands of the order or a warrant issued by the party Âkit other permission documentation provided in this agreement, with the term "Quota", Âkit will be given on an annual basis by the competent authorities of the parties permits, the number of "Regular" refers to a route in advance, according to two national Âkit Party time and rates among passenger transportation, the term "Regular transit bus service", in the land of a Âkit Party Âkit-party countries starting and other passengers loading and unloading from the territory of a third State through regular service ended.
The term "Shuttle Service" from one and the same destination, planned duration grouped by passengers to the departure point a and at the same time and at the end of the take-off is planned to be moved, to be brought to the point (along with all of the passengers who travel outward, is forced to return with the first return trip from the point of arrival at this point with the last round trip empty.)
"Closed Door" (Tourist transport) refers to take passengers the same the same passenger without leaving group is, this vehicle has been registered in Âkit Party one point from the country and ended the international passenger transportation in this country, the term "Transit transport, departure and arrival points is outside of the country, a Âkit Party Âkit-party countries between the dots over the passenger and goods transport refers to.
II. GENERAL PROVISIONS article 3 Each to comply with the provisions of this agreement, Âkit, other Âkit Party with their personal items passengers, merchandise and vehicles have been identified from each Âkit Party authorities will recognize the right to migration route.
Article 4 Each according to its own national legislation, Âkit Party Âkit Party carrier, the other on its territory, opening and mutually agreed place in Office-or will give permission to assign agencies.
Âkit-party countries as other transport travel agency will not be able to operate.
Article 5 Âkit the parties, through the territory of transit are other Âkit Party vehicles, a) obtained from the use of Road infrastructure fees (toll roads and bridges) b) Highway maintenance and protection, the management of road and transport expenses are charged to meet, c) Vehicle weight, dimensions or load exceed the limits specified in the national legislation of the parties Âkit if any received fees, import tax or official (including customs duty) market.
Âkit transit transportation through the territory of the parties, on the basis of reciprocity referred to in subparagraph (b) above, the fees may be exempt.
Article 6 Âkit if either party Âkit Party the carriers and drivers in the land of the other traffic and transport while residing in case they violate the nizam, this country's competent authorities shall inform the competent authorities of the other Âkit Party.
The first paragraph of this article with regard to the violations specified in Âkit neither party after measures taken authorities of this country will be notified to the competent authority of the other Âkit party.
Article 7 representatives of the parties constitutes a Mixed Commission Âkit. Hash the Commission's tasks include the following: a) in accordance with this agreement in some way to oversee implementation, b) home time of documents with the shape of the consent forms and procedures fix, c) are specified in article 24 of this agreement they will not likely be resolved directly between the competent authority issues to examine and make proposals for solutions, d) all other matters within the scope of this agreement to review and advice related to this issue, to be agreed upon in relation to the Transportation of e) other considerations.
Mixed Commission, at the request of one of the parties if necessary Âkit in order in Turkey and will be collected in Pakistan.
Mixed Commission this agreement may suggest making changes in any item. These recommendations for the approval of the competent authorities of the parties Âkit.
Article 8 in the land of Âkit registered vehicles granted by one other passenger between two points in the territory of a party to Âkit and is now too. Other Âkit are special entry permits the competent authorities of the parties unless the carrier by a Âkit Party Âkit-party territory to third countries of the other passengers and goods now too.
Article 9 A Âkit registered in the territory of a party in an empty vehicle, unless a permit for this purpose, his own country or to a third country to take passengers and goods will not be able to enter other countries in the Âkit Party.
III. PASSENGER TRANSPORTATION transport operator granted by one of the other article 10 Âkit Âkit-party authorized the exorcism that, taking annual permit other Parties before his country through the other party's country, regular services and can operate the regular transit service.
Article 11 Âkit are granted by one of the countries registered in the land of a country or other Âkit Party will be held from the closed door service (tourist movement), and filled with empty shuttle will be subject to a permit.
IV. GOODS SHIPMENTS article 12 Below, no Âkit specified neither party may be held over and among the countries of transit transport of goods according to the quota-based import regime Âkit Parties permit will be subject to.
a) Funeral transport (especially for this purpose equipped vehicles), b) Theater decor and material transportation c) music, folklore and circus shows, sports activities and regulation of radio programs, television and film shoots for transporting materials or equipment required and animals, d) transporting works of art, to transportation of animals other than domestic animals) segments f) corrupt or damaged vehicles, g) Mail Transport h) air transport route of transport of goods as air ports in incidental I) in the case of aid transportation disasters , j) Exhibition and trade show materials transportation, k) Mixed Commission, to be jointly by other cases, article 13 permits will be valid for a maximum of one year. Next year's permits will be '' in November of each year. Âkit to meet the needs of the parties by mutual agreement and the additional document can be ''.
A permit for a vehicle and Âkit between the territory and/or over a Party to and will be valid in the time frame given, and. A permit is not transferable.

Article 14 a vehicle registered in the territory of A Âkit Party, unless a special permit for this purpose, in the land of other Âkit Party after unloading the burden of his own country will be unable to receive a return load.
Article 15 Weapons, ammunition, military equipment, explosives and other dangerous goods between the two countries moving in transit from one country or Âkit Parties for this purpose will be subject to a special authorization.
Human, animal and plant health not allowed the entry of items in terms of their country or countries of transport Âkit-party is illegal.
V. MISCELLANEOUS PROVISIONS article 16 Âkit Parties, passenger and goods transportation as much as possible of customs and other formalities for facilitation, simplification and çabuklaştırılması shall take all measures necessary to see. Âkit parties shall also, in neighbouring countries or transit countries in the facilitation of transportation, will show the effort that is required to eliminate barriers.

Article 17 According to this agreement, within the scope of the TIR Carnet "International goods transport international goods Transportation Contract conditions and/or will be subject to national laws and nizam.
I came across a vehicle that makes international customs documents for international transport (or "carnet de passage" triptych) according to national law and with nizam required documents will be found.
Article 18 Transport, customs duty and other standard stores fuel tax and will be exempt from the pictures. Standard Depot, who manufactured the aircraft factory put the vehicle depot.
Extra fuel tank trucks containing Âkit shall be governed by the laws of the parties and the nizam.
Article 19 Transport due to failure to be issued or modified parts or out of the country would be destroyed under the supervision of the Customs authorities, or that will be delivered to the authorities.
The importation of spare parts will be subject to national laws and nizam.
Article 20 a) passengers, baggage and goods, the territory of the parties-or Âkit between and-or a vehicle used for transporting transit through international, will be given to third parties in order to meet losses, all in accordance with applicable laws and Âkit Party nizam insurance construction work.
b) Passengers, baggage and goods will suffer during transport-or losses were registered in the vehicle to meet Âkit the territory of the parties in accordance with applicable law and will be getting insurance nizam.
Article 21 Âkit between the parties arising from the activities of the transport and transit payments Âkit Taraflarda in effect, the law concerning money, Naga and in accordance with the rules, to the currencies accepted free foreign exchange Âkit Party will be held with the competent.
Article 22 Accident, disruption and breach of law country, the land of the Âkit Party found this event happen on the competent authorities and to report the results of research in this topic with the necessary information to other Âkit will forward it immediately as soon as they are over here.
Article 23 has been registered in one of the parties Âkit transport staff and other shippers in the land of road traffic law regulates Âkit Party and Naga are to follow the.
This agreement that is not covered, other considerations in transportation, Âkit Parties shall be subject to the rules of law, nizam and.
Article 24 the authorities responsible for implementing this agreement: a.) Ministry of transport General Directorate of land transportation Skerries b) to Pakistan: Pakistan Government Communications Minister İslamabad article 25 of this agreement, will be born from the interpretation and implementation disputes shall be resolved through mutual negotiations between the parties.
Article 26 this agreement according to the national legislation of the parties Âkit the completion of the approval process has been the bedrock of notes indicating that on the date and will remain in effect for one year.
This clock runs three months ago either party wanted to end the deal Âkit other Âkit unless a spontaneity of the Deal reported in writing Over the annual subscription will be for long.
June 15, 2003, in two original copies in the English language in İslamabad.