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Original Language Title: Dönem : 21 Yasama Yılı : 1 Uyarı: Görüntülemekte olduğunuz Kanun, TBMM Genel Kurulunda kabul edildiği halidir. Varsa daha sonra yapılan değişiklikleri içermemektedir. KARADENİZ ÜLKELERİ SPOR BAKANLARI TOPLANTISI TUTANAĞI İLE KARAD

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Law No. 4512:1.2.2000 article 1. — Turkey, Bulgaria, Georgia, Moldova, Romania, Ukraine and Russia Federation, signed in İstanbul on May 8, 1998, between the Black Sea Countries sign the minutes of the meeting of Sports Ministers "with" approval "of the Black Sea Games Status. Article 2. — this law enters into force on the date of promulgation. Article 3 the provisions of this law, the Council of Ministers — executes.
BLACK SEA COUNTRIES SPORTS MINISTERS MEETING 8.5.1998 Tarabya Hotel — İstanbul RECORD 1. Meeting, Turkey State Minister responsible for youth and sports was opened by Yücel Sanchez. Mr. Sanchez's "Welcome" after the speech, Turkey's Prime Minister Mr. Mesut Yilmaz's message read.
2. after the opening ceremony of the meeting began as the host Turkey State Minister responsible for youth and sports was directed by Yücel Sanchez.
3. During the meeting all participants draft status to get each item in the Black Sea sports games by discussing the final shape.
4. President of the Board of Directors Of Turkish Black Sea then Sports Minister Yucel Sanchez was elected. 2004 he Ivan Fedorenko (Ukraine), membership of the Board of Directors; Svyatko Barcovsky (Bulgaria), Kakhi Assatıanı (Georgia), Valentina Apostolov (Moldova), Crin Antonescu (Romania), Leonid Tyagaçov (Russia Federation). 5. Black Sea city of Trabzon, the home Of the sport I candidate (Turkey) presentation. 1999 may-Sports Games I the Black Sea between September 10 (ten)-day period, it was decided to be done in Trabzon.
6. Heads of Delegation participating in the meeting; Black Sea Games General Secretariat of Sport by signing status, establishing Turkey deposited for safekeeping to the undertaking.

(Signature) (Signature) Svyatko BARCOVSKY KakhiASSATIANI Bulgaria Georgia (signature) (signature) Valentina APOSTOLOV Crin ANTONESCU Moldova Romania (signature) (signature) Valentin NATALUOKHA, Ivan FEDORENKO Russia Federation Ukraine (signature) Yücel SANCHEZ Turkey BLACK SEA GAMES STATUS SECTION ONE GENERAL PROVISIONS 1. Description: located in the vicinity of the Black Sea countries — include the development of social and cultural ties in order to contribute every four years to be made a separate country, held in accordance with the purposes set out in the status of a sporting organization.
2. Aims: the countries of the Black Sea around — Olympism in the philosophy of these countries ' youth and to strengthen the bonds of friendship and camaraderie between athletes, to contribute to the development of social and Cultural Affairs, National Olympic committees and provide assistance and international cooperation between sporting cooperation. 3. — STATUS: — Games; International Black Sea Countries sports games regulations, will be under the auspices of the International Olympic Committee and the International Sports Federations and the Black Sea games sports games will be held according to the rules.
— National Olympic athletes to the Games records, countries of enquiry will be made.
— Determination of the candidate city's going to do, the Organization the Organization of at least four years ago, games will be offered by the Committee to regulate and General Board members of Black Sea countries sports games will be determined by a majority of the votes.
— Participating Nations ' athletes impartiality, honesty, brotherhood and sportsmanship will be collected together in accordance with such principles.
— For reasons of race, religion and political difference between any country or individuals will not be observed. — The area around the Black Sea countries, these games will be invited.
— Not a country will be organized by the City Games a by.
— Join in the games, athletes must be determined in accordance with the International Federation bases. In addition, these athletes International Federations regulations according to citizenship are required to carry items in.
— Games, Mr. and Mrs. among athletes and adults will be in the category.
— Will depend on National athletes who will participate in the Federation.
— Games that do not rely on any commercial purpose.
English is the official language of these games and organizers — the language of the country.
— Will host the games, the city will determine its own emblem and logo.
— Duration of up to 10 days of the games.
— The games will be held in 1999 first. Three years after the latter of the games will be held in 2002. Since then the Black Sea sports games every four years will be organized the summer Olympics two years ago. — These games; Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, Russia Federation, will run from Georgia.
— Number of participants predicted by International Federations table of participation will be determined by taking into consideration the current numeric.
— Participation in the National Olympic Committees will take place through the KSO. Regarding accreditation forms and systems will be adjusted accordingly.
The SECOND PART of the AUTHORIZED ORGANS 4. — The GENERAL ASSEMBLY and their mission: A) General Council of Black Sea countries decided at the top level of sports games is an official authorized two Black Sea countries, B), with the participation of representatives of the Student Council, the General Assembly of the Organization of the State from every country Sports a top-level representative and President of the National Olympic Committee of that country or is a member of the Secretary General, C) will be two of each country the right to vote and the majority of those in the meeting, decisions will be taken with the accepted , D) the General Assembly, the Board of Directors will approve annual programs evaluate and.
E) Advice will connect to the decision.
According to the General Assembly of the status Of the Black Sea Sports f) Organization, budget, the Administration will decide on matters related to. Proposals for decision with the change of status. 5. — FORMATION of the BOARD of DIRECTORS: the Board of Directors consists of 7 people. (A member from each country) — Chairman — Vice President — 5 members 6. — The BOARD of DIRECTORS of TASKS: A) Of Black Sea countries Sports Executive, negotiates financial, technical issues. Member States to coordinate international Federasyonlarla do correspondence.
B) General Assembly decisions. It meets at least twice a year, to C) provides the General Assembly recommendations on Tiles, D) for the purpose of the games takes all measures.
7. — The SECRETARY GENERAL: the Administrative Affairs Of the Black Sea Countries shall be performed by the General Secretariat of Sports. In Central Turkey. Secretary General, is a member of the Board of Directors natural. The meetings without the right to vote.
8. — The SECRETARY-GENERAL'S DUTIES: A) the decisions taken by the Board of Directors, B) administrative and financial issues approved by the General Assembly to manage and track all documents and papers to save the C) correspondence, D) to prepare the agenda of the General Assembly and the Board of Directors and calling a meeting to prepare the competition calendar, F)) Income and expense account, if necessary, get the credit.
9. — a criteria in the creation of BOARDS in the COUNTRY: the ORGANIZER must be determined Unavoidably. These criteria are determined within the framework of European and international federations of principles.
A) Organizing Committee, B) Information, evaluation, Statistics and Media Committee, C) research and Science Committee, D), the Disciplinary Committee, E) Referee Committee, F) healthcare Committee, G) for every sector technical Committee, H) Marketing Committee.
The THIRD PART the CONTEST PROVISIONS 10. — ASPIRE to national Olympic Committees: — BE OCCASIONS and EVENTS approved by the candidate cities, the Organization four years ago, will be determined by the bid and KSOGenel by the Committee. Each country will host alternately.
11. The COMMITTEE on RIGHTS and RESPONSIBILITIES of the ORGANIZATION —: — list of countries invited to join the required Yarışamalara will send the newsletter — where are the places of the competition will be thick with the determine — places to provide transportation between — to procure the necessary materials for the competitions, — health-related problems of the skippers to secure Competitions — to analyze, all technical regulations and any Necessary — is only one material Edition.
12. The RIGHTS and RESPONSIBILITIES of COUNTRIES that WILL PARTICIPATE in COMPETITIONS —: — Competitor countries, as determined by the Board of Directors six months in advance of the games participation fee the Organizing Committee must pay as the price of rationing-fostered.
— Deposit of the countries designated as guarantee join the Organizing Committee of the Organization of that country — Deposit account will pay is deducted from the total amount. Katılınmadığı, Regulates deposit Organization Committee to be paid money into the country — remain, rationing-fostered and local transport is 50 per day per person in ABDDolarıdır. Turkey, the first games will apply as this price for 30 ABDDoları.
13. — INCLUDING SPORTS GAMES: — Only Olympic sports are included in these games, at least for a new sport to be included in the games — 5 acceptance of the country.
— Including Sports Games: a) Athletics b) Wrestling (freestyle and Greco-Roman) c) Judo (Mr. and Mrs.) d) Weightlifting (men) e) Archery f) Handball (Mr. and Mrs.) g) football (men's) h) Swimming ı) volleyball (Mr.) I) Boxing j) Shooting k) basketball (Mr. and Mrs.) l) Taekwondo (Mr. and Mrs.) m) rhythmic gymnastics

As the first game in the spectator sport of sailing, will be applied. At least four of the country's Branşlarda pre-registration is essential.
Friday, may 8, 1998 — Barnsley/İSTANBUL