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Kanun No. 5507


Acceptable Date: 23/5/2006      



MADDE 1- signed on 15 July 2004 in Ankara, Turkey It is appropriate for the Government of the Republic and the European Space Agency to confirm the Business of the Entary Space and to Understand the Use of the Outer Space for the purposes of the Hosting Purposes.

ARTICLE 2- This is the date on the release date of the Law.

MADDE 3-The Council of Ministers executes the provisions of this Law.








Government of Turkey (hereinafter will be mentioned as "Turkey")


European Space Agency, 30 Mayans signed in Paris in 1975 It is installed with the Convention and is effective October 30, 1980.

(hereinafter will be included as "Agency")

(hereinafter referring to bareberce as "Parties")


signed on January 27, 1967 and is a member of the Member States of Turkey and the Agency. TAKING,DÝKKATE

the Agreement Provisions on Principles that Regulate The Activities Of The States, including the Outer Space and the Use of Teeth, including the Months and the Digits of the Union.

The purpose of theAjansýnAgency is only for peaceful purposes, in the Arab States, space. REMINDING,

teknolojithat technology and these are to be used to sell space applications.

refers to Turkey's desire to do business with the Agency XX_ENCODE_CASE_CAPS_LOCK_ON taking a second,

On the sides of the party's fault with the use of the full space DESIRE,

to set up and facilitate the business of the business as part of the activities

The related II and XIV.1 of the European Space Agency Convention (Treaty). TAKING a DATE,

makes sure that such a business benefits both ways. XX_ENCODE_CASE_ONE important.





The purpose of this deal is to review and review the current space for only peaceful purposes. set up a business client for use as a result of the use of the parties in their use as well as the parties involved.



AlanlarýAreas and Formats

1. The parties will inform each other of their space activities, programs and development, and potential areas of interest.

2. Areas identified by parties that have potential for this information are as follows:

(a) space science, in particular space astronomy and astrofeasibility, the day-system Investigation and day-earth feasibility;

(b) Site observation research and applications, specifically monitoring the environment, Monitoring of meteorology, atmospheric science (aeronaumy), geodesy, and the hazards that are dangerous;

(c) telecommunications, especially service demos, and satellite navigation (navigation);

(d) investigation of microgravity, especially space biology, and Push the tbs and supplies;

mühendisliði(e) engineering and use of ground segment systems.

3. The parties agree to facilitate the use of scientists and engineers as part of their share of information and information.

4. The parties will be able to access private information through their own network of data sources and their own, as well as their own.

5. The parties will do the following:

(a) are to provide scholarships for candidates for which they will propose, and that allowing candidates for scholarships that are offered by scholarships to candidates;

(b) organize joint symposiums and conferences;

özendirmek(c) to encourage expert deitations to be taken to work;

(d) products that are developed within the framework of the agency programs and the use of services and the joint activities related to the experience;

(e) the activities of education in space science, technology and law to be able to do so.

6. Additional areas and forms described in this article may also be added to those described in this matter.



Application Formats

1. Both parties will set a point of contact to coordinate actions related to the implementation of this statement, and they will manage the measures to further develop the joint activities. These contact points will be their way of announcing their bids for the Parties.

2. Parties will review the bids in the fields that have been allocated to them, and a joint grouping of recommendations may be installed that advises the Parties.

3. When determining the areas of the 2nd Amendment, the Parties shall see specific completion of the rights and obligations of both Parties, scientific and technical results, and related matters in the applicable provisions. And they will, they will. Unless otherwise stated by the Turkish Government, the Scientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey (TÜBTAK) will be authorized to make such arrangements under the name of the Government.

4. Enhancements to the implementation of this information can be reviewed by making special meetings between the contact points that are shown in paragraph 1 of this Article.

5. As a general rule, the Parties will themselves be able to pay for their obligations when they fulfill their obligations to the State.



An International Level of Intensity

1. The parties will meet each other, if appropriate, to investigate and to use common space on the agenda of the international assembly's meeting.

2. The parties will provide an international review of the investigation and public legal issues that may be met in the use of the dre.



Information and Data

1. The parties will be able to address the technical and scientific knowledge of the common interest in space science, technology and applications, and the rules related to the dissemination of information and data. Turkey will receive announcements about scientific activity in the agency's programs.

2. Scientific and technical information obtained by one of the parties during joint experiments or projects will be announced to the other, with respect to the rules that will be understood to be part of the decision.

3. The goods, data or information are otherwise known to the other parties, while the field is protected by the intellectual property rights of at least the current legal system in that country. Special measures to be taken according to the information available by the Information Center will be centered by the Parties.



Government Provisions

Turkey has agreed on the implementation of this statement by In particular, it agrees to facilitate the entry of the people involved in their activities and to provide administrative assistance for the import and export of goods. This help also applies to administrative regulations concerning exemptions applied to imports and exports, which are stipulate in the regulations for implementation at the same time.




Subject to the regulations in the application mentioned in Article 3.3 of

On the other hand, both parties themselves are responsible for the loss of, or damage to, the damage, harm, or damage of personnel who are involved in the activity or property of the incident, which are forecasted to do so, in both Parties. They will be obliged to do so.



Resolution of Meanings

1. Understanding or implementation of this comment is resolved in the direction of the Parties. Unresolvable unresolvable parties are taken to the board of umpire at the request of one of the Parties. The arbitration board is a member of the member and party to be selected by the members of both parties. If the parties do not agree to elect a president, the International Court of Justice will make the President elect. The decision of the Referees Board is final, and both sides are. These decisions are also under the rules of the Permanent Court of Arbitration, the Internationalistic Organizations and the States. The arbitration will be held in France, Paris and the English language.

2. The regulations, which are executed in article 3.3 of this statement, may cover the parties ' own terms of resolution, and will be able to include rules and styles in arbitration arbitration.




1. For the Government of Turkey, this statement is subject to ratification by the legal procedures of Turkey, and will be effective upon the notice of this approval by the Government of Turkey.

2. This will remain in effect for a period of 5 years.

3. With a year before the end of this agreement, the parties will review the results of the application and call for a continuation of such a work. This means that it may be extended and/or agreed with the understanding. If the meaning of the End of Meaning is concluded, the provisions of the agreement continue until the end of the applications in the specific regulations that are in effect at that time.

in Ankara, 15 July 2004,

is signed as two Turkish nosha and two English-based ninsha. The agency will interpret the translation in French and German languages.


      TÜRKYE GOVERNMENT                                                   EUROPEAN SPACE AGENCY


        Prof. Dr. Nüzet EETIsraeli Jean-Pol PONCELET

    The Scientific and Scientific Technical European Space Agency (ESA)

Administration Agency (TÜBKITAK)                                                 Current Director of Business

               Acting Chief